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Acquisition-buying or taking over another company Apply- to fill in a form or write a letter for a job Astute – clever

and skillful at understanding situations and behaviour Aerospace – the desighning and building an aircraft or space vehicles Agenda – a liist of topics to be discussed Abolished – stopped Abusive – insulting Appeal – the fact of being attractive Boom in shares – sudden increase in buying and selling Bancrupt – unable to pay their debts Blueprint – a plan for achieving or improving something Bribe – to dishonestly give money to someone to persuade them to do something to help you Barriers – something that makes trade between two countries more difficult or expensive Bill of lading – a list of goods being carried especially on a ship Bond – an amount of money borrowed by government or an organization Brand awareness – the knowledge which consumers have of a brand Brand stretching – using a succesfull brand name to launch a product in a new category Brand loyalty – the tendency of a customer to continue buying a particular product Brand leader – the brand with the largest market share Brand image – the ideas and beliefs which consumer have about a brand Brand manager – the person responsible for planning and managing a branded product Brainwave – a sudden inspirational bright idea Boom – a time when sails or business activity are increasing Beneficiaries – gain money for something Venture capital – money lend to someone so that they can start a new bussiness Venture – a new bussiness acivity that involves taking risks Globalization – the tendency for the world economy to work as one unit, led by large companies doing bussiness all over the world Give- and- take – willingness to compromise (to give up) Get back to - contact again later Get throug – make contact Global offensive – taking strong actions all over the world Grafter – a person who performs confidience tricks Display – an arrangement of things for people to look at or buy Dumping – the activity of selling products in an export market cheaper than in the home market or cheaper that they cost to make, usually in order to increase market share Deposit – an amount of profit made from an investment Dividend – a part of the profits of a company for a particular period of time that is paid to shareholders for each share that they own Default – to fail to pay money that you owe at the right time Deregulate – if a government deregulates a particular bussiness activity il allows companies to operate more freely so as to increase competition Down market - product are cheap and usually not good quality Diversions – a change in directions or use of something or the act of changing it Dear – expensive Draw – an occasion when someone or something is chosen by chanse Down market – products are cheap and usually not godd quality Deceiving – behaviour that is intended to make someone believe something that is not true Equity share capital – the capital that a company has from shares rather than from loans Extrovert – friendly person Eventially – in the end Eponymous – the character whose name is in its title Estimated – calculation of quality or value Exploratory phases – phases in action which are done in order to discover something Emphasise – to indicate that something is important or true Infant industry – an industry in its early stages of development in a particular country Investors – a powerful bussines person controlling large companies Interest – an amount of money paid into a bank account or held in a bank account Infuriate – make someone angry Infrastructure – basic facilities and services of a country Ingredians - components

Joint venture – two or more companies join temporaly to carry out a large project Jet leg – the tired and confused feeling that you can get after flying a very long distance Kiosks – small open-fronted shop in the street selling newspapers Latter of credit – a written promise by an importers bank to pay the exporter’s bank on an particulate date or after a particular event Licencing – giving someone the exclusive rights to sell product in a certain area Local partner – a peron or a company who coperates with a foreign company who wishes to enter the market Laisser-faire – the idea that government should do as little to the economy as possible and allow private bussiness to develop without the state controlling or influencing them Limited company – a company where individual sahreholders lose only the cost of their shares if the company goes bankrupt, and no other property they own Let rip – to speak or behave violently or emotionally Limited partnership – there can be sleeping partners who don’t participate in the management of the company Law-abiding – when company does nothing illegal Levelled off – to stop climing or growing and become steady a fixed level Logo – the simbol of a company or other organisation Licencing rights – agreements which allow a company to make and sell registered product locally Loss leader – a products sold unprofitable in order to attract customers who will then buy profitable product Market share – the percentage of a total market which the sales of a company’s product cover Media – all the organisations, tv, radio etc. that provide news and information for the public, or the people who do this work Morale – the level of confidence and positive feelings that people have, especially people who work together, who belong to the same team Modestly – not proud Mass market – concerned with non – luxury goods that sell in a large quantites Mission statements – a document in which a company sets out its general approach to doing bussiness and its objectives Network – a large number of people or organisations working together as a system Niche – a special area of a market which has its own particular customers and requirements NDP – new product development Notify – to formally or officially tell someone about something Negotiating – disscussing a problem with someone Overvalued – sold at two high price Prime time – the most expensive advertising time for tv commercials Protectioonism – the idea that a government should try to help an industry in its country by taxing foreign goods that compete with it, limiting the number that can be imported etc. and the actions that it takes to do it Poured – flowed quickly Peak – highest point Punctual – on time Patent – a legal document giving a person or company the right to make ol sell a new invention, product, or method of doing something and stating that no other person or company is allowed to do this Prototype – the first form that a new design of a car machine etc. Private limited company - all shareholders must agree before any shares can be bought or sold Public limited company – shares are bought and sold freely Profitability – the ability of a company to make money Promote – to try to increase the sales or popularity of a product Pick up – answer ; to get better Rocket – went up very fast Return – the amount of profit made from an investment Recruit – to find new workers to join a company Restriction – an official rule that limits or controls what people can do or what is allowed to happen Restructure – to change the way something is organised Rule the roost - to be In charge Retire – to stop doing a job because of age Sign away – to sign a document ; to give up Share – one of the parts into which ownership of the company is divided

