Astrology and Tarot

by Jennifer Asad 3/5/13 There is no doubt that tarot is related to astrology. I have seen the idea alluded to here and there. But to say in passing that there is a relation to astrology and then not to explain it was not enough for me. I wanted to know the what, the how, and the why. Until now, there has been no data that actually breaks it down. So, I decided to take this arduous task upon myself. I uickly concluded that the !! cards of the ma"or arcana are assigned to the # planets plus the sun and moon $%& cards' and the rest of the %! cards are the (odiac signs. %!)%& *!!. Then, it became apparent that one could do a birth chart using the ma"or arcana and it occurred to me that this might have been their original purpose. To read a birth chart you place the %& planets in the %! houses $hence !! cards'. The minor cards came along later. Because Uranus was not discovered until %+#% it is possible that , planets were used $+ planets plus sun and moon' along with the %-th (odiac sign of .phiuchus. .phiuchus is the (odiac sign between Scorpio and Sagittarius. /e is called the serpent holder. 0ow, it must be strongly stressed that I am 0.T an astrologer. I know very little if not absolutely nothing about astrology $funny huh1'. So, I am starting at absolute (ero. In a way, going in fresh $okay 2 ignorant' might actually work because I bring no preconceived ideas and can see connections where they have not been established before. 3or example, the 4ncients saw the galactic center as a snake eating its tail and called it .uroborous. it literally looks like a snake with its tail in its mouth. The %-th (odiac sign, .phiuchus, sits over the galactic center. So, .phiuchus the serpent holder is literally holding the 5ilky 6ay galaxy, which itself is represented as the .uroborous. I have taken each card of the !! cards and assigned them to either a planet or a (odiac sign. There will be

This article is "ust an intro. .!! articles that go into extreme detail for each card.

uroborous. wouldn7t you agree. . add .phiuchus to the (odiac wheel between Scorpio and Sagittarius and assign to him the 6orld card $remove planet Uranus altogether'. Uranus wasn7t discovered until %+#% it would not have been used by the ancients. ancients used %. especially since the wreath is really a styli(ed . 5ore than likely. In this case.phiuchus uite looks like the 6orld card. Since.(odiac signs and . . as mentioned before. planets.Below is a sample birth chart showing %! tarot cards beside their (odiac sign and the remaining %& cards in the houses as the %& planets.

the <reat =ear brings us the 9 4ges of man. This leg positioning is also meant to represent the planet ?upiter whose symbol looks like the number 9. /er robe flows in the infinity symbol as she>he leaps through a wreath that represents the . and in 8evelations the key is held by the . The key is held by 4ries $the lamb' and the key is the vernal e uinox. She>he stands at the center and is therefore .uroborous in turn represents the 5ilky 6ay galaxy. This is an example of how tarot is interpreted on multiple levels.&&& year : <reat =ear. bron(e. with one foot forward $above the galactic e uator' and one foot back $below'. That is the key. See my other articles for more information on the <reat =ear and 9 4ges of man $golden.amb. In the corners we have the 9 fixed signs of the (odiac $4 uarius.eo and Taurus'. silver. 6hile the suns yearly path brings us the 9 seasons. lead'.phiuchus.uroborous $snake biting its tail'. The vernal e uinox is used to track the !9.&&& year: Great Year. Scorpio. ?upiter is the largest planet in our solar system and has the most influence on the cycling of the <reat =ear. and 8evelations. which once occurred at the vernal e uinox. It7s all about ?upiter $he7s the man@'. Apocalyptic Prophesy is Astrology. .The 6orld card of 8ider 6aite tarot represents the !9. it literally unlocks the prophecy of 8evelations. The . Baniel. The 9 4ges of man within the <reat =ear is the vision of the 9 faced beasts of A(ekiel. 4ries. The wreath has two red ribbons in the infinity symbol which can be used to represent not only the sun7s path above and below the earth7s e uator $mundane year' but the entire solar systems "ourney above and below the galactic e uator $<reat =ear'. .

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