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About Us
 Founded in 2009, CentiPlex is not just a Software Company, We are a Research based Technology Driven IT Company based out of New Delhi, India  The Company involves in the designing and developing of software, web sites, webapplications, databases designing, mobile applications & ERP & CRM for Corporate & SME  The company has an energetic team of expert and professional engineers who can research, enhance and make the application look and perform the best. We understand technology and try to keep our self updated with latest trends in market.  Employing some of the leading experts in software development, and risk analysis. CentiPlex is uniquely positioned to innovation in the industry.

 The Company has developed projects that are economical and qualitative
 CentiPlex is planning to export Software to accentuate their position as one of the biggest Software exporter in the country.

Infrastructure- Physical
Total Office Area: 2500 sq. ft. of total office space. Hardware Infrastructure: 25+ workstations for software development, testing and support facilities. Internal Training Facilities: In-house staff training facility to train up to 20 people at a time. Internet Connectivity: 1 dedicated 4 Mbps leased line from Tata for all our development facility supported by a backup broadband, wireless and IPLC link. 2 Dedicated 2 MBPS Broad Band connections from Airtel and MTNL each. Dedicated Servers for application Hosting, Testing and Client presentation: We have 4 dedicated servers for demo Communication Infrastructure: Facility for video conferencing/ 24 x 7 VOIP calling for onsite-offsite-client team coordination Contingency and Disaster Recovery: An offsite location with 50 seat capacity has been created for any kind of eventuality should the main center be rendered unusable. Power supply at the main center as well as the offsite location have inbuilt redundancies.

 The company also holds 4 online demo server which is used to show the progress of work to the clients. .  Our most of the development system works on linux so clients can be assured of security and crash-proof environment with best of the scalibility.Infrastructure .  A dedicated 4 Mbps leased line from Tata for the development facilities. Two internet connections from MTNL & AIRTEL with 2 MBPS dedicated lines each.  All licensed software's required for design and development of websites and web-applications and mobile development.  24X7 Power backup system.Hardware  The company holds high end desktops for all the programmers with minimum of 4 GB ram with Core 2 DUO processors and dedicated graphic cards.

• To deliver the best and most cost-effective solutions to our clients • Passion for quality.Our Mission • To be a global leader delivering enterprise business management products and solutions. • To focus on providing solutions that enable our customers to reduce time and complexity in managing the work. dedication to innovation. commitment to employees. • To Create Software's that transform ideas into reality • Industry leadership through Customer enthusiasm • CentiPlex want to provide solution to every kind of client with any kind of budget and sector .

In order for the site to function properly for you and your customers. one thing is for sure our developers will make the design functional. and working. so that there are no questions or misunderstandings once coding begins. site. We won’t stop until it’s done. you can be sure it will be done correctly.0. Whether you already have an idea of creative or hire us to design the website for you. CentiPlex has a team of developers with enough experience and knowledge to make an effective. Social Networks. Our teams work together to get the job done efficiently and correctly. you need to make sure that there is a good team of web developers to see that everything works.and done to meet your expectations. It doesn’t matter whether you need Web 2. Our process is streamlined with the Web Design process.we can do it all. E-com solutions. Though it won’t be a quick process. . CRM (Client relational management) or CMS (Content Management Systems) .Our Believe At CentiPlex we believe Creating a successful website involving much more than the creative work of the web designer.

What We Do ? Application Development & Maintenance Web Development & Maintenance Graphic Design Web Hosting Mobile Based Solutions CRM & ERP Consultation & Development .

Commerce Solutions Web Management & Maintenance Content Management .What We Do ? Application Development & Maintenance Application Re-engineering Application Portfolio Management Web Development & Maintenance Corporate Website Portals & Its Maintenance E.

What We Do ? Graphic Design Corporate Presentation Logo Design Brochures Website Templates Web Hosting Dedicated Hosting Shared Hosting Resellers Hosting Mobile Based Solutions SMS Solutions .

Plant Automation Services. Engineering Services. Enterprise Asset Management STG Offshore Development. Enterprise Solutions. Staffing Back Office. Network. Product Based Services Global Consulting IT Consulting. Infrastructure Management. Statistical Analysis & Medical Writing IT Infrastructure IT Outsourcing. Embedded Systems. Hardware Support and Installation. Implementation Systems Integration Engineering & Industrial Services Product & Process Engineering. Consulting and Integration. Business Consulting.Asset Based Solutions IT Products. Clinical Data Management. Database Services . Quality Consulting IT Services Application Development Maintenance Reengineering Testing.

