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Semester Feb-Jul 2013

Management Information Systems

Lecturer: Office: Consulting Hours: Phone: Taufiq Arifin, M.Sc, Ak MAKSI dan PUSIKOM After class or appointment or anytime by e-mail by E-Mail Address Blackboard: Class venue: Class schedule: Monday 6:30-9:00 pm


REQUIRED TEXTBOOKS: 1. Laudon, Kenneth & Jane P. Laudon. 2012. Management Information Systems: Managing The Digital Firm, 12th Edition, Prentice Hall, USA. (LK) 2. Leod, Mc. 2004. Management Information Systems, 10th, Prentice Hall, USA. (LM) Other: Dianjurkan untuk mencari referensi terkait (buku, artikel, kasus, video, dll). COURSE DESCRIPTION How does information technology create business value? How can firms capture this value? This course introduces technologies that are critical to operations, marketing, decision making, and eBusiness activities. It examines the role of technology and its evolution over time, factors that govern the choice of IT applications, and how IT influences business strategy. The course also covers key challenges in managing IT resources, and factors that limit business’ ability to exploit the latest technologies. LEARNING OBJECTIVES By the end of the course, you should understand: how modern information technologies are relevant to managerial activities and decision making today, and how this has changed over time, the marketplace for IT - products, major vendors, factors affecting major ITrelated decisions, technical and management challenges relevant to contemporary business computing, and the business strategies that IT enables, and environmental constraints that affect the use of IT. TEAM FORMATION: Please form your project groups early and communicate this information to me via email. Group size will be between 2-3 students, and will depend on overall class enrollment, and will be decided pn first day of class. The ideal number of groups is 15 or 16. CLASS POLICIES AND RULES

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Reading MON Lecture & Activities Assignment Case Date Due Syllabus and Overview: Management Information Systems Syllabus #1 Chapter 1 Information Systems in Global Business Today Chapter 2 Procter & Gambel (p. • Please report any exigencies and constraints to me as early as possible. the sections on academic conduct and integrity. Please try to arrive before start and remain through the session.329) #8 Securing Information Systems Page 2 of 3 .Semester Feb-Jul 2013 Management Information Systems Class will begin on time. If you have something relevant to discuss. Please separate essential points and details. Excessive use of color or other attempts to beautify the report are unnecessary. More than 4 (four) absences are not. talking among yourselves. and contribute to discussion. you are expected to conduct yourself according to the Universitas Sebelas Maret’s standards of ethical conduct for (p.cell phones. the Internet and Chapter 7 Google (p. Organizations and Chapter 3 e-Chaupal #3 Strategy Ethical and Social Issues in Information Chapter 4 IT Productivity Paradox #4 Systems IT Infrastructure and Emerging Chapter 5 Saleforce. in particular.287) #7 Wireless Technology UK-2 Chapter 8 Cyberwarfare (p. if handwritten. Reports should be easy to read (clearly legible. • Please avoid distractions .75) #2 Global E-Business and Collaboration Information Systems. etc. music. One absence is permissible under certain circumstances. assignments may be modified throughout the semester. including discussions In-class quizzes Presentation Total • Please attend class. good layout and organization into subsections) and as concise as possible.240) #6 Database and Information Management Telecomunications. Grading and Evaluation for each UK Assessment Ethics Test In-class participation. food. please share with the class. by moving details into an Appendix. read material in advance. In addition to these. • All reports and written assignments should be delivered on time in hard copy form (please retain a copy) – at the beginning of the corresponding session (penalty for each level of delay). Details may be obtained from the Office of Academics Affairs. case Points 30% 20% 15% 15% 30% 100% MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS Februari– July 2013 Based on changing class needs.203) #5 Technologies Foundations and Business Intelegence: Chapter 6 The Terror (p.

410) San Fransisco (p.522) WR Grace (p.448) Comp&Stat (p.Semester Feb-Jul 2013 Management Information Systems #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 Achieving Operational Excellence and Customer Intimacy: Enterprise Applications E-Commerce: Digital Markets.586) Page 3 of 3 .366) Amazon vs Wallmart (p.482) E-Medical Records (p. Digital Goods Managing Knowledge Enhancing Decision Making Building Information Systems Managing Global Systems UK-4 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 15 ERP (p.