NUMBER 5110 5 MAY 07
NYSG-G1 SUBJECT: COMMAND LEADERSHIP SELECTION BOARD References: Officers of the New York Guard may be assigned, reassigned, transferred or detailed by regulations issued pursuant to Section 72 of the Military Law of the State of New York. 1. Purpose. This Directive sets forth the eligibility requirements and evaluation procedures of the Command Officer selection process for brigade, battalion and group leadership positions. It also describes procedures for convening the Command Leadership Selection Board. 2. Application. This directive applies to all qualified active officers in good standing who meet command evaluation criteria, have demonstrated sustained merit, and who are qualified to be appointed to a Command position in Major Subordinate Commands (MSCs) of the New York Guard. a. Format and procedures established in this publication apply to all members of the New York Guard. b. This publication is directive in nature. These formats and procedures will be followed by all personnel. Exceptions may be granted by the Commander, New York Guard for extraordinary circumstances or events not prescribed by the directive. 3. Scope. a. To establish a list of screened and approved Command candidates for the NYG. b. To provide for the validation of expertise of nominated officers by the Command Leadership Selection Board. Specifically, assess the candidates for: (1) sustained merit and suitability for higher level responsibility. 2) leadership potential. 4. Basis. This publication incorporates the principle of “best” qualified and supersedes any directives that predate this document. 5. Prerequisites. a. Officers with the rank of Major and above may be considered for command positions in the NYG. b. Officers whose names are submitted must have at least 1 year active service in the NYG with time and attendance in compliance with NYGD1305 requirements for Promotion.

NYGD 5110

5 MAY 07

c. Officers under consideration must be a graduate of applicable professional development courses and should have completed the Field Grade Officer course or an equivalent in the Armed Forces of the United States. 6. Evaluation Criteria. a. Demonstrated qualities of leadership and adaptability in executive positions. b. Knowledge of command problems such as organization and administration. c. Staff experience. d. Proven potential for professional development and intellectual growth. e. Ability to form, lead and motivate teams to perform given missions/tasks. 7. Best-Qualified Selection Board Membership. a. The Command Leadership Selection Board is comprised of Colonels and above appointed on orders annually by the G1. These individuals must have demonstrated outstanding performance in challenging assignments, must collectively be representative of various functional and specialty service areas, and have experience in a responsible leadership position of a major subordinate command. The Board must have a quorum of five or more members to convene and all must be a higher rank than those being considered. The three permanent members of the board are: 1) Deputy Commander NYG (President ex-officio) 2) NYG Chief of Staff and 3) NYG Deputy Chief of Staff. The remaining members will be selected from the officers listed on the published orders. They will be sworn in by Board President (based on seniority of members present). b. The Assistant Chief of Staff for Personnel and Administration (G1) will provide guidance to the Command Leadership Selection Board by means of a Memorandum of Instructions (MOI) which includes directions on the minimum/maximum number of individuals to be selected if appropriate, as well as any other special descriptions or requirements needed for the positions being filled. Special requirements refer to the fact for example that a Medical officer will be appointed for a medical command vacancy. The G1 will review all candidate files for compliance with this directive prior to presenting the files to the Command Leadership Selection Board. Any files that are not in compliance by the time the Board convenes will be listed in the MOI with the reasons why they were disqualified. Disqualified records will be on hand when the Board meets for their review if requested. A disqualified candidate’s package may be resubmitted when the next board convenes – a limit of three disqualifications will be imposed. The G1 will publish an order at the beginning of each year listing the eligible NYG members who can sit on the Command Leadership Selection Board. c. The Board will be convened annually in September as a minimum requirement, or at the request of the NYG Commander. d. A non-voting Recorder to the Board may be assigned by the Chief-of-staff to record the Board’s minutes. (See Appendix A Minutes of the Board). Recorder will also be sworn in by Board President. 2

5 MAY 07 8. Command Leadership Selection Board Process.

NYGD 5110

a. Candidates for Command Leadership positions may be selected by their commander or they may aspire to a leadership position within the New York Guard. In either case a candidate package must be submitted to the G1 one month prior to convening of the Command Leadership Selection Board. All candidate packages will be accepted and pre-reviewed by G1 within 30 days of the commencement of the Command Leadership Selection Board meeting date. b. The candidates will NOT appear before this Board. c. The President and Board members will review evaluation criteria and agree to a set of standards which will be used to evaluate each file throughout the board process. The evaluation standards must include performance, ability to lead when given mission type or orders, initiative, innovative problem solving, demonstrated potential for command assignments, military and civilian education, awards, military bearing: height/weight compliance. Using their own experience, the candidate’s file and these agreed upon standards, the board members determine as a group which attributes make this soldier “best-qualified” for selection using a numerical rating system (low 1-high 10) or weighted scoring sheet. (see Appendix B). Once this has been done, each file is voted on independently against the standards. Results are handed in to the President. The President reviews the votes and the Secretary records these findings. The ranked candidates will be listed in rank order along with their preference of the area of NY State in which they would like to command. d. The Secretary to the Board will transcribe the minutes within 30 days of the Board meeting and compile the results into a Command Leadership Selection list in order of the recorded scores. The minutes will be forwarded to the NYG Commander through the G1, copy to the Board President. e. If the NYG Commander approves the Command Leadership Selection Board’s recommendations, vacant command TDA slots may then be filled. This list will be valid for one year or until the commencement of the next Command Leadership Selection Board. The available positions will be filled according to the ranking of the candidates who pass the board and their requests for NY State location. Command Leadership positions will be held for a minimum of three years and a maximum tour of five years. Upon completion of the term of leadership, MSC Commanders will be appointed to the Senior Staff Advisory Group (SSAG). The SSAG will assist the NYG Commander with Special Projects, drafting directives, mentoring junior officers, training classes, etc. Battalion Commanders who have completed their term of leadership will be eligible for Command Leadership positions in a different Battalion or as a MSC Commander. f. Candidates who are not appointed before list expires may be rolled over to next board but MUST be reviewed again with new candidates. The G1 will determine if updates to these application packages are required and this information will be included in the next G1 Command Leadership Selection Board MOI.