Asset Based Solutions IT Products CentiPlex has experience in developing and managing products. . and trailblazers in their respective areas. Our engineering teams act as an extension of our customers teams responsible for delivering results on time and within budget. They are known to be user-friendly. comprehensive. flexible. Product Based Services CentiPlex provides Products Based Service . CentiPlex has created and delivered products and managed product lifecycles for internal and external products.

while driving enterprise leverage through the application of IT to the business. reducing organizational risk and leveraging the global sourcing / outsourcing organizational model. CentiPlex Business consulting services focus on enhancing business performance of its clients by streamlining processes. Business Consulting. . using custom built process solutions. giving customers a year round solution to address all their process needs. Quality Consulting CentiPlex Quality Consulting activities helps to improve the IT Value for the customers. Our consulting business solutions provide the ability to drive sustainable efficiencies for IT.Global Consulting IT Consulting CentiPlex IT Consulting provides fact-based consulting services to help our clients use and manage IT to enable business performance.

Industries we Serve Insurance Education Banking Telecom Life Sciences and Healthcare Business We Serve Manufacturing Government Financial Services Media and Entertainment Hi Tech Retail and Consumer Goods Energy and Utilities .

Where We Stand ? • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • With The Expertise of Domains : ERP For Manufacturing Concerns Compressors Manufacturing Carbon Less Paper Manufacturing Preforms Manufacturing Hotel Industry Education Institutes SMS Gateway POS & Shopping Mall RFID Based Time Attendance & Payroll Diesel Engine Manufacturing Tea Packaging RFID Based Access Control System Small Scale Business Solutions Transportation Logistic Portal Management Payment Gateway Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Management Internet Marketing Web Hosting All Kind of MIS Solutions Security System .

CentiPlex Advantages * Trim down costs * Free internal resources * Expand skilled resources * Complete a specified project in budget * Deliver projects more speedily * Merge support services * Maintain Competitive Edge * Greater Flexibility of Internal Operations * Meet altering Customer Demands * Focus on Core Competency * Obtain Offshore Expertise .

Services * Creative & Branding * Web Designing and Development * E-commerce Solution * Internet Marketing & SEO * Software Development * Strategy & Consulting * Mobile Design & Development * Online Business Analysis * Website Maintenance Services * Interaction & UX Design * Multimedia & Rich Internet Application * Multilingual Site Development .

Water Fall Method RAD Method Proto Type Method Design Reusable Components. Function Point Analysis N-Tier Architecture Usability Performance Improvement And Tuning .Standard methodologies Agile Process.

Writing Model -Methodology System Requirement Study And Analysis Interface Requirement SD Plan And Risk Assessment Project Plan Finalizing User Interface and its scope Test cases Architecting the solution Data Flow Diagrams and ER Diagrams Design And Development Apply testing phases Release Versions User Acceptance .

PDLC Expertise .

If Needed Peer Review QA Handback .Documentation Process Flow Client Requirement Assessment Project Plan & Product Design Team set-up & Milestone Action Plan & Research Project Tracking sheets Start Execution Milestone Tracking Plan Review Reorganization .

Learning & Development Entry Level Induction Project Specific Continuous Learning Program Freshers Experienced Professionals All Associates • • • • • • • Basic Concepts Systems Engineering Software Engineering Quality Management Personality Build-up Advanced Technology Culture Foundation • • • • • • Systems Engineering Software Engineering Quality Management Personality Buildup Culture Alignment Latest Technology • • • • • • Software Environment Technology Project Management Application Domain Business Domain Team Skills • • • • • • Personality Development Technology LDPs and MDPs Business/ Functional Diversity Management Global Mindset .

prototypes. and maintenance Application Areas .planning.Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems .Service Offerings CentiPlex offers strategic resourcing services through its team of consultants having extensive cross-functional business and technical understanding. application specialists and software developers work in a collaborative approach with clients. and monitoring of IT projects -Full-scope projects -.Engineering -Geographic Information Systems (GIS) .On Site & Offsite -Project Management -.Networks (LAN. Intranet (Web Application. business analysts. design development.Database and system administration .Contract-to-hire Technologies Offered . This approach allows the teams to map business requirements to the technology solution that fit project goals.Accounting .Operating systems and hardware (Open and Legacy systems) . OOP) .Databases (RDBMS.Education .E-commerce .Enterprises Resource Planning (ERP) . The team of experienced project managers. rollout.Networking . e-commerce) .Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) .Object-oriented Technologies (OOD. the teams are continually trained to adapt new technologies through its knowledge centers across India and pass the value of these technologies on to clients. budgeting. staffing. ORDB) Internet.Contract Staffing . At CentiPlex. technical managers. WAN) . OODB. Project Consulting .Decision support systems .Telecom -Banking -Refrigerators -Pharmaceuticals Strategic Resourcing .Multi-tier client/server systems design and development .

