The Collected Works of Ann Yearsley
Editor: Kerri Andrews Consulting Editors: Tim Fulford and Bridget Keegan
The Pickering Masters 3 Volume Set: c.1200pp: January 2014 978 1 85196 638 7: 234x156mm: £275/$495

Ann Yearsley (1753–1806) was a labouring-class poet and early Romantic figure and is perhaps best known for the dispute she had with her patron, Hannah More. This is the first collected edition of Yearsley’s works. Previously unpublished poems are included alongside more familiar verses, whilst her play, Earl Goodwin, and novel, The Royal Captives, are made available for the first time since the eighteenth century. All known copies of Yearsley’s letters are also published here for the first time. Recent years have seen a significant growth of interest in Yearsley’s writing. Outspoken on the subject of the slave trade, she is often quoted in the context of the early abolitionist movement. As a labouring-class poet her writing also forms part of an under-represented area of Romanticism now growing in academic interest. The material in these volumes brings Yearsley to life as both a public and a private figure. Her literary career is examined along with her roles as businesswoman, mother and friend, with particular emphasis on her relationships with her several patrons and supporters. This new scholarly edition will aid the further development of Yearsley scholarship as well as being of interest to social historians and those concerned with pre- and early Romantic culture. The collection provides the first opportunity in more than two hundred years to read Yearsley’s varied writings in their entirety and to re-appraise her within a contemporary context.

‘Ann Yearsley: The Bristol Milk-Woman & Poetess’ Alice Bemis Taylor Collection, Ms 0145, Colorado College Special Collections

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Brings together all extant work by Yearsley Several poems are newly attributed to Yearsley Publishes all the known correspondence to, from and about Yearsley, including letters to Hannah More, Joseph Cottle and the Robinson brothers Editorial apparatus includes an introduction at the start of each volume, extensive biographical information, headnotes, endnotes and textual variants Indices of first lines and poem titles are included

Kerri Andrews is at the University of Strathclyde Tim Fulford is at De Montfort University Bridget Keegan is at Canisius College, Buffalo



Volume 1: Poetry and Letters
This volume makes available all Yearsley’s published and unpublished poetry. The core of the volume is her three published collections (Poems on Several Occasions; Poems on Various Subjects; The Rural Lyre) plus the occasional poems that appeared throughout her literary career. The volume contains several poems by Yearsley previously unknown to scholarship – some poems from her early career, and a sequence published in the periodical press during the late 1780s. Also included are all known surviving letters to, from or about Yearsley.

Volume 2: Earl Goodwin
Yearsley’s play Earl Goodwin was performed to acclaim in November 1789 and published in 1791. Republished here for the first time, Andrews offers a full comparison of the play text (as submitted to the Lord Chamberlain in 1789) with the printed text of 1791.

Volume 3: The Royal Captives
The Royal Captives was one of the last radical novels published in the 1790s, and marks the beginning of a significant shift in eighteenth-century literary culture. Yearsley was paid £200, an unheard-of sum for a debut novelist. It is republished here for the first time since 1795, with full editorial apparatus.

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