Elzear Parisien. (b.

Elzear Parisien was a signatory to Gabriel Dumont’s September 4, 1882 Petition to the Canadian Government regarding Metis land rights on the South Saskatchewan River. Elzear was born at St. Norbert, the son of “Tchee-kee-tarn”—Hyacinthe Ignace Parisien dit Legér dit Prieur (b. 1825) and Marie Letendre (b. 1824) 1. His mother was the daughter of Louison Letendre dit Batoche and Marie Julie Hallett. His father Tchee-kee-tarn was the son of Hyacinthe Parisien Sr. and Josephte Carrière. Tchee-kee-tarn was a band councillor for both Chiefs Little Shell I and II. When he applied for his Metis Scrip Elzear said that he was then living in the Parish of St. Laurent, Saskatchewan, but at the time of transfer (July 15, 1870) was living with his parents at Wood Mountain. Elzear married Madeleine Larance, the daughter of Basile Larance and Agathe Michel Kwarakwante Iroquois a Metis. Agathe was the daughter of the famous Louis Kawarakwante whose descendants are numerous in Alberta. Elzear and Madeleine lived on the plains and wintered at St. Joseph, North Dakota, Wood Mountain and Batoche. He made a land claim for the lot he settled at Batoche in 1873 in Tp. 43, Range 1. This claim was denied because he had received American Metis Scrip. Elzear and Madeleine moved permanently to Dunseith, North Dakota circa 1888, and appear there in the USA census of 1902. Elzear Parisien and Madeleine Larance had the following children: • • • • • • • • • • • Veronique (1871-1884) Cleophas (1873-1880) David (b. 1875) Marie Rose Louise (b.c. 1877) Melanie (b. 1878) Alexandrine (1880-1887) Marie Josephine (b. 1883) Joseph (b. 1885) Jean Baptiste (1887-1887) Marie Magdeliene (b. 1889) Adelaide (b. 1891)

Elzear was a member of Captain Corbet Flamant’s company during the 1885 Resistance. Elzear was active as both a scout and a fighter. On April 22, 1885 he received a vote of thanks from the Exovedate for his reconnaissance at Clarke’s Crossing. This scouting activity reported on Middleton’s progress northward’s toward Batoche. Elzear was part of the Metis’ last stand at the graveyard trenches at Batoche.


They owned HBC Lots 399 and 885 at Red River.

Compiled by Lawrence Barkwell Coordinator of Metis Heritage and History Research Louis Riel Institute

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