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Department of the Army

Pamphlet 25–51

Information Management

The Army
of Records
Notices and

Department of the Army
Washington, DC
30 April 1999

DA PAM 25–51
The Army Privacy Program-System of Records Notices and Exemption Rules

This revision---

o Identifies and updates the Army Privacy Program System of Records Notices and
Exemption Rules.

o Incorporates the Directory of United States Army, Army and Air Force Exchange
Services (AAFES), and Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI) Addresses. It also
incorporates system of records notices issued by the Department of Labor, the
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Federal Emergency Management
Association, the General Services Administration, the Merit Systems
Protection Board, the Office of Government Ethics, and the Office of
Personnel Management that effect all Government agencies.

o Includes cross-references for AAFES and Army new and old identification
numbers (apps G, H, and I).
Headquarters *Department of the Army
Department of the Army Pamphlet 25–51
Washington, DC
30 April 1999

Information Management

The Army Privacy Program-System of Records Notices and Exemption Rules

been extensively revised, the changed portions DCSPER may delegate this approval authori-
have not been highlighted. ty, in writing, to a division chief within the
Summary. This pamphlet combines Army proponent agency who holds the grade of
and Army and Air Force Exchange Service colonel or the civilian equivalent.
system of records notices into one Army
Publication. This pamphles also consolidates Suggested Improvements. Users are in-
references of system of records notices used vited to send comments and suggested im-
throughout the Army which have been ap- provements on DA Form 2028
proved and published in the Federal Register. (Recommended Changes to Publications and
Blank Forms) directly to the U.S. Army Re-
Applicability. This pamphlet applies to the
cords Management and Declassification
Active Army, Army National Guard, the U.S.
Army Reserve, and the Army and Air Force Agency, ATTN: TAPC-PDD-RP, Stop 5603,
Exchange Service. This pamphlet is applica- 6000 6th Street, Fort Belvoir, VA 22060-
ble during partial and full mobilization. 5603.
Proponent and exception authority. Distribution. This publication is available
The proponent of this regulation is the Dep- in electronic media only and is intended for
History. This printing publishes a revision of uty Chief of Staff for Personnel (DCSPER). command levels A, B, C, D, and E for the
this publication. Because this publication has The DSCPER has the authority to approve Active Army, the Army National Guard, and
exceptions to this pamphlet that are consis- the U.S. Army Reserve.
tent with controlling law and regulation. The

Contents (Listed by paragraph and page number) I. Cross Reference -- Army Systems Of Records Notices, page 9

Chapter 1 Glossary
General Information, page 1
Purpose • 1–1, page 1 Index
References • 1–2, page 1
Explanation of abbreviations and terms • 1–3, page 1
Authority • 1–4, page 1

Chapter 2
Concept, page 1
Preamble • 2–1, page 1
Point of contact • 2–2, page 1

A. References, page 2
B. United States Army Subject Series, page 4
C. Statutory and Regulatory Authority Requirements, page 4
D. System or Records Notices, page 5
E. Directory of United States Army, Army and Air Force
Exchange Service (AAFES), and Federal Acquisition
Institute Addresses, page 5
F. Government-wide Privacy Act System of Records Notices and
Exemption Rules, page 5
G. Cross Reference -- Army and Air Force Exchange Service
Notices, page 5
H. Cross Reference -- Army Systems of Records Notices, page 5

*The publication supersedes DA Pam 25-51, 21 September 1988.

DA PAM 25–51 • 30 April 1999 i


ii DA PAM 25–51 • 30 April 1999

Chapter 1
General Information
1–1. Purpose
This pamphlet implements policies contained in Army Regulation
340-21, The Army Privacy Program. It identifies Army and Army
and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) system of records notices
subject to the Privacy Act of 1974 (as amended). These system of
records notices have been published in the FEDERAL REGISTER
to inform the public of records which the Army and AAFES main-
tain on them so they may request access or amendment. For system
of records notices exempt from provisions of AR 340-21, exemp-
tions and reasons, therefore, having been published in the FED-
ERAL REGISTER and in 32 Code of Federal Regulations Section
505, are included in the notices.

1–2. References
Required and related publications and prescribed and referenced
forms are listed in appendix A.

1–3. Explanation of abbreviations and terms

Abbreviations and special terms used in this pamphlet are explained
in the glossary.

1–4. Authority
The Privacy Act of 1974 (5 USC 552a), as amended, is the statutory
basis for the Army Privacy Program.

Chapter 2
2–1. Preamble
a. How systems of records are arranged. Department of the
Army records are identified by the directive number which pre-
scribes the records created, maintained, and used, and are published
in numerical sequence by identification number. For example, a
system of records about assignment of military personnel may be
found in the 614 series; “assignments, details and transfers.” Some
subjects, such as investigations, are treated as sub-elements of a
series, e.g., “criminal investigations, security, and military
b. How to use the index guide. To locate a particular system of
records, follow this general guide. The series subject corresponds to
the system identification number. For example: medical services
records for military and DOD civilian personnel are in the 40 series.
The first letter, “A,” represents the Army, the number (40-66) is the
prescribing directive, and the suffix letters are internal management
devices. Example: A0040-66 DASG.

