The Twilight Saga’s

New Moon
Unofficial Script


SEQ. EXT. BELLA’S DREAM EDWARD and BELLA are in their MEADOW. Edward is standing, his skin SPARKLING as the sun hits him. SEQ. EXT. BELLA’S POV We see Edward, and he gives her a dazzling crooked smile. We begin moving towards him. As they get close, he holds out his sparkling hand. Bella moves her hand out and takes it. We see that the hand is not of an 18 year old, but more like an 85 year old hand. We look up, she gasping. Edward looks at her, worried. SEQ. EXT. DREAM Bella is no longer an 18 year old, but a senior citizen. Her skin is fragile and sagging. SEQ. INT. BELLA’S ROOM Bella jolts upright in bed, gasping. It was only a dream. She glances over at the clock that reads 5:45am. She sighs, and then freezes. She throws her blanket off and runs to turn on a light. She then runs to a book laying on her dresser. It’s a CALENDER. She flips to SEPTEMBER and groans. It’s her birthday. She is eighteen. To most it wouldn’t matter, but this means she is a year older than Edward. She throws the calendar on the floor and walks back over to her bed. She sits on the edge, and runs her hand through her hair, aggravated. PAN OUT TO: SEQ. EXT Camera pans through thick undergrowth. It begins to speed up as the music changes. Shadows of large bear type things are showing up behind the trees. Finally, the camera runs over the tops of the mountain and over the trees. It shows a breathtaking view of the town of Forks and miles on. Camera slows down and across the screen is The Twilight Saga. Camera then shows BELLA SWAN’s home, then the camera quickly pans to the trees, moving in. It pans over, showing the MEADOW. It then moves quickly until it shows THE CULLENS HOUSE. It then swoops into the trees, and a WOLF’s howl is heard. SEQ. EXT. STREET. MORNING. We see Bella driving down the rode to FORKS HIGH SCHOOL. Across the top of the screen is New Moon. We

follow her as she enters the parking lot of Forks High School. She parks her truck and grabs her bag. PAN TO: EDWARD CULLEN is standing by his car with his sister ALICE CULLEN. Alice murmurs something to him and points. He looks up and smiles, seeing Bella. SHOW BELLA who blushes and smiles, moving more quickly to him. She finally reaches him and he pulls her into his embrace. EDWARD Good morning, love. BELLA Hey. (She looks up at him. He gives her a crooked smile.) EDWARD (kisses her tenderly but quickly) Did you sleep well? BELLA Wouldn’t you know? EDWARD (laughing) I suppose. Bella looks over at Alice, and the camera pans down to her hands, where she is holding a box. Bella looks up and groans. BELLA Alice. What did I say about birthday presents? ALICE Oh, come on Bella! What do you expect? BELLA (getting a little rude) But I thought I made it clear. EDWARD (releasing all but her hand) Relax, Bella. We thought maybe you’d change your mind. IN THE DISTANCE, the bell is heard, and students are heard running to get inside. ALICE (starting towards the building) I’ll see you later, Bella! (she lopes gracefully away towards the building.) Bella turns away from Edward and walks off towards the building. Edward easily catches up with her and keeps pace.

EDWARD What’s wrong? BELLA Later? What else do you guys have planned? EDWARD (getting the door for her) Well, we have a party planned. Nothing elaborate. Just, the last real birthday we had was Emmett’s, and that was back in 1935. Everyone is very excited. Please just be good and cut us some slack. BELLA (at her locker) I can’t. I have things to do tonight. (she slams her locker and walks into her homeroom.) EDWARD Like what? She sits down in her seat and he takes his seat behind her. BELLA I have to watch Romeo & Juliet. EDWARD You’ve seen that. BELLA Not the nineteen-sixties version. Mr. Berty said is was the best. EDWARD Well, I’ll let you watch the movie. I’ll watch it with you. We’ll watch it after school, and then we can go to the party. MR. BERTY Class, attention. I hope you all did your homework last night, right Tyler? The CLASS laughs, all except Edward and Bella. BELLA (whispering) ButEDWARD Shhh. We’ll discuss it later. Now, pay attention. Bella groans in defeat. CUT TO: SEQ. INT. CULLEN’S HOUSE ESME CULLEN is decorating the staircase with flowers and ribbons. A TV can be heard in the kitchen, and a ding is heard coming from the stove. ESME Did it come out okay?

