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S�rgio, A legisla��o norte americana para porte de facas � relativamente conhecida, embora varie de estado para estado, dada a relativamente farta quantidade de revistas e sites norte americanos sobre o assunto, mas qual � a posi��o dos principais pa�ses europeus? Me parece que, aqui mesmo na Bladeweb, foi dito que na Inglaterra que quem porta faca pode ser preso sumariamente. Na Espanha n�o � nem um pouco estranho o porte das mesmas, ali�s at� normal. Na Fran�a, apesar de ser um dos ber�os da esgrima quem porta facas � considerado um indiv�duo perigos�ssimo, um psic�tico. Voc� sabe se as informa��es acima conferem? Na It�lia, me parece que culturalmente algumas regi�es at� achan normal o "uso" da faca, mas o que diz a lei? Um abra�o, Ricardo >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< LEGISLACAO SOBRE LAMINAS NA EUROPA, EUA E CANADA' Respondendo ao nosso amigo Ricardo, realizei uma pesquisa nos newsgroups que envolvem legislacao e cutelaria. Os textos nao sao, portanto, uma fonte exata, fidedigna, da atual legislacao desses paises. Representam, contudo, uma fonte bastante rica (e interessante) de informacoes para quem quiser levar sua lamina. Os Estados Unidos possuem um site com informacoes especificas sobre legislacao de laminas em: A Inglaterra tambem possui informacao semelhante: http:\\\knivesuk\home.htm

CANADA' -----"Basic knife laws in Canada prohibit knives that operate via spring load, centrifugal force or gravity. a year and a half ago, the Federal government also enacted via "order in council" an act prohibiting the owning of "push daggers"--the oolu of the Inuit is exempted. Law enforcement will be concerned with the use of any knife but basically, length, type etc are of no importance except as above. Oct. 5, 1997 Days Inn Airport Rd. 10 -4 is the Canadian Knife Collectors Club national knife show. Venders of Custom and Factory knives will be there as will collectors of all types of knives. Stop by and visit and say hello and add to your collection. EUROPA EM GERAL --------------"I'm Serge van Steensel from The Netherlands and I'd like to react to your question about knives in Europe. I think it strongly depends on the country you're planning to visit within Europe. Regulations vary in each country. In The Netherlands you can carry a knife, as long as it's no longer than about 3 1/2 inches. You can even carry a switchblade here, but double edged knives are not allowed. You should also be aware of local regulations, which sometimes prohibit the carry of knives. This is mostly the case in crowded urban areas. I think a plain and simple SAK will not get you into any trouble in most countries in Europe. I once lost a large SAK (4 1/2 inches) to the police at an Airshow in Paris, France, but that was a fairly big one. I would take a small SAK and put it in my suitcase while flying (don't put it in your pocket). I wouldn't risk my Benchmade if I were you. Maybe if you would know to which specific country he is going, I could try to find out some more information." INGLATERRA ---------"A friend of mine just arriving from England went ot a night club where they did a search on admission. He had his Swiss Army Knife Classic (that's the little itsy-bitsy 2" thing) on his keeyring "confiscated". At the end of the evening he asked for the knife back and was told that the club has an arrangement with the police to hand knives over for destruction. Fortunately my friend has a policeman for a friend and got the Classic SAK back, but the police friend confirmed that the police do have an arrangement with clubs etc to "get knives off the streets". I am not making any comments regarding the rights (or wrongs) about this -

the purpose of this post is to make people aware that this seems to be a policy in the UK at the moment, and I personally would leave my favorite knives at home when I visit the UK, and only carry knives that I can afford to lose." .......................................................... "Yeah, things are bad and are getting worse. There is a fair amount of knife crime in the UK, and a deal of some of that is happening in night clubs. The percieved wisdom of the day is to stop people owning knives. Recently a law was passed making it illegal to sell sharp and pointed things to anyone under the age of 16. This means that supermarkets have had to put corkscrews in glass cases, and adolescents everywhere are sporting peach fuzz and hairy legs. A precis of the laws are: without "good reason" (signed by both popes), having a bladed article in a public place is illegal. Unless it is a folding pocket knife of threeinches or less. Although even this is illegal if you carry it as a weapon. As I write this I have asked a lawyer to check out a disturbing trend that police are requiring a "good reason" for *any* locking knife regardless of size. Bear in mind that a man who worked as a driver on a newspaper distributor and used a knife every day at work did not have a "good reason" for having two knives in his car, and got a couple of weeks in jail. However, I carry a lock knife every day, and providing visitors to the UK don't do anything stupid that will attract the attention of the police, they are unlikely to suffer under any of these laws. One exception to this is the airport. UK security is extremely tough after the Lockerbie bombing, keep your knives in your locked and checked luggage, although a SAK on a keyring in your carry-on might well be waved through. If in doubt, e-mail me, or check the UK knife laws on my web page: " http:\\\knivesuk\home.htm HOLANDA ------"Like I said, Amsterdam is not going to be a trouble. I think Switzerland and Austria will not be a problem either, because a lot of people carry knives when they go hiking or climbing in the mountains. I've been there a couple of times myself and I always carried a knife (large 4" SAK from Wenger for example) and never ran into trouble with it." ITALIA -----"In Italy the police (Carabinieri) seems rather strict and the entrance of every bank is equipped with a metal detector so you cannot enter when you have any knife with you. My girlfriend and I had to take turns going to the bank (she had to wait outside with my knives, while I was going in to get some money)."

FRANCA -----"I lost one of my knives in France and they were not friendly with me at all. They let me go, but I had to give away my knife (I think he gave it his son the next day for his birthday)." ALEMANHA -------"actually i'm from europe/germany, and i can tell you the following: as a german you have to think about it, but if you come from another country and dont intend to stay for years, you have no problem. carrying a 'normal' knife could give you some trouble, but nothing to get arrested for. and until you would have to pay for it, you will propably have left the country. after some years the whole story has been forgot and forgiven. in germany you are not allowed to carry anything that is designed to kill a person, this does not say anything about the length of the blade or fixed/locking/swith thingies. normaly you can carry a locking folder without getting into trouble, however you should not be caught with it on a demonstration. i carry a gerber clip-lock, a short fixed-blade and never had any trouble. this is mostly because you are searched by the police only in extrem situations. but: if you get to fight with someone, and dont use a knife, but have one on you, it will be punished as if you tried to use it. they say that you carry the knife to use it, and if you can't stay out of trouble you are not grown-up enough to carry one. means: if you wanna beat up someone who gets to close to your girl better drop the knife somewhere or go to jail soon!" SUICA ----"In most parts of Switzerland (NOT SWEDEN!!!) knife blades may not be longer than the width of a hand-palm. 'course I carry a Police Spyderco, and no-one has complained; most likely because where I live, every second cop has one :^)" ->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Sergio Hartenberg BLADEWEB BRAZIL ______________________(|_______________ /----------------------(| | /_______________________(|_______________| (|