Top 6 Things You Need to Know Before Beginning Your APS App

A GlowTouch Technologies Industry Insight

A GlowTouch Technologies Industry Insight 


As the APS standard continues to evolve alongside the industry. The packaging standard initially covered provisioning and management of simple web applications in shared hosting environments. integration. Today. APS was created in 2007 and introduced to the market by Parallels. As a certified Parallels APS System Integration (SI) partner.” A set of specifications and standardized technologies. APS is a strategic enabler to deliver an array of services to businesses and consumers on a grand scale with a single click. A GlowTouch Technologies Industry Insight   1 . a global leader in hosting and cloud services enablement and desktop virtualization. GlowTouch has capitalized on a decade worth of experience in the web hosting industry and deep technical expertise to identify six APS “must-knows” any business should carefully consider before beginning its APS initiative. and more.The Application Packaging Standard (APS) has rapidly emerged as a valuable tool for web hosting providers and independent software vendors (ISV) seeking to capitalize on the benefits of packaging SaaS applications and software products for sale to millions of web hosting customers. “APS is now the primary way to deliver applications for all Parallels products [including] Parallels Plesk Panel with 10k+ hosters [and] Parallels Automation with 160+ service providers” reaching “90% of active sites worldwide hosted by service providers. but continues to be extended and enhanced to cover a wider variety of business applications. application licensing. According to the APS website. a fundamental understanding of the Parallels ecosystem and APS platform becomes paramount.

1. Recognizing and understanding the relationship-based philosophy that pervades the web hosting industry can prove fruitful for businesses looking to extend their digital footprint. Does your business application have tangible value for web hosts and their customers? Are you prepared to integrate into this trust-based ecosystem? Are you taking full advantage of a channel that provides exposure to millions of potential users? A GlowTouch Technologies Industry Insight   2 . These customers are typically more inclined to purchase services from “trusted” resources recommended by their hosting provider. Partnering with a well-connected. Additionally. There is a certain level of credibility and trust between web hosting providers and their customers. experienced APS specialist is the first step in determining how to best capitalize on this booming market. How are web hosting providers and their customers different from other resellers and customers outside the industry? The web hosting industry operates in a unique. This way of doing business makes it much easier to propagate an application within the web hosting community. trust-based ecosystem where partnerships and alliances between companies are the norm. The decision for a business not currently operating in the web hosting industry to venture into the space could prove valuable if properly executed. as opposed to outsiders. For starters. assuming they have applicable value. Lastly. the various channels and markets within the industry are typically receptive to niche products. the exposure to different verticals could be eye-opening for a business seeking to expand its product portfolio. the sheer volume of businesses and opportunities that dwell in this sector is promising for any newcomer.

without development effort by partnering with Parallels and APS-certified system integrators in a revenue-share business model. Parallels Automation Panel. Parallels offers multiple platforms to promote your application or service.2. or even as products that have little to do with the web hosting environment. Parallels Plesk Control Panel. is used daily by millions of web hosting customers. the Plesk ecosystem continues to expand. Here are some important considerations for both respective marketplaces: Parallels Plesk Panel The Parallels Plesk Panel is the most complete panel solution for web hosting providers. web hosting providers can efficiently monetize their customers through the sale of commercial applications. every day. and millions more use its counterpart. Which is which? And why does it matter? Businesses seeking to penetrate new markets and attract new customers can use the APS standard to package their web application as a cloud service aimed at users of today’s leading web hosting panels. on the hosting provider’s servers. Featuring hundreds of products. With countless providers currently utilizing its integrated web design tools. offered as SaaS applications. “Providers can offer their Panel customers a wide variety of applications. the Partner Storefront offers a diverse collection of applications that are installable within the hosting end-user environment. SaaS storefront and fully automated billing and provisioning capabilities. The marketplace within Plesk is known as the Partner Storefront.” A GlowTouch Technologies Industry Insight   3 . The more common domain of the two. Leveraging the Partner Storefront.