CARLISLE (walks out holding a tray with a large layered vanilla cake.) I think so. Esme smiles and gets back to work. CUT TO: SEQ. EXT. FORKS HIGH SCHOOL Bella and Edward are walking to Bella’s truck. BELLA Man, that hurt. I hate gym. EDWARD (laughs) Want me to get the teachers to get you out of it? I’m sure I can, what do you call it? BELLA (unlocking the truck door) Dazzle. EDWARD That’s it. He stretches out his hand to block her from getting in. EDWARD I’m driving. BELLA It’s my birthday. I should be able to drive. EDWARD I thought you didn’t want people celebrating your birthday. Bella climbs into the truck. Edward runs, faster than the human eye could see, to the other side and is already in the car before she is. BELLA I don’t. EDWARD You can’t have it both ways. It’s either you let me drive and I’ll ignore it, or you drive and we celebrate it. BELLA (thinks a moment, then signs, turning the keys in the ignition.) Fine. EDWARD Happy Birthday, Bella. BELLA (sighing.) Whatever.

CUT TO: SEQ. INT. BELLA’S HOUSE Edward and Bella enter through Bella’s front door. Bella drops her bag on the floor and is walking towards the stairs. Edward runs quickly up and comes back with the DVD she was going to get. BELLA Thanks. EDWARD No problem. Edward takes the DVD and puts it in the DVD player. He goes and sits on the couch and Bella sits right next to him. He grabs he afghan off the top of the couch and wraps it around her. He wraps his arm around her and she takes the remote and presses play. CUT TO: THE SUNRISE over the horizon on FIRST BEACH. Suddenly, a wolves howl is heard in the distance. CUT BACK TO: SEQ. INT. BELLA’S HOUSE Bella and Edward are sitting side by side, not touching, as Charlie enters the house. He takes off his jacket. CHARLIE Hey, Bells. Oh. Hi, Edward. EDWARD (turning off the TV and getting up) Chief Swan. Bella follows. EDWARD Would you mind if Bella came to my house for a small birthday party my family is throwing for her? She won’t be back long, I promise. CHARLIE (mumbling) Heard that before. Bella walks over and puts her arm around Charlie’s shoulders, fighting the awkwardness. BELLA Relax, Dad. I’ll be back. I swear. He thinks a moment and then sighs. CHARLIE Fine. EDWARD Are you gonna change? BELLA

Do I have to? EDWARD No. BELLA Then no. EDWARD (laughs) Okay then. We’ll, we need to get going. BELLA Okay. See you later, Charlie. They walk out the door towards Bella’s truck. Edward holds the door open for her and waves once more to Charlie before getting in. They drive away as… CUT TO: SEQ. EXT. SOMEWHERE IN THE WOODS The dark, empty clearing somewhere in the forest. It’s TWILIGHT. There is a hiker, who is setting up camp. His name is HANK, and he is in his mid 40’s. His friend JOHN, also in his mid 40’s, is sitting in a chair around a small fire. Hank finally finishes setting up the tent. HANK Thanks for helping. JOHN No problem…hey, did you hear something? They look towards the WOODS, where there is something rustling in the trees. HANK Probably a raccoon. Hey, I’m gonna go grab some water from the river before it gets too dark. JOHN What happens when you don’t come back? (he is genuinely worried.) HANK (laughs) Relax. Everything’s gonna be fine. He walks off. John is left alone, just hearing the faint noise of the animals around them. Suddenly, he hears a yell. JOHN Hank? He doesn’t answer. JOHN (he grabs a flashlight and starts walking the way Hank went.) Hank? Hank! Dude, this isn’t funny!