NYGD 5110 9. Components of Best-Qualified for Command File

5 MAY 07

a. Command Application Package Memorandum of Introduction signed by candidate’s current commander. (see Appendix C) to include: (1) Personal Information: Name, Rank, NYG ID#, Brigade/Unit, Date of Rank, Date of Birth. (2) Current TDA Position and duty assignment(s) include: number of solders supervised. (3) Height/Weight compliance (IAW NYGD 1308) (4) Strong recommendation clearly demonstrating merit and leadership ability. Cite specific instances and duties which illustrate suitability for command. Qualification in a specific area, i.e. being a subject matter expert, is not necessarily a complete qualification. Using that qualification in a subject area however may be. b. Command Application Package Memorandum of Introduction to include Attachments as follows: (1) Biography (IAW NYGD 1312). (2) A statement by the candidate that he/she is aspiring to a command leadership position, and what area(s) in NY State he/she would accept such a position. (3) Current OER demonstrating sustained merit (IAW NYGD 1321). (4) Military photo (IAW NYGD 1319)(may be waived by G1). 10. APPEALS. If the recommendations of the Command Leadership Selection Board bars command appointment of an officer, he/she may appeal directly to The Commander, New York Guard. 11. TAG-NY Approval. Reviewed and approved by The Adjutant General – New York on ___. FOR THE COMMANDER MICHAEL R. VANPATTEN Major General, New York Guard Commander OFFICIAL:

LAWRENCE W. BISHOP COL, GS, NYG COS Enclosures APPENDIX A APPENDIX B APPENDIX C Sample minutes of Command Leadership Selection Board………………... Sample endorsement to Appendix A…………………………………………... Command Leadership Selection Board Rating Sheet (NYG FORM 5110).. Sample Memorandum of Introduction…………………………………………. 4 A-1 A-2 B-1 C-1

5 MAY 07 APPENDIX A (Sample Minutes of Command Leadership Selection Board) HEADQUARTERS, NEW YORK GUARD 330 OLD NISKAYUNA ROAD LATHAM, NEW YORK 12110-2224 O’NEILL HALL, Camp Smith Training Site Cortlandt Manor, NY 10567-5000 NYSG-G1 (5100) MEMORANDUM FOR: Commander, New York Guard SUBJECT: Minutes of Command Leadership Selection Board

NYGD 5110


1. The New York Guard Command Leadership Selection Board was convened and sworn in at hours, on 200X at as scheduled. The following Board Members were present. Rank Remarks: a. (Reference should be made if assigned President and/or Recorder was replaced by other board members due to non-attendance.) b. (Reference should be made to minority representation on the board.) c. (Reference should be made as to the promotion documents.) 2. The following individual names were placed before the Command Leadership Selection Board and achieved the following scoring results. Rank Name Organization Score Name Organization Position

3. The following personnel are recommended for Command Leadership Selection in the following order:. 4. The following personnel are not recommended for promotion at this time. 5. 6. The Board concluded at hours, Date:

Command Leadership Selection Board minutes of (Date) are submitted . Effective date of appointment(s) may be the date of this endorsement or as designated by Commander, New York Guard.

(Name) (Rank.) Recorder of the Board A-1

NYGD 5110 (Sample Endorsement to Appendix A) NYSG-G1 (NYSG-G1/ date of board memo) FOR: COMMANDER NYG, Latham, NY. 1. 1st End

5 MAY 07


Enclosed minutes have been checked and certified. Recommend approval. _____________ CONCUR _____________ NONCONCUR

(Name) (Rank & Org.) President of the Board NYSG-CG (NYSG-G1/ date of board memo) 2nd End FOR: NYSG-G1 _____________ CONCUR _____________ NONCONCUR date

(Name) Major General, NYG Commanding 1 - Encl: a/s



NYGD 5110


BOARD MEMBER(Name or Number)___________ _______DATE________


NOTES:_____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ NYG FORM 5110


NYGD 5110 APPENDIX C Sample Memorandum of Introduction

5 MAY 07

________unit____________, NEW YORK GUARD ___________street______________ ___city_____, NY _zip_- +4 NYSG-XXXX(5110)

Use your appropriate Unit Insignia


MEMORANDUM FOR: Commander, New York State Guard, 330 Old Niskayuna Road, Latham, New York 12110-2224 SUBJECT: Recommendation for COMMAND APPOINTMENT 1. In accordance with established NYG Command Leadership Selection policy, New York Guard Directive 5110, the following documents and personnel information are submitted for Command Leadership Selection Board appointment consideration. a. Personal Information: Name, Rank, NYG ID#, Brigade/Unit, Date of Rank, Date of Birth. b. A statement by the candidate that he/she is aspiring to a command leadership position, and what area(s) in NY State he/she would accept such a position. g. Current TDA Position and duty assignment(s), Number of solders supervised h. Height/Weight compliance (IAW NYGD 1308) 2. Narrative recommendation….. NAME Rank, branch, NYG title ENCLS 1. Biography (IAW NYGD 1312) 2. Current OER demonstrating sustained merit (IAW NYGD 1321) 3. Military photo (IAW NYGD 1319)(may be waived by G1) C-1

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