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Handover Checklist Project No:

AREA TO BE ASSESSED External Has site been cleaned of debris Site should be free of holes and trip hazards. Are pathways even (check for water pooling) (cracks) Do plantings interfer with pathways Does irrigation system work (if fitted) Is planting sustainable Check security screens Check security lighting Check fencing Check guttering Check that they connect to storm waste/collection Check for concrete splash on walls Check for paint splash on concrete. Check enternal walls for condition (cracks etc) Check external lights for operation Drains etc are free from debris Kerbing is in good repair Car Parks/Garages/Car Ports Check surface is intact and free from pooling Building entry and exit (Access and Egress) Check locks and confirm keys fit/operate Check that doors operate correctly Check automatic door closures Check exit signs (press test button) Check hold back system if fitted



132230289. Check wall mounted urn for flow and temp Toilets Check flush mechanism Check seats are secure Check that pan is secured to floor Check light fittings Internal toilets should have an airlock Extraction fan or vent. Floors are nonslip Hotwater System check at each tap set.xls.ms_office Handover Checklist Project No: AREA TO BE ASSESSED Windows and glass Ensure that all windows are secure and operate correctly Check window seal/leaks Check locks and confirm keys fit/operate Wet Areas Check for leaks around taps Check for leaks in waste water Check that pipes in cupboards have been sealed in Overflow fitted in floor Tiled splashbacks are sealed along edges Check that cupboards are sealed. Check for trip hazards Check height of risers and depth of goers AREA TO BE ASSESSED Pass/Fail COMMENTS Pass/Fail COMMENTS . Check door locks Vacant/Engaged Stairwells (Where fitted) Check that banister rails are secured Check that antislip strip is present or that antislip flooring is used.

Check alarm system Check public address system Check fire hoses (if fitted) ensure same are tagged Check fire extinguishers (check tags) Whitegoods (fridge. microwave.) Check for function Ensure manual is supplied. dishwasher. Kitchen area Check Working Tops for scratches or chips Check cupboard doors for fit Check drawers for operation AREA TO BE ASSESSED Pass/Fail COMMENTS .xls. Light fittings/Ceiling Fans Check each is secure Check for operation (Switch on/off) Where ceiling fans are fitted ensure they don’t produce flicker when operating Fire and Evacuation System Test fire panel if not already done so. Ceiling.ms_office Handover Checklist Project No: Finish on Walls. washer.132230289. Doors and Frames Check paintwork on walls and ceiling Check skirting boards Ensure each door opens and closes (check locks where fitted) Check that door frames don’t have gaps (check for square) Check for clearance at bottom of door (should only be about 1cm) Check finish on doors look for signs of binding Check finish on door frames look for any signs of binding.

xls. lumps) Ensure that all joins are vinyl joins are seemless (welded) Check that flooring is suitable for purpose Air conditioning Ensure operation of system Ensure installed system is of sufficient size Where a ducted system has been installed ensure that all internal doors have a return panel installed Energy Efficiency Systems (where fitted) Ensure operation of movement control system for internal (non security) lights Ensure air con cut off and that timer has been set correctly.132230289. rips. 7am to 4. Check each one to ensure operation (switch both on and off) From switch box press test button on RCD to ensure it trips Floors Ensure that all flooring has been layed correctly (no tear.30pm Ensure override system works (afterhours air conditioning) . holes.ms_office Handover Checklist Project No: Powerpoints Ensure correct number have been fitted.