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February 2013

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NaFFAA National
Leader on the Spot
Marilyn recalls, “It was in the late 1990's when I first attended NaFFAA R4 Biennial Conference. The increasing growth of Filipinos in the south inspired me to join NaFFAA. After 37 years of teaching in the Philippines, California, and Georgia, I thought my lasting contribution to America is to give back to the community the gift of educational literacy for the young people of this generation.” Marilyn believes that NaFFAA’s main objective is Empowerment. She says that “by carrying out NaFFAA's mission with the support of my Georgia community, I am able to reach out to the new and growing Fil-Am community's needs and concerns.” She added, “As a mother to two U.S. Military active soldiers, my personal life revolves with that of NaFFAA's issues on our Filipino veterans’ fate. My role in NaFFAA as chair is an indispensable task not only for me, but for the rest of NaFFAA leadership. It is in my desire to build, shape, and continue to educate the world about us in respect to all Filipinos worldwide.” Marilyn has been instrumental in promoting NaFFAA’s advocacies and pushing for increased visibility of Filipino Americans in Georgia. In 2007, she spearheaded in organizing a rally, and participated in raising funds in support of Dr. Noel Chua's Felony Murder Case. In the same year, she was actively involved in gathering support for Dr. Emy Breyer's discrimination case against Georgia’s University. Under her term as Regional Chair, NaFFAA Region 4 awarded recognition to four Filipino Young Political Leaders sponsored by U.S. Dept. of Justice. Her leadership in Region 4 initiated various events in Atlanta, such as Filipino-American History Month in October, and the launching of NaFFAA Voter's Education. This year, Marilyn embarks on bigger projects. She invites the NaFFAA community to participate in Region 4’s co-hosting of the first “Filipino-American History in the South: Symposium & Exhibition” in May 2013. This event is in partnership with the Atlanta Philippine Consular Office, Asian Pacific American Heritage Society, and the National Archives, Southeast. my everyday life. My dream for NaFFAA is to continue to listen, learn, and create a leadership where the values of highly responsible and respectable individuals starts and end with our people's realization of American dreams through us. As builders of America’s future, we are too many to be ignored.”

Marilyn is the Regional Chair of Region 4
that covers the Southern States of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico & the US Virgin Islands.

Marilyn Doromal

Marilyn believes that “NaFFAA’s strong presence through its 12 regions provides a strong voice; fosters unity and empowerment. NaFFAA forges the national agenda of enhancing and providing real solutions to modern day Filipino-Americans - their needs and services. NaFFAA's strength is efficient leadership in service to our people here in America. I am equally proud to empower my region because NaFFAA inspires me. NaFFAA's strength is in the heart and minds of 3 million Filipinos and Filipino-Americans thriving for a legacy that will free a generation of learned, literate, and contributing citizens of this country.”

Her message to NaFFAA Membership and Fil-Am Community is, “the challenge amongst us is the elusive soul of our people. NaFFAA is here to journey with you. Your struggle becomes us. Strengthened by 3 million vim voices of the land, NaFFAA listens for you, speaks with you, and proWhen asked about her hopes and dreams for NaFFAA, she said, vides justice for you. For NaFFAA to prosper, we adhere to offer our action “My dream is to create an ambience of reassuring people I engaged with in next to yours.


Memoirs, 2013
Samar Medical Mission

So many to thank for touching other people’s lives!

