Cnce agaln, we wlsh Lo remlnd everyone

of Lhe Medlcal Mlsslon 1eam from Lhe
SLaLes who are comlng Lo S!MP Lo offer
servlces and consulLaLlons.

ln addlLlon,
from Lhe
School of
nurslng aL
of ueLrolL
Matern|ty Ward.. ....Newly coosttocteJ
ls Now Opeo!

1hls ls an lnvlLaLlon Lo all expecLanL moLhers Lo come Lo Mercy PosplLal. 1he SL. !oseph
Mercy PosplLal, known for lLs quallLy care and good cusLomer servlce announces Lhe
openlng of lLs newly renovaLed MaLernlLy Ward. Cur four prlvaLe and flve seml-prlvaLe
rooms are bullL wlLh Lhe blrLhlng moLher ln mlnd. 1hey are spaclous and equlpped wlLh
equlpmenL such as alr condlLlonlng, fans, nurse-call sysLem and prlvaLe washrooms.

Cur 8lrLhlng 8oom ls equlpped wlLh Lwo modern dellvery beds and Lranqull decor. ?ou wlll
be sure of Lhe besL equlpmenL asslsLlng Lhe safesL dellvery posslble managed by quallfled
Mldwlves and CbsLeLrlclans. ln addlLlon we are pleased Lo offer you our Mldwlfe uellvery
Þrogramme whlch glves you Lhe opporLunlLy of havlng an experlenced mldwlfe dellver your
preclous ones.

Cur nursery ls equlpped wlLh an lnfanL venLllaLor, lncubaLor, phoLoLherapy lamps, and
resusclLaLor ln a baby- frlendly aLmosphere.

Cur prlces are unbeaLable. ?our sLay wlll be a memorable one.
Come and experlence whaL we have Lo offer.
St. Ioseph Mercy nosp|ta|
130-132 Þarade Street
k|ngston, Georgetown
Guyana, South Amer|ca

Iront Desk

8r|ef Updates:
- ConsLrucLlon ls anLlclpaLed
Lo be compleLed by Lhe end
of March, 2013
- 8oads on campus wlll be
repaved once consLrucLlon ls
- llrsL arLhroscoplc surgery
was performed ln Lhe newly
flLLed operaLlng LheaLer
AnLenaLal Cllnlc Lo be
opened by March 1, 2013
- 8esldenL Care persons are Lo
be conflned Lo one area on
SouLh Wlng Cne
- lnpaLlenL faclllLy
consolldaLed Lo Lhe Lop floor
- ÞaLlenLs are uslng Lhe new
spaclous lCu
In Grat|tude for our
Iebruary Donors

!ohn lernandes LLd
SL. !oseph Mercy 8ecovery
Þro[ecL, 1oronLo, Canada
Alllson Camacho
Þ8S lnvesLmenL LlmlLed

St. Joseph Mercy Hospital
Georgetown, Guyana
The Messenger
March 2013
Med|ca| M|ss|on 1eam
Motcb 4-8, 201J
Mercy (ueLrolL, Mlchlgan) wlll be offerlng
ln-servlce educaLlon on nurslng Loplcs of
greaL lnLeresL Lo sLudenL and llcensed

C||n|cs (pat|ent appo|ntments) w||| be
offered on the campus of Mercy nosp|ta|
on March 4, S, and 6
. Surger|es w||| be
schedu|ed March 7 and 8.

A|| consu|tat|ons and surger|es are by
appo|ntment on|y. Ca|| 22S-318S to
schedu|e an appo|ntment w|th the
Uro|og|st or Þ|ast|c Surgeon.
Semi Private Room Nursery Birtbing Room

Dr. Surendra Þersaud, MD
MeJlcol ultectot
March 8|rthdays

Many persons know of S!MP's servlces
Lo persons who are dlagnosed wlLh Plv
or A81 (persons wlLh Plv recelvlng
AnLlreLrovlral 1herapy). 8uL dld you
know abouL some of Lhe oLher servlces
5temmloq tbe 1lJe also offers? A
programme wlLhln S11 also offers food
hampers, school readlness vouchers, and
lnpaLlenL and/or prenaLal, blrLhlng, and
posLnaLal care for women pre-A81 or on

Stemm|ng the 1|de overall:
• ln 2012 provlded servlces Lo 83
females on pre-ArL, and 411 women
who were on A81
• ln !anuary 2013 we provlded
servlces Lo 84 females on
pre-A81 and 412 women
who were on A81.
• As many women served ln an
enLlre year was served ln Lhe
flrsL monLh of Lhls year!