2–2. Point of contact

For more information, contact the U.S. Army Records Management
and Declassification Agency, at (703) 806-4390, DSN 656-4390, or
FAX (703) 806-3230 and (1-800) 258-9998.

DA PAM 25–51 • 30 April 1999 1

Appendix A AR 40–5
References Preventive Medicine

Section I AR 40–14
Required Publications Occupational Ionizing Radiation Personnel Dosimetry

AR 340–21 AR 40–31
The Army Privacy Program (Cited in para 1-1). Armed Forces Institute of Pathology and Armed Forces
Histopathology Centers
Section II
Related Publications AR 40–57
A related publication is merely a source of additional information. Armed Forces Medical Examiner System
The user does not have to read it to understand this pamphlet.
AR 40–66
AR 15–6 Medical Record Administration
Procedures for Investigating Officers and Boards of Officers
AR 40–400
AR 15–34 Patient Administration
Department of the Army Individual Service Review Board
AR 40–407
AR 15–180 Nursing Records and Reports
Army Discharge Review Board
AR 40–905
AR 15–185 Veterinary Health Services
Army Board for Correction of Military Records
AR 55–71
AR 20–1 Transportation of Personal Property and Related Services
Inspector General Activities and Procedures
AR 55–355
AR 25–6 Defense Traffic Management Regulation
Military Affiliate Radio System (MARS) AR 56–9
AR 25–55
The Department of the Army Freedom of Information Act Program AR 60–20
Army And Air Force Exchange Service Operating Policies
AR 27–1
Judge Advocate Legal Services AR 70–1
Army Acquisition Policy
AR 27–3
The Army Legal Assistance Program AR 70–25
Use of Volunteers as Subjects of Research
AR 27–10
Military Justice AR 70–45
Scientific and Technical Information Program
AR 27–20
Claims AR 95–1
Flight Regulations
AR 27–40
Litigation AR 95–2
Air Traffic Control, Airspace, Airfields, Flight Activities and
AR 27–50 Navigation Aids
Status of Forces Policies, Procedures, and Information
AR 145–1
AR 27–60 Senior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps Program: Organization,
Intellectual Property Administration, and Training
AR 37–47 AR 145–2
Representation Funds of the Secretary of the Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Program
AR 37–103 AR 165–1
Disbursing Operations for Finance and Accounting Offices Chaplain Activities in the United States Army
AR 37–104–4 AR 190–5
Military Pay and Allowances Policy and Procedures Motor Vehicle Traffic Supervision
AR 40–1 AR 190–9
Composition, Mission, and Functions of the Army Medical Absentee Deserter Apprehension Program and Surrender of Military
Department Personnel to Civilian Law Enforcement Agencies

AR 40–3 AR 190–13
Medical, Dental, and Veterinary Care The Army Physical Security Program

AR 190–14

2 DA PAM 25–51 • 30 April 1999

AR 380–19
Carrying of Firearms and Use of Force for Law Enforcement and Information Systems Security
Security Duties
AR 380–67
AR 190–30 The Department of the Army Personnel Security Program
Military Police Investigations
AR 381–20
AR 190–40 The Army Counterintelligence Program
Serious Incident Report
AR 385–10
AR 190–45 The Army Safety Program
Law Enforcement Reporting
AR 385–40
AR 190–47 Accident Reporting and Records
The Army Corrections System
AR 381–100
AR 195–2 Army Human Intelligence Collection Programs (U)
Criminal Investigation Activities
AR 405–10
AR 195–4 Acquisition of Real Property and Interests Therein
Use of Contingency Limitation .0015 Funds for Criminal
Investigative Activities AR 405–80
Management of Title and Granting Use Of Real Property
AR 195–6
Department of the Army Polygraph Activities AR 500–70
Military Support of Civil Defense
AR 210–7
Commercial Solicitation on Army Installations AR 570–4
Manpower Management
AR 210–50
Housing Management AR 600–8
Military Personnel Management
AR 210–60
Personal Check Cashing Control and Abuse Prevention AR 600–8–1
Army Casualty Operations/Assistance/Insurance
AR 210–130
Laundry and Dry Cleaning Operations
AR 600–8–6
AR 210–190 Personnel Accounting and Strength Reporting
Post Cemeteries
AR 600–8–7
AR 215–1 Retirement Services Program
Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Activities and Nonappropriated
AR 600–8–14
Fund Instrumentalities
Identification Cards for Members of the Uniformed Services, Their
AR 215–3 Family Members, and Other Eligible Personnel
Nonappropriated Funds and Related Activities Personnel Policies
and Procedures AR 600–8–22
Military Awards
AR 220–1
Unit Status Reporting AR 600–8–104
Military Personnel Information Management/Records
AR 350–1
Army Training AR 600–20
Army Command Policy
AR 351–1
INdividual Military Education and Training AR 600–25
Salutes, Honors, and Visits of Courtesy
AR 351–17
Us Military Academy and US Military Academy Preparatory School AR 600–37
Admissions Program Unfavorable Information

