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Date Time

11 April 2012 7.30 am 8.30 am ( 60 minutes )

Year No. Of. Students

2 Satria 25 pupils

Theme Topic Focus

World of Stories The Ant and The Dove Listening and speaking

Lesson Summary The lesson is focuses on listening and speaking. All of the activities in the class are lead by teacher; students have to say what they see on the picture. Teacher facilitates and provides the materials and to make sure the student have a good environment for listening and speaking. Teacher let student to listen to the story of The Ant and The Dove in front of the class and ask students to listen to the story and list the character that involved in the story. Teacher will give a task or work sheet to students based on the story. Teacher gives some guidance on how to do the exercise. At the end of the class, teacher then concludes lesson by giving the moral value of today lesson.

Content Standard 1.1 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be able to pronounce words and speak confidently with a correct stress, rhythm and intonation.

Learning Standard 1.1.2 1.1.4 Able to listen and enjoy simple stories. Able to talk about stimulus with guidance

Behavioral Objectives By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to i. ii. iii. Say word which contains the phoneme / u/. Name characters in the story Respond to simple questions based on the story

Teaching Aids 1. Pictures 2. Story of The Ant and The Dove


Teaching & Learning Strategy


Set induction 1. Teacher show pictures of the Contextual learning by drawing pupils previous Flashcards/Picture of Dove, Ant,

character in the story knowledge. like the Ant, Dove and the Hunter Sample of questions: a. Do you know what this is? b. Can you make sound of this animals c. What does this animals eat

2. Get pupils to name animals they like

Sample of question: 1. What is your pet animal? 2. Why do you like the

3. Get pupils to make the sounds of the animals they like


4. Teacher then tells the students about the topic of today lesson

( 5 Minutes )

Activity 1 1. Teacher let students to listen to a story, The Ant and The Dove Caring Story Telling picture book of The Ant and The Dove

(5 Minutes)

Activity 2 1. Teacher gets pupils to talk about the people, animals or color on the pages of


picture book of The Ant and The Dove

presentation / picture book

(10 minutes)

Activity 3 1. Teacher point to pictures with the // sound. Teacher says the words and pupils repeat.

Repetition through drilling

picture book of The Ant and The Dove

(10 minutes)

Activity 4

Reinforcement through

Dove, Ant, Joe, Leaf, Arrow, Bow

1. Teacher points to the repetition Pictures and gets pupils to name them

(5 minutes)

Activity 5 1. Teacher say out selected words from the story and pupils

Reinforcement through fun and play

Words from the story or other one syllable words with the phoneme / u

will say yes and clap their hand once if the words have the / u sound

(10 minutes)

Activity 6 1. Assessment a) Observe pupils response to pictures shown b) Able to repeat the word correctly 2. Remedial a) Teacher work with pupils who have difficulty saying focus word learnt 3. Enrichment Exercise a) Get pupils to identify and say the other // sound


Repetition through drilling

Dove, Joe, Arrow, Bow


(10 minutes )

Closure Teacher then concludes lesson by discussing and giving the moral value of today lesson

Make Decision

(5 minutes )

REFLECTION: Based on the lesson plan that I had plan, I can say that pupils understand what the lesson is for today. This is because they can name every picture that I show to them. Besides that, most of the pupils give their attention during the lesson. Pupils participate in the class. But some pupils did not pay attention. And teacher need to talk to them with face to face so that they understand what is going on and besides that, they will understand the lesson today. So as a teacher, I need to improve my teaching skills so that pupils will interested to follow the lesson.