Wiring, Estimation and Costing of PHARMACY BLOCK (first floor).

(a) Total height of ceiling from floor = 4 mts
(b) Height of horizontal run from floor = 2.5 mts
(c) Height of SB’s and MB from floor = 1.5 mts
(d) Height of bed side switch board from floor=1.5mt.
(e) Bakelite switch and main board are to be used.

Plan Of The Block .

Socket Outlet 5 ampere 3. Distribution switch board without switches ‘Power’ . Exhaust Fan 4. 2. Fluorescent Lamp 5.SYMBOL USED: Socket Outlet 15 ampere 1.

Name of appliance Numbers no. Name of appliance no.24 mm dia Al. OF SUB. So 4 sq. LH-1. OF SUB-CKTS=1520/800=2 Hence total MCB of rating 6 amp=2+4(for future)=6 Per phase current=1520/3/0.8/230=2.LOAD CALCULATION: 1. 2.8=5.) LOAD ON MSB-1 Sr. pvc insulated cable will be used 3. pvc insulated cable will be used. 1 Tube lights 29 2 Ceiling fans 22 4 Exhaust 2 5 5-amp socket 5 TOTAL LOAD= 1160+1320+200+500=3180 WATTS Load (watts) 29*40=1160 22*60=1320 2*100=200 5*100=500 TOTAL NO.75 amp. 4. So 4 sq. Total load of these rooms are as follows: Sr.24 mm dia Al. LH-2. 1 Tube lights 2 Ceiling fans 5 5-amp socket TOTAL LOAD=480+540+500=1520 W Numbers Load (watts) 12 9 5 12*40=480 9*60=540 5*100=500 TOTAL 1 /2.) LOAD ON MSB-2 Same as MSB-1. LAB controls from control room.CKTS=3180/800=4 Hence total MCB of rating 6 amp= 4+2(future expansion)=6 PER PHASE LOAD=3180/3=1060 W LINE CURRENT= 1060/230/0.76 1 /2. single core. single core. LIBRARY and COMP. Name of appliance Numbers Load (watts) .) LOAD ON MSB-3 Sr.

1 Tube lights 2 Ceiling fans 3 5-amp socket 4 15-amp socket TOTAL LOAD= 640+720+500+1000=2860 W Numbers Load (watts) 16 12 5 1 16*40=640 12*60=720 5*100=500 1000 HENCE NO. Socket)+2=6 PER PHASE CURRENT=3680/3/230/ 1 /2.24 mm dia Al.8=6. OF MCB OF RATING 6 AMP= 3+1(for 15 amp. Name of appliance no. So 6 sq.) LOAD ON MSB-4 Sr.15 AMP. pvc insulated cable will be used .8=5.18 AMP. 1 Tube lights 2 Ceiling fans 3 5-amp socket 4 15-amp socket TOTAL LOAD= 240+240+200+3000=3680 W Numbers Load (watts) 6 4 2 3 6*40=240 4*60=240 2*100=200 3000 HENCE NO. single core. Name of appliance no.80 mm dia Al.8=3. OF MCB OF RATING 6 AMP= 1+3(for 15 amp. So 6 sq. OF MCB OF RATING 6 AMP= 3+3=6 PER PHASE CURRENT=1740/3/230/0.66 AMP. pvc insulated cable will be used 6. Socket)+2=6 PER PHASE CURRENT=2860/3/230/0.) LOAD ON MSB-5 Sr.80 mm dia Al. single core. pvc insulated cable will be used 5. 1 Tube lights 2 Ceiling fans 5 5-amp socket TOTAL LOAD= 640+600+500=1740 W 16 10 5 16*40=640 10*60=600 5*100=500 NO OF SUB-CKTS=1740/800=3 HENCE 1 / 1 / single core. So 4 sq.

CONDUIT CALCULATION: LH1 SB1 to Ceiling fan = 2.5m F3 to F4 =2m SB1 to HR =2m L2 to L6 =4.0m HR to L1 =2m+1m =3m L1 to L4 =12m For Bracket SB2 to HR =1m HR to L7 =1+2=3m L7 to L5 = 8m For bracket fan(HR) =8m Total =54m FOR COMPUTER LAB SB to L10 =1m+2m =3m L10 t0 L9 = 5m L5 t0 L8 = 7.e 17m LIBARARY SB to HR =1.5m TOTAL = 17m LH2 Installation plane is same for lh1 &lh2 so conduit is same i.5m .5m Ceiling to L1 =1m L1 to L5 =4.

