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Turkish furniture industry supplies the world


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Turkish f urniture industry

Nowadays, with all these prospects of the f urniture industry, Turkey is among the most assuring f urniture providers in the world. Furniture production in Turkey goes back to the nineteenth century and was done in small shops as craf tsman production. Even so, by the f ast globalisation and all other prospects, present f urniture industry is comely a f ashion sector. In Turkey, f urniture is produced both in workshops and industrial-scale f abricating units. Furniture production is extremely f ragmentised among a large number of small shops. T hese small workshops act an signif icant f unction in producing hand carved and handmade f urniture. Workshops are f lexible establishments in nature and have enough capacity and labour f orce to expand their production line in order to provide large orders. Big f urniture f irms produce standard models by applying automated mass-production methods and most of their production is oriented towards exportation. According to inf ormation f rom Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat), in 2009 f urniture production was realized as sixty-f our billion Turkish Liras. In accordance with the recent General Census of Industry and Business Establishments (2008), the f urniture sector employs one hundred f if ty,427 people and the industry has thirty-f our,438 companies f abricating various f urniture. What is more, capacity data of T he Union of Chambers of Commerce and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (T OBB) reports f orty companies who have over 250 employees and 155 companies who have over 100 employees. Also, Istanbul Chamber of Industrys list of the top f ive hundred industrial administrations of Turkey lets in 6 f urniture companies. In accordance with the list, these 6 companies are; Boytas Mobilya, Merkez Celik, Merinos Hali Sanayi, Istikbal Mobilya, Major SKT Oto Donanim and Teknik Malzeme.Furniture production in Turkey is centered primarily in Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa (Inegol), Kayseri, Izmir and Adana. T he most signif icant f urniture production districts are Istanbul and the region of Bolu-Duzce, which is celebrated f or its production of wood products. T he long-f amiliar f urniture-manuf acturing district in Turkey, called Siteler, is placed in Ankara. T he number of registered small and medium sized enterprises in Siteler is over 10,000. In Ankara, there are many laborintensive small enterprises f abricating classical-handmade f urniture and there are about 10 major f urniture producers who have massproduction potentialities. T he wood industry is developing quickly in the Bursa-Inegol area, the third most signif icant f urniture production area, which is bordered by timberland areas. T he f urniture industry of the Inegol area is small sized but has great potency to ameliorate itself . Additional signif icant f urniture region is Kayseri, which has big capacity f or the production of sof a beds, couch beds and 7 of the twenty two biggest producers of Turkey are accomplished here. Izmir also has a f urniture production districts called Karabaglar and Kisikkoy which supply f urniture to the Aegean Region.

PRODUCT ION In Turkey, f urniture production may be classif ied according to materials applied as wooden f urniture (massive and veneered), metal f urniture and others. Wooden f urniture has a major share in total f urniture production. As its acknowledged f or good quality f urniture, the types of wood applied and plywood inputs have to be taken into consideration. T he principal types of wood used in the f abricate of big f urniture in Turkey are ash, beech, oak, pine, linden and mahogany. In veneered f urniture, oak, beech, walnut and mahogany are used. Turkish f urniture f actories use the last technologies in producing f urniture, which is always up to world criteria. Since 1990 the application of advanced technology and the apply of CNC benches in the Turkish f urniture industry have been increasing. Nowadays, all of the big enterprises in the f urniture sector use CNC benches. Most companies are equipped with advanced machinery which allows the production of good, exportquality products. Quality control starts f rom the stage when the raw material is produced and carries on until the end of the packaging process. Most of the companies have already f ound ISO 9000 certif icates and other required quality certif icates. T he big scalef irms comply with world criteria in their packaging processes. In packaging PE, PP, f oam, poly-urethane and cardboard boxes are used. Many of the big companies have peculiar packaging sections. As with many other consumer products, f urniture production is sensitive to changes in f ashion. Since f urniture design is an signif icant aspect of marketing, Turkish designers are constantly f ollowing consumer pref erences in f oreign markets and introduce new designs and make model variations and improvements. Turkish f urniture producers and exporters are aware of the inf o that market trends and consumer behavior act an signif icant role in the development and design of new products. Since Turkey has a f irm textile industry, Turkish f urniture producers have the advantage of being able to use and to monitor a wide range of colorf ul new f abric collections as upholstery. EXPORT S Turkeys f urniture exportations have had an upward trend in late years. In the last 10 years, exports of Turkish f urniture increased f rom US $ 192,1 million in 2001 to US $ 1,607.3 million in 2011. T his is mainly due to improvements in capacity, quality and design. T he export f igure f or 2011 was US $ 1,607 million, representing an increase of 18 % with respect to the previous year. Main export products were: wooden f urniture (excl. f or of f ices, kitchens and bedrooms, and seats), wooden f urniture f or bedrooms (excl. seats) and seats f or motor vehicles. In 2011, Turkey ranked third in the world exports of seats convertible into beds which also traditional items which are showing the large f amily, hospitality and past nomadic characteristics of our nation. In 2011, Turkey exported f urniture to 172 countries throughout the world. T he main markets f or f urniture exportswere Iraq, Germany, Azerbaijan, Iran and France. In recent years, Turkish f urniture companies have been establishing showrooms and depots in increasing numbers in most of these countries. T he Turkish contracting sector is one of the major sectors exporting services. Turkish contractor companies who have undertaken construction work abroad have completed many housing complexes, tourism projects, hospitals and health center projects, most of which were decorated with Turkish f urniture. Turkish f urniture is designed and made f rom the highest quality materials to ensure comf ort, perf ormance and attractive appearance f or a very long lif e. Dif f erent styles are produced such as classical, traditional and contemporary. With its designers and architects combined with its f lexible production capacity, the Turkish f urniture industry is able to satisf y the requirements of all individual markets all over the world. Share the post "Turkish f urniture industry supplies the world" Edit T his Post Edit T his Post