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Heat Shrinkable Products


Ordering information

Complete torch kits: EQ-TO-KIT-BN60-EU (BN60 nozzle, Handle, 10M Hose, EU regulator)
EQ-TO-KIT-BN80-EU (BN80 nozzle, Handle, 10M Hose, EU regulator) EQ-TO-KIT-BN60-US (BN60 nozzle, Handle, 10M Hose, US regulator)



R 3/8 RH



3/8 LH


POL 0.88 inches -14GO-LH

W 20.0 -14LH

W 21.8 -14LH

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Installation equipment
Ordering information roller: EQ-ROLLER-FLATtemperature pyrometer: RM-PYROMETER + surface contact probe: RM-ROLLER-PROBE-SENSOR


temperature stick: RM-TEMP-IN-STICK60C/70C (140F/158F)

plastic scraper for bevelling mill coating: EQ-PE-SCRAPER + replacement blade: EQ-PE-BLADE





Ordering information heatshield for line coating: EQ-HEAT-SHIELD150x3x25M working globes EQ-GLOVES-PAIR

field peel test set: EQ-PEELTEST-SET

FIBERMAT 100 X 100

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Primer equipment
Ordering information
Epoxy primer S1239, S1301-M, S1401 Primer is available in bulk packages and in small kits

Small Epoxy primer kits: S1239-PRIMER-KIT-252 (C10) S1239-PRIMER-KIT-252 1 pc S1301-M-PRIMER-1.4SQM-15SQFT (C10)

Kits include appropriate quantities of resin (part A) and hardener (part B), a stirring stick (EQ-PR-MIXING-STICK), primer safety gloves (EQ-PRGLOVES) and an applicator pad (EQ-PR-APPLICATOR-3). Kits contain sufficient primer for up to 1.4 square meter (15 square feet) of surface coverage.

Special: S1401-KIT-0.5L-0.13GAL/WA (C10) This kit contains only part A and part B epoxy, accessories should be ordered spererately.

Bulk Epoxy primer:

Bulk epoxy primer consist of X-containers of resin Part A and Y-container of hardener part B.

S1239: S1239-PART-A-14.7L-OV S1239-PART-B-17L-OV S1301-M-PART-A-18L-4.75GAL S1301-M-PART-B-18L-4.75GAL S1401-PART-A-18L-4.75GAL S1401-PART-B-18L-4.75GAL

X=2 Y=1 X=3 Y=1 X=5 Y=1


1 ltr of mixed bulk primer covers a minimum of 6.7 m2 (72 square feet) surface. When using bulk epoxy primer, it is necessary to order primer pumpsets and applicator pads seperately. Applicator pad kits are available and these contain 100 pads, 100 mixing cups and 100 gloves: EQ-PR-APPLICATOR-KIT-100. For S1401 epoxy it is recommended to use the applicator with felt (EQ-PR-APPLICATOR-3), available in a kit with 100 gloves, 100 mixing cups and 100 sticks: RM-BULK-ACCESSORIES-KIT

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Primer equipment
Ordering information EQ-PR-APPLICATOR-KIT-100: 100 applicators, sticks, cups and gloves primer applicator pad: EQ-PR-APPLICATOR primer mixing stick: EQ-PR-MIXING STICK primer mixing cup: EQ-PR-CUP-460 primer safety gloves: EQ-PR-GLOVES

primer pump S1301-M primer: EQ-PR-S1301-M-PUMP-A EQ-PR-S1301-M-PUMP-B primer pump S1239 primer: EQ-PR-S1239-PUMP2-A EQ-PR-S1239-PUMP2-A EQ-PR-S1401-PUMP2-A EQ-PR-S1401-PUMP2-B

primer pump S1401 primer:

Berry Plastics warrants that the product conforms to its chemical and physical description and is appropriate for the use stated on the technical data sheet when used in compliance with Berry Plastics written instructions. Since many installation factors are beyond the control of Berry Plastics, the user shall determine the suitability of the products for the intended use and assume all risks and liabilities in connection herewith. Berry Plastics liability is stated in the standard terms and conditions of sale. Berry Plastics makes no other warranty either expressed or implied. All information contained in this technical data sheet is to be used as a guide and is subject to change without notice. This technical data sheet supersedes all previous data sheets on this product.

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