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Tues., Mar. 5, 2013 Vol. 55, No. 46

General Excellence Award 1st Place 2002 & 2009 3rd Place 2011


Daylight Savings PO Box I, 218 N. Main St., Bolivar, NY 14715 585-928-2470 Fax 585-928-2191 Sun., Mar. 10 E-mail: Website:








PER MONTH LEASE/ 42 MONTHS /10,000 MILES PER YEAR SIGN AND DRIVE LEASE $ 0 Down Payment $ 0 Security Deposit $ 0 Acquisition Fee $ 0 First Months Lease Payment


Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive 36 mpg hwy 2012 IIHS Top Safety Pick Seven airbags standard
PER MONTH LEASE/ 42 MONTHS /10,000 MILES PER YEAR SIGN AND DRIVE LEASE $ 0 Down Payment $ 0 Security Deposit $ 0 Acquisition Fee $ 0 First Months Lease Payment

Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive 32 mpg hwy 2012 IIHS Top Safety Pick 17-in alloy wheels
PER MONTH LEASE/ 42 MONTHS /10,000 MILES PER YEAR SIGN AND DRIVE LEASE $ 0 Down Payment $ 0 Security Deposit $ 0 Acquisition Fee $ 0 First Months Lease Payment

Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive 30 mpg hwy 2012 IIHS Top Safety Pick Built in our zero landfill plant




Due at Lease Signing

Due at Lease Signing


Due at Lease Signing

DLD 27

DAD 02

Ed Shults of Warren, Inc.

4060 Market St., Warren, PA 16365 877-726-3150

Close's Lumber...Your Home Improvement Headquarters Since 1973.

4'x8" Energy Shield Foil Faced Insulation


3/0 Oak 6 panel interior door 3/0 Cherry 6 panel interior door 3/0 Pine 6 panel interior door 3/0 Colonist 6 panel interior door 3/0 Smooth fiberglass full lite exterior door 3/0 Smooth fiberglass exterior door with aluminum clad jamb 3/0 6 panel steel exterior door 3/0 9 lite steel exterior door 28x77 Andersen casement Window with circle top 30x70 Andersen double hung with circle top 30x42 New construction all vinyl double hung window Grey neo-angle shower with Basco shower door Old fashioned claw foot tub with chrome accessories

R11 R11 R11 R11 R13 R19 R19 R19 R19 R19 R19 R21 R21 R30 R30 R38 R38 R30 R30 R38 3 1/2x15 3 1/2x23 3 1/2x16 3 1/2x24 3 1/2x15 6x15 6x23 6x15 6x23 6x16 6x24 5 1/2x15 5 1/2x24 10x15 10x23 12x15 12x23 8x15 8x24 10x15 Kraft Kraft Sound Batt Sound Batt Kraft Kraft Kraft Kraft Batt Kraft Batt Rigid Fit Rigid Fit Kraft Kraft Kraft Kraft Kraft Kraft Cathedral Cathedral Cathedral 88 sq. ft. 135 sq. ft. 171 sq. ft. 256 sq. ft. 125 sq. ft. 49 sq. ft. 75 sq. ft. 87.2 sq. ft. 133.6 sq. ft. 96 sq. ft. 144 sq. ft. 77 sq. ft. 118 sq. ft. 59 sq. ft. 88 sq. ft. 43 sq. ft. 64 sq. ft. 50 sq. ft. 76 sq. ft. 35 sq. ft.
$ $

19.95 30.95 $ 35.95 $ 53.95 $ 35.95 $ 16.95 $ 25.95 $ 30.20 $ 46.30 $ 31.50 $ 47.30 $ 39.95 $ 61.50 $ 32.50 $ 49.30 $ 28.95 $ 43.95 $ 36.50 $ 56.20 $ 39.50

1/2x4x8. . . . .$11.95 3/4..............$15.95 1.................$18.95 1 1/2...........$26.95 2.................$33.95

O/C Pink or Dow Blue Foam 4'x8"

1/2..........$13.95 1.............$16.95 1 1/2.......$24.95 2.............$33.90

100 200 $ 75 $ 40 $ 250 $ 350 $ 120 $ 150 $ 400 $ 400 $ 100 $ 500 $ 800
$ $

625 N. Union St., Olean, NY 716-372-8888 11 Buckler Rd. & Rte. 6, Roulette, PA (814) 544-7543 Toll Free: 1-800-924-2027
Everyday Low Prices! web address:
Hrs: Mon.-Fri. 8am-5pm; Sat. 8am-1pm; By appointment any time
s r r

*At the Olean Store*

To all Shed Builders: Discontinued Vinyl Siding! 3 sq. - D/4 Linen 6 sq. - D/4 Yellow 1 sq. - D/5 Sand 22 sq. - D/5 Clay $ 8 sq. - D/5, D/2 Clay 6 sq. - D/5, D/2 Gray $ Outside Corner 9.00 $ Inside Corner 5.00 $ Undersill 3.00 $ J-Channel 3.00


Take All Of sq. A Color.

Any amount on trim.


Expect the best from your rehabilitation experience.

15 West Willow Street, Smethport, PA (814) 887-5716 Fax: (814) 887-1962

A Guardian Elder Care Facility
FOR SALE - HOUSE IN PORT ALLEGANY: Recently renovated, includes appliances, 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, attached garage and shed. Asking $115k. Phone 814-203-5749. 4/5p CLOCK REPAIRS on antique windups, cuckoo, Grandfather and others. Complete restoration. Call Elmer Blush, 716-372-4551. 627 Main St., Olean, NY. eowtfc HAM AND TURKEY PARTY - REW FIRE HALL Sat., March 9, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. Door prizes. Free refreshments. c
OTTO-ELDRED ELEMENTARY BREAKFAST/LUNCH MENU March 6, 2013 - March 12, 2013 Wed. Breakfast: French Toast, Sausage, Juice, Milk, Choice of Poptart. Lunch: Tangerine Chicken, Stir Fry Vegetables, Carrots, Brown Rice, Fresh Fruit, Milk. Lunch B: Cheese Filled Breadstick/Dip. Lunch C: PB & J, Cheese Stick. Thurs. Breakfast: Breakfast Pizza, Juice, Milk, Choice of Poptart. Lunch: Pasta & Meat Sauce, Breadsticks, Salad, Juice Bar, Fruit Cocktail, Milk. Lunch B: Cheese Filled Breadstick/Dip. Lunch C: Chef Salad, Breadstick. Fri. Breakfast: Waffles, Strawberry Cup, Juice, Milk, Choice of Poptart. Lunch: Cheese Pizza, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Baby Carrots, Grapes, Milk. Lunch B: Cheese Filled Breadstick/Dip. Lunch C: Chef Salad, Roll. Mon. Breakfast: Cereal, Toast, Juice, Milk, Choice of Poptart. Lunch: Hot Dog, Sweet Potato Fries, Corn, Baby Carrots, Baked Apples, Milk. Lunch B: Sloppy Joes. Lunch C: Chef Salad, Roll. Tues. Breakfast: Pancakes, Eggs, Juice, Milk, Choice of Poptart. Lunch: Chicken Fajita, Steamed Rice, Brussel Sprouts, Peaches, Milk. Lunch B: Sloppy Joes. Lunch C: PB & J, Yogurt. Choice of Milk Daily: Lo-Fat Chocolate- 40; Lo-Fat Strawberry- 40; Lo-Fat Vanilla- 40; Lo-Fat White- 30. Ice Cream sold: Tues. & Thurs.- 50. Breakfast: Student- 75; Faculty- $1.25. Lunch: Student- $1.50; Reduced40; Faculty- $2.75. Menus are subject to change. f

HOUSEPLANT BEHAVIOR IN MARCH By Cornell University Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Mary Lu Wells As we move from late February to early March, the days are getting longer; about 2 more hours of sunshine than back on the winter solstice. Your house plants notice as well and begin to grow again. They also begin to falter. Lets look at their needs, especially the light. Plants evolved in place and in their native light environments. Many house plants come from the cool tropics. But first a little earth science 101. At the equator 15 or 1000 miles north and south, day and night are of almost equal length every day all year long. The further north and south we go towards the poles the greater the variation until you get to the poles where day lasts 6 months. Now light is connected to heat. When a plant commences growth, it is usually triggered by temperature, but bloom time is triggered by light. Many tropical plants (near the equator, no frost) are called short day plants; those from higher latitudes such as New York (45 north or south) are considered long day. Onions are notorious for this; New Yorkers need the long day varieties which bulb up in June and July. The concept is called photo-periodism. Flower development is the most conspicuous effect of the length of daily sunlight. Short day plants such as asters, dahlias, violets, cosmos, and poinsettias will develop flowers only when the daily photo-period is less than 14 hours. Long Day plants such as gladioli, delphinium, lettuce, and beets will only develop flowers when they have 14 hours or more of daily sunlight. It explains flower time for poinsettias (short day) which we have to hide in a completely dark closet if we want Christmas flowers! Etiolation is a plants behavior as it reaches for the light. We know to rotate our indoor plants so they remain symmetrical; the outdoor sun flowers daily turn from east to west following the sun. For indoor plants, insufficient light will not produce flowers. Florescent light provides the extra light needed in winter. If you have foliage plants, regular cool florescent lights will do as they provide plenty of blue/violet wave lengths needed for compact, dark green growth. Full spectrum florescent lights, which have more red wave length, will cause your plants to stretch a bit and produce blooms! In nature plants go through a time of dormancy due to the cold, dark or lack of water. These conditions are missing in your home. Some houseplants dont seem to mind; my calla lily has been growing for 10 years now. Other plants need to be dried out and stored in a cool dim place over winter to resurrect during March. Last point to remember: More plants die of over watering than any other cause. Too much water can rot the root, so dont love your plants to death. Check the soil before watering; if the soil is dry up to your first knuckle, it needs a drink, if it is moist, wait a little longer before watering. Till spring enjoy your indoor garden and planning next years garden. fb


. ORRIS JEWELERS . ORRIS JEWELERS . . 62 Main St., Bradford, PA (turn onto Chambers St.) . SINCE 1950 . 814-368-3945 . . . Unique Affordable Jewelry We Buy Gold . . Jewelry Repair Jewelry, . . Broken or . . Unwanted... . . We Test Your . . Gold for . . Content! . . . Tues., Wed., Thurs. & Fri. noon-6pm; Sat. 10am-3pm.

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MARCH 5, 2013

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VALUABLE OLD SEEDS by Chester S. Galle, Cornell Cooperative Extension Master Gardener A few years ago, I was given some old Burpee seed packets. The date on all the packets was 1953, which is three years before I graduated from Hellertown High School. Even though I will not plant these seeds, I still value them, so much so that I built a special frame to display them. Then, last year, I was given a 1962 Burpee seed catalog. I thought it would be interesting to compare the prices of the 1953 seed packets with their prices in 1962 and 2013. Seed Name Detroit Dark Red Beet Sweet Pea Black Simpson Seeded Lettuce Hollyhock Poppy 1953 $.05 $.05 $.05 $.10 $.10 1962 $.15 $.25 $.20 $.35 $.35 2013 $3.95 $3.95 $3.95 $3.95 - $5.95 $3.95 - $4.95

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Reconditioned Washers & Dryers


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Marlin Appleby
Port Allegany, Pa. (814) 642-2231
PORT ALLEGANY ALLIANCE CHURCH 414 East Mill Street Pastor: Joseph Beckley 814-642-2622

EVANGELICAL COVENANT CHURCH 67 Church Street, Port Allegany, PA Pastor: J.T. Madison 814-642-2272 Sunday School..............9:45am Worship Service..........11:00am Call for schedule of small group/Bible study meetings. FREE METHODIST CHURCH Cyclone, PA Tom Vennard, Pastor 814-966-3846 Sunday School............10:00am Morning Worship........11:00am

CHESTNUT STREET BAPTIST CHURCH 314 Chestnut St., Port Alleg. Pastor Dale Post Phone: 814-642-7381 Sunday School............10:00am Morning Worship........11:00am Sunday Evening...........7:00pm Wednesday Evening.....7:00pm COUNTRY CHAPEL BAPTIST CHURCH Indian Creek Rd., Eldred Pastor: Bruce Ireland 814-225-2235 Sun. Morn. Worship. . .10:30am Evening Worship..........6:00am Wed: Bible Study/Prayer. .7pm