The plans were laid down Jan. 2012- and from there, through heartrending months, the mission finally had its start, overcoming the now suspended new rules of the PRC. Our balikbayan boxes were sent in October and receipt of those were confirmed. Most of us met each other at the AirPhil Terminal on Jan. 26 at 2:30 am. to fly to Catarman, Samar. We had to fork out $400.00 for overweight luggage - for supplies and medications that we had to carry with us. The tiny airport was under construction and amidst the half built building with bare adobe walls and wooden poles and cables; we were met by the local officials headed by the governor. We arrived at 6:30 in the morning in a dark, damp dawn, seemingly confused and worried about all our luggage- it really was a small airport. We were driven to the Governor’s mansion for breakfast, and then checked in at the Wayang-Wayang Resort and Kinabran Resort for couples who wanted more privacy. That alone was a big headache because of the misinformation with regards to the rooms availability and general condition of the cottages. After checking in, we proceeded to the Allen District Hospital where we began the laborious job of opening the boxes and sorting them out - that continued on the following day, Sunday. The weather was sweltering hot in between episodic bursts of rain. Sunday - mass for members who were Catholics was officiated by Fr. Aldrin Suan - the brother of our Samar/Michigan liason. While some members continued sorting supplies, the surgeons and anesthesiologists did the final prescreening of the patients. Unfortunately, the local medical prescreening consisted only of intended procedures that made the screening more difficult and slower. The other members stayed until late to sort and re-package the medicines. Surgical prescreening was to continue throughout the week, the general surgeons taking turns in doing them in between cases. Monday - very early breakfast at the Resort, reassigning of rooms because the other resort was extremely unsuitable. The doctors started seeing patients at 9 am. ending at 6 p.m. at the gym Surgery - minor cases were started as well as more prescreening. Major cases did not start until 11 am because there was no water available in the Operating Room (plumbing problems) - 4 cleft lips and palate were repaired, 6 thyroidectomies and 3 hysterectomies, 4 inguinal herniorrhaphies were successfully completed. Tuesday to Thursday – The doctors resumed seeing their patients, surgery continued, with an average of 18 major cases a day. Friday - supposed to be half day but we did as many cases because people came in out of the blue begging to be done. We did finish fast though while the Supply staff members packed our supplies to be sent to the next mission site in Sorsogon and to leave others in Samar. Friday evening - acknowledgement dinner hosted by the Mayor - Our younger members stayed behind to enjoy the music but the “oldies” like the rest of us trudged home, all tired out. The food was excellent and Allen, Samar hosts presented us with a sumptuous sea food dinner – varieties of crabs that we never heard of, aside from the traditional crabs that can be found all over the Philippines, shrimps, etc.

The hardworking team!


Memoirs, 2013 continued..
All in all, we were fed well, our main local liason, Maricer Mendiola was very helpful and patient with the “stateside” missioners, some of whom were rather demanding and difficult. I have to applaud every one of the missioners for their dedication and willingness to work in adverse conditions. No member was superfluous - everyone worked - we had volunteers from Manila who came to help out and did most of the minor cases - 2-3 general surgeons from Manila, 1 plastic surgeon and ENT from Allen Samar, 2 anesthesiologists from Manila, and 2 dentists - one from Manila and the other, from Allen, Samar. Much to our disappointment, the medical practitioners who promised to come did not show up so the number of patients was not as in the past – total of 1500 cases (usually 3-5000 patients). The physicians: Drs. Christy Estrada- WV, Lamberto Galang and Ed Malacaman from Ohio, Cynthia Chung from Toronto, Jon Adaniel from MI. Anesthesiologists: Drs. Ruben Estrada (WV), Renato Raymundo (MI), William Capina (MI), CRNA- Prima Co Wang, General Surgeons: Dr. Gerardo Reyes( Las Vegas), Victoria G. Navarra (MI), Plastic Surgeon- Dr. Philbert Jones (Cleveland,Ohio), Freancisco Ponce (Urology). Our Nurses were mainly from Michigan and as always, were excellent. Our “auxillaries” worked as hard as gofers and supply help. I have to specially mention our non-Michiganders who have continuously helped - through the years: Ching Breta from Toronto, Canada and Decerae Del Rosario from Butuan. The dentists saw 295 patients, extracting more than one tooth in some of them. Our minor cases in surgery were about 200, Major cases: 100, 17 of them were cleft lips and/or lips. We made our final morning rounds on Saturday, endorsed all our patients to the chief of the Hospital and discharged all of them - then went on to the R&R that was planned by the local counterparts. Went to an island resort by boat, stayed for a few hours, had a sumptuous picnic of Lechon, seaweed salad, shrimps, jackfruit - as a fruit and cooked vegetable, roasted fish, mangoes, bananas, and many more. Flew in to Manila at the unholy hour of 6:30 Sunday Morning, happy for a job well done and somehow sad - we could have done more. The next PAMMFM medical mission will be held in Gubat, Sorsogon, February 1-8, 2014.


NaFFAA Endorses AAPI Principles for Comprehensive Immigration Reform
From his recent State of the Union, the President has their family visas so that they can be reunited with their famicalled Congress to create an immigration system of the 21 st centu- lies. That's why clearing out the family visa backlogs is important. ry. The comprehensive immigration reform that would materialSoutheast Asians and Pacific Islanders are deported at a rate ize, hopefully, before the year ends, will significantly impact not three (3) times higher than any other immigrant group due to only the Hispanics, but also Asian Americans. In the Asian Ameriregressive immigration laws passed in 1996. That's why fixing can and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community, a campaign for a fair the 1996 laws to restore fairness and judicial discretion in immigraand just immigration reform has been initiated. NaFFAA, through tion court is important. its Communications Director, Jon Melegrito, has responded positively by signing on to support the AAPI’s Principles for Comprehensive Immigration Reform. AAPI believes on the following key immigration points: Approximately 1.3 million AAPIs are undocumented. That's why a direct, inclusive path to citizenship is important. 1 out of every 10 DREAM Act eligible immigrant youth is of Asian and Pacific Islander descent. Nearly two (2) million Asian family members are waiting for Please find the complete text of AAPI’s Principles for Comprehensive Immigration Reform on this link:


