Volume 6, Issue 2

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Size Matters
By Alyssa Heath Sixteen Candles. The Breakfast Club. Pretty in Pink. What do these movies have in common other than “Brat Pack” actress Molly Ringwald in her prime? They set cutthroat expectations for those entering the occult world known as high school. But are the high school years consistently a “universal American experience,” as argued by blogger Colleen Mondor? What does the label of “high school experience” mean to different people and how does it deviate between various school settings? Alyssa Heath Finding no comfort in the Hollywood portrayal of high school, a time abundant in “angst ridden, hormone raging” jocks, nerds and popular girls (as harshly put by another misanthropic blogger, Rachel Sandler), I took matters into my own hands to answer these questions. Enlisting the help of Lyme Central senior, Gunnar Blank, I set out to shadow a school day at Lyme, and vice versa. With 355 students K-12, Lyme Central School District in its entirety is almost matched by the Watertown High School class of 2013 alone, coming in at 274 seniors. Drop the last digit, and you have Lyme’s senior class: an incomparable 27 students. The vast difference in the size of the two schools each comes with its own set of benefits and disadvantages. A smaller school setting offers the perk of belonging to a tighter-knit group, as opposed to being one of 1,133 kids (the size of Watertown High) and not recognizing all the names or faces of your fellow classmates. A major difference I picked up on at Lyme was the repetition of familiar faces I saw throughout the school day. Although it is not uncommon to have multiple classes with some of the same students in a larger school (I’m with my best friend five periods out of the day), I have friends at Watertown whom I seldom see during the course of my

Lyme Central class of 2012 graduation commencement. Photo used with permission by Mr. Joseph Davis of Chaumont, NY.

Lyme Central School gym floor, home of the Indians. Photo by Lyme senior, Rachel Gardner. ‘Like’ Photography by Rachel G. on Facebook to see more.

day, some of which I may only pass in the hall once every couple of weeks. This also has a downside: although rumors spread like wildfire anywhere teenagers can be found, the speed and impact of gossip is magnified in a smaller school, where many kids have known each other their entire

lives and can retain every detail about their peers. What sets the two districts further apart is the dispersion of students: while Watertown City School District is made up of eight school buildings (Knickerbocker, North, Ohio, Sherman, and Starbuck Elementary schools; H.T. Wiley Intermediate School, Case Middle School, and Watertown High School), Lyme Central students of all ages can be found under one roof. This means that occurrences such as passing a 3rd grade class walking in a single file line while headed to your locker are the norm. This has a definite advantage over the PG-13 hallways of a traditional 9-12 high school: PDA and profanity are eliminated, simply because they cannot exist. The younger children are in constant contact with the high school students and

look up to them as role models. Frankly, I did not mind walking to class without having to see couples honeymooning against their lockers. A one-building district also annihilates the stressful transition to high school. Rather than being the little fish in uncharted waters, students are merely moving up to the next grade, dismissing the infamous trauma of the “Freshman Friday” hoax and finding a seat in the cafeteria. My conclusion after playing school swap is this: the movies are wrong. The experience you take away from high school is dependent on many factors, including the size of your school and your attitude toward it. High school is what you make it: no myth or stereotype can forecast the conditions of your experience. Not even your favorite cult classics.

enjoy it while it lasts.Y: “The day 1. • Everyone is at school to work. “You can never get too much information. even though waking up is usually hard. because that’s when Watertown starts to look a bit creepy. 2013 Interview With A Student By Michaela Castillo This issue of the Cychronicle I had the pleasure of interviewing Shelby Yazzie. Freeman: Is catching up credits for a student in jeopardy fathomable? “We come up with different plans for students to catch up their graduation requirements” There are many options that are available including summer school or credit recovery programs. And I like when it’s not snowing or raining. • Take as many electives as possible and have fun throughout school. which is the sport I usually do.Y: “Oh I had a really fun time.” C: Would you do wrestling again? And what would be your advice to someone who wants to try something new? S. persevere because it may not be too late. talk to someone. but they weren’t in my weight class so I mostly wrestled guys.” C: How long have you been in Watertown? Do you like it here? S.Y: “Not really.4 thing and having Brittany Kaler Shelby Yazzie is a non-traditional member of the WHS Wrestling Team certain classes on certain days is a little weird.Y: “Almost one year. It was really hard. a junior here at Watertown High School.Y: “Yes. It depends on when I feel like it.Page 2 Cychronicle Thursday.Y: “No. And my advice for those people would be give it your all and don’t doubt yourself. They are your connections to success. • Do your best not to be late. C: What made you Michaela want to join the wrestling Castillo team? S.3. • Enjoy your time here Freshman: Learning your way around is important.Y: “Move back to Arizona and go to college for nursing or biomedical engineering. Go out of your comfort zone and experiment with clubs Juniors: Start researching future plans. Brendan Cooley • Have a voice throughout your courses. Whether that means being involved in