Use this option to create a boss on a planar surface or datum plane.

Basic Parameters of a Boss Where do I find it? Toolbar Feature→Boss Menu Insert→Design Feature→Boss


drive24ward (meslab.org/mes)

org/mes) . Note When you change a value in one of the parameter fields discussed below. The system displays a preview in the graphics window of the boss and its dimensions using the current parameters. 6. Enter a value for the Height. 5. pressing the Return or Enter key updates the graphics window preview of the boss with the new value. Enter a value for the Diameter. 3. 7. 4. Boss drive24ward (meslab. From the Boss dialog select a planar placement face or datum plane on which to locate the boss. click OK or Apply. Use the Positioning dialog to precisely locate the boss. Note You can enter values for the parameters discussed in the following steps before you select the planar placement face. When you are ready to create the boss. you can use the Reverse Side Boss button to switch the direction of the vector. Enter a value for the Taper Angle. If you selected a datum plane.[NX8-HELP] DESIGN FEATURE 2 Create a boss 1.

This button becomes available if you select a datum plane for the planar placement face. Lets you enter a value for the diameter of the boss. a Target Solid selection step becomes available. which you must use to select a target solid for the boss. Filter Diameter Height Taper Angle Reverse Side Boss drive24ward (meslab.If you select an absolute datum plane for the placement face and more than one solid is present in the part.org/mes) . Lets you enter a value for the height of the boss. Clicking the button both reverses the temporary direction vector and the recreates the preview of the boss. This value can be negative or positive. Helps you to select desired objects by limiting the available types of objects. Options are Any. A zero value results in a vertical cylinder wall with no taper. Target Solid .Lets you specify a planar face or datum plane on which to locate the Steps boss. Face and Datum Plane.[NX8-HELP] DESIGN FEATURE 3 Boss dialog box options Boss Dialog Options Selection Placement Face . Lets you enter an angle from which the cylinder wall of the boss inclines inward.

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