AR 360–5 AR 600–43
Public Information Conscientious Objection

AR 380–5 AR 600–55
Department of the Army Information Security Program The Army Driver and Operator Standardization Program (Selection,
Training, Testing, and Licensing)
AR 380–13
Acquisition and Storage of Information Concerning Nonaffiliated AR 600–85
Persons and Organizations Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Program

DA PAM 25–51 • 30 April 1999 3

AR 601–100 AR 710–2
Appointment of Commissioned and Warrant Officers in the Regular Inventory Management Supply Policy Below the Wholesale Level
AR 725–1
AR 601–141 Special Authorization and Procedures for Issues, Sales, and Loans
Us Army Health Professions Scholarship Program
AR 870–5
AR 601–210 Military History: Responsibilities, Policies and Procedures
Regular Army and Army Reserve Enlistment Program
AR 930–4
AR 601–222 Army Emergency Relief
Armed Services Military Personnel Accession Testing Programs
DA Pam 600–8
AR 601–270 Management and Administrative Procedures
Military Entrance Processing Stations
AR 601–280 Department of Defense Federal Acquistion Regulation Supplement
Army Retention Program
DFAS–IN Regulation
AR 608–1 Finance And Accounting Policy
Army Community Service Program
DOD Directive 1000.20
AR 608–4 Active Duty Service Determinations for Civilian or Contractual
Control and Registration of War Trophies and War Trophy Firearms Groups

AR 608–10 DOD Directive 1300.6

Child Development Services Conscientious Objectors

AR 608–18 DOD Directive 3025.1

The Army Family Advocacy Program Military Support Of Civil Authorities

AR 614–30 DOD Directive 4500.54

Overseas Service Official Temporary Duty Travel Abroad

AR 614–100 DOD Directive 7000.14

Officers Assignment Policies, Details And Transfers DOD Financial Management Policy and Procedures (FMR)

AR 614–115 The Privacy Act of 1974

Military Intelligence Officer Excepted Career Program
Public Law 93–579
AR 614–200 Codified 5 U.S.C. 552a
Enlisted Assignments and Utilization Management
32 Code of Federal Regulations
AR 621–1 Nation Defense (Part 505)
Training of Military Personnel at Civilian Institutions

AR 630–10
Absence Without Leave, Desertion, and Administration of Personnel Section III
Involved in Civilian Court Proceedings Prescribed Forms
This section contains no entries.
AR 635–5
Separation Documents Section IV
Referenced Forms
AR 635–40 This section contains no entries.
Physical Evaluation for Retention, Retirement or Separation

AR 635–200
Enlisted Personnel Appendix B
United States Army Subject Series
AR 690–200 The Army’s subject series can be found at the Defense Privacy
General Personnel Provisions Office website. To obtain the current listing, double click on the
following: This information is located
AR 690–400
under the Department of the Army’s Preamble.
Total Army Performance Evaluation System

AR 690–600
Equal Employment Opportunity Discrimination Complaints
Appendix C
AR 690–700 Statutory and Regulatory Authority Requirements
Personnel Relations and Services (General) The Statutory/Regulatory authority for the Army’s Systems of Re-
cords Notices can be found at the Defense Privacy Office website.

4 DA PAM 25–51 • 30 April 1999

To obtain the requirements, double click on the following: Table G-1 lists a cross reference between Army and Air Force Exchange Service system of records notices.

Table G–1
Army and Air Force ID numbers
System or Records Notices
The following systems of records notices are extracted from the N/A AAFES0207.02
** AAFES0307.01
Federal Register. This listing of information is linked to the Defense N/A AAFES0401.04
Privacy Office website. To obtain the current listing see www.defe- N/A AAFES0403.01 To link directly to this site, double click on the ** AFES0403.05
following N/A AAFES0403.11
N/A AAFES0404.01
N/A AAFES0405.03
N/A AAFES0405.11
** AAFES0408.05
Appendix E N/A AAFES0408.14
Directory of United States Army, Army and Air Force AAFES0408.17 AAFES0406.12
Exchange Service (AAFES), and Federal Acquisition N/A AAFES0409.01
Institute Addresses N/A AAFES0410.01
AAFES0502.02 AAFES0505.02
The addresses for the United States Army, Army and Air Force N/A AAFES0602.04a
Exchange Service (AAFES) and Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI) N/A AAFES0602.04b
can be found at the Defense Privacy Office website: www.defe- N/A AAFES0604.02 This information is located under the Depart- AAFES0607.01 AAFES0405.05
ment of the Army’s Address Directory. N/A AAFES0702.22
N/A AAFES0702.23
N/A AAFES0702.34
N/A AAFES0702.43
N/A AAFES0703.07
Appendix F ** AAFES0704.07
AAFES0903.06 AAFES0903.06f
Government-wide Privacy Act System of Records N/A AAFES1203.03
Notices and Exemption Rules ** AAFES1300.01
The following information on Government-wide system of records N/A AAFES1504.03
notices and exemption rules is extracted from the Federal Register. N/A AAFES1609.02
This listing of information is linked to the Defense Privacy Office N/A AAFES1609.03
AAFES1703.03 AAFES0306.12
website. To obtain the current listing see
cy. To link directly to this site, double click on the following Notes:
1 Deleted June 7, 1995.