sports.” What are the best tactics for success coming to school? • Be to school on time • Do your homework • Be well rested • Use your resources. who also moved here last year from Windowrock. Also the language classes were different. clubs or just trying to catch up enough credits to graduate.” C: Is there anything different in Watertown High School then your old school? S. but not really a successful season. March 7.” C: How long have you actually wrestled? And what got you into this sport? S. but when the guys fart then it’s just really awkward. was the one to actually encourage me to do it.” C: And that alone didn’t stop you from wrestling? S. WHS’s guidance counselor Mr.” C: What are your plans for the future? S. Shelby.2. who wrestled when he was in school. agreed to sit down with the Cychronicle and answer the following questions. .” C: Do you do any other sports or activities? S. basketball and volleyball. Mr. “Take High School seriously and get off on the right foot” says Mr. And starting school at 7:30? That’s too early! Back at my old school everything started around eight. Mr. “Stop digging yourself a hole if you are behind.” Seniors: Stay focused and keep your goals at the forefront Fight senioritis and pay attention to important deadlines. Freeman Sophomores: Strive to improve from the year before and do more work. Freeman suggests. But my stepfather. back in Arizona I took conversational Navajo instead of Spanish. college or the military.”(laughs) C: Was it strange being the only girl? S.Y: “This is actually my first time doing this sport.Y: “Cheerleading. teachers are your recommendations.Y: “There were three other girls. • Build comfortable relationships with your teachers. • Even when you seem behind. • Don’t worry about other peoples negative opinions. whether its employment.Y: “It seemed more fun and challenging compared to cheerleading. do NOT cut down the hallway corners at a sharp angle to avoid getting smashed by lunch trays or other students.” Valuable Advice For Underclassmen By Brendan Cooley One thing that I have learned throughout my High School experience is that it is never too late to make a difference. • My final advice is whatever you do.” C: Did you have a successful and fun season? S. Arizona. who had the courage to try out and make the boys’ wrestling team. Freeman says. only your own opinion truly matters. respect both the jobs of faculty and other students. My Opinion: • Having good attendance is crucial to having good grades. where opinions are acceptable.” C: Ok well did you wrestle against just girls or guys too? S. Terry Freeman gave me some fantastic information for students in every grade Mr.

associated with being a working high school student. Students of the United States should be thankful for their education. on October 9th 2012. her dream is almost impossible. which help guide us in making correct decisions Interestingly enough. however. who wanted to stop her efforts to encourage free education for women. Some students who come from lower socio-economic families decide to make Sonia Sherbino their job a top priority because they need the money to help support themselves and their family. Education also allows to develop good critical thinking skills. Why is an education more important than many of us might think? One reason is because an education is needed to get good jobs. There are a variety of reasons why students decide to work while in school: one reason is the economy. which in turn. The students’ academics can also be affected by working because the shifts they have can put a crunch on the amount of time that students have to do school work. There are always problems. students in other countries have been severely injured and have even died simply trying to get an education. but the obligations of those jobs can interfere with student life. 2013 Cychronicle Page 3 We Should Be Thankful for Our Educations By Jessica Shipley and Sonia Sherbino Many students honestly believe that school is simply a place for social interaction and a place to get away from their parents. allow us to live comfortably. The truth is that education truly is the key to success in life and that Jess Shipley there are many places in the world where free education is not the norm. . at the young age of eleven. These same students often fail to see the importance of the free public education system that our government provides.Thursday. This brave 15 year old girl not only valued the privilege of education. This failed assassination attempt left two other girls wounded and Malala in critical condition at a hospital in Peshawar. For example. The pay off for their effort is delayed. Malala has been vocal about the need for women to be educated. Some students that work will have late hours. it is also hard for students to ignore the immediate reward of a paycheck. Most Students don’t see the correlation between doing well in school and their future at that moment. Malala was shot in her head and neck by a Taliban gunman. Having an education allows us to accomplish both the long-term and the short-term goals that we have . (Only 69% of the world’s countries provide free education programs for their school aged children). which can rob teens of necessary sleep. Because she was so outspoken. Unfortunately. even though they may not yet realize that their high school years will seriously impact their own future. but because she was a female in Pakistan. March 7. She maintains her beliefs and has sworn to continue her fight for education for all children and young adults. The lifetime earnings of a college graduate are about eighty-four percent higher than those of a high school graduate. Malala Yousafzai realized that she wanted to become a doctor. while our students often fail to make education a top priority. Ironically. she almost lost her life for it. some students make entering the work force a top prioritywhile they are still in high school.

