Changing tables

Changing tables


Figgjo products are found in the most prestigious hotels and restaurants. CHOOSE THE BEST . canteens and institutions in Europe. the Middle East and Asia. • All Figgjo products are made of vitreous porcelain. making them particularly robust • 5-year edge chip warranty on all round. Norway. By adding new products you create new experiences on the table – Changing tables. Figgjo is known for being innovative confirmed by a number of design awards. Create your own unique solution depending on the desired function and expression. Figgjo products are sold through partners in 35 countries. flat plates (except Figgjo Front Dining) • Manual quality control and sorting after each firing • Customized designs available on orders of both small and large quantities • Flexible production and short delivery time QUALITY AND ENVIRONMENT • We only use environmentally friendly raw materials • Recycling of raw materials and production waste throughout the entire process • After firing. Figgjo products are designed to accompany one another. damaged and substandard products are recycled as filler • We clean all the air and water used in the factory • Certified according to Environmental Management Standard NS-EN ISO 14001:2004 • Certified according to Quality Management Standard NS-EN ISO 9001:2008 Figgjo is a proud sponsor of: .CHOOSE FIGGJO The Figgjo factory is located outside Stavanger.ABOUT US Figgjo AS is a trendsetting porcelain manufacturer for the professional kitchen. where we combine modern industrial manufacturing with craftsmanship to create exciting products of high quality.

5 cm . Which contains of four new basic plates. while still desiring Figgjo quality. Figgjo 24 combines perfectly with the cups and mugs listed below. Figgjo 24 2401 HH Plate 24 cm Figgjo 24 2463 HH Plate 21 cm Figgjo 24 2464 HH Plate 17 cm Figgjo 24 2448 HH Plate 17 cm 25 cl 1742 HH Mug 26 cl 1841 HH Stacking mug 22 cl 1858 HH Stacking cup 19 cl 1757 UH Saucer 14.FIGGJO 24 Figgjo 24 is a new affordable and functional standard series. Figgjo 24 is highly recommended when the most important factors are functionality and price. The plates maintain a pure and simple expression and combine well with other Figgjo products. The eating surface is large and the plates are stackable.

Figgjo Sirkel 2401 HH Plate 24 cm Figgjo Sirkel 2463 HH Plate 21 cm Figgjo Sirkel 2464 HH Plate 17 cm Figgjo Sirkel 2448 HH Plate 17 cm 25 cl Figgjo Sirkel 1742 HH Mug 26 cl Figgjo Sirkel 1841 HH Stacking mug 22 cl Figgjo Sirkel 1858 HH Stacking cup 19 cl 1757 UH Saucer 14. The decoration is put on by hand and emphasizes the white products and provides them with a fresh expression. a stacking cup with saucer.FIGGJO SIRKEL Figgjo Sirkel is a simple striped decoration released in the colors light blue. Figgjo Sirkel is available on all four plates in the series Figgjo 24. dark blue and green. a stacking mug and a mug.5 cm .

The bowls are oval with a sloped edge. The bowl is highly functional and stackable. FIGGJO FOLD Figgjo’s most innovative collection Figgjo Front is now releasing three new stunning products. The plate is suitable for serving lunches and main courses and is an alternative to a round plate. This product combines well with the new rectangular plate. The new bowl is the second largest in the series and holds 6 liters.40 cl and 60 cl. The plate is ideal for serving soups and salads and holds 30 cl. The plates have remarkable shapes and subdivisions that provide multiple occasions for presenting main courses. appetizers and small dishes. FIGGJO STACKING BOWLS Figgjo stacking bowls is expanding with one new size and the series now consists of ten bowls. The plate is stackable. They are distinguished from other more ordinary bowls and will elevate the presentation. FIGGJO COMBINATION PLATES A new rectangular plate with a soft expression and a smooth transition between the rim and the eating surface. The products are light weight. It is ideal for both buffets and single servings. salads.5x26 cm Figgjo Fold 9051 HH Plate 26x16 cm Figgjo Fold 9052 HH Plate 26x9 cm . easy to grab and stackable. Figgjo Fold 9050 HH Plate 32. The plates Figgjo Fold challenge the norm with their various surfaces and angles. The plate is stackable. The smallest plate is also ideal as a side plate.FIGGJO ELLIPSE Figgjo Ellipse has become a noticeable and popular series that we are expanding with two bowls . The square deep plate has a soft and neutral shaped expression. They are ideal for serving soups. deserts and at buffets.

5x10.premium-gastro.gduke.7 cm 30 cl FIGGJO STACKING BOWLS Figgjo Stacking bowl 1814 HH Bowl 35. INTERNATIONAL HOTEL SUPPLIES RUSSIA RADIUS HOTEL AND RESTAURANT www.geiriehf.5 cm 40 cl FIGGJO COMBINATION PLATES BAKO ISBERG EHF FINLAND KESPRO GERMANY AUTENRIEB GmbH ITALY CARAIBA SRL www. www.edgarfuchs.V.5 cm 60 cl Figgjo Ellipse 1521 HH Bowl GEIRI EHF ICELAND FASTUS EHF Figgjo Ellipse 1520 HH Bowl IRLAND G.5 cm 600 cl UK CONTINENTAL CHEF SUPPLIES THE NETHERLANDS OLIVIER HORECA FAROE ISLANDS KJOLBRO www.PRODUCT LAUNCH AUTUMN 2012 OUR DEALERS: FIGGJO FOLD ASIA AND THE MIDDLE EAST BLUE RIBBON LLC Figgjo Fold 9050 HH Plate 32. SOUTHEAST ASIA VERBEELEN THE CZECH REPUBLIC & SLOVAKIA PREMIUM GASTRO Figgjo Combination plate 2155 HH Square plate 30x16 cm Figgjo Combination plate 2156 HH Square plate deep 16x16x4. SWITZERLAND HUNKELER GASTRO AG www.5x26 cm Figgjo Fold 9051 HH Plate 26x16 cm Figgjo Fold 9052 HH Plate 26x9 cm FIGGJO 24 Figgjo 24 2401 HH Plate 24 cm Figgjo 24 2463 HH Plate 21 cm Figgjo 24 2464 HH Plate 17 cm Figgjo 24 2448 HH Plate deep 17 cm 25 cl FIGGJO ELLIPSE EDGAR FUCHS GmbH CROATIA RADIN R GRAND GOURMET www. DUKE & SPAIN CASA DELFÍN www.V.radin-r.kjolbro.

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