Appendix G Appendix H
Cross Reference -- Army and Air Force Exchange Cross Reference -- Army Systems of Records
Service Notices Notices
Table H-1 gives cross references for system of records notices.

Table H–1
Cross reference of system of records notices
New Id Numbers Old Id Numbers

A0001DAMI A0101.20DAMI
A0001DAPE A0102.03DAIM
A0001DAPE-ARI A0102.03DAPE
A0001SAIS A0101.02DAAG
A0001-20SALL A0411.03OSA
A0001aTAPC A0102.02DAAG
A0001bTAPC A0102.13DAPC
A0015-180SFMR A0727.05OSA
A0015-185SFMR A0708.19OSA
A0015-2-2CE A1524.11DAEN
A0015-34ARPC A0727.09DAAG
A0020-1aSAIG A0224.04DAIG
A0020-1bSAIG A0224.05DAIG
A0025-55SAIS A0239.01DAAG
A0025-6USASC A1106.04USAISC
A0027-1DAJA A0402.01DAJA
A0027-10aDAJA A0401.08DAJA
A0027-10bDAJA A0404.02DAJA
A0027-10cDAJA A0412.07DAJA

DA PAM 25–51 • 30 April 1999 5

Table H–1
Cross reference of system of records notices—Continued
New Id Numbers Old Id Numbers

A0027-1kDAJA N/A
A0027-20aDAJA A0403.01DAJA
A0027-20bDAJA A0403.06DAJA
A0027-20cDAJA A0403.16DAJA
A0027-20dDAJA A0403.17DAJA
A0027-3DAJA A0402.06DAJA
A0027-3SAFM A0319.14DACA
A0027-40DAJA A0410.01DAJA
A0027-50DAJA A0405.02DAJA
A0027-60aDAJA A0406.08DAJA
A0027-60bDAJA A0408.01DAJA
A0030AMC A1301.07AMC
A0037-1DAPE A0309.05DAAG
A0037-103aSAFM A0301.08bDACA
A0037-103bSAFM A0302.03DACA
A0037-103cSAFM A0319.04DACA
A0037-103dSAFM A0319.10DACA
A0037-103eSAFM A0319.11DACA
A0037-104-1aSAFM A0305.10cDACA
A0037-104-1bSAFM A0319.01DACA
A0037-104-3DASG A0305.10dDACA
A0037-104-3USMA A0305.11DAPE
A0037-104-3aSAFM A0305.08DACA
A0037-104-3bSAFM A0305.10aDACA
A0037-104-3cSAFM A0305.10bDACA
A0037-105aSAFM A0306.01DACA
A0037-105bSAFM A0306.20DACA
A0037-105cSAFM A0319.13DACA
A0037-107aSAFM A0302.06DACA
A0037-107bSAFM A0305.05aDACA
A0037-108CE A0319.01bDAEN
A0037-2-1CE A0320.01aDAEN
A0037-202SAFM A0319.01DACA
A0040DASG A0901.02DASG
A0040-1DASG A0912.01bDASG
A0040-1HSC A0912.01cDASG
A0040-14DASG A0609.01DASG
A0040-31aDASG A0914.02DASG
A0040-31bDASG A0914.04DASG
A0040-3aDASG A0906.01DASG
A0040-3bDASG A0906.04DASG
A0040-3cDASG A0909.04DASG
A0040-400DASG A0903.07DASG
A0040-407DASG A0924.01DASG
A0040-5DASG A0922.01
A0040-57aDASG --
A0040-905DASG A0922.01DASG
A0040-66aDASG A0912.04DASG
A0040-66bDASG A0917.01DASG
A0040-905DASG A0929.02DASG
A0055-355MTMC A1201.02MTMC
A0055-355aDALO A1205.26DALO
A0055-355bDALO A1205.30DAAG
A0055-71SAFM A0319.06DACA
A0056-9TRADOC A1201.08TRADOC
A0060-20DAMO A0508.17bDAPE
A0065TAPC A1108.16DAIM
A0070AMC A1401.07aAMC
A0070-16DASG A1304.05DASG
A0070-25DASG A1304.22aDASG
A0070-45DASG A1304.21DASG
A0095-1aTRADOC A1111.01TRADOC
A0140DAJA A0710.02DAJA
A0145-1TRADOC A0704.06bDAPE
A0145-1aTRADOC-ROTC A0703.04DAPC
A0145-2TRADOC A1005.01DAPE
A0165-1aDACH A0722.02DACH
A0165-1bDACH A0722.05DACH
A0165-1cDACH A0722.06DACH
A0190-13CFSC A0509.02DACF
A0190-14DAMO A0509.08aDAPE