Any question you have can be answered within seconds. and now you can find them in every math class. We have our cell phones. March 7. You no longer have to go to great lengths to accomplish simple tasks. Having this advantage would be more efficient for most students and could get tasks completed more quickly in class. and a few times. I am used to sending over 4.) About 5 hours into the experiment. Skype. Getting in contact with someone back then was much harder than it is now. Overall. By Erin Pacifici Daily life is now new and improved through the creation of modern technology. Experimenting with not being able to use my cell phone for an entire day was a great thought at first. Also checking the time regularly was more difficult since not many places have clocks anymore. I can openly admit to this now: I am addicted to having my cell phone. Taking pictures of unforgettable moments is at your fingertips with a smartphone and research is a thing of the past with Google. (Since people have become so attached to their phones. Other than that minor slip up. was something different and enjoyable. Some people have become so dependent on technology that they can’t be without it even for a day. and the pay phone in the mall doesn’t even work. many people. except for me. he or she would look at their phone without any hesitation. electronic books. Technophobia may seem like a crazy thing to have. In fact. Spending the day with my mom and sister.000 texts within a week (7. in line. Before starting this experiment.a. poses the question: Should students be allowed cellphone usage during school? What if students were taught that there was a right and wrong time to use phones in school. Of course. Not having to check my phone every five minutes was actually really nice. Taking a Step Back in Time By Julia Fox and Tori Butler Technology rules our lives: everything we do involves some new form of technology that was unheard of years ago. . you still have to talk to people face to face. in turn. Within technology of the modern era are social networks that make connectivity even easier. This privilege comes with great responsibility. Cell phones. but in reality.000 being the norm for a month for an average teen) so not being able to send even one in a whole day brought me even more anxiety. I wasn’t sure how I would react when I was faced with the experiment of doing just that: not using my cell phone for an entire day. using a cellphone in school could potentially make easier the life of a student. I was feeling stressed and un-whole.Page 4 Cychronicle Thursday. and maybe even a partner. but the same could be said of them. however. Not being able to check Facebook. Everywhere I turned. I felt like I had left my phone in a store because I’m so used to always having it with me. or five. Instagram and Twitter was not as bad as I had originally thought it would be. even when the phones are not really needed. Although I had enjoyed spending the day with my mom and sister. literally. We had a number of things planned for the day: we would see a movie. our hypothesis was proven when Julia reached for her phone to check the time. we actually had a good time just talking. we were totally true to our plan. or shopping. the experiment was easier than expected. Walking through the mall without a cell phone was like wearing black at an all white party. have become such a part of our daily lives that trying to remember phone numbers is unnecessary because our phones hold all the numbers we need. This endeavor made us remember how much technology has changed our lives. By the time I returned home to my cell phone.k. however. but negative thoughts were the only ones that I was experiencing. The main thoughts that I was having were “How will I know if my best friend and her boyfriend breakup?” or “What if there is an emergency?” Some of my thoughts were definitely more irrational than others. you’re staying on top of what’s current and keeping in touch with others. Face to face interactions have become harder for today’s youth to initiate. Finding old friends or family members or remembering someone’s birthday is a snap with a Erin Pacifici social network like Facebook. companion. Calculators were new once too. Why We Need It Brittany Kaler Julie Fox and Tori Butler show their feelings about a life without technology. I started to realize that I was actually enjoying myself a lot more. I began to notice that whatever that person was doing. I immediately felt that there was something missing. We couldn’t use our cell phones to call our ride. Every so often. the fear of not having technology in your life. Everyone always makes a big deal about having his or her phone at all times. I desperately wanted to check my phone. someone would be checking a site or replying to a text. Simple tasks in life such as remembering to do something. for example. with no distractions. we hypothesized that we would instinctively check our phones. This. but technology makes it easier to do so when the person you wish to reach isn’t as easily accessible. use a payphone. but when the time came to leave my phone behind as I left my house. Gone are the days of just a phone call to see how a friend is doing. or cellphones were allowed in study halls. but the bigger problem that we are facing is always having to be connected to our phones. Facebook. Some may say your “missing out” on life by being so attached to a phone or computer. or in a certain room? Technology will never go away. I was feeling like I had lost a body part. After the first hour of not having my phone. life is made easier. with supervision. Overall. Computers were also a huge change and these can be found in just about every single classroom. Benefits of Modern Day Technology. even paying your bills can be taken care of on a smartphone or computer. We may honestly be obsessed with checking sites that allow us to know where and what everyone is doing at all times. and completely isolate ourselves from the 21st century. checking out. a. Despite the culture shock. Thinking about not having my phone was at the top of my list all day long. We love our cell phones . the minute his or her ringtone would sound or they would feel a vibration. . such as teens. and so many other technological advancements. I felt like everyone had their cell phone. We found ourselves not even using the technology we could use. No longer must you mail pictures to someone or use an encyclopedia for research. some just naturally reach for their phones to check the time or even just to hold it. it was obvious that it was important to look at each message just in case it might be something important. It’s always going to be changing and improving and students should be allowed to adapt to these changes in school. are indeed afraid of not having their phone. To see how hard it would be to go without technology. Although some chose not to reply. I would find myself feeling in my pockets to find my phone. I Brittany Kaler am one of these teenagers who doesn’t love the idea of not having a cell phone with me at all times throughout the day. using a calculator. they had their phones out. For many of us the iPhone has become a best friend. which is why we should just put down our phones and talk with our friends. There are many school related functions students could use smartphones for such as research for a school project or to search something on the internet that is relevant to the topic in the class at the time. which is the whole point of technology. more and more people are being “diagnosed” with technophobia. If anything. Whether people were eating. in lunch. My experience without having my cell phone was interesting to say the least. we planned a twenty-four hour period in which we could use only the technology that was available during the year in which we were born: 1995. 2013 Are You a Smart Phone Zombie? By Brittany Kaler As technology has made a booming advancement in the last couple of years. .