NaFFAA Chair Meets CFO Secretary in Manila
February 15, 2013, Manila. NaFFAA National Chair Ed Navarra had courtesy call with Secretary Imelda Nicolas of the Philippine Commission on Filipinos Overseas at the CFO Office. Sec. The meeting covered a brief discussion on changes on the guidelines of conducting Foreign Surgical and Medical Missions (FSMMs) in the Philippines, Proposed US National Directory of Filipino American Associations Project by NaFFAA, Quantifying Filipino American Contributions to the Philippines, Organization of Sentro Rizal Abroad, and Challenges of Philippine Nurses Association, USA, and Philippine American Medical Association on the conduct of FSMMs. Sec. Nicolas gave an overview on the provisions of the Administrative Order from the Philippine Department of Health (DOH-AO 2012-0030). The AO outlined the guidelines on FSMM Program of Universal Health Care. It also identified the Bureau of International Health Cooperation (BIHC) within the DOH as a one-stop agency for questions on conducting foreign surgical and medical missions. Sec. Nicolas expressed that “there was no change on the PhP1250 or USD30 fee for each member of the Medical Mission Team per the guidelines.”

NaFFAA Officers Remy Solarte, National Chair Ed Navarra, Newsletter Editor Ryan Tejero with CFO Secretary Imelda Nicolas and CFO Exec. Dir. Gertie Tirona.

CFO Exec. Dir. Mary Grace Tirona presented an excerpt on the video of Sentro Rizal that will be launched at the Global Summit. She said that copies of the video will be reproduced and distributed for a fee abroad. The video on Sentro Rizal captures various topics about culture, roots and development of the Philippines. The Sentro Rizal video is aimed at bringing a resource material for overseas Filipinos. NaFFAA Chair Ed Navarra discussed the need to generate information on the quantified contributions of Filipino Americans to the Philippines. These information will include among others, the number of medical missions conducted, number of beneficiaries, num(L-R) NaFFAA Officers with CFO Sec.. Nicolas, CFO ED Tirona and Former CFO ED Jose Molano, Jr. ber of missioners, nature of services provided, amount spent of the missions, material donations, monetary donations, and other forms of quantifiable contributions by foreign groups. It is the intent of NaFFAA to share this information to various groups abroad to recognize their valuable development efforts to their homeland. A National Directory of Filipino American Associations was brought up in the meeting. NaFFAA will spearhead this project. The directory hopes to include profiles and contact information of the various Fil-Am groups across the 51 states . The meeting was attended by CFO’s Secretary Imelda Nicolas, CFO Exec. Dir. Gertie Tirona, Former CFO Exec. Dir. Jose Molano, Jr., NaFFAA National Chair Ed Navarra, NaFFAA National Editor Ryan Tejero, NaFFAA Health Committee Member and former Philippine Nurses Association of America President Remy Solarte and husband, Dr. Cesar Solarte. NaFFAA’s Facebook Page Feedback On Racism Against Fil-Ams in Grand Canyon, California
I just heard of the hateful letter written to the Filipino Families in American Canyon, California. As Husband to an Awesome Filipina wife and Clergy/Senior Pastor of Calistoga Christian Center Church in Calistoga California, we stand in Faithful support of the pinoy families of American Canyon, California community and offer our payers and support in finding this individual. Pastor Tom – Calistoga, California Hateful letters define animosity and cultural ignorance amongst our people. Such letter is a rude awakening to the fact that we are in a time where our actions are ought to be guarded with respect and positive treatment of its diversified community. America was founded by immigrants and therefore this writer is no exceptions. Pray that he or she will have peace in his mind. Marilyn Doromal – Atlanta, Georgia
NaFFAA National is a monthly newsletter with the goal of circulating information on NaFFAA’s advocacy events and projects, appointments, messages from leadership and other related activities for the Filipino American community. Editors: Ryan Tejero P. Emraida Kiram Please forward comments and news articles in your community for the February issue..