5 ..Joomla .0. Ajax .Crystal Reports -Web service Database .Build Tools Maven .Tomcat . Spring.Technologies Technology Technology is propelling our growth. Net.XML .Dot Net Nuke Microsoft Technologies .Struts.Browser Independent -Ajax Lamp . Servlets.I.ASP.Visual Studio 2005.0 & 3.HTML .NET 2. XML . JSP. We're focusing on technologies that improve the chances of finding.B.JavaScript . 2008 .7 .Php Content Management System .suite Pentaho . 3.Version control visual source safe . developing software. Web Based .Others Dojo. C# & VB.Java.Sql Server -My Sql Java Technologies .Continuous Integration Cruise Control 2.Mobile Technologies . Hibernate .net .Version Control SVN .Oracle .Web services .

.Quality Assessments • Tabling to achieve the following Quality Standards – Security (BS 7799-2:2002) – Services (BS 15000-1:2002) • Tabling for Integrated CMMI and PCMM Level 5 • Solution provider for World Level Quality Standards.

Ability to Scale • • • • Breadth and depth of technology Ability to hire. • • Ability to handle customers globally with the same set of processes Global digitized delivery model around iQMS . train and integrate hundred of employees per year Ability to handle dedicated customer delivery centers Ability to ramp up to hundred employees with short span of time.

Multi-Dimensional Strategy Leverage global presence to win large deals Partnerships & alliance approach for project wins Build and leverage assets to penetrate more customers Leverage Indian experience in global engagements Expand into new geographies Focus on emerging growth engines Continued M&A strategy to augment domain capabilities .

Consulting: From Strategies to Outsourcing Corporate Information Systems Strategic consulting  CIS architecture design – Operational business planning  Business processes – Organizational reformation reengineering during – IT strategy ERP/CRM/CPM systems – Sourcing strategy implementation Activities optimization – Customer relations management consulting – Logistical consulting – IT consulting – Risk management  Design of front-to-back business processes as part of business applications integration Branch technological solutions  OSS systems-based solutions .

Managerial Consulting Finance & Economics – Development of key performance indicators and balanced indicators system – Development of models for strategic business costs management – Development of managerial accounting and budgeting models – Development of investments management system – Development of staff motivation system Organization Management  ‘As Is’ and ‘To Be’ business process modeling  Resource models development (management objects model)  Role models development  Organizational structures modeling  Regulative documents development  Generation of information managerial model Methodology Implementation in IT Environment: DION Software Suite  Customer workplaces system  Data entry / view / editing rights management system  Database data storage  Different approaches to data management  Models scaling .

Comprehensive Integration: Equidistance from Vendors Portal Material and Technical Resources Mgnt. Security  CRM: Customer Relationship Management  SCM: Supply Chain Management  BI: Business Intelligence  KM: Knowledge Management  EAM: Enterprise Asset Management CRM Data Processing Centers Computing Networks and Control Centers Telecommunications ... Documents Circulation Referenced Data BI ERP SCM KM EAM Financial Management Accounting  ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning Others.

Project management: General Responsibility .

Less Bureaucratic The end-user is ubiquitous in all development related decisions Stress is on process efficiencies Flat Organization End-user Orientation Process Orientation Stability Self funded and been in India for last 5 years .Key Differentiators Value Addition Experience of working on Revenue generating products Talented people with multi-dimensional skill sets. Persistent allocation across project. Management Focus The senior management is technical & is engaged in periodic monitoring of projects Agility. Issue Escalation to senior management. Immediate Decision. Suitable built-in redundancy to mitigate attrition Skill Deployment Sr.

not billed) • Easy ramping up and ramping down of resources as per requirement • Access to experienced and expert consultants on need basis • Work as extended team of the client • Good Process definition and validation • Self developed tools that are provided to client free of charge • All this at a very competitive price .e.Summary – TFT Advantage • Resources that work over 45 hours a week • 20% of resources are added as Shadow (i.

TFT Project Management • Maintenance .Client Project Management • Fixed Cost – Fixed Time .Dedicated Resources .TFT Project Management .Engagement Model • Time and Material .Pre decided cost .Minimum retainer ship basis • Dedicated Offshore Development Centre .Dedicated Infrastructure .