Like I have a faulty meeting. Real attention to detail is crucial. you have to monitor and adjust so they’re doing it properly and correctly to reinforce what you’re trying to teach them. There’s a difference. So you have to constantly pay attention to all three of those and when you don’t you’re hurting. When you lose on anyone of them. In our area. Then the second part is. For example if a ton of food gets ruined because somebody did something wrong. Unless I do something like this for another year it’s a lot of fun so if I get another interim position I’d probably take it. I’ll probably be back more actively involved in the restaurant. I think stress is unhealthy so I try not to. Cychronicle Reporter: What skills are necessary to manage a restaurant? McGrath: Attention. you got a person who pays attention to detail and the second is like being a teacher or a coach or a manager. That’s what kids have to continue to ask themselves. as price has gone up we’ve had to keep pace with inflation and keep our prices lower to order to even allow people to come into our place so it is. It’s really no different than teaching an English class. education and restaurant management and demonstrates in real life how they both take skills learned through a sound education. So you really have an understanding of how the whole business system works and really Emily Leopard you have to be very attenDavis tive to that so you don’t miss deadlines and that because there’s fines and problems there. . you don’t train your people properly or you don’t manage them properly you’re not a real lead manager and positive with them. it’s become more and more difficult it truly has. I get anxious. So in the past a young woman or young man could go to work at an airbrake or go back to the dairy farm or work for one of the mills and make a living. Because you’re really managing people when you’re managing a restaurant. Paying close attention to the people you’re managing and understanding their needs is important. Joseph McGrath. I’m not stressed about that because there’s nothing I can do about it. CR: When you re-enter retirement from education. retired and had the small restaurant. how can I make a living doing something that I like to do and that I want to do. because we know without a good employable skill our kids aren’t going to do well. how you want them to work. you got to pay attention to customer needs. So it’s very similar skills. And the only way to get that is education. I met with him to discuss this part of his life and to ask how these jobs compare. 2013 Cychronicle Page 5 Another Look at Our Principal By Emily Leopard-Davis By now. No different than I have to try to train my teachers. I don’t allow other peoples behavior or outside events that I can’t control stress me. The only thing I can control is how I react to other people and outside events because as long as I’m reacting to them in a positive way I’m not stressed. making sure I paid attention to detail. March 7. making sure the presentations are all ready to go. For example if you go through high school and you just get a regular high school diploma and you don’t go on to get a two-year degree or a four-year degree what are you going to do. teach it directly. time for enrichment for kids who are getting it. Mr. As for the school business I don’t think kids have changed. Kids are kids. time for retesting. That’s a hard one for me because I do not get stressed. You’ve got to set clear objectives for the people working for you. I think that again the demands from the economy and the outsourcing of our manufacturing makes it much more stressful for our students and for teachers now. Paying attention to detail and managing people in a really positive way. And for the business itself is very crucial that you’re paying attention to every detail because there’s such a small profit margin so that you have to be careful your food waste and disposable stuff and how much everything from your napkins you’re using to how much bread you’re throwing away to how long the cook leaves the fryer going when it doesn’t need to be on. very important and listening to their needs. The best teachers are those who know exactly what they want kids to learn. They may not. Are any of these skills similar to those needed to manage a school? MG: Yes. Ten years ago there were more jobs in Jefferson County and Oswego County. I retired in 2011 and that was pretty much what I was doing. I’m anxious about that because I have to stand in front of a hundred people. You have to really spend a lot of time as a restaurant owner figuring out what your customer base wants. I’m not upset about it. that comes back to hurt you. I’m not worried about the outcome I’m just sort of anxious about making sure I prepare it properly. CR: Has either of these businesses—or Brittany Kaler Mr. there is less discretionary income for people so for us to keep our customer base we’ve had to make adjustments. So the economy and the outsourcing really changed what we have to do and what kids have to do be successful and it’s more stressful for the kids and then a result is stress on teachers. getting chicken wings or going and getting a hamburger. So you have to be very friendly. CR: Is the restaurant business less stressful than working at a school? MG: That’s a tough one for me because I’ve found neither very stressful. either to a fish-fry. We have to be more focused. I’m not stressed about it I’m anxious about it. I came out of retirement just for this year. If you do all that you can be relatively successful. It’s really because the unemployment rate is so high. There is just so much you really need to pay attention to. Now that’s running the restaurant. most students recognize our principal. etc. will you continue to work in the restaurant