Sundays: Adult Electives..........9:30am Youth & Children Sunday School...........9:30am (age 4 to 6th grade) Worship & Praise Service Contemporary..................11am Childrens Church Nursery provided to age 3 for all services. Tues: Divorce Care.......6:30pm Wednesdays: Student Ministries Junior High 7-8..............7pm Senior High 9-12............7pm FAITH BAPTIST CHURCH 498 Seaward Ave. Bradford, PA 16701 Church: 814-368-7622 Sunday School..............9:45am Morning Worship........11:00am Evening Service............6:00pm Wed. Prayer Meeting. . .7:00pm

NEW LIFE FELLOWSHIP WORLD OUTREACH CENTER Cyclone, PA Phone: 814-465-3272 Stanton R. Higley, Pastor Sunday Service...........11:00am Monday.........................7:00pm McCRAE BROOK WESLEYAN CHURCH Phone: 814-225-3753 Pastor Bill Nace Sunday School............10:00am Worship Service..........11:00am Wednesday: Family Bible Study & Prayer Service..........7:00pm Youth Ministry.............7:00pm GRACE CHAPEL CHURCH 203 Rte. 446, Farmers Valley, Pa. Phone: 814-887-5567 Pastor: Jerry Stauffer Sunday Morning Service. . . . . .10:30am

The cost of seeds is growing much faster than the rate of inflation. The cost of beets, sweet peas and Black Simpson lettuce in 2013 cost 78 times what they cost in 1953 and hollyhocks and poppies cost 39 to 59 times the 1953 cost (depending upon variety). Seeds have become very expensive. Last year, I bought four cucumber seeds for $4.00. Fortunately, all four seeds did germinate, and I got a good crop of lunch box cucumbers. As I thought about the current cost of seeds and how valuable they are, I decided it would be a good idea to write an article to help gardeners know whether or not they can use seeds from previous years. Here is a system I use to determine if seeds are still worth planting. I take a zip-lock sandwich bag, cut a piece of paper towel to fit inside the bag, and dampen the towel. I then put 10 seeds from a packet on the damp toweling and insert it into the sandwich bag. I close the bag and label the contents; for example, 2010 Celebrity Tomato test, 2/4/13. I put the test bag in a 65-75 degree area and watch for growth. Some seeds will germinate in three or four days; others will take 15 days or more. The technical term for defining whether or not seeds will grow is seed viability. Testing seeds is a fun thing to do, and you can involve children in this project, too. You will find that many old seeds are still alive. I also was able to germinate tomato seeds left in my garden over winter. They were still viable. If you test Cos lettuce seed and it germinates, plant it in a 5 to 6 pot, put it on a window sill, and you can have fresh lettuce for your table. Cos lettuce has an upright growth pattern and the outside leaves can be removed easily. Cos also does very well outdoors in pots during the main growing season. The pot can be kept near the house so, at lunch time, your lettuce is readily available. You can, of course, follow this same procedure with other lettuce varieties. How you store seeds is important in preserving their viability. I put mine in a snap-lock container which I store in a cool, dark place. If you have silica gel packets from pill bottles, you can add them to your container. You want to keep your seeds cool, dry and dark. Most seeds will stay viable from four to five years, and some will last as long as eight years. If stored properly, they may last even longer. Some years ago, I remember listening to a radio program that talked about plants that were grown from seeds that were found in an ancient tomb. A Wikipedia search for oldest viable seed turned up the following: The oldest carbon-14-dated seed that has grown into a viable plant was a Judean date palm seed about 2,000 years old, recovered from excavations at Herod the Greats palace on Masada in Israel. It was germinated in 2005. However, since you now know how to test your seeds, you dont really need to know how long they will last. Lets say you test 5- to 6-year-old lettuce seed and you have five of ten seeds germinate. This tells you that when you put your seeds in the garden you will need to put in twice as many seeds as you normally would. So, if you are an avid gardener, you can start your gardening in February by testing your seed supply. When the seeds germinate, take a magnifier and marvel at how the roots grow. They will, in fact, grow right into the paper toweling. If you want to plant some of these seeds, just cut the paper towel into squares and plant each square in a pot, about one-quarter inch deep, and soon you will have plants for your window sill. f

D&S Mini Storage

Route 6, Mt. Jewett, PA
(1/2 mile East of S.R. 219)

(814) 837-1094
Units starting at

35 per mo.

Army National Guard Pvt. DEREK W. HEILBRUN has graduated from basic infantry training at Fort Benning, Columbus, Ga. During the nine weeks of training, the soldier received training in drill and ceremonies, weapons, map reading, tactics, military courtesy, military justice, physical fitness, first aid, and Army history, core values and traditions. Additional training included development of basic combat skills and battlefield operations and tactics, and experiencing use of various weapons and weapons defenses available to the infantry crewman. Heilbrun is the son of Sandra and Mike Heilbrun of Hillside Terrace, Tioga, and grandson of Charlotte Clutter of Allegheny Street, Smethport. He is a 2012 graduate of Williamson Junior/Senior High School, Tioga. f

s Episcopal C uke & Main Streets hur ch t. L Church

Smethport, PA


Welcomes you to See us on the Anglican Communion facebook and Traditions st.luke.episcopal
The Rev. William S. Crittenden
Deb Cavagnaro, Deacon

Holy Eucharist- Sunday 9:30am Healing Service- Thursday 10:00am

Religious Education Sunday School Nursery

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REFRIGERATOR- $250. WASHER AND DRYER- $175 EA. 30 Range- $175. 716-373-1553 or 716-676-3965. pb BROCKWAY GENERAL CONTRACTING- All home improvements. Member of B.B.B.-in good standing. 888-808-1641 or 814225-3188. tfcb HEAVY DUTY SEAMLESS GUTTERS Only $190 for 30 gutter installed!! Free downspout with every gutter!! Made onsite, colors available, leaf guards. 20 years experience. Cooks in Bolivar, N.Y. 716-378-1352. tfcb BARN SALE - CHECK WITH JOE Best prices around! At The Barn, West Clarksville, NY. pb MONEYSAVER READER ADS GET GREAT RESULTS- Fill out the reader ad form in this issue and see for yourself! 4/5fb DELIVER YOUR MESSAGE with an ad in the Moneysaver Shopping Guide and/or Moneysaver Shopping News! Our display ads and reader ads are proven to work for you! OSWAYO VALLEY ROD & GUN CLUB FRIDAY NIGHT TRAP SHOOTS The Oswayo Valley Rod & Gun Club Friday Night Trap Shoots starting again - Fri., March 1st from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Open to the public. 2/26fb

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GREATER OLEAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE NEWS March is colorectal awareness month and the NYS Health Department along with the Cancer Services Program of Allegany and Cattaraugus Counties are lighting up the streets in blue to bring awareness to this deadly disease that kills approximately 4000 men and women annually in New York State. The Cancer Services program is asking business owners throughout the Olean area to decorate their windows in blue, put posters up, dress in blue and even offer a blue plate/blue light special to help bring awareness. For questions on Streets Go Blue event or to find out how you and your employees can get screenings for colorectal cancer if you are 50-64 without insurance or other cancer screenings for women starting at age 40, call the Cancer Services Program at 585593-3873 or toll free at 1-866-442-2262. fb BOLIVAR FREE LIBRARY Hrs.: Mon., Wed., Thurs. 6-8pm; Tues. 12:30-4:30pm; Fri. 9:30am-4:30pm; Sat. 9am-12pm. tf Chelsea Volk, Cuba 2/23 Joseph Dowell, Andover 2/24 Virginia Cummins, Wellsville Baby Boy Dice, Wellsville Brandi Dice, Wellsville Robert Green, Shinglehouse Ella Jordan, Genesee Baby Girl Preston, Wellsville Jessica Preston, Wellsville 2/25 Neva Hunt, Wellsville Arlis Washbon, Caneadea 2/26 James Johnson, Little Genesee Shirley Morsman, Wellsville Linda Truax, Belmont 2/27 Edith Ginter, Friendship Ashley Rainelli, Friendship Baby Boy Rainelli, Friendship Virginia Vandusen, Scio 2/28 Charles Michel, Andover Richard Mitchell, Bolivar


NATIONAL ADVERTISING NETWORK, INC. (NANI) ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE from Home. *Medical, *Business, * Criminal Justice. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Call 800-510-0784. CASH PAID- Up to $28/box for unexpired, sealed diabetic test strips! 1 day payment & prepaid shipping. Best prices! Call 1-888776-7771. CASH FOR CARS: All cars/trucks wanted. Running or not! Top dollar

LOCATION: LLOYD BURKHOUSE AUCTION HOUSE 693 S. KENDALL AVE., BRADFORD, PA 16701 AUTOGRAPHED SIDNEY CROSBY JERSEY, COINS, COLLECTIBLES, TOOLS, WOOD STOVE, FURNITURE, JEWELRY, ZIPPOS, KNIVES & MORE! SKELETON LISTING: Signed and authenticated Sidney Crosby Hockey Jersey, marbles, Case XX knife/hatchet combo, Case & other knives, costume jewelry, Zippo & other lighters, stamp album, war books including WW II, aircraft, submarines, DDay & etc., Hot Wheel sets, Matchboxes, GI Joe Collectibles, vintage Globe, Athern & Varney train cars, Sea Board H-O train, remote vintage fire truck, dolls, NASCAR jacket, collectible cars, shot gun (wall hanger), wall sign w/letters, walking stick, wood stove w/gas option, trunk, overhead projector, collector plates, World War II ration & Bradford transportation tokens, cage, scanner, clocks, fans, window, pop-up canopy, bicycle, glassware, furniture including beds, desks, dresser, table/chair set, coffee table, stands, 2-door cabinet, dryer, file cabinet, Tools including band saw, air tank, cordless tools, pv, grinder, sander, chain, weed eaters, leaf blower, and more; Coins including Morgan & Peace dollars, 1 & 5 dollar silver certificates, assortment of pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, halves, foreign coins and currency, mint sets, and more; New items, box lots and much more - still unpacking! For Photos and Information check:, site #12919 Call LLOYD BURKHOUSE AUCTIONS: 814-368-5726 or 814-331-5941 PA.LIC. AU005494 NO BUYERS PREMIUM! Terms of sale: Cash, Check, Credit Cards

Moneysaver Shopping Guide 14707 Allentown, NY 14708 Alma, NY 14715 Bolivar, NY 14721 Ceres, NY 14770 Portville, NY 14774 Richburg, NY 14754 Little Genesee, NY 14786 W. Clarksville, NY 14739 Friendship, NY (R.D.#1) 16748 Shinglehouse, PA Moneysaver Shopping News 16743 Port Allegany 16749 Smethport 16740 Mt. Jewett 16745 Rixford 16724 Crosby 16733 Hazel Hurst 16729 Duke Center 16731 Eldred 16732 Gifford 16744 Rew 16746 Roulette 16750 Turtlepoint 16730 E. Smethport 16726 Cyclone Published Tuesdays by Moneysaver Advertising P.O. Box I, 218 N. Main St. Bolivar, NY 14715 James Monks, Publisher

paid. We come to you! Any make/ model. Call for instant offer: 1-800864-5960. ROTARY INTERNATIONAL A worldwide network of inspired individuals who improve communities. Find information or locate your local club at Brought to you by your free community paper and PaperChain. MEDICAL CAREERS begin here Online training for Allied Health and Medical Management. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. SCHEV certified. Call 800-510-0784 MEET SINGLES NOW! No paid operators, just people like you. Browse greetings, exchange messages, connect live. Free trial. Call 1-877-737-9447. VIAGRA 100mg and Cialis 20mg! 40 pills + 4 free for only $99. #1 male enhancement, discreet shipping. Save $500! Buy the blue pill! Now 800-213-6202. WORK ON JET ENGINES Train for hands on aviation maintenance career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified Job placement assistance. Call AIM (866) 854-6156. WANTED Japanese motorcycle KAWASAKI 1967-1980 Z1-900, KZ900, KZ1000, ZIR, KX1000MKII, A1-250, W1-650, H1-500, H2-750, S1-250, S2-350, S3-400 Suzuki GS400, GT380, GT750, Honda CB750 (1969,1970) cash. Free pickup. 1-800-772-1142, 1-310-7210726. FLORIDA LAND 1 acre & up from $9,900. Financing from $1,000 down. $134 monthly. Call 24/7 free brochure 877-983-6600. DIRECTV lowest price! Free: HBO Starz Showtime Cinemax 3mo + HD/DVR to 4 Rooms! $29.99/mo+ - 12 mos. 24/mo.contract, Ends 3/ 20/13 888-248-4052. DIRECTV, internet, phone $69.99/ mo+ 12 mos. 24/mo.contract free : HBO Starz Showtime Cinemax 3mo + free HD/DVR features 4 rooms! Ends 3/20/13, 888-2484048.