5m+6m=8-5m Total = conduit used in LAB6 = 44m LAB-3 SB1 to Ceiling fan = 2m+0.5m+1m=1.5 LAB 6 SB1 to F4 =2.5m=2.5m Ceiling to F1 = 3m F1 to F3 = 6m L1 to L2 = 9m .5m = 3.5m F4 to F6 = 6m L1 to L3 =9m F1 to F3 = 6m F4 to F1 = 4m STORE:ST-1 SB1 to L1 = 0.5m L1 to L2 = 2.5m L5 to L6 =2m Total =43.F1 to F2 = 4m HR for bracket/an = 2.5m L3 to L4 = 2m ST-3 SB1 to F3 = 3.5m+1m=3.m ST-2 SB1 to F1 = 2m+1.5m Installation table is same for LAB 6.

F-3 &F-4 is same Total conduit =5*4 = 20m LAB-2 SB1 to HR =2m HR to ceiling = 0.5m L2 to L1 =1.5m LAB-1 Installation is same for LAB-2 & LAB-1.F4 to F6 = 6m F2 to F5 = 4m TOTAL =2.5m LAB-4 The installation plane is same for LAB-4 is same as that for LAB-3.5+3+6+9+6+4=30.5m Total = 5m All the faculty rooms have same installation plane.5m FACULTY ROOM F-1 SB1 to HR = 2m HR1 to L2=1.5m .so conduit is same Total conduit = 30.5m Ceiling to L7 = 6m L2 to F6 =7m L1 to L5 = 7m L7 to F3 = 6m Total = the conduit used in conduit used is also same Total =28.

5m Ceiling to L1 =2m L1 to L3 = 5m L4 to L6 =5m L1 to L4 = 2m F2 to F4 = 2m Total = 18.3 = 474.7 =405m Total conduit = 13+30+20 =63m 405+63+6.5m TOTAL CONDUIT OF PHARMACY BLOCK(1ST FLOOR) :17+!7+54+35+44+44+30.5+28.5m 10% wastage of 367.3m .5+18.LAB-7(Pathology Lab) SB 1 to HR = 2m HR to ceiling =0.5+30.5+20+28.5 = 36.5 =367.

5m+2m+13m =16.5m+3m =4.5 SB2 to L1 & L3 =1.5m+0.5 SB1 to L7 =1.5m LH-2 From control room to SB1 = 4m+3m+2m=11m Total =54m LIB-1 From Control Room to SB2=4m+3m+5m+18m+1.5m SB1 to L1 & L2 =1.5m+0.5m+0.5+1=5.5 Total = 108m .5m+2m =6m SB1 to F2 & F4 =1.5m +1m =2.5m+0.5 SB2 to B(F2) & B(F1) =1.5m +4m =9 SB2 to B(F5) =1.5m+2m+0.5m = 39.5m =31.5m SB2 to L3 & L4 =1.5m+2m+0.5m+6m =10m Total =82.5m+3m+1m+8m =13.5m SB2 to SB1 =1.5m+4m =6m SB1 to L3 =1.5m+3m =5m SB1 to L5 =1.5m+10m =11.5m+5m =9m SB1 to L4 & L6 =1.5m+1m =3+2=5 SB1 to L6 & L5 =5m+8m =13 SB1 to B(F4) =1.5m+2m+0.PHASE WIRE CALCULATIONS LH-1 From Control Room to SB1 = 4m+3m+5m+24m+2m+1.5m +3.5m+3m+2m =7m SB1 to F1 & F2 =1.