business? MG: Well that’s a great question because I’ve done that. My reaction to that has got to be to retrain that particular cook or waitress that you need to close the cooler door when you put the chicken back in there or it’ll go bad. Let me put it this way. It’s really “attention to detail. realize that there is another side of our principal: he is the manager of a restaurant in Sandy Creek. If you don’t pay attention in school to the small details they can become very large problems. they’re very similar. So yeah. monitor and adjust when they know kids are learning or not learning. the other part of that restaurant business is your clients. you don’t pay attention to details. both—changed drastically during your time of employment? MG: I think the restaurant business has changed as our economy has changed.Thursday. create time for re-teaching. however. It starts from a micro-approach where there is in the state of New York there’s numerous permits and rules and regulations from sales tax department to different types of boards you have to do. the North Country. Well the Airbrake isn’t hiring there’s no more mills and the only jobs you got are minimum wage and jobs in retail. that could hurt you and if you forget your client base that could hurt you. you got to teach them what you want them to know. McGrath is a great example for us in that he has taken two seemingly un-related areas. So not much different than running a building to be honest with you. Other than that it’s the same business. McGrath reveals another side of his professional life. CR: That’s actually the second question. Just like teachers have to manage their kids in a way that the kids that’s helping their kids’ needs.” That’s that part. Recently. But I don’t get stressed about that kind of stuff. people were going out on a Friday night. Mr.

for the career advancements or promotions. like other colleges. These schools are not for everyone. don’t hesitate to apply. You also learn about the history and marketing of your product. as long as you have the preparation those doors will remain open when you are ready to pursue higher education. from astronomy to poetry to nature and everything beyond and in between. see the name written under it. Research and learn about whatever interests you. The real purpose of education lies in this: to give youth the opportunity to find what he or she loves and to encourage him or her to pursue it. but neither are traditional colleges. I wasn’t sure my answer was the best possible answer. A former art student is probably responsible for every billboard. there is a school in nearly every state and many traditional colleges have very good art programs as well. and there is one thing that seems to have as bad a reputation as not going to college: Art School. a friend of mine asked me how I felt about a student who didn’t want to go to college. We neglect to open our minds to the idea that these schools decorate the world around us.” Mr. There are thousands of creative and diverse jobs waiting for the graduates of art schools. work hard in your classes. most art schools request a portfolio. it should not be the sole goal of education. My satisfaction with myself comes from the knowledge in my head. New products always pop up and old products are always changing. A discussion in my recent Psychology class yielded a memorable quote: “I don’t judge my success based on the numbers on my report card. but instead of doing bookwork and writing papers. You’ll be better prepared for the future. one’s personality. you do not spend all day in the studio. Sometimes. School is More Than Grades Is College Always the Answer? By Siraj Sindhu Special GueSt columniSt I know. is there something wrong with this decision? (By the way. Or being someone’s apprentice. Certainly. we are almost expected to go to college. After some thought. like BOCES. Modern art schools prepare students for modern jobs. But just as importantly. And. But hear me out. doing so is wrong. Tuition costs are about the same as the costs for a traditional college education. But remember that everyone messes up from time to time: maybe you forgot about the big Trigonometry test and didn’t study the night before. Terry Freeman. These pieces should reflect your strengthsand diverse abilities. (You can not only be close to home but because art schools tend to be small and tight knit. I know. Lately. that is far from the truth. and strive to acquire good grades. from fashion courses to graphic design. businesses always need logos. The Ethan Garry normal reactions tend to be. you’ll learn more from your teachers. School and college to an even greater ex- tent is structured on the basis of personal expansion of developing each individual student. students spend their time drawing. roll your eyes and scoff. and you’ll feel better about yourself. At times. so if art school is for you. pursue things that aren’t related to any of your classes. Art schools will help you perfect these skills if you are prepared to work hard. every designer dress. By Brittany Macmillan Recently. or participating in a number of other artistic endeavors. I hear so much about the core curriculum and Governor Cuomo’s Brittany plan to encourage every Macmillan student to attend college. who graduate from these art institutions.” Sometimes. I finally had an answer. who will end up barely getting by in their studio apartments in Paris. Remember. You may just end up discovering a passion that becomes a career. To apply. Here is the original question and both answers. I went to our lead guidance counselor. a few pieces of solid work and a few great pieces will represent your abilities. so that you can be sure that you have all of the skills that you will need to make enough money to support yourself. Mr. and I have an eighty five average. If we think about all of the things that artists contribute to society. The world is just waiting for them to add a touch of color to our futures. however. that I do not want to go to college.) It is important to realize that in an art school. The key is to have the academic preparation so that you can go to college in the future. This is a challenge to all my fellow students: firstly. sewing. but if you wanted to go into a full time job after high school. you should at least look into some sort of trading school. however. Freeman’s answer: “There is nothing wrong with this decision. it is necessary to further your education. however. You read the title of this article. and posed the same question. There was a time when we looked down at art schools. 