even when they are really not ill Heavy-selling – selling all of their shares Huge profit . finansial institutions in a particular financial… Sunrise industry – an industry based on a new tehnology often in an area without an industrial past Sunset industry – an industry based on an old tehnology often in an old industrual area. in charge of a meeting. or the person who is in charge of it Counterfeiter – a person who copies goods in order to trick people Copyright abuse – to copy someone else’s work without permission Corporate strategy – plans of a company to achieve its objectives Cash cow – a profitable product or bussiness generating a steady flow of sales revenue Code of ethics – a written document lying down ethical ways of working for the personnel of the company Cost-effective – giving good value when compared with the original cost Charismatics-inspiring Quota – money that is paid by a government or organisation to make something cheaper to buy.Start-up – a new company that has been started rcently Securities house – an organisation that issues companies’ shares.dishonest or wrong Write off – to cancel . use or produce( an official limit on the number or amount of something that is allowed in a particular period) Welfare benefits – a money paid by the government for the people in need Whistlerblower – someone working for an organisation who tells the authorites that people in the organisation are doing something illegal. or in the world as a whole Consortium – a group of companies in similar bussiness working together Customs – the government department is responsible for collecting the tax on goods that have been brought into the country and making sure that illegal goods are not imported or exported Centenary – a day or year exactly 100 years after a particular event CompelL– to force Clamped – a place which doesn’t have enough space for the people in it Chair – the position of being in charge. use or produce Subsidiary – a company partly or wholly owned by a parent company Segments – parts of a larger market or category of customers Soaring – rising quickly Sole trader – one person sets up and runs the company Septuanegarian – someone who is between 70 and 79 years old Set up – solve Swindle – to get money from someone dishonestly by deceiving them Slush fund – a funf of money obtained secretly and illegally and used for illegal purpose Sector – a part of a larger market Saturate – to fill the market so completely that no more products can be added Suit – copied Setback – something that hinders progress Sleeping partner – a partner who invests in business but doesn’t take an active part in managing it Sacked – to tell someone to leave his job Take off – become very active Trade –off – a balance between two situatins in order to get an acceptable result Tarrifs – a tax on goods coming into a country or going out of it Trade – the activity of buying. and often one which is getting smaller Subsidies – money that is paid by a government or organisation to make something cheaper to buy. selling or axchangung goods within country or countries Take over – to accept responsibility for To be on par – to be on the same level or standard To rip off – to sell illegal copies of a brand as if they are the real thing TV slot – a place in a tv schedule Upgrade – to give someone a better seats on a plane or a better room in a hotel than the one they paid for Upmarket – expensive compared to other products of the same type Fundamentals – basic characteristics Futures – buying and selling futures contract Futures contract – a contract for a fixed amount of a commodity or security to be delivered at a fixed price on a fixed date in the future Free trade – trade without restrictions on the movement of goods across borders Flight desk – the room in plane where the pilot sits to control the plane Flashpoints – place where trouble and violence might easily develop suddenly and be hard to control Flight of capital – a movement of large sums of money out of a country High-flyer – very ambitious person Hypochondriac – someone who allways worries about their heath thinks they may be ill.a vary large amount of money Hot desking – when employees don’t have own desks Hard up – you have very little money Commodity – a product that can be sold to make a profit Currency market – the buying and selling of currincies by governments.