5m+0.5m+1.5m+6m+4m =12m SB1 to F1 & L2 =1.5m+4m+9m =15m SB1 to F1 =1.5m+2m =4m SB1 to L5 & L6 =1.5m+6m+6m =14m MSB to ST1 =9m SB1(ST1) to L1 & L2=1.5m+2m+6m =10m SB1 to L3 =1.5m+0.5m+6m+1m =9m SB1 to F2 & F3 =1.5m+7m+8m =17m =6m Total =85m LAB-5 MSB2 to SB1 = 5m+2.5m+0.5m+0.5m+0.5 m =9m SB1 to F4 =1.5m+2m+1m =5m SB1 to F5 & F6 =1.5m+1m=4+2 =6m SB1(ST1) to F1 =1.5m+0.5m+0.5m+2m+2m =6m .5m+0.5m+0.COMPUTER LAB From Control Room To SB1=4m+3m+5m+4m+10m=26m SB1 to L10 &L9 =1.5m+1m+1m =5m MSB2 to ST2 =9m+6m+2m =17m SB1(ST1) to L3 & L4 =6m SB1(ST1) to F2 =5m MSB2 to SB1(ST3) =9m+10m=19+2 =21m SB1 to F3 =1.5m+1.5m+4m SB1 to L5&L6&L7&L8 =1.5m+0.5m+2m+6m =10m SB1 to L3 =1.5m+0.5m+1.5m+0.5m+0.5m+2m+6m =10m SB1 To L1 & L2 =1.5m+6m+4m =12m SB1 to L1 & L4 =1.

5m LAB-2 MSB1 to SB1 =11m+1m+1.5m =70. so phase wire is same as LAB-2 = 75.5m+2m+1.5m .5m+0.5m =13.5m+7m =9m SB1 to F2 & F4 =1.5m SB1 to L1 =1.5m+6m =11.5m SB1 to F1 =1.5m+4m+1m =7m SB1 to L2 & L3 =7+9 =16m SB1 to F4 =7m+2m =9m SB1 to F5 to F6 =9m+6m =15m Total = 6.5m+0.5m+0.5m+0.5m LAB-4 Same installation plane.5m SB1 to F2 & F3 =5.5m =5.Total =149m LAB-6 Same Installation Plan.5m+2m+1m+8m=13m SB1 to L1 & L2 & L5=2m+4m+8m =14m SB1 to F1 & F2 =12m Total =2m+4m+6m =75. so phase wire is also same =149m LAB-3 MSB1 to SB1 = 3m+2m+1.5m LAB-1 Same installation plane.5m SB1 to L7 =1.5m+1.5m+0. So phase wire is also same in LAB-3=70.5m+2m+4m =8m SB1 to L6 = 0.5m+4m =6m SB1 to L2 & L4 =1.

5m =4m =7.5m SB1 to L2 & L3=4m+5m=9m SB1 to L5 & L6=1.5+0.5m 10 % waste = 107.5m TOTAL =86m TOTAL PHASE WIRE 82.5m+0.FACULTY ROOM MSB1 to SB1 =8+1 =9 SB1 to F1 =1.5m =3.5m+2m+2m =5.5m+75.5+1+1 =4 SB1 to L1 & L2=1.5+0.5m+0.5m+4m+2m+2m =10m SB1 to F4 =1.5m SB1 to SB3 SB1 to L1 =3.5m = 1.5m SB1 to SB2 =2m+1.5m+2m SB1 to F1 & L2=4m+3.5m+0.7M HENCE.5m=26m+1.5m+70.5m+54m+108m+85m+149m+149m+70. TOTAL PHASE WIRE =1185.5m SB1 to F3 =1.5m+75.5m+2m+3m =6.2m or 1190m .5m+4m+2m+1m =9m SB1 to L4 =1.5m=27.5+1+2 =5 =18 18*4 =72 Total Phase wire =72 PATHOLOGY LAB: MSB1 to SB2 =13m+13m+1.5m+72m+86m=1077.

5m+1=3.5m F3 to F4 =2m F4 to L6 =1m F4 to L6 =1m From lib = 6m 20m LH-2 14m+6m = 20m LIB-1 SB to LH2 = 16m SB to L1 =1+2 =3m L1 to L4 =12m SB2 to L7 = 3m L7 to L5 = 8m SB to BF1 = 1+1=2m B(F1) to B(F3) =8m=52m COMPUTER LAB:SB(lib) to B(F7) =2m B(F7) to L4 =2m L4 to L1 = 7m F1 to F2 = 4m L5 to L8 = 7.5m L10 to L9 = 5m L10 to SB1 =3m .5m L1 to L5 =4.NEUTRAL CALCULATION LH-1 SB1 to L1 = 2.