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The 2nd Global Summit of Filipinos in the Diaspora Honors Alex Esclamado
A video clip that features the significant impact of the life and struggles of Alex Esclamado was a highlight at the 2nd Global Summit of Filipinos in the Diaspora in Manila, Philippines. The video presentation was a tribute of the Commission on Filipinos Overseas to the late NaFFAA Founder. The Summit was held on February 25-27, 2013. Full video can be found on youtube link:

As NaFFAA pursues to organize a more exciting and fun Summit Conference in May 2013, the Executive Director P. Emraida Kiram welcomes input for outline on “Procedures for a Summit Conference.” Please send in your suggestions to email:
A prospective exhibitor or sponsor requests for NaFFAA’s 2013 schedule of events in the East Coast area. Please send schedule, location and contact person, with phone number or email for each event to email:

NaFFAA Officer is Active with the Florida Immigrant Coalition (FLIC)
Romeo “Romie” Dela Paz is currently a member of NaFFAA’s Media Communications Directorate. He recently joined as a Member of the Florida Immigrant Coalition Board of Directors for 2013-2014. He represents the Asian American Federation of Florida. His assignment in FLIC includes Finance Committee, By-Laws Committee and also in the Nomination/Election Committee. This year, Romie has an additional assignment as FLIC's representative to the Southeast Immigrant Rights Network (SEIRN) Interim Steering Committee, which is tasked to come up with the SEIRN's Strategic Plan, as well as, to put in place its regular Steering Committee. FLIC is the host for 2013 of the Annual National Immigrants Integration Conference on October 23-25, 2013 in Miami. Romie calls for inputs from NaFFAA to link with FLIC’s advocacies. FLIC is part of the “Keep our Families Together” campaign of the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM), and it allies with a D.C. mobilization activities. As a Florida focused program, Romie said “we are working on Wage Theft prevention as well as Divestment of For-Profit Prisons, as we continue with our U.S. Citizenship Clinics and Deferred Actions on Childhood Seated 2nd from right, Romie, with other members of FLIC’s Board of Directors. Arrivals (DACA) Clinics.”
Anesthesiologists 1. William Capina MD- MI 2. Ruben Estrada MD- WV 3. Edgardo Navarro MD- Germany 4.Rene Raymundo MD- MI 5. Prima Dulya Co- Wang- CRNA- PA 2 Phil. Anesthesiologists

Thank you to all our 2013 Missioners!
Local ENT Dr. R. Suan Plastic Surgeons Philbert Jones, MD- OH Local _ Dr. Mercado OBGYN (MI) 1.Dr. Diane Vista- Deck 2. Dr. Shledon Weiner Urology (WV) Dr. Francisco Ponce Dentistry (Phil) 1.Adora Vea 2.L. Basilia Medical Technology Hermie Bigornia (Med Tech) Local Coordinator/Liason Maricer S. Mendiola Ancillary Services 1.Herminio Aguada- CA 2. Romy Alair- MI 3. Clodualdo Cabarios- MI 4. Rufo Covacha- MI 5. Alexander Deck- MI 6. Madeline Deck-MI 7. Dante Manipula- MI 8. Leny Manipula- MI 9. Ricardo Manuel-MI 10. Efren Mojica- MI 11. Loida Moses RN- MI 12. Annie Moses- MI 13. Eduardo Navarra-MI 14. Nicole Navarra- MI 15.Ernesto Navarro- CA/Phil 16. Michael O Brien- OH 17. Fabian Ramos- MI 18.Kariana Reyes- CA 19. Wilmar Suan- MI Nurses 1.Remedios Aguada RN- Ca 2. Trini Alair RN- MI 3. Ching Breta RN (Ca) 4. Martha Cabarios RN- MI 5. Cora Calderon RN- MI 6. Linda Calderon RN- MI 7. Tessie Covacha RN- MI 8. Fely Fernandez RN- WV 9. Corazon Gabarda RN- MI 10. Flor Ibus RN- MI 11. Mary Ann M Jones RN- OH 12. Evelyn Manuel RN- CA/Phil 13. Mojica, Florie RN- MI 14. Adelina Navarre (Dialysis Tech) MI 15. Rosana Navarro RN CA/Phil 16. Lina Obrien RN- OH 17. Esther Ramos RN- MI 18. Amy Risvold RN- MI 19.Annie Vista RN – MI Rina Abero- RN- Manila Decerae del Rosario RN- Butuan Junel Jumao-as- RN Manila

Medical Physicians 1. John Adaniel MD- NY 2. Cynthia Chung MD- Toronto Canada 3. Christy Estrada MD- WV 4. Lamberto Galang MD- OH 5. Ed Macalaman MD- OH 6. Susan Raymundo MD- MI General Surgeons 1. Victoria Gallardo Navarra MD- MI 2. Rolando Mendiola , MD- WI 3. Gerardo Reyes, MD- MI/NV Local General Surgeons 1.Noli Baquir 2. Tito Quitariano Chief of Hospital: Dr. Tamparia


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