He walks forward. He sees a trail of blood, and nearly throws up. JOHN Dude, that better be ketchupA large, dark figure comes out and attacks him. The flashlight drops to the ground and goes out. CUT TO: SEQ. EXT. CULLEN’S HOUSE Bella get out of the truck and Edward is at her side in an instant. She laughs and he puts his arm around her waist. She looks up at the house, which is covered in decorations. Pink and white ribbon, flowers, streamers, etc. are stranded out everywhere, down to the finest detail. Bella groans. BELLA I thought you saidEDWARD Please, Bella. Don’t ruin this for them. Bella sighs and Edward gets the door for her. They walk into the living room and are surprised, well, Bella is, by the CULLENS. Alice, EMMETT, JASPER, Esme, and Carlisle are standing in a crescent shape in front of a highly decorated table filled with a giant pink and white cake. ROSALIE is in the back near the staircase; her arms crossed against her chest. EVERYONE EX. BELLA & ROSALIE Happy Birthday, Bella! Bella blushes deeply. Edward laughs and kisses her head. EDWARD Happy, Birthday, Bella. I love you. BELLA You guys didn’t have to. ESME (hugging her) Yes we did. We haven’t celebrated a birthday in so long. Alice comes up and gives her a hug, also. Edward hasn’t let go of Bella. Bella gives Alice a look of desperation. ALICE (groaning) Bella, what do you expect me to do? Put up some banner? Of course I was going to decorate! EMMETT (coming up behind Bella) Haha, Happy Birthday, Bella! BELLA (turning towards him) Thanks, Emmett. EMMETT

No problem. Just, don’t fall down. They all laugh. Carlisle comes up behind Esme and wraps her arms around her. EDWARD Why don’t we open presents? Bella has a curfew. They all agree. Alice, so quickly, runs and grabs a stack of gifts. Bella picks the small box on the top. It’s from Emmett. She opens the box. It’s EMPTY. BELLA Thanks, Emmett. She looks up, and he isn’t there. She looks around. Edward laughs. EDWARD It’s a new stereo for your truck. He installed it before you knew about it so you couldn’t say no. BELLA (louder now) Thanks, Emmett! ALICE Next one! Bella grabs the next box. It’s a small rectangle shaped one. She slides her finger under the tape, and pulls. Then she gasps quietly. BELLA Shoot. She looks at her finger. She has gotten a PAPERCUT. EDWARD Jasper! No! It all happens so fast. Jasper lounges at Bella, and Edward crashes into Jasper; the sound like two boulders crashing together. Carlisle pulls Bella out of the way. Jasper tries to get away from Edward, his teeth snapping extremely close to his neck. CARLISLE Esme, Alice, get out of here. They exit through the front door. CARLISLE Edward, try to get Jasper out. Edward pulls Jasper out, making sure he wasn’t close to Bella. Finally, he gets him far enough away from the house. Edward comes back in, obviously fighting his temptation, also. EDWARD I’m so sorry, Bella. BELLA It’s not your fault. It’s mine. I just can’t help but hurt myself on every damn thing.

CARLISLE Edward, you should leave. Not after you’ve already tasted the blood. EDWARD (coming closer, but slowly) No. I have to stay. BELLA (aggravated) No you don’t. Now, leave. Edward mumbles something and runs out the front door. BELLA I’m sorry, Carlisle. CARLISLE It’s nothing, Bella. It wasn’t your fault. You are only human. BELLA Yeah. Hasn’t that been working nicely for me. CARLISLE (ignoring her last comment) I need to give you stitches. Would you rather go to the hospital or me do it here? BELLA Here. Charlie would find out if I went there. Gossip spreads here like wildfire. CUT TO: SEQ. EXT. THE FULL MOON Again, as the thin clouds pass by, we hear another wolf howl. CUT TO: SEQ. EXT. BELLA’S TRUCK Edward is driving. Bella sits, her hand wrapped up, staring out the window. Edward looks as if he is about to say something, but keeps his focus on the road. PAN UP TO: THE MOON. CAMERA PANS DOWN BACK TO: BELLA’S HOUSE Edward helps her out of the truck. He hands her the keys and kisses her lightly. EDWARD I’ll be upstairs. Bella nods and heads towards the door. She opens it; it’s unlocked. Charlie is laying on the couch watching some basketball game. He looks up as the door shuts. CHARLIE Hey, Bells. How was the par- what happen to your hand? BELLA It’s nothing, Dad. I fell. No biggie. I’m gonna go to sleep. I’m tired. I’ll see you in the morning.