W=50m LAB-3 MSB2 to F1 =2.5m+1m=5.0m+2m =4m F1 to F3 = 6m F1 to SB1 = 2m+2.Total =37.5m SB1 to L2 =3m+2.5+5=6m 6*3 =18m 31+18=50m LAB-5 N.5m L1 to L3 = 8m F1 to F6 =6m F1 to L1 =2m L1 to L4 =2m TOTAL =33.5m LAB-4 Installation is same as LAB 4 33.5m LAB-6 MSB2 to F1 =2+2-5=4.5m F1 to F3 = 6m L1 to L3 =9m F4 to F6 = 6m F4 to SB1 =1m+2m+2.5m .5m TOTAL =31m ST-1 From SB1 to SB2(ST1) = 0.

FACULTY ROOM(F1) NW From SB1 to F1 =8m SB1 to L2 =1.5+1+0.5m or 30m LAB-1 Same as LAB 2 TOTAL =30m LAB-7 From L7 (LAB-2) to SB1 =8m+2.5m+2m =5m F2 5m F3 5m F4 5m TOTAL FACULTY ROOM=20m LAB-2 L2(Faculty room f1) to L2(LAB-2) =3m L2 to L1 =2m L1 to L5 =7m L2 to F6 =7m L4 to L7 =1m L7 to SB1=7+2.5m+7m=9.5m TOTAL=29.5=9.5m L4 to L6 = 5m .5m=10m SB1 to L3 =2m+0.

5+28+30+30+27+58.5m+31+50+50+33.5/10 =46. =467.L1 to L6=5m L1 to L4 =2m Total=27m CORRIDOR Conrol room+L3 =10m+3m=13m L3 to L5 =8 m L3 to L7 = 14m MSB1 to L10 = 18m+1m=19m L10 to L11 =4.5 =467.7 =514m .7 HENCE TOTAL NEUTRAL WIRE REQD.5+46.5m TOTAL(NW)=20m+20+52m+37.5m 10% waste =467.

Junction box(2 way) 4. PVC insulated copper 1190+514= 1704m conductors single core 250Vgrade wire of size . No.224/- 1.MATERIAL TABLE Sr.24 mm 175M dia Al. Conduit pipe black 475 enamel and light gauge (25mm dia) 8/pm 3800/- 5. 4 sq. 1. Junction box(3 50 way) 6. Iron clad main board 6 60x60cm with 4 rag bolts and nuts each of diameter 10x150mmlong for fixing MB with wall 200/pc 1200/- 4. pvc insulated cable 2 MCB distribution board  6A Quantity 36 Rate Amount (Rs) (Rs) 200 35000 90/pc 3240/- With din rail and steel mounting board and other attachments 1 /2. Specification 1. Bends 3. Conduit pipe accessories: 3 375/- 3 150/- 50 5 250/- 30 5 150/- 6/m 10. single core. Coduit socket to connect two pieces of conduit 125 2.

Bakelite for 135 tubes and fans 10 1350/- GRAND TOTAL 1.I. Machine screws 3mm dia 65 15 mm long for fixing Bakelite junction box cover 1. CI covers. Flush Switch 180 14 2520/- 18. Earthing set complete 1 with pipe. earth wire. Machine screws 3mm dia 450 25mm long for fixing ceiling roses and lamps 2/pc 900/- 9.47.50/pc 97.316. Earth wire 14SWG.5 mm2 or 1/1.GI pipe. 50m 5/m 250/- 8. Teak wood frame and 1 shutter door 550/set 550/- 12. Ceiling rose.400/- 13. thimbles. Tubelight Set 79 150 11850/- 15. 5 amp Socket 22 15 330/- 16. G.5/- .1. 15 AMP socket 4 45 180/- 17. Exhaust fan 2 1000 2000/- 14.5/- 10. Fan 57 1200/- 68. charcoal 2500/set 2500/- 11.40 dia 7. CI frames .

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