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Team Hasek – Minnesota College Republicans Now Leaving No Chapter Behind
Start, Grow, and Strengthen Chapters within Minnesota The number one focus for Minnesota College Republicans in 2013-2014 should be to increase our base number of active College Republicans. College Republicans have always served as a boots-on-theground asset for Republican legislative candidates throughout the state of Minnesota. College Republicans in Minnesota have long been the vital grassroots force in elections. Our ability to organize, mobilize, collaborate, and produce results is unmatched. Our chapters are full of young professionals and leaders with limitless talents. We have 5 statewide elections in 2014, and we need to focus on growing our membership in order to help these candidates. We must recognize that every college campus is unique, and every chapter has unique needs. We have chapters located on extremely liberal campuses such as Macalester and conservative campuses such as Northwestern College. Whatever their needs, the Minnesota College Republicans can help every chapter succeed. The people that know the campus best will lead the charge. However, if a chapter needs help with a recruiting event or fundraising, we will be there for them. We must be accessible and willing to offer assistance when needed.    Chapter specific plans will be developed to ensure that each chapter is on track with their development plans We will encourage networking between chapters located within reasonable distance of each other. Chapters will be able to build relationships among themselves and learn from each other. A how-to-guide will be made that will detail how successful chapters have operated in the past. These will be distributed to all chapter chairs.

Beginning with summer orientations, we will be extremely aggressive in recruiting new members. It is imperative to take action right away; freshmen typically come in without any prior obligations from other organizations. We need to be an appealing, inclusive, and fun organization to attract new members. To ensure the growth of College Republicans, we will coordinate our recruiting activities with the appropriate chapters. This will pay dividends when campaigns and the Republican Party of Minnesota need volunteers in 2014. We aim to start new chapters and struggle those that are struggling. We will attempt to make inroads at places that do not have chapters. We will strive to help out chapters that are struggling in any capacity that we can. A Focus on Student Governments There is a rampant and ever present liberal bias on the campuses of Minnesota's colleges and universities. As conservative students, we already have an uphill battle to fight. Many of our chapters have had to battle this disadvantage. Liberal student governments, administrations, and professors make

it difficult for our conservative message to be heard and for our chapters to thrive. We must fight back in order to have a level playing field. Together, we can change the culture on our college campuses. We are college conservatives, and we will be heard. By utilizing the talents we possess, we will elect student government officials across all schools in our state. Student governments have a great responsibility in assisting and aiding student organizations. They often control funding, room assignments, event planning processes, etc. If we have a level playing field, we will be greater in number and in influence than our counterparts. Student government races are political races just like any other. There must be strong candidates, effective messaging, organization, and volunteers. We, as College Republicans, can implement the same skills that we use in political races to elect student government representatives that will work with us. Chapters can assist in identifying strong candidates, developing a messaging and campaign strategy, organizing a campaign team and volunteer efforts, and run get out the vote efforts. Team Hasek will also aim to improve communication with minority groups on campus. America continues to become a more diverse nation and we must be able to communicate our ideas to all demographics of college students so that the future of conservatism remains bright. We believe that chapters will be able to develop these ideas, to share it with their members and other chapters, and implement it successfully.

Coalition Building Coupled with the allegiance of campus student governments, we seek to promote conservative ideals by bringing in speakers and elected officials to campuses. In the past, campuses have brought in speakers on an individual basis, but it is also important to realize the importance of partnering with other regional chapters. Therefore, with education that leads to change in mind, we will establish a unique speaking series for each region where chapters coordinate with one another to have a maximum impact on their campuses and surrounding regions. We will start an initiative to better connect our chapters with groups on their campuses. First, in order to be successful in 2013, 2014, and beyond we must build better coalitions. At the state level, we will work to identify other groups in Minnesota who are sympathetic to the conservative cause. For example, Young Americans for Liberty, Christians United for Israel, Students for Life, and Young Republicans can be valuable allies and partners. These groups can work with us to promote our shared ideas. If chapters are better connected to these groups, we will increase activism, membership, and volunteer output. We also intend to work with high school Republican groups and make sure that they are guided into our organization in the future. When this is implemented, chapters will also be better connected with each other, allowing for more cooperation and activism. When we reach out and cooperate with other conservative groups and organizations, we increase the validity and notoriety of College Republicans, we make valuable connections, gain experience, and elect more conservatives. Not only will we be focusing with groups available just on Minnesota’s college campuses, we will focus on improving our relationships with state legislators. A strong relationship will legislators will help us expand our coalition, broaden our connections, and provide internship and job opportunities for our College Republicans. It will also be easier to recruit them to speak on our campuses. When 2014 rolls around and they need our help, they won’t just be another name, our members will know them personally.

Aggressive Fundraising Apparatus When Andrew Hasek became Chairman of St. Thomas College Republicans, his club was bankrupt. He was able to engage in fundraising operations to keep USTCRs financially solvent. During this process he developed useful contacts and fundraising tactics that will help the larger Minnesota College Republicans organization. At the state level, it is time to compile an extensive donor and alumni list, and to create an action plan to aggressively fund-raise throughout the year. As we develop this donor list and action plan, we will involve chapters, sharing donors in their area, school alumni, and strategies. A continuous source of funding will enable chapters and the federation as a whole to operate at full capacity. Through the use of increased funding, we wish to set up a block grant system that will enable financial assistance to chapters based on merit. We want to fund-raise in order to provide chapters opportunities to do activism where they otherwise would be unable. Chapters will be able to submit request to the Minnesota College Republicans for funds and would be granted the funds based on the merit of the request and available funds. Social Media Chairman Ryan Lyk has invested valuable time and resources into our social media machine of the Minnesota College Republicans. His progress will be maintained and built upon with Team Hasek. We plan on posting on a regular basis and continuing to provide relevant information to college students in a “fun” way. A strong social media presence will help us recruit more members for our organization. We will help chapters maintain regular social media interactions. An emphasis should also be placed on communicating how federal and local legislation affects college students.

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