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Test Ideas to Test Facebook Website

Consider the following image: Login Screen of Facebook website.

1. Check different combination of inputs: Correct Email Id Correct Password Correct Email Id Wrong Password Wrong Email Id Correct Password Wrong Email Id Wrong Password Correct Phone Number Correct Password Correct Phone Number Wrong Password Wrong Phone Number Correct Password Wrong Phone Number Wrong Password 2. Check if we can login, with phone number along with Country code and Password 3. Check if we can login, with a SPACE before entering the Phone number or Email id and Password.

Globalization / Localization 4. Check if the languages , which shows here will, on click will show the selected language

5. Check if the selected language, is actually selected or not. By selecting English (UK) The language should be changed and the language written beside Facebook copyright 2013 should also change.

6. Check On Search of a keywords, the application should show the friend names 7. Check if no search keyword found, it should show: Friend Not found

8. Check the feature of facebook Promote the posts. Check On changing the Country Name, the Credits and Currency should be changed. 9. Check if we change the Country Name in the New Mobile Phone and Then Select the Mobile Number, which was already registered on INDIA The price should be changed to INR on top right corner. 10. Check on Selecting the payment method, should redirect to respective websites.

11. Check if the friend chat box shows Online / Offline /Mobile symbol, if the person is online we see green button on the left side of the friend name. 12. Select the Smiley on the bottom-right corner, on click of it check it shows different smileys on the chat box. 13. Check if we can make video call when the friend on the chat list is online.

14. Check if we can add Friends in a group and chat with them as a conference.

15. Check if we can Add File / Files, and transfer files to friends. 16. Check if there is any limit of transfer of files by Add Files feature. 17. Check if, we can Turn Off the chat feature for a particular friend and try if we can send messages to him offline. 18. Check if we can clear the conversations on click of Clear Window.

19. Check if we can See Full conversation In Messages window on Click of See Full Conversation.

20. Checking the Search Filters, Searching for Hello and Select the Search Filters

21. Click on the Pages / Lists /Groups Check if it takes to respective selection. 22. Click on the Get New Graph Search, Check if it takes to Graph Search Page. 23. Check if when any one comments/reply to ur post, you will receive a sound. 24. Check if we can attach other files instead of Photos/Videos in Add Photos/Video.

25. Check if, the selected place will be displayed on the post, when we select the places typing it and on selection.

26. Check if, whether the name gets displayed, when we type the name of the friend (who are you with?) once it is selected .

27. Check if ,Whether we can a new event and invite the Friends

28. Check If, we can export the friends birthdays / events into different calendars.

29. Check if, we can Turn on / Turn Off chat settings with friends.

30. Check if, we can use Facebook as Page Instead of Profile.