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a. How many satellites are required for RAIM? b. What airspaces are there in India? c.

What is RVSM - what are the requirements for an aircraft to enter rvsm airspace? d.What is RNP

e. Approach lighting system, f. Runway light system

NAV n Radio both 1. Diff between GPWS n EGPWS. KInd of warning EGPWS gives, how does it work 2. RNP, what exactly is that, RNP 1 better or RNP 10 3. GRID MORA on jepp chart 4. CANPA-Constant angle non precision approach 5. VOR, DVOR(Doppler VOR), NDB, which one would you prefer to use and why 6. Showed Chennai approach plate-Which type of approach is that-VOR 7. RADIO ALT 8. RVSM contingencies 9. ALL types of projections, if you are at equator which type of chart would you use(projection type)

compass errors (accel/decel) - fms and it's interfaces - irs construction, working, limitations, relation b/w time to align vs latitude