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Cool Industries (Pvt) Limited. , was established in 1973 and grew to a leading Home Appliances manufacturing Company in Pakistan, in a very short span of time. This was achieved by the tireless efforts of Management, highly motivated professionals and dedicated team work, committed to excel in the quality and services. Home Appliances includes Deep Freezers, Refrigerators, Air conditioners, Vacuum cleaners, Food processors, Washing machines and other wide range of appliances waiting to launch in a market very soon.

Cool Industries (Pvt) Limited., has highly skilled professionals, responding rapidly to the market needs. With the most modern and high-tech CAD manufacturing facilities, our products capture over 80% of the local market for Refrigerators, Deep Freezers, Air Conditioners and other home appliances. The company manufactures Refrigerators, Deep Freezers, Air Conditioners, Washing Machines, Microwave Ovens and many other quality home appliances, with the production ratio exceeding the overall production of Pakistan's appliances manufacturers. Our brand name Waves is undisputed leader in the market, both in residential and commercial sector in Pakistan. Waves is also exporting its products to Middle East and Central Asian States including Afghanistan. Our company is known for its commitment to the latest technological advancements in design & manufacture. Owing to the engineering experience and skills available, the identification and adaptation of new techniques, materials and know-how, our production processes and products requires a minimal lead-time. This flexibility in our production has given us distinguished edge over our competitors in the market. We have brought into the market a 100% indigenously designed and manufactured split air conditioning system with different innovations and choices, which has attracted a large customer base. The company is fully committed to protecting the environment and has been awarded a substantial grant by the World Bank to phase out ODS (Ozone Depleting Substances) its production processes. This is an ongoing activity and is being given all the importance it deserves for a timely and successful competition. Waves have introduced complete new range of Digital micro wave ovens equipped with CRS technology, Fashion Color electric Iron, easy & quick toaster, fine & fast blender, twin Tub turbo contract Jet washing machine with Dryer. Its specific design and jet flow system provides extra ordinary cleanliness by using minimum quantity of washing powder.

Waves split AC are energy savers and provide strong cooling because of its T4 compressor. Waves have announced One year free Replacement Warranty of complete unit with in one year for its split AC. It is undoubtedly height of confidence and such an offer is for the first time for any of the air conditioning company in Pakistan. Another sizzling entry is the latest technology curved sliding Glass Door Freezers whose tapered shape provides extra visibility to the products. Though WTO regime is in the offing and national companies all over the world are feeling threat from multinationals. Waves Home Appliances claim affinity with the Homeland more than any of foreign company as it provides easy and efficient after sale services and parts availability throughout Pakistan.

Statement of research objectives

To collect appropriate data, which work as a base for drawing conclusion and getting results. To analyze the promotion strategy of the product. To analyze the marketing mix of WAVES split air conditioners. To determine consumers behavior and interest towards the WAVES split air conditioners remuneration versus competitors remuneration.

Study design
This study would be conducted using survey interviews and questionnaires with distributors, retailers, competitors and customers located in Lahore region. Five to six interviews of distributors located in Lahore market. Interviews with two or three competitors like PEL, HAIER, and ORIENT. Almost 50 questionnaires will be distributed among the customers.

Areas of questioning
Interviews and questionnaires will be structured, and they will be based on the objectives defined. To check the marketing mix of WAVES split air conditioners.

Data analysis
The data collected by the help of interviews and questionnaires will be analyzed by the help of tools like SPSS and Minitab.

Personnel involved
This project will be supervised by marketing and production manager. Marketing manager will be responsible for making the decision and the production manager will be one who will analyze the data.

Specifications and assumptions

Numbers of completed interviews = 10 Average interview length = 30mins No open ended questions in questionnaires Type of sample: random customers Cross tabulation foe the analysis of question Report Group presentation

Self made questionnaires Generate sample within the target market of Lahore Suppliers will conduct the survey Manage and oversee all interviews and questionnaires Process data and cross tabulation. Analyze the data and prepare group presentation.

Sample and survey finalized Data collection Final data analysis Final report 3-4days 3 weeks 4 weeks 2 weeks