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Week 7 Hand-in Assignment

: 1. Gantt Chart

The risks lies on the delay of the getting quotes for contractor because any delay their will delay the hire of the contractors and then delay the lay asphalt which is all in the critical path. Not only that also we have to keep an eye on the quotes for the purchases too because it is a semi critical activity which can be a critical activity any time of the project. The plan to manage and control the risks is expediting the quotes for contractor and the purchases and manage the resources which helps on that by adding more resources if needed in order not to affect any tasks on the critical path which will hinder the whole schedule. After Eight days of work John mange to save 1 day, because he managed to expedite the quotes for purchases from a contractor. Also Mary succeeded to buy the bench for $500 saving $300 from the original budget. Even though we bought the patio stones for $300 above our budget with $100 we still managed to save $200 from the overall budget.

With the possibility of the contractor being delayed to hand over the levelling work a day later. This will not affect our completion target date but we have to keep a close eye on the plant trees activity because it became on the critical path. I can guarantee to the top management with effort and the spirit of the teams we are going to finish on targeted Schedule Plus keeping all the successes being achieved by savings on the initial budget of the project.