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Electro Photon Imaging of

Ayahuasca Ceremony
The human antenna and altered states of consciousness during AYAHUASCA ritual is the exploration that we sought to record with the Electro Photon Imaging device developed by visionary bio-physicist D r. K o n s t a n t i n K o r o t k o v from St.Petersburg; Russia.
Boris Petrovic and Krishna Madappa

THE AYAHUASCA KIRLIONICS STUDY was made possible by Boris Petrovic, Tismara, Silvia Miranda, Viviane Amaral Souza and the initiates of Sanctuary Palmeira. NOOSPHERE LABS PRODUCTION (c) 2012 ITIQUIRA, BRASIL

Electro Photon Imaging of Participates in the Study

Electro Photon Imaging device registering participate

Measurements of the Human Biofield with the SPUTNIK ambient sensor

The Chakra System of a participate before and then after Ayahuasca - 1.5 hour


The video link by Dear Boris Petrovic illustrates the sequence of events in a chronology of the ceremony, initiated by shaman Tismara. -

1. Gathering of all voyagers in the womb (central chamber) and in circular formation w Shaman
Tismara by the altar. OM

2. Ceremonial

smoke is prepared w specific resins and the smudge master anoints every participant and the objects of reverence. A specific invocation to the “fumar” (ceremonial smoke) is sung to a rhythmic resonance as shaman Tismara invokes the light being deity named angel Chavakiah to guide the voyagers. OM the mind / spirit / body purification and providing a training ground for self-examination, dreaming arts, telepathy, inter-dimensional travel and inter-species communication. OM voyagers now settle into their galactic couches which is positioned around the central chamber or the womb; to embark on the galactic voyage of SELF! OM In the words of Christ : “know thyself” is the essence of the voyage. In Vedic conveyance: “Aham Tam Brahmasi” – (That Thou Art; Know you are the universe). OM

3. Shaman Tismara now prepares to provide the tea (Ayahuasca) for the voyagers to accelerating 4. The

5. Selected

chants play inside the central chamber as the lights are regulated to a soft violetpurple-blue hue. OM to unfurl plus creating a safe environment for uncovering and healing old psychic, emotional and other life wounds. OM

6. The galactic voyage of SELF is preparing the gateways of expression for sensitive processes 7. As
the purification of the “historical” mind unfolds, the natural environment and harmonic order fills us with the psychic and physical harmonic patterns and energies for supramental mind transcendence. OM voyage even though contained inside linear time, conveys an expansive portal to the relationship of space – time, as was observed by Krishna. This vibration is vital to reach harmonic alignment and optimum evolutionary experience at this grand opportunity and moment in time. Cosmic History becomes Cosmic Science as the Super-Human emerges. OM Tismara who is observing the field in ALL, now prepares a Agni Hotra ( Fire) as she is guided to fulfill. “According to the law of time, in the new collective mental frequency (1320), money and machine obsession (1260 frequency) will be replaced with the wonderment of exploring the secrets of the universe through our own mind. We will be happily occupied with artistic processes of transformation, exploring our new-found mental capabilities to beautify the planet and discover the hidden secrets within nature” – Book of the Transcendence voyagers now form a circle around the fire where chants and invocations are infused in dance, imprinting the renewed fabric of the galactic being. At the core is reconnection with the divine within for self-empowerment. We learn the value of self-reliance and how to reclaim our inner resources, instead of giving our power away. Voyagers focus on how to access and use personal and sometimes hidden abilities that stem from the true shaman that is within us all: the higher self. OM The SANCTUARY PALMEIRA, located in the Brasilia urban area at a 6 ha property was founded more than 15 years ago as a healing center and the AYAHUASCA work is going on for more than 10 years in a circle of power, beneath a grand BURITI palm tree."

8. The

9. Shaman


The following instruments of Dr.Korotkov's lab were utilized. They are as follows:
1. EPI/GDV PRO 2. ECO SENSOR + SPUTNIK (Measuring energy and information of the ceremonial spaces) 3. MINI LABORATORY (For study of the Ayahuasca Tea)

Study details:
1. Eight subjects including the Shaman Priestess Tismara were the study group. 2. Five females and three males ranging in ages from 30 to 65 years and in good health were the participants for the study, including Krishna. 3. All the participants were professionals ranging in fields from science to law and business. 4. EPI/GDV data was gathered in the following steps: a. Before the ceremony. b. 1 1/2 to 2 hrs after drinking the tea. (4 people) c. After the ceremony.