2013 Art Schools: Another Alternative By Ethan Garry After 13 years of schooling. you may find your campus turning into a second home. I want to go to work full time.” . The portfolio consists of 15-20 pictures of a wide variety of work. This concept is laughable. The public is under the impression that sending young adults to art school means that these young adults will grow up to be starving artists. The truth is. we need to take a step back and think about why we go to school every day and spend so much of our limited lifespan in classrooms.Page 6 Cychronicle Thursday. some students are ready to enter the work force and gain some valuable experience right out of high school. houses always need designers. “Can’t you just take an art class?” or “Who is going to hire you when you’re done?” Many people don’t understand exactly what an art school is: it is a normal school. one’s tastes. It happens. however. The idea of spending just as much money on an education for a campus full of paint brushes and sewing needles is baffling. or you couldn’t finish the Chemistry lab and had incomplete data. one’s interests. March 7. we must acknowledge that the job market for art graduates is diverse and ever-growing.) My answer: “there is nothing wrong with the decision that you have made right now. however. There are numerous careers available for the students. should you chose to attend. and people always need clothes. I have never been in trouble. I wonder. right? I understand. doing well in class is important and is critical to success in life. Conveniently. and I have a good reputation in my high school. and every new and exciting interior design. It’s easy to be discouraged by a bad grade in school. instead of college. along with your transcript. Everyone has a talent or a passion.

Entertainment: Variety is definitely a good way to describe the entertainment of NYC. my posse (consisting of my two older brothers. or how different it is from my old school. Don’t worry. if one wants to have fun. and anything else you can think of. how do you remember the locations of each of these classes? Third. it’s going to be a pleasing time! Overall: My favorite part of NYC was all the different languages I heard. not to be tourists.. the greatest part was the culture itself. Be warned. Times Square. so we only ate at local food establishments. like Fashion District or Diamond District. those stories where cabbies don’t seem to speak English. which allows one to get where one needs to go…as long as you have a map. I was very blissful the first time that I heard someone speaking something other than English. I didn’t think it got any bigger except in huge cities. They’re selling the same products that the major stores are advertising. except the Empire State Building. both of their girlfriends. Other than that. hint. Sure. because New York City has some great food. I didn’t have any firsthand experience. Shopping: When it comes to shopping. It seemed that we were becoming typical New Yorkers and we were only 30 minutes into our adventures of NYC. Not because of muggers. like learning labs and ten classes a day. New York is architecturally set up in a way that is very straightforward and efficien. Everything was delicious! There is a popular rumor that there are so many restaurants in NYC. and myself) all went to NYC over Christmas Break. Advice for Newcomers: If you didn’t get anything out of this article. I have never in my fifteen years of living seen a three story building solely for the use of highschoolers. On my first day at my previous school. but because you might just forget where you put them. it is a vast and wide selection of any-and-everything you’ll ever want or need. Another big change was the learning labs. so I had the usual. Here is some advice: don’t ignore the flea market or stores that look rundown. then you’re not looking hard enough! . but since three of my classes were learning labs I essentially only had the normal seven. those are generally true. If this truly is the case. Other than that. The questions pretty much answered themselves after my first class. A map is a life-saver and you should certainly buy one as soon as possible. Be forewarned. Stereotypes: This might sound ignorant. Central Park. and I’ll give y’all the rundown of how NYC treated its newest patrons. It gave me the feeling of being in a miniature college. That would still be a huge adjustment from just having four classes a day. Would you get work? Was it like a science lab? What was it? When I finally arrived at one I found it was just like a study hall. are different in their individual ways. I also found out that the “Every New Yorker is mean” stereotype is false. Above all. did that mean I would get a lot of homework? Those questions (and many more) ran through my head when I got my schedule. Before I came here. You know. I was given the opportunity to experience New York City for the first time. Obviously. First Bites out of “The Big Apple” By Jonathan Ehlinger Over Winter Break. My crew and I went