Hospital Listings
2/22 2/23 2/24 2/25 2/26 JONES MEMORIAL Admitted Jessica Preston, Wellsville John Faulkner, Little Genesee Ella Jordan, Genesee Ashley Rainelli, Friendship Arlis Washbon, Caneadea Mervin Babcock, Almond Ashley Rainelli, Friendship Audrey Butler, Wellsville Edith Ginter, Friendship Cole Young, Andover Lillie Young, Andover Renee Price, Bolivar Virginia Vandusen, Scio Mervin Babcock, Almond Helen Link, Wellsville Charles Michel, Andover Lillie Young, Andover Richard Mitchell, Bolivar Dorothy Potter, Little Genesee Discharged Mervin Babcock, Almond Leila Hunt, Genesee


Ashley Rainelli, Friendship, a son, 02/25/13, Jones Memorial Veronica McCutcheon, Genesee, a daughter, 02/28/13, Jones Memorial


Hospital Listings and Births may also be viewed at



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NEED HELP WITH YOUR WINTER MEALS or entertaining? I can help prepare what you dont have time to do. Call me to discuss what I can do for you. Also available, homemade soups, stews, artisan breads and baked goods. Made to order food gift baskets. Call Netra Baker at 814-544-7313, Card Creek Trading Post. tfc FOR RENT / PORT ALLEGANY, PA- Large one bedroom apartment. New kitchen, range, refrigerator, washer, dryer, wall-towall carpeting, off-street parking. Nice neighborhood. No pets. Not HUD approved. $375 plus security and utilities. Trash and water included. Applications: 610-283-5096. tfc HOME DELIVERY. A library service available to anyone who cant leave home because of illness or injury. Please call the S.W. Smith Memorial Library at 814-642-9210 for more information. At this time, service is limited to Port Allegany Borough and Turtlepoint. tf MEAL MENU FOR THE LOCAL MCKEAN COUNTY SENIOR CENTERS Eldred Senior Center, Smethport Senior Center, Port Allegany Senior Center and Mt. Jewett Senior Center Please join your local senior centers for good meals, helpful programs, info., blood pressure and blood sugar screening, weekly music. Meals are provided daily for seniors 60 years of age. Please call a day ahead to order your lunch. Mon., Mar. 11 - Baked Ham, Mashed Sweet Potato, Harvard Beets and Applesauce Tues., Mar. 12- Green Pepper Steak with Sauce, Calico Rice, Tossed Salad, Sherbet Wed., Mar. 13- Barbecue Chicken Breast, Corn, Macaroni Salad, Mandarin Oranges Thurs., Mar. 14- Spaghetti & Meatballs, Italian Bread, Tossed Salad, Cake with Frosting Fri., Mar. 15- Tuna Salad, Tomato Slices, Lettuce on Wheat Bread, Pickled Beets, Fresh Orange Please remember you will need to order a day ahead before 12:30pm. *Special Holiday meal needs to be ordered one week in advance. f

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* Pennsylvania State Inspection * $23.32 including tax Mon.-Fri. 8am-5pm * COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE * DIAGNOSTICS & REPAIR PA State Inspections Computer Diagnostics * Oil Change Service Tires * Steering/Suspension Repair Brakes Engine & Transmission Exhaust * Service and Repair * Accept all * Quality Service at Reasonable Prices major credit cards 814-642-2007 *
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VALLEY RECYCLING: BUYING SCRAP copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, etc. Top prices! 34 W. Union Street, Allegany, NY. 716-372-9542. tfcb PETERSON STOVES Are your heating bills too high? Check out our coal, wood, and gas stoves, free standing units, forced air and hot water boilers. Clean burning, automatic feed. Heat the average home all winter for only $1,100. Call 585-933-7277. tfcb SWIVEL ROCKER, TURQUOISE- $100. 814-697-6372. fb FIND GREAT BUYS on a wide variety of used cars and trucks by looking through the pages of the Moneysaver Shopping Guide and Moneysaver Shopping News!

FOR SALE- 1 Duncan kiln and 100+ molds. For more information, call 814-966-3606. pb FISH FRIES AT THE MASONIC HALL- Every Friday 4:307:30pm from March 1st through April 19th (including Good Friday) at the Masonic Hall on Oswayo St., Shinglehouse, Pa. Donation: Adults $9.00. Children $6.50. Choice of fried or 4 kinds of baked fish. Take-outs available! 5/5cb FOR SALE- 350-335 HP Chevy motor. 44 Mag Ruger Super Black Hawk with scope. For sale or trade- 1981 H.D. XLS Sportster for a 4x4 four wheeler. Call 716-904-1967. cb ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS If you want to drink thats your business. If you want to stop we can help. Call AA answering service in your area at 716372-4800 or 607-276-8588 to talk to someone who cares or to find a meeting in your area. tf


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Cluster Fly, Ladybug, Boxelder Bug, Spider, and Crickets.

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MISCELLANEOUS SECTION DISH NETWORK. Starting at $19.99/month (for 12 mos.) & high speed internet startingat $14.95/month (where available). Save! Ask about same day installation! Call now! 1-888-823-8160. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS SECTION CLARINET, VIOLIN, FLUTE, trumpet, amplifier, Fender Guitar $75 each. upright bass, cello, saxophone, french horn, drums $189 each. Others 4sale 1-516-377-7907. REAL ESTATE SECTION DO YOU HAVE VACATION PROPERTY for sale or rent? With promotion to nearly 5 million households and over 12 million potential buyers, a statewide classified ad cant be beat! Promote your property for just $490 for a 15-word ad. Place your ad online at or call 585-928-2470. BASS LAKE AND TUG HILL LAKE for sale. Lake properties, prime NY Waterfront. 1-888-683-2626

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MARCH 5, 2013

National Sleep Awareness Week

March 5-11, 2013


Do You Toss and Turn on your Old Mattress?


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How Sleep Affects Work (And Vice Versa)
People often discuss how sleep--and often lack thereof--can affect work performance. However, not as many people are studying how work impacts the ability to sleep. Research from the University of Pennsylvania published in SLEEP found that work time is the largest influence on how long an individual sleeps on both work and leisure days. It's not just in North America, either. A 2005 study found that 36 percent of women in Finland had trouble sleeping at least once a week that year; 27 percent of men in the study said the same. But just six years prior in 1999, only 26 percent of women and 20 percent of men were reporting sleep problems once a week in the country. Experts suggest the reason for this drastic change can be attributed to both occupational stress and abnormal working hours. Similar to how stress affects sleep, work has profound implications on sleep as well. When their schedule calls for it, shift workers must alter their body's naFIRST CHURCH OF GOD Where Salvation Makes You A Member 140 Main St., Eldred, PA Rev. James Kazimer Sunday School............10:00am Sun. Morn. Worship. . .11:00am Sunday Eve. Worship. . .7:00pm Wed. Eve. Worship. . . . . . .7:00pm FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Main & Grace Streets Port Allegany, PA 814-642-2105 Sunday School..............9:45am Sunday Morning Worship....................10:45am Communion Sunday (the 1st Sunday of the month) Fellowship Dinner after the Morning Worship Service (last Sunday of the month) Wednesday Bible Study and Prayer.................7:00pm

tural circadian rhythm in order to switch from sleeping at night to day. Some employees work long hours with only short bursts of sleep available before they have to report back to work the next day. According to the Better Sleep Council, sleep deprivation currently costs U.S. businesses nearly $150 billion annually in absenteeism and lost proLIGHTHOUSE COMMUNITY FREE METHODIST CHURCH 1300 Prentisvale Road Rte. 346, Duke Center, PA Pastor Beth Rosler 814-966-3998 Sunday Morn. Worship. . .10am SEVENTH DAY BAPTIST CHURCH OF HEBRON 5 miles up Whitney Creek off Rte. 44, Crandall Hill Coudersport, PA Rev. Michael L. Burns Sabbath School Saturday....................9:45am Worship Service Saturday..................11:00am Bible Study Wednesday.................1:00pm Saturday....................2:00pm Womens Society 1st Tuesday of each month............7:30pm

ductivity. It may pay for employees and workers to collaborate on the best strategies for improving morale and performance by matching working hours with sleeping habits. This way each gets the best of both worlds. Not getting enough sleep can impact personal health in many ways, including: * Elevated risk of getting major illnesses,

including cancer, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. * Inability to concentrate or poor decisionmaking. * Putting the body in a state of high alert, increasing the production of stress hormones. * Weight gain, either through stress or eating at times when the body is not accustomed to eating. continued on next page...

KINGS CUT N CLIP: Mens haircuts and styles. 322 Main Street, Smethport. Walk-ins daily. Closed Wednesday and Sunday. tfc FIREWOOD FOR SALE- Call 814-225-3148. tfc FOR SALE: Good hay, 1st & 2nd cutting. Nice 2012 Bright straw, mulch. Call 814-366-3673, 814-887-2244. 5/30c EAST SMETHPORT UNITED CHRISTIAN CHURCH At Rte. 6 & 46 South Pastor: Rev. Allen Young Associate Pastor: Les Leet Sunday School..............9:00am Worship Service..........10:00am Staffed Nursery during Worship service. SWAT Youth Group Sundays.....................5:00pm Kids Club (K-6th) Wednesdays.......6:30-7:30pm Sunday Eve. Worship........6pm Wed. Prayer/Bible Study. .7pm TURTLEPOINT EVANGELICAL CHURCH OF NORTH AMERICA Annin Creek Rd., Turtlepoint Pastor: Rev. Anthony Edgell Sunday School..............9:45am Morning Worship........11:00am Sunday Eve. Service. . . .6:00pm Wed. Prayer & Bible Study................6:30pm ST. LUKES EPISCOPAL CHURCH West Main & Church Street Smethport, PA814-887-5841 Rev. William S. Crittenden Sun. Holy Eucharist.....9:30am Thurs. Healing Serv........10am

SMETHPORT JR.-SR. HIGH & ELEMENTARY SCHOOL MENUS March 6, 2013 - March 12, 2013 Wed. Breakfast: Toasted English Muffin, WG or Regular Cereal & Toast, Fresh Fruit, Fruit Juice, Milk. Lunch: Toasted Cheese Sandwich, Tomato Soup, Crackers, Cottage Cheese, Fresh Vegetables, Apricots, Fresh Fruit, Milk. Thurs. Breakfast: WG or Regular Cereal, Fruited Yogurt, Fresh Fruit, Fruit Juice, Milk. Lunch: Corn Dog, Seasoned Green Beans, Nacho Chips & Cheese, Fresh Vegetables, Chilled Pineapple, Pudding, Fresh Fruit, Milk. Fri. Breakfast: Danish, WG or Regular Cereal, Fresh Fruit, Fruit Juice, Milk. Lunch: Garlic Breadsticks w/Sauce, 1 oz. String Cheese, Steamed Spinach, Fresh Vegetables, Chilled Fruit Cocktail, Fresh Fruit, Milk. Mon. Toasted Bagel w/Cream Cheese or Jelly, WG or Regular Cereal, Fresh Fruit, Fruit Juice, Milk. Lunch: Nacho Dippers, Rice, Fresh Vegetables, Tropical Fruit Mix, Fresh Fruit, Milk. Tues. Breakfast: French Toast w/Syrup, Fruit Cup, Fresh Fruit, Fruit Juice, Milk. Lunch: Popcorn Chicken w/Dip, Cauliflower, Dinner Roll, Fresh Vegetables, Chilled Mandarin Oranges, Fresh Fruit, Milk. *WG=Whole Grain. Menus are available on line at Smethport School web site and announced on the radio every morning.


National Sleep Awareness Week

March 5-11, 2013


Pain Relief That Works!


