Introduction of A-Level Archaeology at Hutchesons’ Proposal Course

Rationale • • • Academic discipline in keeping with academic ethos of school Likely to appeal to range of different pupils Collaborative/cross curricular, involves various subjects o Classics-link with Roman/Greek civilisation/archaeology o History-use of sources; relationship of documentary and material evidence o Geography-field work techniques o Graph Communication-reconstructions using CAD software Subject develops range of skills across Arts and Sciences: o Written o Scientific methods o Fieldwork o Independent study Makes use of staff-qualification/experience: JMcD has degree in Archaeology; CMcC involved in Lanark Archaeology Society We have good connection with Glasgow University’s Archaeology department and Glasgow Archaeology Society; easy to get resources, opportunities to observe excavations, access to archaeology staff, Hunterian museum. o Help reinforce School connections with University unique for independent schools in WOSIS areas o Potential to offer this to S6 pupils from local schools; helps reinforce links.

• •

Concerns/Questions • • • • There is sufficient variety of subjects in S6 already; why introduce a new one? What support network is there, eg training, marking standards What is the opportunity cost o Teacher time o Impact on other subjects (“poaching”?) How is it to be timetabled?

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