to NYC to experience the city. you could eat out at a different place every night for 65 yearsand still not eat at all the restaurants. With Broadway. etc. On Day one of this vacation. it was a feeling I haven’t felt since I left South Korea (where I use to live). have fun! If you aren’t enjoying yourself. two of the five of us lost our phones. something Watertown needs…hint.I thought the school was big with only two floors but then I found out the school has three floors.” Getting Around: First things first. and get ready to spend. New York City has them all. They were a mystery to me. then I’d be all set. March 7. how did they even fit ten classes in the normal seven hour school day? Second. was I in for a surprise. get your walking shoes on because you’ll be walking until your feet are sore. but that just goes to show you that a lot of NYC has become a tourist trap. such as the Empire State Building. the sights of NYC are all right. or when these drivers seem to be angry all the time. Starbucks. students and teachers. First. I was completely fine with only thirty-nine minutes in geometry. I don’t think you could go to NYC without seeing a Broadway show. This was just ludicrous to me. the only prior knowledge I had of NYC was from what I’ve seen on TV or heard from my friends. Boy. One thing that stayed constant with both schools was the friendly and helpful people. the radio is blasting music in a different language. while this is over said. My opinion changed on my first day here. Always know where your phone and wallet is. Life is funny like that. It was like one of those things you see on TV and in movies or hear when your parents talk about their high school days. I was happy because there was a bookstore. so don’t glance over them because of their appearances. I’ll conclude that Watertown and my old school are very different in numerous ways. So. Honestly speaking. It was stuff like real trays for lunch instead of Styrofoam and those cool planners. moderate amount of homework. I would have never gotten to any of my classes on time. my earlier assumption that every high school was the same was wrong. at the same price and quality. It would improve my view of that class for sure. The thing that really caught me off guard was the size of Watertown High School. Every school. you don’t have to look very far in “The Big Apple. Radio City Music Hall. I believe it was stranger for me because the city I lived in back in North Carolina was bigger than Watertown but it had a smaller high school with less people and that high school was considered huge. Personally. we found both of the phones. having ten classes a day made the biggest difference in my opinion. Other than that it would be basically the same. Statue of Liberty. both taxi cabs and the subway are useful and affordableways of travel. you’re going to find friendly people. Collectively. The thirty-nine minute classes are pretty cool. and I had never heard of a real person actually having them. This was pretty amazing because I had never had a study hall before. That was also good because I was having trouble finishing my homework at my other school and I only had four classes there. it was a walk in the park. Overhills. so my group and I did just that. Buy a map. various shopping districts. Heck. Burger King… you get the idea). Then came the gigantic stuff. but if you only had thirty-nine minutes in a class would you really get a lot of work done? The answer was surprisingly yes. However. I thought every high school was the same and Watertown wouldn’t differ from my previous school in North Carolina except for location. At first the differences seemed miniscule. the sheer size of it (this school is huge). but not until we were leaving NYC to go back home. Tourism: There is a lot to see in New York City. While walking is the most effective way to get around. its food! My group and I made a rule that we weren’t allowed to eat at any major/corporate business (i. I really didn’t know what to expect from those. 2013 Cychronicle Page 7 Adjusting to Life in a Big World By Tylisha Gourdine I don’t know what was more intimidating about Watertown High School. McDonald’s. but stereotypes of New York City that you see on TV are mostly accurate. but compared to Watertown. so small that if I wasn’t paying attention I would have missed them. which is a play that is far too inappropriate to talk about in a school newspaper.Thursday. just remember these tips for future reference. every landmark seems a lot smaller than you see on TV.” I’ve broken this article down into different specific segments. grab your money. That left me flabbergasted. the Museum of Modern Art. if you look in the right places. it was so confusing because I had to run upstairs and down to get to my classes. however. everywhere you go there will be someone trying to sell you something and they are awfully persistent. basically. Let’s just say without the help of very nice teachers and students. at least these two schools. which is really freaking big! Food: Here’s where NYC gains some positive points. Walking shoes are a necessity! Spend your time how you want to.e. the people I met were sincerely kind and helpful to us as we were constantly lost throughout the city. to see what all the Jonathan hype is about in “The Ehlinger Big Apple. the districts of New York City are divided into different shopping zones. yeah. but that is not always a good thing. but I guess that’s inevitable because everywhere you go. So. We saw Avenue Q. Anyways. You know how people tend to lose things in New York City? That happened too. don’t get stuck doing all the touristy events. Finally. we saw the obvious sights. The taxi cab drivers that my company and I encountered very much “play up” to the typical NYC culture about which you hear rumors.