Dr. Mark Shaffer

For Appt. 814-642-7236 3092 Rt. 155, Port Allegany, PA 16743
Mon., Wed., Fri., 9am to 5pm Tues., 11am. to 7pm. Closed Thursday
How Sleep Affects Work (And Vice Versa) Continued * Affecting skin and other tissue appearance. * Poor reaction times, which can lead to accidents. * Increased risk of developing mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety. While there is no magic number, sleep experts say a person needs between 7 and 9 hours of sleep every night to function at his or her prime. Individuals should also make efforts to improve their quality of sleep. Here are a few ways to do so. * Invest in a new mat-tress if yours is old and no longer comfortable. This will alleviate twisting and turning -- and potentially waking -- from an uncomfortable mattress. * Keep the bedroom for sleep and intimacy only. If there are stressors or stimulating things in the room, like a computer or television, they may impact sleep. * Limit caffeine intake, particularly several hours before bedtime. * Maintain a regular sleep-wake schedule each and every day -even on the weekend. * If you are having trouble falling or staying asleep, consult with a doctor. Insomnia is very common, and there are different treatment options that can help you get rest.

Sleep and work are often intertwined and can impact each other. Because sleep is vital for maintaining health, it's important to strike a balance so that sleep can be achieved.

Howards Home Furnishings

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MARCH 5, 2013

Though many are aware its one of lifes

Easy Ways to Ensure a More Restful Nights Sleep

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necessities, a good nights sleep is still widely considered a luxury. Despite the knowledge that a good nights sleep is beneficial in many ways, affecting not only mood but physical health as well, its still quite possibly the one necessity of life that people routinely sacrifice. Consider doing the same with other necessities, such as food and shelter, and the willingness of many people to forgo sufficient regular rest seems wholly irresponsible. Most people would not go a day or a week without eating, yet its common to go a night or week or even longer without once getting a good nights rest. That reality is potentially very harmful,

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as sleep can influence productivity, memory, mood, and alertness. To ensure youre getting sufficient and beneficial rest, consider the following tips. * Keep a regular sleep schedule. Maintaining a regular bedtime and wakeup schedule helps alert the body to when its time to go to sleep and wake up. While its common to abandon such a routine on weekends, its best to avoid completely deviating from a weekly sleep schedule every Friday and Saturday night. For instance, those who routinely go to bed around 11 p.m. on weeknights should not be hitting the sack at sunrise each and every weekend. Keep as consistent a sleep schedule as possible, even on weekends. * Sleep when its dark outside. Nap afficionados will heap praise on the value of a daily middday nap. However, napping during the daytime could be the equivalent of stealing from Peter to pay Paul. While a daytime nap might be the rejuvenating boost you need in the middle of the day, it could very well be that youre tired during the day because you didnt sleep well overnight after taking a midafternoon nap. * Make things as comfortable as possible. Some people need absolute silence when sleeping, while others need to listen to music. Each individual is different, but creating a serene and soothing sleep environment can help ensure a quality nights rest. If necessary, use earplugs to block out any external noises. * Sleep on an adequate mattress. Sleeping problems often result from older mattresses that have worn out their welcome. Look for one that provides both comfort and support. Couples should also be sure their mattress is big enought to comfortably fit two people. * Keep eyes off the clock. Its probably a product of human nature, but many people, upon waking up in the middle of the night, quickly glance at the nearest clock. This should be avoided, as it often makes people start thinking about the sleep theyre missing, indirectly making it more difficult to get back to sleep. * Get your exercise. Exercise is beneficial in many ways, not the least of which is promoting a better nights sleep. However, exercise also gets many people amped up, so its best to finish an exercise several hours before bedtime to allow your heart rate to return to normal and your mind to calm down. * Stop eating and consuming caffeine several hours before bed. Eating shortly before bed can cause digestive problems, making it difficult to fall asleep or enjoy a good nights rest. Its also best to avoid caffeine and any other stimulants in the hours leading up to bedtime. * Make the bed simply a place to sleep. When you watch television from bed or work from bed, this can make it difficult to fall asleep in bed when it comes time to catch some Zzzzs. In general, its best to reserve the bed solely for sleeping.

Is worrying over your bills keeping you up all night?

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and say good night to the moon and stars!
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Treat Sleeplessness With Vitamins And Supplements Millions of people around the world battle insomnia. Sleeplessness may be a byproduct of different conditions, and treatment may depend on the underlying cause of the insomnia. Many people find using allnatural supplement therapy is enough to ward off sleeplessness. Insomnia is more prevalent among elderly individuals and women. Elderly people are more likely than younger ones to have medical conditions that may cause pain at night or to take medication that can interfere with a good nights rest. Some research suggests that men lose about 80 percent of their deep sleep between the ages of 16 and 50. For women, hormonal events often trigger sleeplessness. These can include menstruation, pregnancy and menopause. Individuals who are over the age of 50 may be more prone to anxiety, grief and depression which can cause sleeplessness. Although there are many different medications, be it prescription medications or over-the-counter drugs, to alleviate symptoms of sleeplessness, some people prefer to not take these medications due to the risk of dependency or the side effects associated with them. Hypnotics, which include the brand name Ambien, have been linked to morning drowsiness and even temporary amnesia, where individuals walk around, drive or even cook while under the medication and are unaware of what they are doing. Those who are looking for more natural approaches can use the following vitamins and minerals in conjunction with good sleep hygiene.

* Calcium and magnesium combination: Calcium and magnesium have been shown to relax the central nervous system, helping the body drift into sleep. According to Dr. William Sears, calcium helps the brain use the amino acid tryptophan to manufacture the sleep-inducing substance melatonin. It is important to note that a balanced ratio of calcium to magnesium helps calcium work properly. It is recommended to take 500 mg of calcium and 250 mg of magnesium once per day, later in the evening. This can be done after dinner or a few hours before going to bed for best results. * Vitamin B6: Vitamin B6, also known as pyridoxine, is a watersoluble vitamin required for the synthesis of the neurotransmitters serotonin and norepinephrine. It also helps with myelin formation. Those who are deficient in B6 find the peripheral nerves, skin, mucous membranes and the central nervous system can be affected. Taking 50 mg of vitamin B6 daily can help in the production of serotonin and promote sleep. It is believed to work well for people who struggle to stay asleep through the night. * Vitamin B12 and vitamin B5 combination: Taking 25 milligrams of B12, especially when supplemented with vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), can be a successful sleeplessness remedy. Vitamin B12 deficiency is quite common and is a factor for many patients who suffer from insomnia, especially seniors. Vitamin B5 may also relieve stress. * 5-HTP: Serotonin is a key neurotransmitter involved in sleep and mood, and 5-HTP, or 5-hydroxytroptophan, is a precursor to serotonin. In

several double-blind clinical studies, 5-HTP decreased the time required to get to sleep and to decrease the number of awakenings, according to HolisticOnline. It is recommended to take 100 to 300 mg, around 45 minutes before retiring for bed. * Melatonin: Although melatonin is the go-to supplement for sleeplessness because of its direct relationship with sleep onset and circadian rhythm in the body, some research indicates that melatonin supplementation may only be effective for those who are deficient in this hormone. However, it may be effective for the elderly person who naturally produces less melatonin as he or she ages. A report titled, Melatonin in elderly patients with insomnia: A systematic review, found there is sufficient evidence that low doses of melatonin improve initial sleep quality in selected elderly insomniacs. Melatonin doses ranged from 0.5 mg to 6 mg, and most participants took a single dose 30 to 120 minutes before bedtime. However, larger, randomized controlled trials with less strict inclusion criteria are necessary to yield evidence of effectiveness in geriatric patients who suffer from insomnia before widespread use can be advocated. Sleeplessness is something that can cause anything from mere annoyance to a long-term health problem. Older adults who are more prone to insomnia can consider a number of natural remedies to help get a better nights rest.


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ST. JOSEPHS EPISCOPAL CHURCH Arnold Ave., Port Allegany, PA814-558-5876 Pastor Joann Piatko Sunday Service.............9:00am Sunday School..............9:00am 1st Sunday of each month 2nd Service at...............4:00pm FREE METHODIST CHURCH 53 Church St., Port Allegany Pastor Daniel Fuller 814-642-2658 Morning Worship........10:45am Evening Worship..........6:30pm Family Night, Wed.......6:30pm

DUKE CENTER UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 26 Oil Valley Rd. Duke Center, Pa Rev.: Gary Sheesley Church Phone: 814-966-3922 Sunday School..............8:45am Worship Service...............10am Communion Sunday ................. 1st Sun. of month BIRCH GROVE MENNONITE CHURCH Two Mile Rd., Port Allegany Sunday School............10:00am Sunday Worship Hour.....11am Thursday Night Bible Study...............7:00pm

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VALLEY WORSHIP CENTER Rte. 446 Farmers Valley Smethport, PA814-887-5065 Rev. David Eastman Sunday School..............9:30am Morning Worship........10:30am Sunday Evening...........6:00pm Wed. Evening................6:30pm SARTWELL CREEK UNION CHURCH Port Allegany RD 2 Port Allegany, PA Rev. LaVerne R. Howard, Pastor Worship Hour. . . . .9:30-10:30am Sunday School. .10:30-11:00am

HOPE FULL GOSPEL ASSEMBLY RD 2, Box 117 Smethport, PA814-225-4422 Pastor: E.L.Durphy Sunday School............10:00am Morning Worship........11:00am Youth Service................4:00pm Evening Service............5:00pm Wed. Evening Service. .6:00pm HOPE LUTHERAN CHURCH NALC 303 Pine Street Smethport, PA814-558-6886 Rev. Thomas Beam Sunday Worship...........9:00am

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2013. The top capital gains rate for investments held for more than a year is 15 percent for most taxpayers through 2012, and zero capital gains tax for investors in the 10 percent and 15 percent tax brackets. If your crystal ball says capital gains taxes are going up next year, you may want to consider locking in profits on long-term investments before the end of this year.

job, then agency fees, resume expenses, career counseling costs and travel related to the job search may be deductible even if the job search was unsuccessful.

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MARCH 5, 2013

IRS News
IRS Expands Voluntary Worker Classification Settlement Program; Relief From Past Payroll Taxes Available to More Employers Who

$ For up-to-the-minute financial $

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Link at
Lighten Your Tax Burden At End Of Year
(NewsUSA) - Imagine if Goldilocks had to file taxes -- forking out a hefty amount in April one year, then getting a huge refund the next. For many adults, finding a withholding amount thats just right seems nearly impossible. But, if you owed taxes last year or received a refund that was a great deal larger than expected, it may be a good idea to adjust your withholding. The bottom line is to pay the lowest amount of taxes possible. As the end of the year looms, theres still time to talk to a licensed tax specialist about adjusting withholding, as well as other possibilities for easing your tax burden for this coming season. Read some tips for last-minute tax savings from Americas tax experts, the National Association of Enrolled Agents -- a group of licensed tax practitioners who focus solely on taxation year-round. * If youre in the top tax bracket of 35 percent, you may want to accelerate income into 2012, if possible. Depending on Congress, the highest tax rate may rise to 39.6 percent in 2013. * Along with the possibility of higher ordinary income tax rates, theres the possibility of higher capital gains rates on investment income in

the Stocks/Finance

* Giving to charity can help reduce your tax bill if you are able to itemize deductions. In addition to contributions made by cash, check or credit card, the crisp fall air may provide the energy to clean house looking for items in good condition that can be donated to a qualified charitable organization. Remember to make a list of the items and determine their fair market value. Clip the list to the receipt from the organization and keep it with your tax documents for your records. * Sometimes, a major life change is thrown your way, and you might not think of it as a tax deduction. If you found yourself looking for a new

Reclassify Their Workers As Employees The IRS has expanded its Voluntary Classification Settlement Program, paving the way for more taxpayers to take advantage of this lowcost option for achieving certainty under the law by reclassifying their workers as employees for future tax periods. Parents and Students: Check Out College Tax Benefits for 2012 and Years Ahead. The IRS reminds parents and students that now is a good time to see if they qualify for either of two college education tax credits or any of several other education-related tax benefits. IRS Reminds Taxpayers to Report 2010 Roth Conversions on 2012 Returns. The IRS reminds taxpayers who converted amounts to a Roth IRA or designated Roth account in 2010 that, in most cases, they must report half of the resulting taxable income on their 2012 returns. Taxpayer Advocacy Panel Members Selected. The IRS announced the selection of new members to serve on the nationwide Taxpayer Advocacy Panel, a federal advisory committee charged with providing taxpayer suggestions to improve IRS customer service Tax Relief for Victims of Severe Storms, Tornadoes and Flooding in Mississippi. Victims of the severe storms, tornadoes and flooding that took place on Feb. 10, 2013 in parts of Mississippi may qualify for tax relief. IRS To Accept Tax Returns with Education

Available 24 Hours a Day

and Trust Company

Hamlin Bank

Established 1863 online banking

The Bank That Takes Care Of Its Customers
Each depositor insured to $100,000





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s r



With our Federal Refund Anticipation Check (RAC), your fees are deducted from your tax refund. Its a quick and convenient way to get all the money you deserve without having to pay up front.


