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This weekend I came across an exemplary example of corporate social responsibility (CSR). It was an article about Toyota operating in India. Toyota has recently started “Toyota Technical Training Institute” on the outskirts of Bangalore. This institute is worth $5.6 million and would encourage the poor, needy and below poverty line applicants of age 17, to apply in order to receive a full fledged factory training in the field of automobile industry. I would not have addressed this as a step towards Toyota’s corporate social responsibility, if the trainees of this institute had no choice but to work at Toyota and only Toyota once the training was over. I was impressed by the fact that the company plans to employ the students once they have completed their three-year training, though they will have the option of leaving the company and working elsewhere. There is no bond to be signed, and students are free to join other automakers. Toyota also adopts a curriculum that fits with the technical needs of the automotive industry

ukessays.scribd.scribd. It further provides a monthly stipend to the trainees in order to enable them support their families while they are away from them http://www.php .