The individual learns companionship. This can also help teens who suffer from addiction as the non-judgmental and kind nature of the horse can either help the troubled teen make huge steps in recovery from addiction or just help them make better decisions and work for a peaceful. allowing yourself time to become independent but dealing with months of awkward encounters with your ex? The decision is not easy. as Neil Sedaka will tell you. Equine therapy not only helps people with disorders and disabilities. With such an unforgiving complex.” Do you end things right before you leave and adjust to a new life in a weak emotional state? Or do you call it off as early as possible. For someone with a disability. a relationship is not worth the trouble. His father was a horse person and he decided to teach Caton how to ride. Feeling happy decreases the amount of cortisol. the distance does not make a difference. swim and ski. It is a field that hits close to home for me as a horseback rider and someone who has used equine therapy to cope with loss and anxiety. A useful method to relieve stress By Christy Hance When riding a horse. therapeutic riding uses specific riding skills to help the person heal. So you decide to call it quits with your boo. Royal Ivey. complete with high school sweethearts and obsessed ex’s. There are three categories: hippotherapy. it seems that the only loophole to avoiding college heartbreak is taking a hiatus from romance altogether. For some. This causes the person to feel happy or better. where it is the horse’s movements that help the individual. which is the hormone in the body that controls stress. blah. the kids can learn patience. blah. Ironically. March 7. It is also a great form of exercise and many people use it to help them get into shape or to gain better balance. trusting and responsive. you cannot live with it. This form can improve balance. You will be separated for months out of the year when college is not in session and both return to your hometowns. Horseback riding as a sport is not always used by people with disabilities or disorders as therapy: anyone can use this form. many teens find themselves trapped in relationships. Caton Ryder is a boy with hydrocephalus. but nonetheless one that must be made. it is a stress reliever and for others. He was able to help his father and some ranch hands to collect cattle thanks to his increased abilities due to equine therapy. Caton adored it and eventually figured out how to control the horse without the help of his father. As the senior year of high school comes to a close. Equine therapy is becoming a more and more commonly used form of therapy. As a tech-savvy genera. which assists the troubled teen in learning to act calmly because horses almost always veer away from stress.Page 8 Cychronicle Thursday. sion for horses. which can keep this particular form of therapy fresh. Being a therapeutic horseback rider is what I aspire to be in the future. hippotherapy can have a huge impact on the functioning of children with autism. when it comes to love. and cognitive and behavioral processes. that feeling is often hard to achieve. Endorphins are released when the person spends time with a horse. even if it is only 10-15 minutes. College is a time of self-discovery and new experiences. Hippotherapy uses the horse’s movements (which in some ways are similar to ours) to help with motor and sensory input. The animal remains calm. But what happens when you meet boyfriend/girlfriend material? Essentially. But. A horse is a great companion and. but also troubled teens. Through this level of therapy. leadership and responsibility among other things. Is it possible to fully enjoy the college experience while constantly having to stop and consider. 2013 Equine Therapy. Being with someone from college means only seeing them when school is in session and you have tests to study for and internships to complete. So why then do so many people try to hang on to their relationships back home? We’ve heard all of the stories: They are in love. Unlike hippotherapy. it is purely just fun. safe life. or cling to it until it falls apart with no chance of recovery. most people feel like they are flying. There are many different forms of horseback riding so there is always more for the individual to learn. Sparky. posture. and its benefits far outweigh the dangers that are inevitable when working with a large animal.Alyssa Heath tion grows up and flies the coop. Skype and Face Time have made long distance relationships more appealing than ever. His ability to walk was not strong and his fine-motor skills developed faster than his gross-motor skills. He now can ride a bike. Horses are loyal. He learned how to send messages from his brain to his legs. and you cannot live without it! . they will not change. horses rarely cause drama or tension. whether it be mental or physical. “Would my boyfriend/girlfriend approve of this?” For many. unlike people. For example. A choice must be made: break it off on a good note and attempt to be friends. The “Other” College Decision By Alyssa Heath No one returns from college the same person that he or she was upon leaving home. you are put in the same boat that you were in before leaving for college. many college students get their kicks through casual hookups. “Breaking up is hard to do. And so the vicious cycle continues. both of which are hindered by the flickering of an old flame. and riding Christy Hance as a sport. Being with someone from home means only seeing them during school breaks when you are trying to catch up with your family and work two part -time jobs. gain greater hand/eye coordination. therapeutic riding. one old school fact still rings true: college and love go together like drinking and driving. which is very helpful in a teammate or even friend. and obtain better self-control and self-confidence. without parents and filled with lively parties. all thanks to the help of his father’s horse. Being single means eating Ramen every night and reblogging infinite cat pictures. they always want to please. blah. increase socialization. Limitations that his parents thought would hold him back were defeated when Caton began to ride horses and he now lives a successful life all thanks to the skills he gained as a young kid with a pas- Joseph hance Christy riding her horse. But at the end of the day. It is a great advancement in the therapy world that will benefit individuals indefinitely simply because the bond between humans and horses never fades. Now another decision must be made: Are you going to date in college? In a new world.

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