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Marwat Enterprises Machike

HSSE Committee Meeting

HSSE Committee Meeting # 00/AB/00

Date: 25-Feb-09

Time: 15:00 Hrs To 16:00

Agenda Point:
1. Strike in Lahore
2. HSSE rules and regulation
3. Don’t Use Mobile phone during driving
4. Driver and staff training
5. Company policies
S.# Name’s Designation Signature
1 Ismail khan Branch Manager
2 Wali-ur-Rehman Finance Supervisor
3 Kamal Mehmood VMS Supervisor
4 Muzammil Hussain Ops/HSSE Supervisor
5 M.Ghfoor VMS Supervisor
6 Muhammad Frooq Operation Supervisor

1. Senior Manager asked the participants to read and understand the

company policies.
2. Senior Manager asked the HSSE Supervisor Mr.Muzammil Hussain
prepare the HSSE Actives plan for the coming challenges. The plan
should cover all the activates such as conducting (TBM, Er Drills,
Spot check, HEMP, and audit of 3rd party workshop, rest area spot
check and etc.
3. Senior Manager asked the HSSE Supervisor to review the HEMP and
to update the same earliest
4. Having no other point discuss.
Action Item:

S.# Action Item Action Party Target Date Status