Summary of results:
1. The parameter which records Energy Field termed "AREA" increased in 5 people and decreased in 3 people. 2. The parameter which records "ENTROPY" decreased in 3 people and increased in 5 people. 3. The parameter which illustrates the alignment to our cosmic nature was enhanced for all the participants conveyed in the "CHAKRA" charts. The readings of the 8 participants had a common unified "chakra" signature. The order of CHAKRA signature alignments and empowerments to the cosmic field were observed in this unified pattern: a. HEART (ANAHATA) was centered and strong for all, followed by b. CROWN (SAHASRARA), followed by c. ROOT (MULADHARA)

The scientific data sets of the Human Energy Field, the dynamic images of the tea, capture the scientific registration of such a ceremony which induces a connection to our cosmic communicative capabilities, as observed from the nature of the chakra alignments.

Sample Voyagers before & a!er

Journey with Tismaha, the Shaman, on....

The focus on this section of the article is on witnessing the shamans process as angel of light, Chavakia guides the voyagers from Tismara’s field. We shall focus on two specific areas:


1. Pre and Post chakra field. 2.
Pre and Post Human Energy Field. (Specific #’s have been assigned to indicate pre + post events)

"Tismara is a SHAMAN from Brasilia, her spiritual work at SANCTARY PALMEIRA with AYAHUASCA includes invocation of angelic manifestations and cabala.

Observing the chakra field (Pre), it’s clear of Tismara’s natural waking state, which is rooted in power and strength leading into the ceremony. This is illustrated in the Root (Muladhara) to Heart (Anahata) to Crown’s (Sahasrara) alignment. The Throat (Vishuddha) which is larger than all the other chakras represents the communicative aspects that lead into the start of ceremony. Many words conveyed expressing direction and alignment in the pre preparation, which is seeded in organizing towards the ceremonial night. Emotional components are also observed as we observe zone # 5 in the Energy Field, that shows the opening on the right hemisphere (Intuitive/emotional brain) opening. As angel Chavakia continues her guiding process to the voyagers that numbered over 24, the (post) chakra field has condensed in size enunciating a lightness of being as the 3rd eye chakra, “Ajna” (eye of cosmic vision) is expanded and the throat has normalized. OM The 3rd chakra (Manipura) is minimized in size and aligned towards the left (Physical valuation), with the 1st (Muladhara) slightly skewed to the right (emotional valuation) is holding space for all as vividly expressed in the Energy Field through #’s 7 + 8. This observation is akin to a centrifuging processs across the spinal column so as to clear the stagnations that are potentially resident in the voyagers fields!

The way of the Shaman is one who i s g u i d e d a n d e m p o w e re d t o enhance the integral wellbeing of all as was the intent of this ceremony initiated by Shaman Priestess Tismara. OM Shaman Tismara who has devoted her being to empowering all has been conducting Ayahuasca Ceremonies at Santuario Palmeira in Brasilia for more than 10+ years with cabalistic purification and Ayahuasca rituals.

How the inner prence is maintanted as Shaman Tismara holds the space and the collective is transformed. The shaman...the angle of light...

As we explore the pilot scans of the Energy Fields, we observe the following :

1. The

guiding power of LOVE potently represented from the strengths of #’s 5 to 6. #’s 1 to 2, that represent the emotional H e a r t - L i v e r p re s e n c e which is freeing all by the clearing we see in #2. 3 and 4 convey the power of LOVE transmission as we observe a clear opening from the cardio center in #4.

2. From

3. #’s

These data sets of Dear Shaman Tismara were obtained before the ceremony and about 2 hrs into the ceremony. The entire ceremony lasted over 4 + hrs.

The ceremony was POWERFUL and we have seen documented the emanations from Dear Tismara in empowering everyone (study voyagers) as viewed in the collective chakra fields, that the HEART (Anahata) resonance is the principle guiding light from where ALL actions (Thought – word - deed) issue. Beaming Love and Gratitude to Dearest Tismara for this “Science of Light” moment, from Boris and I with all our Dear colleagues who participated, namely Silvia, Vivianne, Caroline and our cosmic tribe.