Credits, Depreciation. The IRS announced on Feb. 8, 2013 that taxpayers will be able to start filing two major tax forms covering education credits and depreciation. IRS Intensifies National Crackdown on Identity Theft; Part of Wider Effort to Protect Taxpayers, Prevent Refund Fraud. Continuing a year-long enforcement push against refund fraud and identity theft, the IRS today announced the results of a massive national sweep in recent weeks targeting identity theft suspects in 32 states and Puerto Rico. IRS Extends Tax Relief

to Some New Jersey and New York Victims of Hurricane Sandy; Return Filing and Tax Payment Deadline Extended to April 1, 2013. After Hurricane Sandy, the IRS announced additional tax relief to affected individuals and businesses. The IRS is now further ex-tending tax deadlines of that relief until April 1, 2013, for some counties in New Jersey and New York. Do Your Taxes and EFile for Free with Free File. All taxpayers have an option to Free File, a fast, safe and free way to prepare their own federal taxes.

Refund Anticipation Check (RAC) is provided by H&R Block Bank, a Federal Savings Bank, member FDIC. Fees apply. You must meet legal requirements for opening a bank account. A RAC is a bank deposit, not a loan, and is limited to the size of your refund less applicable fees. You can electronically file your return and eceive your refund without a RAC, a loan or extra fees. H&R Block Maine License Number: FRA2. Available at participating offices. OBTP# B13696 2012 HRB Tax Group, Inc.

Hermits Income Tax

Preparation And Accounting
Is located at 48 North Main Street, Port Allegany, Pa (Two Doors up from Foxs Pizza!)

Bill Gummo
is enrolled to practice before The Internal Revenue Service and has over thirty years of experience preparing returns.

Olean 487 N. Union St. 716-373-2008 Eldred 193 1/2 Main St. 814-225-3290 Bradford 807 E. Main St. 814-368-7993

We Will Be Offering Electronic And Paper Filing Of Individual And Business Federal And State Tax Returns (Authorized To Prepare Returns In All States Including NY, MD, OR, and CA)

The hours are: Mon.-Fri. 12-6pm & Sat. 10-2pm or by appointment.

Phone: 814-642-7496
Email: *Please after April 15th call for an appointment



Eldred Township Vol. Fire Dept.
84 Windfall Rd., Eldred, PA

Patronize your local restaurants...great food, personalized service and many daily specials.

MARCH 5, 2013

Micks Diner
206 N. Main St., Port Allegany, PA

Spring Hours: Mon.-Fri. 11am-9pm; Sat. & Sun. noon-9pm

Kingston Auction
Sun., March 10th
Starting at: 1:00 p.m. Doors open at 11:00 a.m.


John, Judy & the Girls Are Back!


Breakfast Served All Day

Lunch Specials Monday-Friday

Open 6:00am

Homemade Soups & Pies

Monday- Goulash Tuesday- Chicken & Biscuits Wednesday- Meatloaf Thursday- Spaghetti Friday- Fish Fry ow Accept
Dine In or Take Out!
Catering Available
We N & Most Credit ! Debit Cards

10 Min. or FREE!

Breakfast sandwiches, coffee & cappuccino to go.

All New Merchandise!

Raffles Food Kitchen Open!
- No Smoking Per PA Law -

Never Frozen Fish Fry

Fresh Haddock Fish Fry with Hush Puppies

The Areas Only

Malts, Milkshakes Homemade Pies Hard Ice Cream 8 Flavors!

Fresh Salad Bar With Every Dinner!

Sunday Breakfast Buffet: 8am-1:30pm Salad Bar

Open 'til 2pm
Bacon, Sausage, Eggs, Sausage Gravy, Chipped Beef, Potato Cakes, French Toast Sticks, Peppers and Onions, Cheese Sauce, Pancakes, Syrup, Biscuits, Fruit.
Available Daily!

4 Sweitzer Drive, Duke Center, PA


Since 1937
All Day, Every Day Senior Citizens 10% Off Discount Excludes Specials


Daily Bread Cafe

Rte. 155, North of Port Allegany, PA 814-642-7112 Gift Certificates
Closed on Mondays.

Tues.-Sat. 6am-8pm; Sun. 8am-2pm.

Promotional prices start at

Under New Management!

14091 Wilcox-Clermont Rd., Clermont, PA

Eldred Township Vol. Fire Dept.

Windfall Rd., Eldred, PA Break The Bank!

Open every day at 11:00 a.m., Sunday at Noon "Fine Food...Fine Drink... Fine Friends"
Every Day Fish Fry! sm. $6.95 lg. $9.95

$19.99 a month!
for 12 months w/24-mo. Agreement.


Call us today!

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Saturday, March 9th
Start Time 6:00 p.m.

Home of..."Buffalo Balls" Sat., Sun. Race Day Specials

2 doz. Wings & Bucket of Beer $25 Pizza & Bucket of Beer $15 Draft Beer $1.50

Limestone, NY

Mar. 9 "Burt "D.J. Brothers" Chadillac"

Country Oldies 4pm-7pm 9:30pmClose

Offer expires 5/21/13. Restrictions apply. Call for details.

nd Bingo 2 y of rda Satu onth. every m

20.00 admission

Doors Open at 4:00 p.m. - No Smoking per PA Law -

Call ahead for takeouts. Wing night every Thursday. 50 in house; 55 take out

'Like' us on for food and drink specials and upcoming weekend entertainment

Cell Service Booster

We are now accepting Credit Cards!!

FOR SALE- 21 seasoned hardwood firewood, $50 a pickup load, delivered. 814-887-2683. 2/26p FOR RENT- 2 bedroom trailer with appliances. No pets. No smoking. $550/mo. 10 Clif-Nel Dr., Eldred, Pa. Phone 814-2254429. 2/26p ELDERLY, IN-NO-GREAT-HURRY, PROPERTY Owner: Rural area Port Allegany looking for just the right, mature, wellorganized, middle-age married couple to occupy partially furnished studio-efficiency apartment for free rent in exchange for ground duties from mowing grass to snow removal. Requirement: Must be knowledgeable John Deere equipment. Occupant will need own refrigerator, washer, small table/chairs, couch. Responsible for own electricity usage. Absolute: One parking space for non-leaking fluid vehicle! No smoking / No children / No pets. Phone 9 a.m. - 8 p.m., 814-642-2022, leave message. 4/26p

S. W. SMITH LIBRARY & BOOKMOBILE 201 East Maple Street, Port Allegany, PA Phone: 814-642-9210 Library Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 11-7; Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 9-4. Book drops at Smiths Hardware, Duke Center Superette, O-E Elementary School. Bookmobile Hours: September 1, 2012-May 31, 2013. Off Road Dec. 26, 27, & 28. Wednesdays- Eldred Senior Center 9:00-11:30. Duke Center (Old School Parking Lot) 1-5:30. Thursdays- Otto Eldred Elementary School 11:00-2. Eldred (Todds Car Lot) 3-7. Fridays- Rixford (by Church) 10-1. Turtlepoint Carlsons Store 1:45-4:45. Cancellations: Listen to WHKS 94.9 FM. tf McKEAN COUNTY CARE FOR CHILDREN. Memorials may be purchased at: Todd Motor Sales, Inc., Main St., Eldred, PA. tf

MARINE CORPS LEAGUE BOB SWANSON DETACHMENT #1102 To all Marines and FMF Corpsmen: The Bob Swanson Detachment of the Marine Corps League is looking for a few good men. Marines and FMF Corpsmen- active duty, retired, and honorably discharged are eligible to join us. We meet on the second Wednesday at 1900 hours at the American Legion (61 E. Main St.) in Mt. Jewett, Pa. For an application or information, contact Commandant John H. Moffett at 814-7785218 or Jr. Vice Commandant Jim Johnson at 814-772-3895. Semper Fi! f SMETHPORT AREA RESIDENTS: Need food? Need clothing? We want to help! Christian Community Services (under Hamlin Bank on Fulton St.). Open Monday through Wednesday 10-11 a.m. No hours Thursday or Friday. tf

Bill Lake Real Estate

Smethport, PA 814-887-5547 Port Allegany, PA 814-642-5000
New Price! New Price!


FREE CHRISTIAN EVANGELICAL CHURCH Pine Street, Smethport, PA Pastor: Bill Simms 814-887-5669 Sun. Morn. Worship. . . . . . . .11am Tues. Evening Bible Study...................6:30pm REGULAR BAPTIST CHURCH Valley Rd., Smethport, Church: 814-887-5632 Pastor Jack Gregg 814-887-2826 Sunday School (all ages).....................9:30am Sunday Morning Worship....................10:45am Sunday Evening Worship......................6:00pm Wednesday Evening Bible Study & Prayer........................6:30pm Monday Evening Teen Program............6:30pm

MYRA BUCKLES, Realtor 267 E. 4th Street Emporium, PA 15834 814.486.0313 Fax: 814.486.0345 Home: 814.778.5255 ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS If you want to drink thats your business. If you want stop we can help. Call AA answering service in your area 814-885-6302 or 716-372-4800 to talk to someone who cares to find a meeting in your area.

Port Allegany Borough

1.04 acres in the borough with great view, split level with 3 bedrooms, attached 2 car garage, full basement with additional finished living area. CA...

Port Allegany Borough

Two story well maintained home with two bedrooms and detached garage.

Port Allegany Borough

Great family home - 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a storage building.


#7802 $49,000

#7547 $69,900


to at or tf



See our daily specials on

Patronize your local restaurants...great food, personalized service and many daily specials.


437 W. Main St. 814-887-5734

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Brisket Burger
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MARCH & APRIL SMETHPORT, PA UPCOMING Where good friends meet for good times! EVENTS
Sat., March 9th - Two For Flinching Sat., March 16th - Witch Hazel Fri., March 22nd - DJ Rich Fri., March 29th - DJ Rich Fri., April 5th - DJ Rich Sat., April 13th - Clean Slate Fri., April 19th - Two For Flinching Sat., April 27th - Mojo Hand Blues Band

68 W. Mill St., Port Allegany Kitchen Open Mon.-Sat. 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. Sun. 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.

Soup & Salad Bar Now Open!

Available Hrs. 11 am until 2pm
Salad Bar Includes... Iceberg Romaine mix, spring mix, baby spinach, tofu, roasted garlic hummus, Greek yogurt, Kalimata olives, artichoke hearts, pineapple, mandarins, grilled chicken, ham, turkey, cucumbers, sugar snap peas, carrots, dried cranberries, chow mean noodles, red onions, broccoli, cauliflower, bread and butter pickles, blue cheese crumble, feta crumble, cheese cubes (cheddar, pepper jack, and swiss), green olives, fresh mushrooms, pita bread, water chestnuts, eggs, grape tomatoes, crab meat, chick peas, cottage cheese, potato salad, 3 bean salad, pudding (chocolate, vanilla, and tapioca), fresh avocados, baby corn, cinnamon granola, croutons, bacon bits. The items will vary and always have a wide variety!

MARCH 5, 2013

ABC Allegany, PA 814-642-7973 Restaurant Rte. 6, Port

s r r
TM Gift Certificates Available! Winter Hours : Mon.-Thurs. 7am-7pm; Fri. 7am-8pm; Sat. 8am-7pm; Sun. 8am-2pm Breakfast Available All Day. Except Friday After 11am.

