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Conclusion Based on the findings and results of the research study the following conclusion were made: 1. Senior student does not much rely on the NCAE results. Senior students allows themselves to follow their own choice of course. 2. The percentage of the effect of NCAE results on the choice of course of selected senior students is lower than that of the preferred course of senior students. B. Recommendation Additional information and other source of material for much strong of justification of the project.


ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The researchers would like to express their heart felt through thanks and gratitude to the people who had been a great help in making their research possible, without them it would be very difficult to make this.

Our classmates for their unending help and understanding. Mrs. Maria Jessica L. Jaron for helping us by giving information and guidance in making this study. To our beloved parents who are always there to support us financially and spiritually and encouraging us to pursue this study. Last but not the list, our Almighty God for the courage, wisdom, skills, and blessings that He bestowed upon the researchers.

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Abstract This research study mainly focuses on NCAEs effect on senior students choice of course. The goal of this research study is to identify what graduating students in high school makes their baseline as what type of course senior students would take up in college. The execution of the study was done in Zamboanga National High School Wests 4th year students, namely, IV-Rizal, IV-Bonifacio, IV-Del Pilar, IV-Mabini and IV-Aguinaldo. The results showed that NCAE doesnt have much effect on the choice of course of senior students. Senior student allows themselves to follow the course that they wished to.

Appendix A. Definition of Terms NCAE (National Career Assessment Examination) sometimes used as baseline in choosing course. Course program of study: a program of study or training, especially one that leads to a degree or certificate from an educational institution. Senior graduating high school students. Questionnaire a set of questions used to gather information in a survey.

Appendix B. Flow Chart

Preparing the questions for the Questionnaire

Preparing the 50 copies of survey form

Conducting the survey to selected sections

Statistical Analysis