In conclusion and
further exploration this conveyance from the Chandogya Upanishad (Wisdom texts of Bharat) summarizes our essence of Being: “There is a light that shines brighter than the earth, the stars, the heavens….and that is the light that shines in the diamond that resides in the lotus of the HEART.”

A very interesting observation took place that compressed space–time.
The eco-sensor which captures information on the spaces was set to capture data from 20.00Hrs to 05.00 Hrs. The dates for data capture was on 06/15/2012 to 06/16/2012. Eco sensor set up details are in the video. The following evening when I was preparing to analyse the data, there was only 2 min of data that was recorded! On closer analysis these were the observations:

1. Readings

were from 00.02 to 00.03 Hrs and 07.03 to 07.04 hrs dated 06/20/2015.

After checking the eco sensor, it was found that there was no flaw in it’s functioning. So was there a compression of “space – time” that transmitted and as we ALL in our chakra fields were inspired – empowered – enriched, did this open a portal from 06/15/2012 to 06/20/2012.

Shaman Tismara + Krishna invoking

Waters to Lights Intelligence!
Thoughts from Krishna Madappa

Having participated both as the researcher and a galactic voyager, surrendered to the cosmic moments ahead, this was my request into the ceremony: “Knowing we are the universe and the universe resides within (Vedic Mantra), utilize me, guide me, inspire me, empower me and enrich all the moments that enhance our integral living across the Universe.” Sri Aurobindo’s conveyance reverberated as this request was injected to the universe: “The way of yoga is not only to rise out of the ignorant world consciousness into the Divine consciousness, but to bring the Supramental power of that Divine consciousness down to the ignorance of mind, life and body, to transform them and create a Divine in matter.”

As we awaken our collective knowing to the nature of the cosmic mind, we seek to explore these expansions from the realms of the "Sciences of Light." Krishna Madappa


is the name given to both the central

ingredient of a South American Indian psychoactive potion (a species of the Banisteriopsis genus) and the potion itself. Almost invariably other plants are mixed together with the jungle vine Banisteriopsis; about a hundred different species are known to have been added to the potion at different times and places. Ayahuasca has been used in a number of countries in South and Central America, including Panama, Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru and Bolivia, and by at least seventy different indigenous peoples of the Americas. In addition to ayahuasca, other native names include yajé, caapi, natema, pindé, kahi, mihi, dápa and bejuco de oro, the last meaning 'vine of gold'.

Ayahuasca itself means 'vine of the soul'.

‘vine of the soul’

Ayahuasca is made in the form of a drink or potion. The bark of the Banisteriopsis vine is either mashed to a pulp and then mixed with cold water or, in other regional methods of making the potion, it is boiled for a number of hours and then the resulting liquid is consumed. Ayahuasca gained a reputation for providing telepathic powers and a psychoactive alkaloid found to be present in it was named telepathine (now known to be the same as the alkaloid harmine found in Syrian rue). Harmaline is also present in both ayahuasca and Syrian rue. Other psychoactive plants are often added to Ayahuasca to achieve visionary states of consciousness; for example leaves from Psychotria viridis, which is a source of dimethyltryptamine (DMT). The harmala alkaloids serve to potentiate t h e s e brewed compounds by preventing their breakdown in the digestive tract. The harmala alkaloids are not especially psychoactive on their own, even at high dosages, when vomiting and diarrhea become the main effect.

How Ayahuasca Works
Scientific analysis isolated the main chemicals responsible for the hallucinogenic properties of ayahuasca. In 1923, Fischer analyzed the B. caapi vine and isolated a compound he named telepathine (from the telepathic powers one reportedly gains when under the influence of ayahuasca). It was not until 1969 that a full chemical analysis was carried out (Shultes & Hoffman, 1992), and the compound was actually found contain three active molecules harmine, harmiline, and d-1,2,3,4- tetrahydroharmine. Harmine and harmiline were shown to be the primary molecules of the B. caapi vine responsible for the altered state of the ayahuasca drinker; however, these chemicals alone could not account for the intense visions and experiences of ayahuasca. The beta-carboline chemicals like harmine found in the B. caapi vine can be psychedelic, but only in toxic doses (McKenna, 1993). Further research revealed P. viridis (chakruna) as a common admixture to ayahuasca. Assays showed this plant to contain small but significant amounts of the potent hallucinogen DMT or N, Ndimethyltryptamine. However, DMT is rendered in active when taken orally. How does the DMT in chakruna get into the blood when drinking ayahuasca? In the presence of the harmine (found in the B. caapi vine), DMT from the P. viridis plant becomes orally active in the body. Harmine alkaloids inhibit enzymes in the stomach that normally destroy DMT. In other words, the B. caapi vine allows the hallucinogen DMT to make its way to the brain to help induce hallucinations (Turner, 1994). Of the thousands of plants in the Amazon rain forest, only these two types of plants when combined and drank will allow the user to experience a slow, sustained release of DMT and the resulting hallucinations.

