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New Biogas Plant Coming In Galicia

This news in countries where industrial biogas plants are hundreds or even thousands (case of Germany) would make little sense. However, in Spain, where not reach twenty, it becomes news relevant to the sector, although in the case of a pilot installation of 30 kW and public initiative. Last week, the Galician authorities inaugurated in Laln (Pontevedra). It will not only supply power to the livestock facility where it is located, but that it will serve as a reference for the rest of the holdings of dairy in the rea.

The installation opened last week at the Mouriscade farm, Centre for research in animal feed of the Diputacin de Pontevedra, importantly it is replicated in the livestock environment which fits. The Minister of rural areas and the sea of the Xunta de Galicia, Rosa Quintana, warned that the plant "was founded with a clear environmental vocation, to reduce the impact on the basin of the River Ulla, but at the same time seeking a practical application for farming". Quintana added that "the importance of the livestock sector in Galicia is indisputable and therefore we are committed to the proper use of manure as a resource for the fertilization of crops and grasslands." In the initiative, as well as the regional government and the Diputacin de Pontevedra, works the technological centre of efficiency and energy sustainability (Energylab), which also works on projects of a geothermal heat pump and advanced lighting systems in Windows to improve their energy efficiency. This collaboration has enabled to develop a pilot plant of 30 kW that supplies power to a livestock farm and a laboratory and that has meant a total around half a million euros investment. It would cover 100 percent holdings zone type power "Is a project pioneer in Galicia and the first in Spain to small-scale, suitable to the characteristics of the holdings of the community". This was explained by Francisco Conde, Minister of economy and industry, to demonstrate that the plant will serve as a reference in the Galician livestock sector by "the potential economic and environmental of this type of energy". It will create 190,000 kWh per year, enough production to supply energy to the exploitation of which part, which has a hundred heads of cattle producing milk. Many of the surrounding farms beef have similar characteristics. "A significant percentage of the Galician municipalities depends on dairy farms, so it paid special importance those capable of promoting modernization and increasing the profitability of livestock operations from the point of view of saving and energy efficiency measures," says Conde. According to the promoters of the plant, this covers 100 per cent cattle energy demand and 85 per cent of the total number of installations, due to higher consumption provided the laboratory of farm Mouriscade.