6 DA PAM 25–51 • 30 April 1999

Table H–1
Cross reference of system of records notices—Continued
New Id Numbers Old Id Numbers

A0190-30DAMO A0509.19aDAPE
A0190-40DAMO A0508.24aDAPE
A0190-45DAMO A0509.10DAPE
A0190-47DAMO A0720.04DAPE
A0190-5DAMO A0511.05DAPE
A0190-9DAMO A0508.16aDAPE
A0195-2aUSACIDC A0501.08eUSACIDC
A0210-10TAPC A0706.02DACF
A0210-130DALO A1427.01DALO
A0210-190TAPC A0611.05DAPC
A0210-50CE A1511.02DAEN
A0210-60SAFM A0314.08DACA
A0210-7DAMO A0509.18bDAPE
A0210-7aTAPC A0501.02DACF
A0210-7bTAPC A0509.18aDACF
A0215CFSC A0723.01DAAG
A0215-1CFSC A0314.24DAAG
A0215-1aSAFM A0306.02DACA
A0215-1bSAFM A0314.09DACA
A0215-2aCFSC A0301.07DAAG
A0215-2bCFSC A1403.30DACF
A0215-3DAPE A0807.05DAPE
A0340JDMSS A0241.01HQDA
A0340-21SAIS A0240.01DAAG
A0350-1DAMI A0708.13DAMI
A0350-37TRADOC A0713.09aTRADOC (Deleted 7 Jul 97)
A0351AMC A1012.03bAMC
A0351DAMO A1012.03oDAMO
A0351DAPE A1012.03pDAPE
A0351DASG A1012.03fDASG
A0351HSC A1012.03jHSC
A0351HSC-AHS A1012.03gHSC
A0351NDU A1012.04hDAMO
A0351-12DAPE A1012.01DAPE
A0351-17aUSMA A0709.01aDAPE
A0351-17bUSMA A0709.03DAPE
A0351-1aTRADOC N/A
A0351aNDU-CI A1021.01NDU
A0351aTRADOC A1012.03aTRADOC
A0351bNDU-CI] A1021.02NDU
A0351bTRADOC A1012.03dTRADOC
A0351cNDU-CI A1021.03NDU
A0351cTRADOC A1012.03iDLI
A0352-3CFSC A1015.01DAAG
A0360SAIS A0401.02DAAG
A0360SAPA A0401.07aOSA
A0360-5SALL A0411.05OSA
A0360-5SAPA A0412.14OSA
A0380-13DAMO A0509.21aDAPE
A0380-19SAIS A0225.12DAIM
A0380-67DAMI A0506.01fDAMI
A0380-67USAREUR A0506.01jUSAREUR (Deleted 1995)
A0381-100aDAMI A0502.03aDAMI
A0381-100bDAMI A0502.03bDAMI
A0381-20DAMI A0502.08DAMI
A0381-20bDAMI A0381-45aDAMI (A0502.10aDAMI)
A0381-45cDAMI A0503.06aDAMI (Deleted 20 Sep 95)
A0385-10/40ASO A0607.01DAPE
A0405-10aCE A1506.03aDAEN
A0405-10qCE A1506.03bDAEN
A0405-80CE A1504.08DAEN
A0570-4ARPC A0603.05DARP
A0600ARPC A0710.08DAAR
A0600-20NGB A0614.01NGB
A0600-200TAPC A0701.01DAPC
A0600-25MDW A0412.01MDW
A0600-37aDAPE A0708.03aDAPE

DA PAM 25–51 • 30 April 1999 7

Table H–1
Cross reference of system of records notices—Continued
New Id Numbers Old Id Numbers

