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I. Questions 1. The basic objective of systems and procedures work is to analyze the policies, procedures, methods, forms and equipment of a business firm in order to simplify and standardize office procedures. 2. The basic objective of an initial or preliminary survey is to obtain the necessary background information that will enable the consultant to define the systems problem and the objective of the engagement. It is intended to isolate the problem factors, not to develop solutions. 3. The advantages of using charts and diagrams to organize information obtained in a survey in a systems survey are: a. The overall system, specially interaction among controls is portrayed systematically and compactly. b. Analysis is facilitated because the flow of data can easily be seen. c. A graphic picture enables one to spot difficulties and weaknesses in the system. d. Comparison between present and proposed operations is facilitated. 4. The four most common data gathering methods are: a. Interviews Information is gathered verbally through questions posed by the analyst. b. Questionnaires A set of questions regarding the system is prepared and sent to both current and potential users of the system for response.


16. 19. forms. 5. B 31-2 . 2. Multiple Choice 1. 3. 2. 3. 4.Chapter 31 Systems Engagement c. documents. 12. d. 9. II. D 22. 17. 15. True True True False False III. 8. 6. 13. 10. 5. True or False 1. Document review Information about the existing process is obtained through the review of records. 7. 14. D D D D D D A D B A 11. Personal observation The analyst observes how processes are carried out and whether specified steps are actually followed. C D D A B C B D B C 21. 20. reports and written policy manuals. 18. 4.