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Communication Skills
E ective & Convincing Presentations Key Techniques & Elements of a Successful Presentation Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication Skills Understanding Personality Traits & Knowing Your Audience Controlling Inhibitions, Stress, & Anxiety before Presentations & Meetings Central Message Delivery & Body Language Time Pressure & Presentation Length Structure of an E ective Presentation & Storyboarding One-on-one Communications with Team Members & Management Holding Impactful and Results Driven Meetings How to Engage the Audience & Technical Presentations

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and engage in activities that promote communication and collaboration. Students will participate in presentations. engaging. Three Elements of Great Communication 1. Elements of a Successful Presentation. Scott Edinger. through facial expressions. instant feedback will be provided through videotaped analyses of performances.ninemileco. give impactful presentations. The E ective Communication course helps students learn how to deliver presentations that are collaborative. The course will conclude with participants delivering a nal presentation to their peers using all of the techniques acquired throughout the course. The Nine Mile Management Consulting Group . Body Language.Credibility 2. telling a convincing story. An engaging presentation is about having a dialogue with your audience. Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication Skills. resolve inhibitions related to public learn explore your potential. and Technical Presentations. and building the right structure to deliver the core message. 38% of all communication is delivered in the way that it is said. Course Structure The course is structured to o er the greatest impact possible. Professor Albert Mehrabian www. Knowing your Target Audience. Delivering a Core Message. Harvard Business Review 7% of all communication is delivered through the spoken word. How to Drive Results during Meetings.Appealing to the audience’s sense of logic. Furthermore. TM NINE MILE Management Consulting Course Overview The E ective Communication Training Course o ers participants an opportunity to improve their communication skills. and informative. The training course o ers insights into E ective Presentation Styles. Formal & Informal Copyright © 2013. Team Meetings. 55% of all communication is delivered Non-verbal cues deliver 93% of the message.Emotional Connection 3. All Rights Reserved. provide feedback to peers. and develop methods to deal with stress and inhibitions.

Body Language Practicing Successful Presentation Techniques & Group Feedback Knowing your Audience & Perfecting the Core Message Presentation Structure E ective Communication Structure & Inhibitions Videotaped Intermediate Presentations Individualized Feedback regarding Progress Determining Best Presentation Structure based on Personality Traits E ective learn explore your potential. & Career Advancement Group Feedback Learning the building blocks of effective communication. www. The e-tablet provides an additional dimension to course-engagement that is not often achieved through traditional communication courses. Day 3 e-Tablet Learning E-tablet learning is the way of the future . and provides students full access to course content. & Sales Pitches How to Delivery the Core Message & Gain Important Buy-in Putting Everything into Practice . TM NINE MILE Management Consulting Course Schedule The course is o ered in a 3-day format with the option of creating a exible and custom-tailored package. Negotiations. Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication Videotaped Introductory Presentations Understanding the Elements of E ective Communications . where participants can use it as a means to record and deliver their presentations. The e-tablet is also integrated into course activities. receive analysis of their verbal and non-verbal cues and projections. Day 1 Perfecting the delivery of a successful presentation.In replacement of standard course text books it is our pleasure to announce that we o er all of our training materials through the cutting-edge e-tablet format.ninemileco. Day 2 Putting it all into practice through execution.making it a fresh and innovative way to learn. The Nine Mile Management Consulting Group . reading material. Career Objectives.Final Presentations Videotaped Final Presentations Internal Company Presentation Feedback Importance of Communication for Personal Development. The e-Tablet format enhances the way learners interact and engage. and presentation slides -. All Rights Reserved. background information. *The cost of the e-Tablet plus all pre-loaded content comes at a price of an additional $110 / Copyright © 2013.

open learn explore your potential. seek growth Copyright © 2013. @ninemileco facebook. please contact us: 1. The Nine Mile Management Consulting Group . educations. and industry experiences. All Rights Reserved. We are passionate about what we Our Consultants bring a range of diverse www. We constantly look for ways to solve business problems. TM NINE MILE Management Consulting Course Tuition Our course tuition is outlined below.ninemileco.9118 inquiry@ninemileco. Per Course Standard Hours *We also o er the availability of custom packages.800 / participant Monday-Sunday ( exible scheduling) To help your business reach its full potential. 3-Day Course Tuition $1. and leverage internal capabilities. We strive to o er your organization the best value.