"SOMA" the divine elixir of the deep VEDIC practices evoked a mantra from the Yajur Veda which read as follows: " purnamadah purnamidam purnat purnamudachyate purnasya purnamadaya purnamevavashisyate ~ Om shantih shantih shanti. " OM Interpretation: "What is visible is the infinite. What is invisible is also the infinite. Out of the Infinite Being the finite has come, yet being infinite, only infinite remains. Om peace, peace, peace." OM "AYAHUASCA" as with "SOMA" is a Divine elixir whose domains are resident in the Shamanic practices in the Peruvian and Brazilian Amazon basins.

Consciousness expansion
Telepathic communion with extraterrestrial entities during the altered state of consciousness using AYAHUASCA


was originally thought to be the active chemical

constituent of Banisteriopsis caapi, a key plant ingredient in the preparation of Ayahuasca; a sacramental beverage from the Amazon. This isolated chemical was so named because of the reported effects of Ayahuasca among the indigenous users, including: collective contact with and/or visions of jaguars, snakes, and jeweled birds, and ancestral spirits; the ability to see future events; and as the name suggests, telepathic communication among tribal members. Experimental data seem to strongly suggest that biological systems present nonlocal properties not explainable by classical modes. Most of the nonlocal communications is probably lost within the normal brain wave or EEG noise, otherwise we would be incapable of functioning normally and would overload when confronted with such an influx of data. A series of experiments involving human subjects is proposed, with an objective to test for possible extraterrestrial communications occurring in the subjects' brain. Individuals can receive within their brains, frequencies that are very likely used by extraterrestrials for communication purposes. While most individuals filter these out in order to function normally, it is very possible to access and interpret these brain frequencies. This makes it feasible for individuals to be trained to access these frequency bands in ways that makes communication with extraterrestrial intelligences possible. This would enable the development of a scientific protocol for "Controlled Superluminal Communications."

Krishna Madappa,

co-founder of

Boris Petrovic

The Institute of Science, Spirituality & Sustainability, based in Taos, New Mexico. He is a clinician, distiller, researcher, holistic consultant, educator, shaman, story teller and Plenipotentiary of IUMAB (International Union of Medical & Applied Bioelectrography), based in Taos, New Mexico, U.S.A. Founder of The Essence of Life, Krishna Madappa is an educator, essential oil clinician, researcher, storyteller, shaman and Ayurvedic specialist based in Taos, New Mexico. Born and raised in the Andaman Islands, India and educated both in India and the USA in engineering and bio-field sciences, he is totally immersed in scientific research and explorations of subtle energies and frontier sciences. Taos, NM, USA : Links to GDV technology: LEARN MORE ABOUT ELECTRO PHOTO IMAGING - CLICK HERE

is a Whole Earth System Scientist and Noospheric Philosopher. engineer of tele-automation systems, and a researcher into Tesla’s “World system”, Earth’s magnetosphere, ionosphere, and magnetic reconnection. Boris is an associate of The Serbian “Nikola Tesla” Society in Belgrade, the Tesla Science Foundation in Philadelphia, and founding member of the Noosphere Forum.    Through cooperation with the International Scientific Research Institute for Cosmic Anthropo-Ecology in Novosibirsk and the Foundation of the Law of Time in Oregon he works on the study of cosmic consciousness, access to intensified consciousness and altered states, including non-linear time and telepathy.   Currently, he is involved in ecological and cultural projects in biosphere design and self-sustainable communities, promoting the integrated model of self-sustainable habitat in Portugal — the Tamera Solar Village and working in Brasilia through the Brazilian Ecovillage Movement focusing on new models of living systems and long-term survival of the human species and civilization.