Course Code Course Title Instructor Office Hours 2012-2013 Fall İDB 429 Seminars on Linguistics Demet GÜL, PhD

OBJECTIVE(S) OF THE COURSE The main objective of course is to review linguistically significant aspects of language that are not incorporated into core courses in the department. The course will provide an extensive list of readings covering language in a wider perspective and discussions of the topics that call for a critical understanding. WEEKLY TOPICS DATE 12/09/2012 19/09/2012 26/09/2012 3/10/2012 10/10/2012 17/10/2012 24/10/2012 31/10/2012 7/11/2012 14/11/2012 21/11/2012 28/11/2012 5/12/2012 12//12/2012 19/12/2012 26/12/2012 REFERENCES Textbook(s) Supplementary Reading(s) GRADING Mid-Term

TOPIC Introduction to the course, topics and a macrolinguistic view of language Design features of language, the defining properties of human language Endangered languages, language death and its causes Altaic languages, Turkic languages and a short history of Turkish Altaic languages, Turkic languages and a short history of Turkish Etymology, the origins of words and their stories Language planning, language change and academies Midterm Break MID-TERM Linguistics in the courtroom, language and court cases Doing things with words, speech acts and communication Doing things with words, speech acts and communication The development of language and evolution of human culture Knowing and using language, cognitive categories and linguistic manifestations Processing language, rules and categories, structure of language Review FINAL

ASSIGNMENT/READING Design features of language That Damn Bird The Features of Human Language Clever Hans Endangered Languages Altaic Languages Altaic Languages Etymology Academies MID-TERM Forensic Linguistics Blaming and Denying Blaming and Denying Cultural Evolution Cognitive Lings. Intro Cognitive Linguistics FINAL

Course readings (listed above), additional readings as will be posted weekly.


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 Stick to the deadlines.  Students must not enter the classroom after the first 10 minutes. or set to vibration during the class.) Preparation Guide. You must attend the 60% of the courses to pass the class at least.R.T. Assignments submitted later than the indicated dates are not accepted. tape or video recording are not allowed if not stated otherwise.Final 60 STUDENT REQUIREMENTS  It is the student’s responsibility to record and follow his own attendance.  Assignments must be prepared in accordance with the Department’s Assignment. Research Paper and Thesis (A.  Cheating. Camera. . plagiarism and any other form of academic dishonesty will not be tolerated.  Cell phones must be turned off.

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