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satpal singh Mohan singh, B/76, Konark Lane, Orient colliery jharsuguda, Orissa 768232 India

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IEEE Membership (electronic)



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IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society Membership


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Instrumentation and Measurement Subscription, IEEE Transactions on Format: Print


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IEEE Industrial Electronics Society Membership


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Industrial Electronics, IEEE Transactions on Format: Print


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please call +1 800 678 4333 (USA and Canada) or + 1 732 981 0060 (Worldwide) or visit IEEE Contact Center at www. Taxpayer ID #: 13-1656633.pdf By becoming an IEEE Your signature is required to complete this purchase and to acknowledge the following: By accessing the information products from IEEE. Inc. Wire Transfer Please add US$15. A purchase order may not be used for Memberships.: To ensure proper credit to your account.Payment Method . NJ 08854-4141 USA Phone: + 1 732 981 0060 FAX to: + 1 732 981 0225 Tax Information: Tax IDs for the Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers. EU Special scheme (digital goods only) Registration #: EU626000081 . Please include purchase order with your request.00 to the total amount of payment to cover bank Canadian Business #: 12563 4188 RT0001. Subscriptions or electronic you agree to the terms located at: http://www. Bank Name: _______________________________________________________________________________ Address: __________________________________________________________________________________ Account Name: _____________________________________________________________________________ Account Number: ___________________________________________________________________________ SWIFT Number: (For international wire transfers only) ______________________________________________ TELEX: (Optional) ____________________________________________________________________________ For specific information.Please select a method below: Credit Card Card Type (Select One) AMEX Master Card VISA Diners Club Name on Card: ____________________________ Card Number: _____________________________ Expiration Date: ____________________________ Cardholder Signature: _______________________ Email: ____________________________________ Check Check Number: ______________________ Please be sure to include the signed check with your application. always reference your member/customer _________________________________________ Signature _________ Date Mail to: IEEE Operations Center 445 Hoes Lane Piscataway. or single issues of journals and magazines. you agree to the terms located at: http://www. your name and the cart number listed above.S. Purchase Order Purchase Order Number: ________________ Please note: A company purchase order may only be used for Standards.