53rd Infantry Regiment (United States



53rd Infantry Regiment (United States)
53rd Infantry Regiment

Coat of Arms Active Country Allegiance Branch Type Role Size Motto Engagements 1917 - 1945
 United States

United States Army Infantry Branch (United States) Infantry regiment Light Infantry Regiment Light, Silent, And Deadly World War I World War II

Notable commanders Henning Linden

Distinctive Unit Insignia

[4] Almanac. p. htm) from the original on 28 April 2009. References [1] McGrath. 6th Infantry Division. the division was sent to Camp San Luis Obispo to continue its training.53rd Infantry Regiment (United States) 2 U. history. 1943. htm). history.[3] With the Japanese attack of Pearl Harbor. mil/ UNITS/ F7ID/ F7ID_Historylong. 2003. . California. Stilwell. mil/ html/ forcestruc/ lineages/ branches/ div/ 007id. army. htm). . 188. 1940. army.[3] Most of the soldiers in the division were selective service soldiers. army. htm) from the original on 19 April 2009. 2009. army. [3] "7th Infantry Division Homepage: History" (http:/ / www. archive. The division was instead centered around three infantry regiments. 7th Infantry Division troops negotiate snow and ice during the battle on Attu in May. carson.[1] World War II On July 1.[4] the 32nd Infantry Regiment. Division units also practiced boat loading at the Monterey Wharf and amphibious assault techniques at the Salinas River in California. mil/ UNITS/ F7ID/ F7ID_Historylong. Retrieved 2009-04-27.[3] and that year it was sent to Oregon for tactical maneuvers.S.[3] The 7th Infantry Division was assigned to III Corps of the Fourth United States Army. newly deployed from the California Army National Guard. It served as a part of the 7th Infantry Division for most of its history.[3] The 53rd Infantry Regiment was removed from the 7th Division and replaced with the 159th Infantry Regiment. archive. 7th Infantry Division. org/ web/ 20090428144730/ http:/ / www. It served with the division until 1939.[2] under the command of Major General Joseph W.[3] The 53rd followed the 7th Division to Alaska and garrisoned Adak island. the division was reactivated at Camp Ord. org/ web/ 20090419032817/ http:/ / www. Archived (http:/ / web.[3] The 12th and 13th Brigades did not reactivate as part of an army-wide elimination of brigade commands within its divisions. [2] "Lineage and Honors Information: 7th Infantry Division" (http:/ / www. p. the 17th Infantry Regiment. 592.[4] and the 53rd Infantry Regiment. History World War I The 53rd Infantry Regiment was first constituted and activated in the regular army as the 12th Infantry Brigade. United States Army Center of Military History. chosen as a part of the US Army's first peacetime military draft. Archived (http:/ / web. . Retrieved 2009-04-27. carson. mil/ html/ forcestruc/ lineages/ branches/ div/ 007id. Infantry Regiments Previous Next 52nd Infantry Regiment 54th Infantry Regiment The 53rd Infantry Regiment was an infantry regiment of the United States Army.

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