Two For Flinching

Mojo Hand Blues

Clean Slate

Sat., Mar. 9th : Beef Tips Over Noodles

Sun., Mar. 10th: Pork Rolls

(available 7 days a week)

Lenten Specials Coming Soon!

Every Thursday
6pm to 9pm

Haddock Fish Fry

Every Wed., we will have a PUZZLE SWAP! Bring a puzzle to exchange and get 50 OFF of your lunch and $1.00 OFF your dinner!

Olean Rod & Gun Club, Inc.
Monday-Saturday 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

St. Pats Party

Saturday, March 16th

Corned Beef & Cabbage 4pm-8pm

Sportsmans Sportsmans Gun Show Gun Show

Sat., March 9th, starting at 9 a.m. & Sun., March 10th, starting at 9 a.m.
General Admission: $5.00; Under 13 FREE
Allegany & Cattaraugus County Pistol Clerk Available.

Find us on Facebook at cornerpizzaco.

Carter Event Center

Exit 24 off Ramp I86 Allegany, NY 14706 Food Available

Eldred, PA 814-225-2211

FOR SALE- Two story, eight room house with attached garage, Mt. Jewett Boro, $35,000. 814-778-5962. 2/5p THE NEW BRENDA LEES RESTAURANT of Port Allegany needs patrons to keep going. Come enjoy a clean, quiet atmosphere with great food. Enjoy a great fish fry on Fridays. Breakfasts are scrumptious. See you there! 814-6422525. p CHICKEN N BISCUIT DINNER - RIXFORD EVANGELICAL Church on March 16th, 4-7pm. Adults- $7. Children- $4. Missions fundraiser for Pastor Norman Cox. 2/5p BRADFORD AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE MARCH 2013 CALENDAR OF EVENTS Mar. 5-26- Veggie Gardening 101 2:15-3:15pm ea. Tuesday in March, Destinations-Bradford, 1 Main St., Bradford, Pa. Free 4-week informative class on basics of gardening. Will cover the benefits, planning, planting, and harvesting of your garden. Refreshments avail. Seating is limited, must RSVP. Call Destinations-Bradford at 814-331-4551 to register.

Make the Right Move JAGJIT S. TANDON, M.D.

Practice of Medical Oncology/Hematology
Bradford Oncology has been providing caring, compassionate, high quality service in a confidential way for 18 years.

You have a right to choose YOUR CARE.

Onsite chemotherapy Remicade Iron and osteoporosis treatments and all therapeutic infusions.
8 N. Center Street Kane Hospital, 2nd Floor 869 Million Dollar Hwy. 4372 US Rte. 6 Bradford, PA 16701 Suite #3 Kane, PA 16735 Ph: 814-368-6929 Saint Marys, PA 15857 814-368-6929 Fax: 814-368-6492 Ph: 814-781-1400 814-781-1400 Mon.-Fri. 9am-5pm Fax: 814-781-1413 Visit our website at: Email us at:

Mar. 6- Microsoft Access 2010 Basic 8am-12noon Rm. 200, Seneca Bldg., 2 Main St., Bradford, Pa. Register by calling the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford Division of Continuing Education and Regional Development at 814-362-5078 or email Mar. 6- Benefit Yourself and Your Employees 10am12noon (Pre-register early to get a seat!) Clarion University Small Business Development Center (Barnes Center), 330 North Point Dr., Suite 100, Clarion, Pa. To register contact the SBDC at 814-393-2060 or 877-292-1843 or e-mail Mar. 6- Excel 1 1-5pm Rm. 200, Seneca Bldg., 2 Main St., Bradford, Pa. Register by calling the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford Division of Continuing Education and Regional Development at 814-362-5078 or e-mail Mar. 6- Walleye Fishing 101: With Doug Yohe and Charlie Brant 6-7pm Rice Auditorium (Rm. 107), Fisher Hall, University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, 300 Campus Dr., Bradford, Pa. Get the inside scoop on walleye fishing from Zippo/Case sponsored champion walleye fisherman Doug Yohe and his partner Charlie Brant. For info. or to register, contact the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford Division of Continuing Education and Regional Development at 814-3625078 or Mar. 7- Marking Period Ends - Early Dismissal Bradford Area School District Mar. 7- Fundraising & the Nonprofit Board: Helping Your Board Reach its Full Potential 5-7pm Rm. 200, Seneca Bldg., Downtown Bradford, Pa. This session, for board members & staff, will cover their roles in fundraising, how to engage board members in the development cycle, tips for fundraising without making the ask, the importance of stewardship & more. To register, contact the Division of Continuing Education and Regional Development 814-362-5078 or

Mar. 9- Easter Eggstravaganza 11am-2pm Dickinson Center, 9 Main St., Bradford, Pa. Weather permitting there will be an egg hunt at the square and if not there will be eggs and games indoors!!! Hosted by Dickinson Centers STARS Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program. Mar. 10- YMCA Polar Bear Series Run/Walk Half Marathon Run and 6-mile Walk Olean YMCA, Olean, NY. For info. contact the Bradford YMCA at 814-368-6101. Mar. 12- Never Give Up Your Dreams Ladies Breakfast 9:15am Masonic Center, 625 South Ave., Bradford, Pa. Speaker: Joan Wurst. Feature: Cindy and Dale Smith. Music: Joan Wurst. Free child care by reservation. Sponsored by Bradford Area Christian Womens Connection. For reservations, contact Loisanne at 814-368-3669 or Bonnie at 814-368-6509. f CORYVILLE CHURCH OF FAITH 1913 Moody Hollow Eldred, PA814-225-4943 Rev. Kent Hill Sunday School............9:30am Morning Worship......10:45am Sunday Evening.........6:30pm WED: Prayer Mtg.........6:30pm FAITH CHURCH OF CHARITY (Independent Assembly of God) Grimes District Road Port Allegany, PA Pastor: Rev. June E. Smith Sunday School............10:00am Morning Worship........11:00am Night Service................4:00pm Wednesday....................4:30pm


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Lil Timmys Bargains

New & Used Variety Store
191 Main St., Eldred, PA
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Expires 3/18/13 Pedicure-$18.00 Sauna Session-$2.00 Spa Manicure-$8.00 A Week of Tanning-$8.00 Tanning Session-$3.00 Eyebrow Waxing-$4.00

814-887-9319 Lindas Mane Gift Certificates Available. Many gift Attraction packages available!
310 Union St., Smethport, PA (One block from Main St.)
Hair Manicure & Pedicure Tanning Facials Call Stylists Linda and Lisa Tronetti today for an appointment.

Hours: Sun. 11-8; Closed Mon. & Tues.; Wed. - Sat. 9-9


MARCH 5, 2013

MONEYSAVER Shopping Guide & Shopping News P.O. Box I Bolivar, NY 14715
Proofs, cuts, negatives, art work or other copy submitted for publication is considered to be the property of the advertiser. Advertising is accepted with the understanding that all liability for copyright violations is the sole responsibility of the advertiser. The Moneysaver will make every effort to see that advertising is correctly printed. The publisher assumes no financial responsibility for typographical errors in advertisements, but will gladly reprint, without charge, that part of an advertisement in which an error may occur, provided a claim is made within 5 days of publication. The Moneysaver assumes absolutely NO responsibility whatsoever for any error in ads taken over the phone! Please write your ads so they can be read without questions.
MILITARY OFFICERS ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA NEEDS NEW MEMBERS Must be a Military Officer past or present of any branch of service. For details / application to be a member call CWO Daniel Causer (Retired) at 814-2253681 or at or the WWII Museum, Main St., Eldred, PA 16731. fb



Vermont Casting Stoves

Wood Gas Coal

348 Card Creek Road Roulette, PA

COUDERSPORT ALLIANCE CHURCH 7 Alliance Avenue Coudersport, Pa., 16915 814-274-8661 (phone) 814-274-8668 (fax) Senior Pastor: Rev. Bernie Knefley Sunday School..............8:45am Sunday Worship...............10:00am Sunday Evening Youth Group.....................6:30pm Wednesdays: Childrens Program, Prayer Mtg. & Youth Group.....7:00pm *** HAINES TRUCK CAPS: Fiberglass & aluminum. Tonneau covers & bedliners. Route 417 and 219, Kill Buck, NY, 716-945-5359. Monday-Friday 9-5, Saturday 9-1 or by appointment. tfcb BAR AND CHAIN OIL SPECIAL- $33.00 CASE / $8.25 GALLON for low temperature and regular. Canfields Outdoor Power Equipment, Inc. 814-697-6233. tfcb READ THE MONEYSAVER ONLINE each week at 4/5fb TWIN TIER CHRISTIAN RIDERS MEETING Local Chapter of Christian Motorcyclists Association- 2nd Saturday of the month, 9am at Foxs Pizza, Eldred, Pa. Weather permitting, ride to follow. All visitors welcome! tffb
guarantee loans regardless of credit and note that if a credit repair company does business only over the phone its illegal to request any money before delivering its service. All funds are based in US dollars. 800 numbers may or may not reach Canada.



Che our B ck out arg R o o m ain w v e n d ith 60 6,000ors and sq. ft .

We have something for everyone at

The Olde Schoolhouse Village Shoppes

109 Indian Creek Rd., Eldred, PA. Visit our Facebook or web site Open: Wed.-Sat. 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Reader Advisory: the National Trade Association we belong to has purchased the above classifieds. Determining the value of their service or product is advised by this publication. In order to avoid misunderstandings, some advertisers do not offer employment but rather supply the readers with manuals, directories and other materials designed to help their clients establish mail order selling and other businesses at home. Under NO circumstance should you send any money in advance or give the client your checking, license ID, or credit card numbers. Also beware of ads that claim to

PREGNANT? Considering adoption? You choose from families nationwide. Living expenses paid. Abbys One True Gift Adoptions. 866-413-6292, 24/7 Void/Illinois/New Mexico. TOP CASH FOR CARS, any car/truck, running or not. Call for instant offer: 1-800-454-6951. DIRECT TO HOME SATELLITE TV $19.99/mo. Free installation free HD/ DVR upgrade credit/debit card req. Call 1-800-795-3579. NEED 18-24 energetic people to travel with young successful business group. Paid travel. No experience necessary. $500-$750 weekly. 480-7189540. CASH FOR CARS, any make or model! Free towing. Sell it today. Instant offer: 1-800-864-5784. OWNER OPERATORS: $4500.00 per week, drop and hook, off weekends, money/miles Midwest/Texas 877-290-9492 . MEET SINGLES RIGHT NOW! No paid operators, just real people like you. Browse greetings, exchange messages and connect live. Try it free. Call now 1-888-909-9905. SAVE ON CABLE TV-internet-digital phone-satellite. You`ve got a choice! Options from all major service providers. Call us to learn more! Call today. 1-800-682-0802. ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE from Home. *Medical, *Business, *Criminal Justice, *Hospitality. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. SCHEV Authorized 800-494-3586 HIGHSPEED INTERNET EVERYWHERE by satellite! Speeds up to 12mbps! (200x faster than dial-up.) Starting at $49.95/mo. Call now & go fast! 1-800-357-0727. DISH NETWORK. Starting at $19.99/month (for 12 mos.) & High speed internet starting at $14.95/month (where available.) Save! Ask about same day installation! Call now! 1-866-633-7112. AIRLINE CAREERS begin here - Become an aviation maintenance tech. FAA approved training. Financial aid if qualified - Housing available. Job placement assistance. Call AIM (866)453-6204. AMERICAS BEST BUY! 20 acres-only $99/mo! $0-down, no credit

checks, money back guarantee, owner financing. West Texas, beautiful mountain views! Free color brochure, 1-800-755-8953 CASH PAID- up to $28/box for unexpired, sealed diabetic test strips. 1-day payment. 1-800-371-1136. WANTS TO PURCHASE minerals and other oil and gas interests. Send details to P.O. Box 13557 Denver, Co. 80201.

