Frankie and Oliver were flying down the country dirt road, heading towards the big city

. It would take about two easy days driving to get there. Oliver needed to catch a train east. He had been corresponding with a wealthy older woman out there, and somehow she had taken a fondness for him. So he was moving east. Frankie and Oliver had been lifelong pals; they grew up together and had gotten old together. Sometimes they loved each other other times they hated each other. At times they would go years without talking or seeing one another but something would always bring them back together, usually Oliver showing back up on his doorstep with some grand plan. It was about noon and they had been driving for a couple of hours. Oliver looks over at Frankie and says “Hey lets stop by Mary’s for a quick drink before we head to my cousins for the night.” Frankie remembered the last time he had seen Olivers cossen, they had been running as fast as they could with their heads down from his house, as he screamed and shot at them. Something to do with Oliver convincing him to invest his life savings in some scam and losing it all, then his wife leaving with their kids; he was understandably unhappy. So he thought spending as little time there as possible would be a good idea. Mary’s was a little complicated too. Last time they were there they had left with Mary shaking her fist at them and yelling “don't you two ever fucking come back here again.” It had been a few years before Frankie forgave Olivier for that one. But he did miss Mary. He had fallen in love with her the first time they had me, he was 19 and she 16, he and Olivier had just enlisted and were about to ship out. That was a long time ago. He hadn't seen Mary for years now. Frankie did not reply he just kept driving down the road, thinking. When they came to the road that headed south to Mary’s watering hole, it was a little after 5:30, and the steering wheel just kind of turned itself in Frankie’s hands, Oliver smiled. They pulled up and walked in the door, Mary greeted them both with two hard slaps to the face, then she gave Frankie a hug and said “good to see you” she looked at Oliver and scowled, “what do you want?” she said. He smiled, “just a quick drink” he said as he pushed past her, “David, Florez, Timmy, and new kid, good to see you all! Deal me in. Mary, a jug of wine!” They all smiled, except the new kid, Oliver was always a good time. They all sat down at the table, and soon they were all laughing, joking and smiling, even Mary after a few glasses of wine. This carried on late into the night, tostes were made, wine was spilt, and chairs were knocked over, it was a grand night. One by one people had stumbled into a corner and passed out. Mary had a small spare bedroom that she would let Frankie and Oliver sleep in. Oliver had gone to bed and Mary had gone to her room. Frankie was sitting there quietly in the dim flickering light, finishing his wine, when Mary walked back in, “usually you're the first one passed out” she said. “I know” he said “I just don't feel tired, and anyway Oliver puked all over my half of the bed.” “That asshole, always causing trouble.” He could see from the look on her face, that it didn’t actually bother her too much. She sat down next to him and they started talking and joking a little. After some time she looked him in the eyes, placed her hand on his and kissed him. He couldn’t breath for a second, he had missed her more than he had known. The next second they had knocked their chairs over, broke the cups and the wine jug and the table was starting to buckle. They had both wanted this for decades, and that is a long time to wait. In the morning every one said bye to each other and Frankie and Oliver were back on the road. Goddamn today is a good day thought Frankie he could not stop smiling. Oliver looked at him and laughed, “you two should have done that years ago, hell you should have never let Alfonso marry her all those years ago.” He smiled, “hell you two just needed a little push.” “What the hell does that mean?” asked Frankie. “Hell, I drugged your wine so you

wouldn't pass out, then puked all over your half of the bed so you so you didn't have an excuse to hide from her. You just needed a little push.” Oliver said smiling, proud of himself. That evening as they were approaching the city Oliver leaned over to Frankie and said, “Hey, lets stop by Lou’s tavern real quick, I got a plan.” Frankie looked over at him with a big grin and said, “nope, I got a hot date with Mary tomorrow. I ain’t got time for no plans.” Oliver frowned and grunted, “hump, women, they ruin everything.”

So paragraphs are for pussys, just saying. My god that was a horrible and sexist thing to say. Honestly this was more of a short rant of a story. It is not complete, there is a lot more info I’m going to add to it. I was just given a limited amount of space, so voila, and indentations take up space so...