CHARLIE Oh. Uh, Bella, hold on. Charlie gets up and walks over to her. He gives her an awkward hug. CHARLIE Happy Birthday, Bella. BELLA (uncomfortable, but not as bad) Thanks, Dad. Goodnight. CHARLIE Night, Bells. Bella nearly jogs up to her room. She walks in and shuts the door. She turns towards her bed. Edward is sitting there, toying with a box. Bella is filled with apology. BELLA I’m sorry. He looks up. EDWARD For what? You didn’t do anything. We should be the ones apologizing. Bella walks over and crawls into his lap. He wraps his arms around her. BELLA No. I’m just extremely careless. EDWARD Can’t argue with that. Bella smiles, relieved he’s almost back to normal. She takes the box out of his hands. BELLA Can I open it? EDWARD Where did this enthusiasm come from? BELLA I’m curious. May I? EDWARD Of course. Bella looked at the box, it was from Carlisle and Esme. She attempted to get the wrapping off, but is having trouble due to her cast. Edward laughs quietly. EDWARD May I help? Bella just nods. Edward takes the paper off, revealing an envelope. She opens it and pulls out two tickets.

BELLA Jacksonville? EDWARD Yeah. You always talk about your mother when you sleep. You miss her. Carlisle and Alice thought this would be a good idea. Bella is glowing, excited to see her mother again. BELLA Tell them I said thank you very much. EDWARD This one is from me. He hands her a square item. She manages to take the paper off. It’s a CD case with a blank CD in the middle. She looks up at him. BELLA So I can download all my favorite songs for my new stereo, correct? Edward laughs, louder this time. He takes the CD and reaches over to the CD player sitting by her bed. He puts the CD in and presses play. Soft, piano music fills the air. It’s BELLA’S LULLABY. EDWARD I thought sinceBELLA Shhh. She takes in the music. She’s near tears. EDWARD (quiet now) I thought since I couldn’t buy a piano to play it here, I’d record it. BELLA Thank you. He holds her close, then pulls away. EDWARD You should get some sleep. It’s late. He quickly tucks her in and lays, on top of the blanket, next to her; his arm draped over her. He reaches over quickly and shuts off her light. The room is dark, except for the light from the moon. BELLA Edward? EDWARD Yes? BELLA I was thinking, since it’s my birthday, I want you to kiss me.

EDWARD (chuckles) You are so confusing sometimes, Bella. He takes her face in hands. He stares into her dark eyes for a moment, and then pressed his lips against hers. It starts out normally, him keeping his boundaries in check. Then, he begins to act different. He locks his hand in her hair, pulling her closer to him. Bella reacts normally, too. She wraps her arms around his neck, molding her body to his, the cold from his body going through the blanket. Finally, Edward pulls away. They both lay, on their backs, gasping for air. BELLA Thank…you. EDWARD (chuckling) Go to sleep now, Bella. I love you. BELLA I love you, too. As Bella drifts off to sleep, she realizes that the kiss was not like other ones in different ways. One, he was breaking his boundaries. Two, there was an edge to the kiss. Like, that was the last time he would kiss her…. She drifts off to sleep, worried. SEQ. EXT. CULLEN’S HOUSE Everyone is cleaning up the decorations and such. CARLISLE We should save this cake. ESME For what? CARLISLE In case Bella comes over. I don’t know. Carlisle runs the cake into the kitchen. He comes back. ALICE There. It’s all cleanedShe freezes. FLASHPOP Edward and Bella, standing in the woods. Edward’s back is turned to Bella. She looks dead outside. Edward has a look on his face like he’s in pain. He runs away, and Bella falls. END FLASHPOP Everyone looks at Alice. Carlisle runs to her side. CARLISLE Alice. Alice? What is it? ALICE