Stemm|ng the 1|de: Women w|th nIV
5peclol 5etvlces

My Cod l am ?ours for Llme and
eLernlLy. 1each me Lo casL myself
enLlrely lnLo Lhe arms of your
lovlng presence, wlLh Lhe mosL
llvely unllmlLed confldence ln your
compasslonaLe Lender plLy.
CranL me C mosL merclful
8edeemer, LhaL whaLever you
ordaln or permlL would
be accepLable Lo me.
1ake from my hearL all
palnful anxleLy. LeL
noLhlng sadden me buL
sln, noLhlng Lo dellghL me, buL Lhe
hope of comlng Lo Lhe possesslon
of you, My Cod and My All ln your
everlasLlng klngdom. Amen.
cotbetloe McAoley
loooJet of 5lstets of Metcy
Staff Good News
S!MP celebraLed Mashramanl on
lebruary 23 by sLaff dresslng up ln
LLhnlc wear. lL was wonderful Lo
see Lhe colors and sLyles of so
many culLures represenLaLlve of
Cuyana's 8epubllc uay.

nove ooy lmpottoot ot lotetestloq
oews yoo woot to sbote wltb yoot
ímoll odmin1Qsjmh.orq.qy
now can I te|| |f I'm |nfected w|th nIV?
1he only way Lo know lf you are lnfecLed ls Lo be LesLed for Plv lnfecLlon. ?ou cannoL
rely on sympLoms Lo know wheLher or noL you are lnfecLed. Many people who are
lnfecLed wlLh Plv do noL have any sympLoms aL all for 10 years or more. Þeople wlLh
advanced Plv lnfecLlon may presenL wlLh dry cough, rapld welghL loss, recurrlng
fever, profound faLlgue, and swollen lymph glands. Cnce lnfecLed wlLh Lhe Plv, lL
only conLlnues Lo grow and develop wlLhln Lhe human body. Cnly A81
(AnLlreLrovlral 1herapy) can LreaL Lhe vlrus, Lhus reduclng relaLed sympLoms.
Pelen 8rowman 2
Pansen LllloL 4
Mayglen Adams 3
Alma uanlels 6
ChandrouLle Sookram 6
vanessa klng 7
Leslyn !oseph 10
Cnlel Macey 13
Llsle Asabere 16
keshana Clddlngs 19
!ermeln 8en[amln 24
Ablola klass 27
1erry Mohamed 31

Cm|tted from Iebruary
8|rthday L|st:
Cellne ueSouza - lebruary 7
5o sotty!
kegard|ng the 5pecio/ 5ervices
Proqromme w|th|n Stemm|ng the 1|de:
1. Þrenata|]Þostnata| Care:
• CcLober 2011-SepLember 2012: 42
pregnanL women recelved pre and
posLnaLal care.
• CcLober 2012 - !an 2013: 23 recelved
Lhe same.
2. Number of ch||dren of mothers w|th
nIV who rece|ved schoo| supp||es etc.
• uecember 2011 - March 2012: 30
chlldren recelved school readlness
vouchers and 230 famllles
conslsLlng of 980 lndlvlduals.
• 2012: 130 chlldren were lssued
school readlness vouchers.

1hls ls a fabulous
programme LhaL offers so
much supporL Lo very
vulnerable women and
Lhelr loved ones.
ur. Þersaud, Mu ls Lhe Medlcal ulrecLor
for S!MP. Pe reflecLs LhaL he ºgrew up"
around Mercy PosplLal. As a chlld, hls
famlly preferred S!MP Lo any oLher
hosplLal. lL was here LhaL he felL hls
medlcal lnLeresL orlglnaLed. AfLer
sLudylng ln Lhe SLaLes, he reLurned Lo
pracLlce ln CeorgeLown. Pe has been aL
S!MP slnce 2002.

A challenge ur. Þersaud sees ls Lhe
esLabllshmenL of our motket olcbe. 8y
Lhls he means S!MP needs Lo remake
ourselves lnLo a hosplLal LhaL offers
servlces LhaL no oLher, or only few
hosplLals offer. We
have a Lremendous
opporLunlLy wlLh re-
envlslonlng our servlces
as we physlcally rebulld
our hosplLal. Cf course,
we musL conLlnue Lhe
hlgh quallLy of care LhaL
seLs us aparL. We need
Lo Lhlnk creaLlvely . and qulckly and
LhoughLfully respond Lo opporLunlLles as
Lhey presenL Lhemselves Lo us.

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