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DIVISION OF STUDENTS AFFAIRS Department of Sports th 5 Annual Sports Meet 2012-13

The 5th Annual Sports Meet will be held on 9th and 10th February 2013 at Hardaspur Playgrounds. The students who are interested to participate should contact their respective sports coordinator. The list of events in which competition will be held are given below: Sr. No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 MEN 100 M 200 M 400 M 800 M 1500 M 5000 M 110 Mts Hurdles 400 Mts Hurdles 4 x 100 M Relay 4 x 400 M Relay Long Jump High Jump Triple Jump Shot PutDiscus Throw Javelin Throw Hammer throw WOMEN 100 M 200 M 400 M 800 M 1500 M 5000 M 100 Mts Hurdles 400 Mts Hurdles 4 x 100 M Relay 4 x 400 M Relay Long Jump High Jump Triple Jump Shot Put Discus Throw Javelin Throw Hammer throw

Entries will be accepted only through respective Discipline Sports Coordinator. All the disciplines must send their entries as per detail mentioned in Annexure I.

Entries to be forward in the following format in MS-EXCEL/Open office Spreadsheet. Annexure is attached to know about the Discipline / School Sports Coordinators. 5th ANNUAL SPORTS MEET 2012-13 NAME OF THE SCHOOL MEN/WOMEN NAME OF THE COORDINATOR & TEL/MOB NO: S. No. 1 2 40...


Reg. No

Event 1

Event 2 4x100 Relay 4x400 Relay

Last date of receipt of detailed entry is 6th February 2013. An athlete can participate in maximum two individual events and in both the relay races. Events 1, 2 means the individual events in which an athlete wishes to participate, and Relays mean the two relays. (Ex: If an athlete wishes to participate in 100M and Long Jump: she/he shall write under event 1: 100M; under event 2: Long Jump)

The entries will be accepted online only for men and women separately and must be forwarded on e-mail Id. The entries must reach on or before 06.02.2013. No entries will be accepted after the scheduled date. The Discipline may collect the chest numbers, order of events and other details about the meet from BLOCK-13, ROOM NO 208, on 08.02.2013 in between 11.00 AM and 04.00 PM.

No athlete would be allowed to participate in the meet without the original identity card of the University. Discipline sports coordinators are to ensure that the athletes should report in time for participation and the winners have to be present for the prize distribution ceremony.

To determine the best athlete, points will be awarded in the following order: S. No. 1 2 3 Position First Position Second Position Third Position Points 20 15 10

Discipline Sports coordinators have to ensure that all participants must participate in march past rehearsal on 8th Feb 2013 sharp from 1 PM to 5:00 PM in Hardaspur playgrounds. Duty Leaves will be given to the participants.

If you have queries regarding, please contact Dr. V. Kaul.- 9780036536., Mr. Gurmeet Singh 9888343565.

Dr. V Kaul COD Department of Sports