Oh, no. CARLISLE What? ALICE It’s…it’s Edward. Close up on Alice’s stunned and scared face. CUT TO: SEQ. EXT. BELLA’S HOUSE Bella is walking toward her truck. Edward isn’t there. She sighs, looks around once, and gets in. CUT TO: SEQ. EXT. SILVER VOLVO DRIVING Edward sits in the passenger seat of the VOLVO, with Alice driving and Emmett, Jasper, and Rosalie in the back seat. ALICE Edward. You can’t. EDWARD I have no other choice. ROSALIE (mumbling) It’s about time. EMMETT (quietly) Rosalie. Seriously? She sighs and looks out the window. Alice throws a nervous glance towards Emmett. Emmett shrugs his shoulders. CUT TO: SEQ. EXT. FORKS HIGH SCHOOL PARKING LOT Bella parks her truck and gets out. She looks across the parking lot to where Edward is standing motionless beside the Volvo. Alice is standing next to him, along with Jasper. She whispers something to Jasper and throws a glance at Edward. CLOSE UP ON CULLENS ALICE (to Jasper) She isn’t going to like this.. JASPER I know. ALICE He knows the outcome, and she’s gonna take it hard. This is wrong..

EDWARD What I’ve been doing is wrong. This will make it right. Alice is about to make a comment when Bella walks up and stands next to Edward. Edward blankly grabs her hand. BELLA Hey. EDWARD Hi. She looks up and him and then looks away, a worried look on her face. This is wrong. All wrong. THEY WALK AWAY SEQ. INT. JACOB BLACK’S GARAGE JACOB BLACK is out in his garage working on his RABBIT. He is a tall, 16 year old, who is too large, in muscle, and has dark skin. He is Indian. His hair is black and long. He pulls away from the car when he hears someone’s voice outside. He drops his wrench and walks out the door. SEQ. EXT. OUTSIDE THE GARAGE Jacob stops as he sees SAM ULEY outside his house talking to his father BILLY BLACK. Billy is an older man, who is in a wheelchair. Sam is a tall boy, about 18. CLOSE UP ON BILLY AND SAM SAM Of course. I’ll come to the council meeting next week. BILLY Thanks, Sam. Lots of weird things have been going on. SAM I understand. Jacob walks up to them and stands by his fathers wheelchair. Sam looks at him. Sam shoots a look at Billy, and he shakes his head. BILLY No. He doesn’t. Sam nods. JACOB What? BILLY (dismissing it off) Nothing, nothing. (to Sam) Well, I’ll see you later. Tell your father I said hello. SAM Will do. (shoots a look at Jacob and walks away.)

Jacob looks at Sam, then Billy, then at Sam again. CUT TO SEQ. SERIES OF FLASHPOPS EACH A NEW DAY: EXT. Edward picking up Bella before school, not bothering to say anything to her. INT. Edward and Bella not talking during an experiment in Biology. INT. Edward and Bella at lunch. Bella’s head down on her arms and Edward staring nowhere. EXT. Edward dropping Bella off. He drives away, and she faintly waves at his car. During this, a voiceover is heard: BELLA (voiceover) We drifted apart. He never talked except for a hi or goodbye. He never kissed me. He always had a blank look on his face. It had me worried….extremely worried. END FLASHPOPS SEQ. EXT. FORKS HIGH SCHOOL PARKING LOT Bella and Edward are walking to Bella’s truck. They are holding hands, and Edward is holding her bag. He has a blank look on his face, like he’s thinking. He holds her door open. EDWARD I’ll be over.

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