A0600-37bDAPE A0708.07DAPE
A0600-55DAMO A1420.08DAPE
A0600-8DAPE A0715.07bDAPE
A0600-ARPC --
A0600-8NGB A0708.01bNGB
A0600-8USFK A0715.07cUSFK
A0600-8-104cNGB A0708.02bNGB
A0600-8-1aTAPC A0708.05DAPC
A0600-8-1bTAPC A0708.18DAPC
A0600-8-1cTAPC A0726.06DAPC
A0600-85DAPE A0917.09aDAPE
A0600-85fDAPE N/A
A0600-8aTAPC A0701.02eDAPC
A0600-8bTAPC A0715.06aDAPC
A0600oTAPC --
A0601-100TAPC A0705.01DAPC
A0601-141DASG A0702.08aDASG
A0601-210DAPE A0704.06DAPE
A0601-210TAPC A0702.04bDAPC
A0601-210aUSAREC A0702.03aUSAREC
A0601-210bUSAREC A0704.10aUSAREC
A0601-280aTAPC A0701.02aDAPC
A0601-280bTAPC A0701.02fDAPC
A0602DAPE-ARI A1306.01DAPE
A0608TAPC A0725.01cDAPC
A0608-10CFSC A0725.01aDACF
A0608-18DASG A0917.10DASG
A0608-25CFSC A0728.01DAAG
A0608-4DAMO A0509.03DAPE
A0608aCFSC A0725.01bDACF
A0608bCFSC A0725.01dDACF
A0614-100/200SAIG A0708.13DAIG
A0614-100/200USAREC A0704.11DAPC
A0614-100/200USMA A0714.03DAPE
A0614-115DAMI A0381-45bDAMI (A0503.03aDAMI)
A0614-30DAPE A0708.24DAPE
A0621-1DAPE A1014.01DAPE
A0621-1DASG A1013.02DASG
A0621-1TAPC A1013.01DAPC
A0635-200TAPC A0727.01DAPC
A0635-40TAPC A0727.08DAPC
A0635-5TAPC A0701.02cTAPC
A0640ARPC 0710.09DAAG
A0640-10ARPC A0708.20DARC
A0640-10aTAPC A0708.01aDAPC
A0640-10bNGB A0708.01cNGB
A0640-10bTAPC A0708.02aDAPC
A0640-10cTAPC A0708.08DAPC
A0640-3CFSC A0707.05DACF
A0672-5-1TAPC A0718.01DAPC
A0680-31aTAPC A0708.02cDAPC
A0680-31bTAPC A0708.02dDAPC
A0690-200DAPE A0807.01DAPE
A0690-200TAPC A0807.14DAPE
A0690-400CE N/A
A0690-600SAMR A0614.03aDAPE
A0690-700DAPE A0812.03DAPE
A0710-2aDALO A1416.05DALO
A0710-2bDALO A1416.16DALO
A0710-2cDALO A1416.20DALO
A0710-2dDALO A1416.34DALO
A0715DAJA A1402.18DAJA
A0725-1AMC A1434.10AMC
A0735SAIS-SF A1401.07bDAIM
A0870-5DAMH A0228.01DAMH
A0920-15SFDM A1019.01OSA
A0930-4CFSC A0725.06aDACF
A1105CE N/A
A1130-2-442CE --
A1145aCE A1522.10DAEN
A1145bCE A1522.15DAEN

8 DA PAM 25–51 • 30 April 1999

Appendix I
Cross Reference -- Army Systems Of Records
Table I-1 lists cross references of system ID numbers.

Table I–1
Cross reference of system ID numbers
Old Id Numbers New Id Numbers

A0101.02DAAG A0001SAIS
A0101.20DAMI A0001DAMI
A0102.02DAAG A0001aTAPC
A0102.03DAIM A0001DAPE
A0102.03DAPE A0001DAPE-ARI
A0102.13DAPC A0001bTAPC
A0224.04DAIG A0020-1aSAIG
A0224.05DAIG A0020-1bSAIG
A0225.12DAIM A0380-19SAIS
A0228.01DAMH A0870-5DAMH
A0239.01DAAG A0025-55SAIS
A0240.01DAAG A0340-21SAIS
A0241.01HQDA A0340JDMSS
A0301.07DAAG A0215-2aCFSC
A0301.08bDACA A0037-103aSAFM
A0302.03DACA A0037-103bSAFM
A0302.06DACA A0037-107aSAFM
A0305.05aDACA A0037-107bSAFM
A0305.08DACA A0037-104-3Asafm
A0305.10aDACA A0037-104-3bSAFM
A0305.10bDACA A0037-104-3cSAFM
A0305.10cDACA A0037-104-1aSAFM
A0305.10dDACA A0037-104-3DASG
A0305.11DAPE A0037-104-3USMA
A0306.01DACA A0037-105aSAFM
A0306.02DACA A0215-1aSAFM
A0306.20DACA A0037-105bSAFM
A0309.05DAAG A0037-1DAPE
A0314.08DACA A0210-60SAFM
A0314.09DACA A0215-1bSAFM
A0314.24DAAG A0215-1CFSC
A0319.01DACA A0037-104-1bSAFM
A0319.01bDAEN A0037-10QCE
A0319.04DACA A0037-103cSAFM
A0319.06DACA A0055-71SAFM
A0319.07DACA A0037-202SAFM
A0319.10DACA A0037-103dSAFM
A0319.11DACA A0037-103eSAFM
A0319.13DACA A0037-105cSAFM
A0319.14DACA A0027-3SAFM
A0320.01aDAEN A0037-2-1CE
N/A A0351-1aTRADOC
A0401.02DAAG A0360SAIS
A0401.07aOSA A0360SAPA
A0401.08DAJA A0027-10aDAJA
A0402.01DAJA A0027-1DAJA
N/A A0027-1kDAJA
A0402.06DAJA A0027-3DAJA
A0403.01DAJA A0027-20aDAJA
A0403.06DAJA A0027-20bDAJA
A0403.16DAJA A0027-20cDAJA
A0403.17DAJA A0027-20DAJA
A0404.02DAJA A0027-10bDAJA
A0405.02DAJA A0027-50DAJA
A0406.08DAJA A0027-60aDAJA
A0408.01DAJA A0027-60bDAJA
A0410.01DAIA A0027-40DAJA
A0411.03OSA A0001-20SALL
A0411.05OSA A0360-5SALL
A0412.01MDW A0600-25MDW
A0412.07DAJA A0027-10cDAJA
A0412.14OSA A0360-5SAPA
A0501.02bDACF A0210-7aCFSC
A0501.08eUSACIDC A0195-2aUSACIDC
A0502.03aDAMI A0381-100aDAMI
A0502.03bDAMI A0381-100bDAMI
A0502.08DAMI A0381-20DAMI
A0502.10aDAMI A0381-20bDAMI (A0381-45aDAMI)