Moneysaver Advertising 218 N. Main St., PO Box I Bolivar, NY 14715 Phone: 585-928-2470 Fax: 585-928-2191 E-mail: Web Site:
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Office Hours: Mon. 7:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Tues.-Thurs. 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Fri. 8:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Deadline for Advertising: Thursday at 5:00 p.m. (for following Tuesday publication)

MARCH Bargains of the month


ADOPTION SECTION LOVING COUPLE looking to adopt a baby. We look forward to making our family grow. Information confidential, medical expenses paid. Call Gloria and Joseph 1-888-229-9383. ANTIQUE SHOWS SECTION ANTIQUE SHOW AND COLLECTIBLES, Sunday, March 17, 2013, 9:30am - 3:00pm. Clute Park Community Center, Rt. 414, Watkins Glen, NY. Supporting Watkins-Montour Rotary Clubs community service projects. Refreshments available. AUTO WANTED SECTION CASH FOR CARS and trucks. Get a top dollar instant offer! Running or not!1-888-416-2208. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES SECTION WANT TO MAKE BIG MONEY? Millionaire shares all his top-secret money making and success secrets! For a free CD and more information, please call 1-718-889-1479. BUSINESS SERVICES SECTION REACH AS MANY AS 5 MILLION potential buyers in central and western New York with your classified ad for just $350 for a 15-word ad. Call 585928-2470 for details or visit EMPLOYMENT SECTION DO YOU HAVE employment opportunities to promote? Reach as many as 5 million potential candidates in central and western New York with a 15word classified ad for just $350! Place your ad online at or call 585-928-2470. FINANCIAL SECTION $$$ ACCESS LAWSUIT CASH NOW!!! Injury lawsuit dragging? $500$500,000++ within 48/hrs? 1-800-568-8321 REVERSE MORTGAGES -No mortgage payments forever! Seniors 62+! Government insured. No credit/income requirements. Free 28 pg. catalog.1-888-660-3033 All Island Mortgage. GENERAL SECTION DO YOU HAVE products or services to promote? Reach as many as 4.9 million households and 12 million potential buyers quickly and inexpensively! Only $490 for a 15-word ad. Place your ad online at or call 585-928-2470. HEALTH SECTION TAKE VIAGRA/CIALIS? 40 100mg/20mg pills + 4 free. Only $99! Save $500.00. Call 1-888-796-8878. HELP WANTED SECTION HELP WANTED! Make $1000 a week mailing brochures from home! Genuine opportunity. No experience required. Start Immediately! HOME IMPROVEMENT SECTION REPLACEMENT WINDOWS, $179 Installed. Double hung, tilt-in. New $500 tax credit avail. Lifetime warranty. 1-866-272-7533. INSURANCE SECTION PERMANENT LIFE INSURANCE. Qualify to age 86. Fast. Easy. Few questions. No exam! 1-800-938-3439, x24; 1-516-938-3439, x24.

2-Pc. Professional Tape Measure Set
R 162 080 B4

5-Gal., 2.0 Peak HP, Wet/Dry Vac R 739 337 1




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Visit our website 142 Davis St., Bradford, PA at: Hrs: Mon.-Fri. 7am-5pm; Sat. 8am-4pm Toll Free (800) 556-6146 (814) 368-6146 E-mail:
LAND FOR SALE SECTION OUR BEST LAND DEALS EVER! Financing starting @ $200/mo. 5 ac. wooded cabin: $29,900, 3 ac. So Tier hunting: $15,900, 3 ac. home site: $12,900. Call now 1-800-229-7843 or visit We finance land! LEGAL SERVICES SECTION DIVORCE $450* No fault or regular divorce. Covers children, property, etc. Only one signature required! *Excludes govt. fees. 1-800-522-6000 Ext. 100. Baylor &Associates, Inc. Est. 1977. LOTS, LAND, ACREAGE SECTION LENDER ORDERED LAND SALE! 8 acres - $19,900. Mix of woods & fields, nice views! Less than 3.5 hrs NY City! Call 1-888-701-1864. LENDER MUST LIQUIDATE! 30 acres - $49,900. Woods full of deer, awesome mountain views, yr round road, utils. EZ terms! Call 1-888-7758114. MISCELLANEOUS SECTION AIRLINES ARE HIRING - Train for hands-on aviation career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified - Job placement assistance. Call Aviation Institute of Maintenance 1-877-202-0386. CANADA DRUG CENTER is your choice for safe and affordable medications. Our licensed Canadian mail order pharmacy will provide you with savings of up to 90 percent on all your medication needs. Call today 1800-413-1940 for $10.00 off your first prescription and free shipping. MEDICAL CAREERS BEGIN HERE -Train online for Allied Health and Medical Management. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. SCHEV authorized. Call 1-800-495-8402. HIGH SPEED INTERNET EVERYWHERE by satellite! Speeds up to 12mbps! (200x faster than dial-up.) Starting at $49.95/mo. Call now & go fast! 1-888-927-0861. EdenPURE(R) PORTABLE INFRARED HEATERS. Join the 3 million beating the cold and winter heating bills. Save $229 on our EdenPURE(R) Model 750. Call now while supplies last! 1-888-816-6436.

Since 1883

MARCH 5, 2013

FOR SALE- 3 bedroom trailer with .5 acre, electric, sewer, water well, located on Harland Ames Road in Richburg, $25,000. Call 585-610-6642 for details. Additional acreage available. tffb BUYING JUNK CARS AND SCRAP-Highest prices paid in the area. Pick up or delivered. Walt Miles, 814-642-7358; 814-5981844 (cell). tfcb FOUND: KEY FOB FOR KIA VEHICLE. Call 716-790-0633. Also has house key. tffb FOR SALE - FIREWOOD Pick up Smethport, PA area, $55 face cord. Delivery available. Call Fred, 814-887-5781. 4/19cb FOR SALE - 137 ACRE POTTER COUNTY FARM on Route 44, 60 tillable balance wooded. Remodeled farmhouse, 2 baths, 3 bedrooms. $2,331.64 Clean and Green Taxes. 3700 linear feet of Route 44 road frontage. 2 story bank barn 42x98, 37 stantions, small barn and chicken house. Coudersport School District. 20% OMG conveyed. $599,000. Call 814-260-0111. 5/5cb CHECK OUT WWW.MONEYSAVERADVERTISING.COM Your Moneysaver, Your Community Connection online. 4/5fb CLEANING OUT YOUR ATTIC? Your junk may be someone elses treasure! Sell it with a reader ad in the Moneysaver Shopping Guide and Shopping News. RICHBURG COLONIAL LIBRARY HOURS Mon. 9am-5pm; Tues. Eve. 3-7pm; Thurs. 9am-5pm. tf

ppy Ha ster! Ea

Easter Coloring Contest

Enter our Easter Coloring Contest today and you may win a prize!

Hey Kids !

GOOD SHEPHERD (Anglican) 29 South Street, (corner of Stone) Cuba, NY 14727 The Rev. Dr. Kenneth W. Gunn-Walberg Sundays........................3:30pm Evening Prayer and Holy Communion using the 1928 Book of Common Prayer. Followed by coffee hour. For info., call 716-968-2393. Visitors most welcome. SHINGLEHOUSE CHRISTIAN & MISSIONARY ALLIANCE CHURCH Pastor James Haddon Sunday School..............9:45am Morning Worship........11:00am Tues. Alliance Youth ....7:00pm Wed. Prayer Meeting.. .7:00pm FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 19 N. Main St., Portville, NY Rev. Marilyn Hale Sunday School............10:00am Morning Worship........11:00am HOUSE OF PRAYER South Bolivar Road Pastor: Roy Elliot Sunday Service.............1:30pm Prayer Meeting Wed.. . . . . . . .7pm Everyone Welcome SEVENTH DAY BAPTIST CHURCH Alfred Station, NY A Baptist Church with a Difference Pastor: Kenneth Chroniger 607-587-9176 Sabbath (Friday) Season of Prayer. . . . . . .7:00pm Saturday: Chime Choir..............9:00am Fellowship Time........9:30am Sabbath School..........9:45am (Class for all ages) (Helping Hand Bible Study Guide avail.) Sabbath Worship........11:00am (Nursery for Preschool; Learners Worship for ages 5-12 available) Sanctuary Choir 2nd Sabbath............12:20pm Dish to Pass Fellowship Meal. . . . . .12:30pm Youth Fellowship 1st & 3rd Saturdays. .7:00pm Junior Youth Fellowship 2nd Saturday.............3:00pm Tuesday Bible Study Fellowship...............10:00am


All entries must be at the Moneysaver by 5:00 p.m. on Thurs., March 28, 2013. Winners will be announced in our April 2nd issue. Children may enter more than once, but can only win one prize. (Child must be from Moneysaver circulation area).


Ages 0-4 Years 1st Place: Fluffy Easter Bunny from Moneysaver Advertising, Inc. 2nd Place: $10 3rd Place: $5 Ages 5-7 Years 1st Place: $20 2nd Place: $10 3rd Place: $5 Ages 8-10 Years 1st Place: $20 2nd Place: $10 3rd Place: $5 Pictures may be dropped off at: Hubber Caf, Smethport; Buchanan Brothers Pharmacy, Inc., Eldred; Port Allegany Pharmacy, Port Allegany; or Moneysaver Advertising, Bolivar. (Refer to the reader ad pickup schedule in this Moneysaver to ensure we receive the entries before the contest deadline.) or...Pictures may be mailed to: Moneysaver Advertising, P.O. Box I, Bolivar, NY 14715.

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Be a part of this special weekly feature filled with helpful tax and financial information. Let our readers know what special advice, offers and services you offer this tax season.

MARCH 5, 2013


ews N

# Published in either or both the Moneysaver Shopping Guide & Moneysaver Shopping News # Deadline: Thursday at 5pm for the following Tuesdays issue.

~ Contact Your Sales Representative ~ Phone: 585-928-2470 Fax: 585-928-2191 E-mail:
supplies! Genuine opportunity, PT/ FT. No experience! DO YOU RECEIVE regular monthly payments from an annuity or insurance settlement and need cash now? Call J.G. Wentworth today at 1-800-741-0159. VIAGRA 100mg and Cialis 20mg! 40 pills + 4 free for only $99. #1 male enhancement, discreet shipping. Save $500! Buy the blue pill! Now 1-888-796-8870. HELP WANTED! Make extra money in our free ever popular homemailer program, includes valuable guidebook! Start immediately! Genuine! 888-331-0888. $1,960.00 WEEKLY! Mailing postcards! Easy! Register online today! ZNZ referral agents wanted! $20$ 6 0 / H o u r ! w w w. F r e e J o b P o s i More legitimate opportunities available! ADT MONITORING PACKAGE, Free home security system $850 value! $99 install fee! Plus new customer bonus! Call now! 877450-0903 ADT Auth Co. **OLD GUITARS WANTED! ** Gibson, Martin, Fender, Gretsch, Epiphone, Guild, Mosrite, Rickenbacker. Prairie State, DAngelico, Stromberg, and Gibson Mandolins/Banjos.1920s thru 1980s. Top cash paid! 1-800-4010440. AIRLINE CAREERS begin here Become an aviation maintenance tech. FAA approved training. Financial aid if qualified Housing available. Job placement assistance. Call AIM (888) 686-1704.

KEVIN GUEST HOUSE Located in Buffalo, NY, The Kevin Guest House was established as a memorial to Kevin Garvey, son of Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Garvey of Sharon, Pa. Kevin lost his battle to cancer at the age of 13. The Kevin Guest House provides a temporary, safe refuge for patients and their families at a nominal fee, and extends its hospitality to families of patients who are receiving treatment at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo General Hospital, and other area hospitals. For over 35 years the Kevin Guest House has been welcoming guests, and provides an atmosphere of caring which helps families focus on their loved ones without the stress of finding temporary, affordable accomodations near local health care facilities and services. Kevin Guest House, 782 Ellicott St., Buffalo, NY 14203. Phone: 716-882-1818; Fax: 716-882-1291 or e-mail General tffb MONEYSAVER SUBSCRIPTIONS Know someone who lives outside our circulation area and would like to receive the Moneysaver? Just send name, address and $25 annual subscription fee to: Moneysaver Advertising, 218 North Main Street, Bolivar, NY 14715. Please specify Moneysaver Shopping Guide or Moneysaver Shopping News. tfb GRACE BIBLE INDEPENDENT BAPTIST CHURCH 392 Coon Crossing Road Shinglehouse814-697-7257 Pastor: Roger N. Hain Asst. Pastor: Thomas Isaacson Sunday School..............9:30am Classes for all ages. Morning worship........10:45am includes nursery, childrens church and junior church. Evening Service............7:00pm Mon. (Sept.-Apr.)...JAM Clubs, for children in grades 1-6. Wed. (Sept.-Apr.). Grace Teens, for students in grades 7-12. Wed. Prayer Meeting .. 7:15pm Nursery available for Sunday School, Sunday worship services and Wed. AUDITED... MAILED... EFFECTIVE... Moneysaver ads work for you!

