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As psychedelics re-enter the collective consciousness of the academic world, we are seeing a parallel resurgence of interest from the general public. The broken stereotype of “flower-power hippies” -- left echoing from the late 60’s and early 70’s -- is dissolving away as the current generation of psychedelic enthusiasts continue to embody an increasingly sophisticated perspective. As humanity's understanding of the world evolves, so does today’s enthusiasts understanding of the existential implications of the psychedelic experience. We have come to further develop perspectives that are rooted in exploring psychology, neurology, sociology and even the nature of reality itself -perspectives that are inclusive and universal, yet also relevant to daily life. James W. Jesso, senior event coordinator for Evolver Calgary, presents this type of perspective in his new book, Decomposing The Shadow: Lessons from the Psilocybin Mushroom.   After  3  years  of  active  investigation  into  the  “magic”  of  the  psilocybin   mushroom,  Jesso  is  ready  to  share  his  findings  with  the  public.  Decomposing  the   Shadow:  Lessons  from  the  Psilocybin  Mushroom,  has  been  drafted  out  of   extensive  study  and  hundreds  of  hours  of  direct  personal  experiences  with  the   mushroom  itself.  His  experiences  have  gone  beyond  just  a  scholarly  vantage  point,  

 and  inspire  readers  to  investigate  the  full  potential  that  psilocybin   mushrooms  may  hold  for  the  human  Jesso  says  he  has  used  psilocybin  mushrooms  to  heal  the  emotional  and   psychological  wounds  he  developed  after  a  period  of  destructive  substance  use.  In  that  place.”  says  Jesso. Jesso.  Jesso  makes  them  easily   understandable  to  a  broad  spectrum  of  readers.  could  psychedelic  mushrooms  be  the  key  to   releasing  those  wounds  and  moving  towards  a  more  beautiful  future?       “It  certainly  isn’t  for  everybody.  “My  personal   experiences  inspired  me  to  do  my  best  in  turning  the  public  perception  of  this   medicine  away  from  ‘party  drug’  and  into  a  tool  for  personal  growth.       In  discussing  what  lead  him  to  write  this  book. please e-mail him at james.  but  what  does  this  mean  for  us?     Decomposing  The  Shadow  is  Jesso’s  effort  to  accurately  communicate  the   broader  implications  of  the  psilocybin  experience  and  how  to  apply  them   directly  to  our   If you'd like more information about this campaign.     At  a  time  when  our  society  is  starting  to  recognize  the  deep  wounds  inflicted   upon  ourselves  by  a  history  of  violence.  He  discusses  his  personal  story.  When  we   choose  to  enter  the  depth  of  emotional  potential  that  psilocybin  mushrooms  can   unlock.j@live.     And  although  these  are  seemingly  complex  topics. or to schedule an interview with James W.  our  ability  to  create  beauty  in  this .  passion  and  a  sense  of  purpose  in  this  world.”     Though  the  book  is  scheduled  to  launch  in  June  of  2013.  how  to  potentiate  deeply  personal  and   applicable  experiences.  check  out  his  Indiegogo  Campaign  here   http://bit.  we   can  come  face  to  face  with  our  greatest  darkness  –  all  that  we  fear  about  ourselves.  Jesso  may   have  found  his  way  to  navigate  the  darkness  of  life.  This  book  intends  to  re-­‐sanctify  this  virtually  demonized   medicine.  “I  wanted  this  book  to  be   interesting  and  applicable  to  the  deepest  psychonaught.  today.  Jesso  is  launching  a  crowd-­‐ funding  campaign  to  pre-­‐sale  his  book  and  fund  a  grassroots  book  tour   through  the  North  American  festival  circuit  as  well  as  several  major  cities.”     Jesso  explains  that  a  self-­‐guided  practice  with  the  mushroom  has  enabled   him  move  through  his  self-­‐deprecation  and  attain  a  “state  of  being”  founded   on  self-­‐confidence.  and  it’s  by  no  means  an  easy  process.  and   in  turn.  I   believe  it  is  only  by  facing  this  darkness  that  can  we  discover  our  true  bravery.  but  also  something  you   could  give  to  your  mom.  we  enable  an  exploration  of  all  the  things  that  hold  us  back.  self-­‐awareness   and  psycho-­‐spiritual  healing.w.  and  how  these  concepts  overlap  into  our  waking  lives.  Jesso  says.  a  conceptual  framework  for  navigating  the   implications  of  the  psilocybin  experience.     To  support  Jesso  and  for  more  information  on  his  vision  for  the  “magic”   psilocybin  mushroom.  the   science  and  history  of  psilocybin.   (Wednesday  March  6th)  on  his  27th  birthday.