DA PAM 25–51 • 30 April 1999 9

Table I–1
Cross reference of system ID numbers—Continued
Old Id Numbers New Id Numbers

A0503.03aDAMI A0614-115DAMI (A0381-45bDAMI)

A0503.06aDAMI A0381-45cDAMI (Deleted 27 Sep 95)
A0506.01fDAMI A0380-67DAMI
A0506.01jUSAREUR A0380-67USAREUR (Deleted Sep 95)
A0508.16aDAPE A0190-9DAMO
A0508.17bDAPE A0060-20DAMO
A0508.24aDAPE A0190-40DAMO
A0509.02DACF A0190-13CFSC
A0509.03DAPE A0608-4DAMO
A0509.08aDAPE A0190-14DAMO
A0509.10DAPE A0190-45DAMO
A0509.18aDACF A0210-7bCFSC
A0509.18bDAPE A0210-7DAMO
A0509.19aDAPE A0190-30DAMO
A0509.21aDAPE A0380-13DAMO
A0511.05DAPE A0190-5DAMO
N/A A0600-85fDAPE
A0603.05DARP A0570-4DARP
A0607.01DAPE A0385-10/40ASO
A0609.01DASG A0040-114DASG
A0611.05DAPC A0210-190TAPC
A0614.01NGB A0600-20NGB
A0614.03aDAPE A0690-600SAMR
N/A A0690-400CE
A0701.01DAPC A0600-200TAPC
A0701.02aDAPC A0601-280aTAPC
A0701.02cTAPC A0635-5TAPC
A0701.02eDAPC A0600-8aTAPC
A0701.02fDAPC A0601-280bTAPC
A0702.03aUSAREC A0601-210aUSAREC
A0702.04bDAPC A0601-210TAPC
A0702.08aDASG A0601-141DASG
A0703.04DAPC A0145-1aTRADOC-ROTC
A0704.06DAPE A0601-210DAPE
A0704.06bDAPE A0145-1TRADOC
A0704.10aUSAREC A0601-210bUSAREC
A0704.11DAPC A0614-100/200USAREC
A0705.01DAPC A0601-100TAPC
A0706.02DACF A0210-10TAPC
A0707.05DACF A0640-3CFSC
A0708.01aDAPC A0640-10aTAPC
A0708.01bNGB A0600-8NGB
A0708.01cNGB A0640-10bNGB
A0708.02aDAPC A0640-10bTAPC
A0708.02bNGB A0640-10cNGB
A0708.02cDAPC A0680-31aTAPC
A0708.02dDAPC A0680-31bTAPC
A0708.03aDAPE A0600-37aDAPE
A0708.05DAPC A0600-8-1aTAPC
A0708.07DAPE A0600-37bDAPE
A0708.08DAPC A0640-10cTAPC
A0708.13DAIG A0614-100/200SAIG
A0708.13DAMI A0350-1DAMI
A0708.18DAPC A0600-8-1bTAPC
A0708.19OSA A0015-185SFMR
A0708.20DARC A0640-10DARP
A0708.24DAPE A0614-30DAPE
A0709.01aDAPE A0351-17aUSMA
A0709.03DAPE A0351-17bUSMA
A0710.02DAJA A0140DAJA
A0710.08DARR A0600DARP
A0710.09DAAG A0640DARP
A0713.09aTRADOC A0350-37TRADOC
A0714.03DAPE A0614-100/200USMA
A0715.06aDAPC A0600-8bTAPC
A0715.07bDAPE A0600-8DAPE
A0715.07cUSFK A0600-8USFK