HOUSE FOR SALE IN ELDRED, PA- 2 lots, 2 story, 3 bedrooms, one bath, laundry room, new carpet. No land contracts. $55,000 o.b.o. Call 814-225-4247. 4/26pb SPORTSMANS SHOW - GREEN GABLE VILLAGE, RTE. 219 between Salamanca and Great Valley, NY. Saturday, March 16th, 9am-4pm; Sunday, March 17th, 9am-3pm. Both Allegany and Cattaraugus County Pistol Permit Clerks available both days. Please support Little Valley Sons of the American Legion Squadron 531. For more information, call 716-938-6928. 2/5cb DALES BARBER-STYLING SHOP: 157 Main Street, Eldred, PA, 814-225-3436. Walk-ins daily. Closed Wednesday and Sunday. e.o.w.tfcb VISIT WWW.MONEYSAVERADVERTISING.COM for your link to weekly display ads, reader ads, community news, obituaries, community photos and more! 4/5fb

Alterna Flooring Tile Collection

Premium groutable luxury vinyl/tile that captures nature's beauty.

Lifetime residential warranty & Alterna offers nature-inspired 5-year light commercial warranty. colors and realistic textures Install tiles with or without grout Scratch, stain & wear resistance Contractors Welcome Unbeatable Prices
Same Name Same Location Same Owners 611 W.State St., Olean, NY 14760 Locally Owned & Operated Phone: 716-373-5391 Hrs: Mon.-Thurs. 9am-5:30pm; Fri. 9am-8pm; Sat. 10am-3pm The bottom line is Always less at Carpet Express!

NATIONAL ADVERTISING NETWORK, INC. (NANI) PREGNANT? Considering adoption? Talk with caring adoption expert. Choose from families nationwide. Living expenses paid. Call 24/ 7 Abbys One True Gift Adoptions 866-413-6296. Florida Agency #100021542 Void in Illinois/New Mexico. A-1 DONATE YOUR CAR! Breast Cancer Research Foundation! Most highly rated breast cancer charity in America! Ta x deductible/fast free pick up. 1- 800-399-6506. DONATE A CAR- Help children fighting diabetes. Fast, free towing. Call 7 days/week. Non-runners OK. Tax Deductible. Call Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation 1800-578-0408. CARS/TRUCKS WANTED! Top $$$$$ paid! Running or not, all years, makes, models. free towing! Were local! 7 days/week. Call toll free: 1-888-416-2330. BUNDLE & SAVE on your cable, internet phone, and more. High speed internet starting at less than $20/mo. Call now! 800-291-4159. *LOWER THAT CABLE BILL! Get satellite TV today! Free system, installation and HD/DVR upgrade. Programming starting at $19.99. Call now 1-800-935-8195. NOW HIRING: Companies desperately need employees to assemble products at home. No selling. $500 weekly potential. Info. 1-985-6461700 Dept. AM-457. HELP WANTED!!! Up to $1000 weekly paid in advance!!! Mailing brochures or typing ads. Free

As you know, we run many reader ads for government auctions, job positions, earn money at home, cash loans, credit cards, etc. Most of these ads come through state and national ad networks. Most of them are selling directories or listings of where to APPLY FOR what is advertised. This information may be available at less cost elsewhere. While these ads are screened where possible, we have no way of verifying the authenticity of their claims or the value of their product. The buying decision must be yours. If you have problems with any of these advertisers, please let us know and we will attempt to get you a refund. Most of the companies we have checked will refund their fees to unsatisfied customers. Read the ads carefully. Some charge a fee, as noted in the ad, directly to your phone bill when you call them. Once again, we cant verify claims for every ad. Please consider their offer and make a voluntary and reasonable buying decision. Moneysaver Advertising

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OLEAN, NY- Catherine C. Katie Mikolajczyk, of 1624 Avenue B, passed away Thursday (Feb. 21, 2013) at home surrounded by her family. LITTLE GENESEE, NY- John S. Faulkner, 78, of 8150 Willow Brook Road, passed away Sunday (Feb. 24, 2013) in the Jones Memorial Hospital, Wellsville, following a brief illness. ANGELICA, NY- Grace M. Spangler, 83, of Angelica, passed away peacefully at her home Monday (Feb. 25, 2013). ELDRED, PA- Mary M. DeBock, 92, of Main Street, passed away Monday (Feb. 25, 2013) at Bradford Regional Medical Center following a brief illness. PORT ALLEGANY, PA- James B. Spiegel, 84, of Pine Grove Rd., passed away Wednesday (Feb. 27, 2013) in Lakeview Senior Care & Living Center, Smethport.


Carlsons Country Store

Turtlepoint, PA 814-642-2350
Hrs.: Mon.-Fri. 8am-5:30pm; Sat. till 4pm We Now Accept
s r r


And ATM Cards

Meats Frozen/Dairy
Stouffers USDA Choice Boneless Top Round Roast or Thick Cut London $3.88 USDA Choice Boneless Beef Eye of Round $3.48 Bone-in Country Style $1.98 Family Pack of 4-5 Bone-in Split Chicken $1.18 Mountainaire Brand Roasting 99 Value Pack of 5-6 Chicken Leg 88 Country Inn Whole or Half Boneless $2.38 Swift Premium 2 Lb. Avg. Boneless Petite Pork Shoulder $1.99 Corned Beef Briskets........3-4 lb., lb. $3.28 Fully Cooked 31/40 Ct. Tail-on bag $6.98 Corned Beef Rounds. . .3-4 lb. avg., lb. $3.48 Boneless Delmonico $8.98 Shurfine Sliced 2/$6.00 Country Inn Boneless Ham Slices..............12 oz. $3.29 Hatfield Ham Steaks..............8 oz. 2/$5.00 Bar-S Hot 5/$5.00 Margherita Pillow Pack Pepperoni.............8 oz. Buy-1-Get-1-FREE Bar-S Polish Sausage.............12 oz. $2.29 Ground Chuck...................10 lb. bag $28.90 Ground Round..................10 lb. bag $33.90 18-20 Lb. Avg. USDA Choice Extra Trim. For Top Round Roast/steaks, Stew Beef, Ground Round Boneless Top $2.99 6-7 Lb. Avg. USDA Choice. For Steaks/roasts. Boneless Beef Eye Of Round. . . .lb. $2.88 12-15 Lb. Avg. USDA Select Boneless NY Strip $5.78 20 Lb. Avg. Yields: Bone-in NY Strip Steaks Bone-in Strip $4.98 15-18 Lb. Avg. Whole or 8 Lb. Avg. Half Boneless USDA Select Rib $6.58 Chef Italia Fully Cooked Italian Style Meatballs.......5 lb. bag $14.95 House of Raeford Fully cooked Chicken Nuggets...............5 lb. bag $12.95

Fresh Sliced Luncheon Meats

Virginia Style Baked $2.98
Makes 6 Weck Sandwiches Roast Beef.......................................... lb. $5.79 Russer Dutch or P&P $3.58 Russer Cooked $3.28 Farmland Chopped $2.58 Colby, Pepperjack or Provolone $3.58 Lacey Swiss $4.18

French Bread Pizza........11 1/4 oz. 5/$10.00 Perrys Ice Cream....................48 oz. 2/$7.00
Stouffers Several Varieties

Lean Cuisine Entrees....................5/$10.00

Shurfine Tasty Taters or Hash Browns.................................32 oz. $1.99 Steak-ums Sandwich Steaks......................22 oz. Buy-1-Get-1-FREE Shurfine Breaded Chicken Breast Tenders...........10 oz. $2.19 Schooner Brand Lightly Breaded Fish Portions...................................16 oz $3.29 Shurfine Waffles...................12.3 oz. 2/$4.00 Old Fashioned Sharp Cheddar Cheese Spread......8 oz. cup $2.99 Its Not Butter.......2 pk., 7.5 oz. tubs. 2/$5.00 Shurfine Chunks Cheese...........8 oz. $1.78 Yanceys Buffalo Wing, Extra Sharp Cheddar or Jalapeo/Cayenne Cheese....6 oz. 2/$5.00 Shurfine Shredded Mozzarella, Cheddar or Taco Cheese................................8 oz. 3/$5.00 Minute Maid Orange Juice.................................59 oz. $2.79 Shurfine Cottage Cheese.........24 oz. $2.99 Shurfine Cream Cheese.........8 oz. 2/$3.00

MARCH 5, 2013

Hampton Peanut Butter.........12 oz. jar $1.19 Gatorade...................12 varieties, 32 oz. 5/$5.00 Era....................................................100 oz. $5.99 Aim or Pepsodent Toothpaste. . . . . .6 oz. 79
Shurfine Round Top or Square Bread............................20-22 oz. $1.19 Stroehmann Dutch Country Bread..................20-24 oz. Buy-1-Get-1-FREE Stroehmann Split Top Wheat Bread................22 oz. $2.59 Keebler 4 Varieties Chips Deluxe Cookies. .13.3-14.8 oz. 2/$5.00 Shurfine Fudge Covered Grahams, Mint, Shortbread or Mallow Cookies...................9.4-13 oz. 2/$4.00 Keebler Club Crackers............16 oz. 2/$5.00 Kelloggs Fruit Snacks. . .7 var., 8 oz. 2/$4.00 Keebler Zesta $1.99 UTZ 8 Varieties Potato Chips.........10 oz. Buy-1-Get-1-FREE Tostitos Tortilla Chips..........9-13 oz. 2/$7.00 Tostitos Salsa..............................15.5 oz. $2.99 Shurfine Salsa............................15 oz. 2/$4.00 Golden Gourmet Cheese Balls.................................10 oz. 2/$3.00 Planters Cocktail or Dry Roasted Peanuts....................16 oz. $2.99 Hershey Special Dark or Symphony Chocolate Bars....lg. sz. 2/$3.00 Campbells Cheddar, Broccoli, Beef, Bean & Bacon, Old Fashioned Vegetable and Chicken/Stars Soups..........10 1/2 oz. 5/$5.00 Rice Krispies Cereal................12 oz. 2/$5.00 12 oz. Quaker Regular or Cinnamon Life or Honey Nut Cheerios...............12.5 oz. 2/$5.00 Heinz Gravy.................4 var., 12 oz. jar 5/$5.00 Scotties Facial Tissues..........120 ct. 4/$5.00

Shurfine Deluxe

Cheddar & Shells Dinner. . . . . .12 oz. 2/$3.00

Kraft or

Hellmans Mayonnaise...............30 oz. $3.48

Adirondak Clear & Natural

Fruit Flavored Water.......1 lt. bottles 4/$3.00

Shurfine Light or Dark Kidney or Garbanzo Beans......................16 oz. 3/$2.00 Hi-C Juice Drinks...........10 box pack 3/$7.00 Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Dinner 7 1/2 oz. 5/$5.00 Shurfine Solid White Tuna in water......................5 oz. 2/$3.00 Shurfine Tomato Paste..........12 oz. 5/$5.00 Shurfine Tomato Sauce or Crushed or Diced Tomatoes........................15 oz. 3/$2.00 Black Oil Sunflower Seeds.................50 lb. bag $25.90 Quality Bird Seeds.....................50 lb. $20.95 Pet Master Cat Food.................40 lb. $24.50 Dads Chunx Dog Food. . . . . .38 lb. bonus bag $18.50
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Dads Gourmet Blend or Special Mix Cat Food......................16.2 oz., bags 3/$4.00 Purina Beggin Strips. . . . . .2 var., 6 oz. $2.99
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HAMLIN MEMORIAL LIBRARY Monday & Tuesday, 12-5pm, 7pm-9pm; Wednesday 10am5pm; Thurs. 7pm-9pm; Friday 12-5pm; Saturday, 9am-1pm tf MT. JEWETT MEMORIAL LIBRARY Monday - Thursday 10am-12, 2 p.m.-5 p.m.; 7 p.m.-9 p.m.; Friday 10 a.m.-noon, 2 p.m.-5 p.m.; Saturday 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. tf

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MARCH 5, 2013