Dedicated Development Center Model Extension of the customer's software engineering facility. Operate the offshore facility & customize it as per customer's needs & when model reaches maturity. The client pays a fixed hourly rate. we Transfer the complete ownership of the facility & resources to the Client. . which in turn is linked to well-defined deliverables. The customer pays a Pre-negotiated Fixed price for the complete project. Adopting such a model enables the client to maximize their ROI without compromising any aspect of the project itself. Fixed Price Model A major portion of project is on a Fixed Price basis and at the same time resources are deployed on Time and Material basis.BUSINESS MODELS Build-Operate Transfer Model Time & Material Model We Build an offshore facility for the customer. Hybrid Model Define the business model and work hand in hand with our client. The customer pays fixed monthly rate for the Team.

Project Tracking. Change Request Management. Oversight and Control SOFTWARE PROCESS Project Planning.Project Management. Work Product Reviews. Project Status Reporting Software Requirements Requirements Fundamental Software Design Design Criteria Software Constructio n Organisational Coding Guidelines Software Testing Test Planning Test Process Comducting Tests Test Results and Analysis Software Maintenance Maintenance Planning Change Management and Impact Analysis Requirements Gathering Software Structure and Architecture Coding Implementation Design Code Reviews Maintenance and Change Management Process Requirements Analysis and Documentation ` Unit Testing Design Reviews Requirements validation and Review Software Quality Assurance Quality Planning. Process Tailoring. Improvement Actions Configuration & Change Management Configuration Planning. Scheduling. Impact Analysis . Metrics. Scope/Time/Cost Management.

Project Industry Methodology Adopted QUALITY PROCESS Database Search and Ordering Suite for Retail Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Mail Scanner System Physicians Practice Management System Stock Market Information Dissemination System Online Real Estate.A holistic quality approach combining tools and methodologies. Proficiency in implementing the best suited development methodology depending on the project Requirements. Dedicated QA Team of 70+ professionals currently geared to map our processes to CMM –III standards. Mortgage & Title Portal Retail High End Technology Healthcare Financial Services Real Estate Agile methodology and RAD Rational Unified Process and UML Modeling Waterfall and Iterative Development Cycles (maps to CMM III standards) Iterative Test First Development Methodology (maps to CMM III standards) Iterative Development with Prototyping approach Quality Processes are continuously improved with a vision of achieving Quality Certification. Well defined process tailoring mechanism for different types of projects . Specialized and Dedicated QA framework that augments development teams and is fully responsible for ensuring quality of products and services we deliver.

enabling total transparency. thereby leading to better communication and co-ordination across the teams. data encryption etc. we not only do designing. thereby enabling you to operate your business in the most cost effective manner. We offer flexible engagement contract. but we also setup a 24x7 ongoing voice/non-voice based tech. Based on varied ODC experience. We also setup back-office workforce to help optimize your operational costs. Team at our ODC is trained to understand the culture of your country. reciprocal NDA (with employees).Flexibility of being able to access a large pool of resources working on various technologies. access & control of your team at the ODC.NDA (with clients). Support. the S/W development processes are designed to comply with the industry's best practices and standards. BENEFITS OF ODC WITH GATEWAY Flexibility of increasing / decreasing the teams at a short notice. Flexibility to select the team jointly from the best IT brains handpicked from Indian IT Industry Higher availability of our team at ODC to manage contingencies as we work 6 days a week and available at odd hours even on Sundays for emergencies. . leading to managed business risks. development and modifications for your software development needs. Secured network access via VPN to authorized employees and clients. The team can also work at normal office timings in your country. At ODC. We have comprehensive security policies in place covering multiple levels of security by laying emphasis on IPR. Flexibility to have the offshore team come onsite at a short notice.

local guarantee. Drastic reduction of your operating costs. thereby. Speed & agility (response time) Local language. Gain access to the world-class software engineering skills. local culture. .Brings in the strategic differential advantage of offshore outsourcing to your business. Indian pricing. Seek resources not available in-house. Free up non-capital resources for other in-houses projects. Global presence enabling us to offer local Contracts and local project management in EU and USA. global quality. Utilization of India’s abundant English speaking IT Talent & economical rates. incentive model. Exploit the Time Zone Advantage and reap the benefits of the 24 x 7 development cycle. Competitive pricing & risk sharing (dedicated model. Gain a fresh and new perspective on a stalled project. enhancing your profitability. royalty model). Finish projects which otherwise cannot be finished in-house due to technical or staff limitations. local responsibility. Modest sized company with extensive experience of offering offshore services to clients globally.

Get In Touch Kindly visit our website at www. Talk to us on Skype at centiplex and on phone at +91-8800302311/ 8595418611/8595418600 Thank You and support@centiplex. you can also get in touch with us at alternatively.

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