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Abstract The main purpose of designing our project was tocreate a vending machine which could provide a number

r of softdrinks, juices and water to the people using extremely simplesteps. These steps would not be time consuming at all. The userwould get all the details on the screen which he/she should follow.We have made an attempt to vend products of different prices inthe same machine. The machine will also provide the balancemoney to the user depending on the product selected. We havetried to implement various combinations so that people can get awide range of drinks to choose from. Despite a few difficultiesand a lot of support from our project in charge we were able toincorporate our program and have a vending machine whichcould actually be implemented in actual sense. Keywords Put your keywords here, keywords are separated bycomma. I. I NTRODUCTION Vending machines are coin-operated machines that candispense snacks, drinks, sandwiches, coffee, tea and otherproducts. These are an extremely convenient outlet for theindustry known as automatic retailing . We find vendingmachines in public buildings, transportation hubs and subways,at gas stations, courthouses, hospitals, and the localautomotive repair shop. Any place that people gather, pass by,or must wait, is a good location for vending machines. In ourvending machine, we have tried to incorporate cold beveragesranging from a Rs. 20/- to Rs. 40/-. It is possible for thepeople to buy drinks of his/her choice from a variety of drinksavailable in the machine. Also he/she can buy a combinationof drinks depending on the money he/she would like to spend.The machine will return back the balance amount if he/sheprovides excess money into the machine.II. DESIGN &

SIMULATIONOur main aim was to try and make a vending machinewhich would provide the user a variety of drinks to choosefrom but with extremely simple operation. It is not like theconventional vending machine which ask the user to provideexact change. Even if the user provides excess money, themachine returns the money back. The block diagram of thevending machine will explain our concept.

The block diagram of the vending machine has thefollowing blocks: Reset Input Selection options (Cold drinks)

Output (Desired Cold drink) Balance moneyInitially the user is required to provide the input in the fomof coin i.e.Rs.10/-. As soon as the input is provided the user isasked provided with a variety of options to choose from. Theuser can select the drink of his/her choice and then proceed totowards the output. At the output the desired cold drink isavailable. If the user provides extra money in case he does nothave change then along with the cold drink, the machine willalso return back the excess money to the user.