10 DA PAM 25–51 • 30 April 1999

Table I–1
Cross reference of system ID numbers—Continued
Old Id Numbers New Id Numbers

A0715.07dDARC A0600-8DARP
A0718.01DAPC A0672-5-1TAPC
A0720.04DAPE A0190-47DAMO
A0722.02DACH A0165-1aDACH
A0722.05DACH A0165-1bDACH
A0722.06DACH A0165-1cDACH
A0723.01DAAG A0215CFSC
A0725.01aDACF A0608-10CFSC
A0725.01bDACF A0608aCFSC
A0725.01cDAPC A0608TAPC
A0725.01dDACF A0608bCFSC
A0725.06aDACF A0930-4CFSC
A0726.06DAPC A0600-8-1cTAPC
A0727.01DAPC A0635-200TAPC
A0727.05OSA A0015-180SFMR
A0727.08DAPC A0635-40TAPC
A0727.09DAAG A0015-34ARPC
A0728.01DAAG A0608-25CFSC
A0807.01DAPE A0690-200DAPE
A0807.05DAPE A0215-3DAPE
A0807.14DAPE A0690-200TAPC
A0812.03DAPE A0690-700DAPE
A0901.02DASG A0040DASG
A0903.07DASG A0040-400DASG
A0906.01DASG A0040-3aDASG
A0906.04DASG A0040-3bDASG
A0909.04DASG A0040-3cDASG
A0912.01bDASG A0040-1DASG
A0912.01cDASG A0040-1HSC
A0912.04DASG A0040-66aDASG
A0914.02DASG A0040-31aDASG
A0914.04DASG A0040-31bDASG
A0917.01DASG A0040-66bDASG
A0917.09aDAPE A0600-85DAPE
A0917.10DASG A0608-18DASG
A0922.01DASG A0040-5DASG
A0924.01DASG A0040-407DASG
A0929.02DASG A0040-905DASG
A1005.01DAPE A0145-2TRADOC
A1012.01DAPE A0351-12DAPE
A1012.03bAMC A0351AMC
A1012.03dTRADOC A0351bTRADOC
A1012.03fDASG A0351DASG
A1012.03gHSC A0351HSC-AHS
A1012.03iDLI A0351cTRADOC
A1012.03jHSC A0351HSC
A1012.03oDAMO A0351DAMO
A1012.03pDAPE A0351DAPE
A1012.04hDAMO A0351NDU
A1013.01DAPC A0621-1TAPC
A1013.02DASG A0621-1DASG
A1014.01DAPE A0621-1DAPE
A1015.01DAAG A0352-3CFSC
A1019.01OSA A0920-15SFDM
A1021.01NDU A0351aNDU-CI
A1021.02NDU A0351bNDU-CI
A1021.03NDU A0351cNDU-CI
N/A A1105CE
A1106.04USAISC A0025-6USAISC
A1108.16DAIM A0065TAPC
A1111.01TRADOC A0095-1aTRADOC
A1201.02MTMC A0055-355MTMC
A1201.08TRADOC A0056-9TRADOC
A1205.26DALO A0055-355aDALO
A1205.30DAAG A0055-355bDALO
A1301.07AMC A0030-1AMC
A1304.05DASG A0070-16DASG
A1304.21DASG A0070-45DASG
A1304.22aDASG A0070-25DASG

DA PAM 25–51 • 30 April 1999 11

Table I–1
Cross reference of system ID numbers—Continued
Old Id Numbers New Id Numbers

A1306.01DAPE A0602DAPE-ARI
A1401.07aAMC A0070AMC
A1401.07bDAIM A0735SAIS-SF
A1402.18DAJA A0715DAJA
A1403.30DACF A0215-2bCFSC
A1416.05DALO A0710-2aDALO
A1416.16DALO A0710-2bDALO
A1416.20DALO A0710-2cDALO
A1416.34DALO A0710-2dDALO
A1420.08DAPE A0600-55DAMO
A1427.01DALO A0210-130DALO
A1434.10AMC A0725-1AMC
A1504.08DAEN A0405-80CE
A1506.03aDAEN A0405-10aCE
A1506.03bDAEN A0405-10qCE
A1511.02DAEN A0210-50CE
A1522.10DAEN A1145aCE
A1522.15DAEN A1145bCE
A1524.11DAEN A0015-2-2CE

12 DA PAM 25–51 • 30 April 1999


Section I
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Section II
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Section III
Special Abbreviations and Terms
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DA PAM 25–51 • 30 April 1999 13

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subtopics are identified by paragraph number.
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14 DA PAM 25–51 • 30 April 1999

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