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Role Title: Director of School: English TLR 1d Full Time, Hrs in line with Stat requirements

Typically reports to Assistant Headteacher:

Purpose of the role (job statement) To assist the Governors and Headteacher in creating, establishing and delivering a vision for the school to ensure that every child succeeds. To raise achievement, lead, develop and manage a high standard of provision for learners needs, with responsibility for a team of staff. To ensure that young people leave Stretford High School with the necessary skills and qualifications to be able to succeed. Principal Responsibilities The person appointed, in addition to carrying out key duties particularly assigned by the Headteacher, alongside core standards expected of a professional teacher with QTS, shall1. Assist in the implementation of the aims and objectives of the school. 2. Maintain and develop the distinctive ethos and character of the school in accordance with the directions given by the Governors and subject therto direction given by the Headteacher. 3. Be as visible and accessible as possible throughout the school day to provide encouragement and support for students’ learning and, drive an ongoing focus on the school’s distinctive ethos and high expectations. 4. Ensure high quality learning, teaching and assessment takes place within this academic school. 5. Work effectively with the Deputy Director of school to ensure coordinated, high quality leadership, management and strategic planning of the academic school occurs to promote achievement. 6. Develop and enhance the teaching practice of others by providing regular feedback for subject colleagues in a way which recognises outstanding practice and supports their progress against performance management objectives resulting in a tangible impact on learning. 7. Ensure the health and safety of colleagues and young people within the academic school. 8. Carry out any other duties commensurate with the grading of the post as directed by the Head Teacher. The postholder is entitled to a break of reasonable length in the course of each school day. Additional Specific Responsibilities Strategic Planning: Create a subject development plan which contributes positively to the achievement of the school improvement plan and which actively involves all subject teachers in its design and execution. To liase with Director of School: Foundation to ensure that the programme of learning meets the needs of learners studying the schools distinctive project 7. To liase with the directors of academic school and wider staff to ensure that Literacy is developed through the wider curriculum. Staffing: Effectively deploy staff to ensure the highest quality learning teaching and assessment takes place. To be responsible for the day to day running of the team and be a professional role model. Promote teamwork and motivate staff to ensure effective working relations. Participate in recruitment procedure for the school, to recruit/retain staff. Ensure that new staff are effectively inducted to the Curriculum Development: Keep up to date with national developments within relevant subject area. To lead curriculum development for this academic school and engage staff in the creation, consistent implementation and improvement of schemes of work which encapsulate key school learning strategies. Ensure that the curriculum meets the needs of all learners and provides a suite of academic opportunities that allow students to progress to further and higher education. Quality Assurance: To ensure all subject staff understand, and are actively implementing, the key aspects of the School’s behaviour and inclusion policies, for effective learning to take place. To assist the designated team leader/SLT Manager in the annual review of the standards of leadership, teaching and learning in the subject area, consistent with the procedures in the school self evaluation policy. Agree, monitor and evaluate pupil progress targets

school via school procedures. To work with Assistant Headteacher: professional performance to ensure that staff development needs are identified and training provided. Communication: Liase with the Assistant Headteacher in creating a curriculum and staffing plan for this academic school. To ensure that learner/learning information is gathered and provided and communicated effectively and regularly with relevant stakeholders. Collect, effectively use and present assessment and examination data to inform improvement. Ensure that all learning spaces, classrooms and corridors related to this academic school promote learning effectively and celebrate achievement. Learner Development: Contribute to and develop extra-curricular enriching activities. To ensure the learning is not interrupted when colleagues within the team are absent. To facilitate opportunities for learners to experience the range of possibilities for further study and vocation within this academic school. Ensure that all staff within this academic school are aware of and effectively address the needs of students at greatest risk of underachievement. Indicative qualifications, knowledge, skills and experience       

with students, staff, families of students, learning tutors and SLT to make an outstanding contribution to achieving whole school targets. Resources: To oversee and evaluate the academic school budget allocation and resources to ensure the budget is spent in line with learning priorities and best value principles. Ensure that resources are maintained and utilised effectively and creatively. Ensure that all learning spaces, classrooms and corridors related to this academic school are presented in an appropriate, tidy and safe manner. Additional: Contribute to a programme of engagement activities to promote learning in partnership schools and the wider community. To play a full part in the school community, to support its distinctive mission and ethos, encourage and ensure staff and students follow this example. Ensure that staff celebrate and reward progress and achievement within this academic school.

Will hold relevant first degree/equivalent with PGCE and QTS or education degree/equivalent with QTS. Masters degree/equivalent, Leading from Middle, Leadership pathways is desirable. Will have evidence of skills in engaging, motivating and inspiring young people and adults to learn. Will have evidence of skills in learning, teaching, assessment methods in line with those set out in core standards expected of a professional teacher. Will have knowledge and experience of leading a subject/department for young people aged 11-16, preferably to GCSE/BTEC level. An outstanding track record in teaching recent grade 1 lessons, demonstrating significant learning impact is desirable. Will have evidence of personal commitment to and impact of developing fellow professionals. J Haseldine

JD Created March 2011