• • Launched Invest in Neighborhoods, a multi-agency initiative to strengthen 25 neighborhood commercial districts citywide. Undertook corridor assessment studies in 12 of the 25 Invest in Neighborhoods corridors, to be completed in early March and developed for release in February 2013 a RFP of $175,000 for mini-grants for neighborhood projects and business services. Launched the Jobs Squad through disaster response and recovery efforts in West Portal, Ocean Avenue and neighborhood outreach in the Mission. Facilitated the re-capitalization of the Small Business Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) through a $1 million supplementary budget allocation in January 2012. Launched the ADA Small Business Assessment Program, a pilot aimed at District 1, District 4, and Chinatown businesses. The program provides ADA assessments and, on a competitive basis, awards grant funding for remediation. Released impact analysis of CBDs that tracked outcomes over 5 years. On average, CBD districts outperformed citywide trends on the majority of tracked indicators, including public realm cleanliness, public safety, and economic resiliency. Awarded a contract for the development and management of a city-wide storefront vacancytracking on line database, which will launch in April. Developed the new Emerging Business Loan Fund, awarding a contract for the management of this mid-range loan fund, to be announced in early March. By leveraging General Fund support and the City’s access to HUD’s Section 108 fund sources, Oakland Business Development Corporation (OBDC) will provide loans from $50,000-$1 million to qualifying businesses. Hired 6 new staff members - two to comprise the Jobs Squad, three to act as point people for Invest in Neighborhoods commercial districts, and one to direct the initiative. Partnering with Salesforce to better track neighborhood and small business impact and provide quantifiable outcomes .

Source Revolving Loan Fund CDBG* grantees TOTAL

Number 15 114 129

$ Value $443,668 $2,556,350 $3,000,018

# Jobs 39 123 162


Project Type Facade Improvements Tenant Improvements ADA Assessments TOTAL

Number 19 1 14 34

$ Value $472,000 $72,000 $35,000 $579,000

• •

• •

RLF Expansion Announcement @ Brenda’s, Jan 2012

* Community Development Block Grant

• Portola: Transformed Burrows Street, at the heart of the San Bruno Ave. commercial district in the Portola, with the attraction of Four Barrel Coffee and the construction of the Burrows Pocket Park. Ocean Avenue and West Portal Avenue: Led the multi-agency response and recovery efforts for the victims of the devastating fires on Ocean Avenue and West Portal Avenue. Chinatown and Sunset: Conducted outreach in Chinatown and Irving, Taraval and Noriega corridors resulting in applications from 15 businesses to the ADA Small Business Assessment Program. Bayview: On Bayview’s Third Street , launched the Mendell Plaza Presents… event series to activate the plaza, improve quality of life and reduce negative behaviors; opened Radio Africa Kitchen in Third Street Town Square and Limon Rotisserie at 5800 Third Street. North Beach: Facilitated merger of the North Beach Chamber of Commerce and the North Beach Merchants Association to form the North Beach Business Association with over 150 members. Fillmore: Through Fillmore Awning & Signage Program, completed improvements to 23 businesses in 16 buildings from McAllister to Post Streets, such as community serving business, Marcus Books. Central Market : On Central Market, gained ground with the continuation of new construction, new tech leases, new small businesses, and new arts organization leases Lower Polk: In Lower Polk, activated alleyways and created foot-traffic for 15-20 local galleries, through coordinated weekly art walk, gallery night, and Farmers Market. Lower 24th Street: Launched a First Fridays event series on Lower 24th Street that activates the public realm and attracted thousands of visitors to the corridor. Excelsior: Dramatically improved the façades of 9 local businesses with the Excelsior Extreme Makeover Façade Improvement Program. Additionally, attracted over 7,000 visitors through the annual Excelsior festival in partnership with Sunday Streets.

Central Market Highlights - Demonstrated a 20% increase in sales tax revenue between Q2 2010 and Q2 2012, reflecting the major gains made in attracting new employers, small businesses, arts establishments, and construction. - Established ‘Epicenter SF’, a multineighborhood online events calendar for Central Market area, in partnership with local CBDs and Arts Commission. - Business attraction activities facilitated lease signings & groundbreakings for 4 new retail businesses and 3 new arts venues in 2012.

• •

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• • • •

Auntie April’s on Third Street; one of 19 façade projects completed in 2012

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