These service providers are typically much larger. The limited number of service providers in this domain reflects the extensive level of complexity and integration involved with APS deployments in PA. which many “name brand” application providers are quickly embracing. making the overall opportunity in this market staggering. Parallels Automation (PA) allows hosting service providers to rapidly deliver large-scale shared hosting and cloud services. The marketplace within PA. This makes for a very unique opportunity. these businesses can realize valuable revenue opportunities. Equipped with powerful automation and virtualization. is more expansive than the Partner Storefront. tightly integrated into the service provider’s systems for billing and provisioning. PA offers more control and functionality to the end user and the hosting providers. The product offerings in this marketplace are typically more dynamic applications. however.The APS Business Model With more than 10 million subscribers. A GlowTouch Technologies Industry Insight   4 . known as the Parallels Automation for Cloud Marketplace (PACM). Parallels Automation Panel Contrasting with Plesk. the revenue opportunities for software providers are boundless. By capitalizing on the domain expertise of certified Parallels APS SI specialists.

How do I know which versions of the various platforms I should support in APS? With multiple versions of both Plesk and PA in regular use. In addition to providing valuable consultative counsel. these APS specialists can help your business properly position its application within the marketplace to ensure it aligns within the needs of the dynamic Parallels ecosystem. What’s the difference between versions? How will that impact my APS integration and the features available to my new customers that sign up for my application through their hosting provider? A GlowTouch Technologies Industry Insight   5 . identifying how to properly configure and deploy your APS application is vital. to ensure the best experience and functionality to the end users. certified Parallels APS SI partners also possess an arsenal of development resources to efficiently integrate your business application and ensure compatibility with more versions of Plesk.2 and 5. While the majority of users are on the newest versions (Plesk 10.3.3). PA or both. and there are still a number of older installations .some supporting older APS standards . adoption can take time.3 and 10. Many software providers choose to implement different APS packages for different environments and versions. With deep experience helping businesses optimize their service offerings.4 and PA 5.running today. while giving themselves more opportunities to attract new users.

to provide added value to their customers. this is a key distinction to consider. With millions of subscribers today in KA-enabled environments. with minimal effort and zero installation costs.4. What is KA and why do I care? Parallels Key Administrator (KA) integration is especially important for businesses seeking to target and capture revenue opportunities within the PA environment. If you are a software provider. to create an automated recurring revenue stream that benefits hosting providers and software companies. and is simple and painless to end users. Are you prepared to integrate with KA for maximum exposure of your product to the expansive Parallels audience? How do you formally receive the “stamp of approval” from Parallels and have your application featured within StoreFront and MarketPlace? Will a certified Parallels APS SI be able to help you navigate the challenges associated with this issue? A GlowTouch Technologies Industry Insight   6 . and all within the trusted environment of the end user’s control panel. the ability to secure even a portion of that burgeoning market could prove incredibly profitable. KA is a comprehensive licensing system that allows Parallels to manage and seamlessly integrate its licensing and billing activities with that of software and SaaS providers. Internet service providers can expect to benefit from KA’s “package and deliver” model which enables them to utilize a wide set of software applications. The reason KA is so beneficial to software and SaaS providers is because it gives them an easy way to license their products to end users. It drastically streamlines the sales process and allows for more responsive interaction.

Arguably just as important as being able to optimize the business application in the latest version is the ability to do it quickly. Have you planned for the long term future of your application? Do you know what version your users derive the most value from? Employing proactive measures to guarantee your application continues to perform flawlessly – regardless of version – and your customers are satisfied is essential. not just upgrade it. A GlowTouch Technologies Industry Insight   7 . these programs are limited in their capabilities. While there are resources and tools that enable companies to upgrade their own applications.5. Certified APS SI’s rely on their experience in the Parallels ecosystem and their intimate knowledge of the APS platform to optimize your business application. upgrades and version enhancements are as commonplace as development iterations. How do upgrades and new product releases affect how I manage my APS application? In the world of software development. In a fiercely competitive marketplace. Almost as commonplace is the collection of technology “laggards” . improved market share. being first-to-market could likely result in additional revenue. Effectively managing and upgrading your APS integration requires knowledge of the specific feature-set within the latest Plesk or PA version. and increased customer loyalty. and the technical expertise to adapt the integrated solution in a way that enhances performance and offers value to the end user.users who choose not to upgrade to the latest software version.

GlowTouch draws from a deep and talented resource pool to provide its customers with unmatched quality and responsiveness. Who can I rely on to support my APS initiative? A successful APS deployment requires everything from resources. trusted technology providers and subjected them to rigorous training and certification to ensure they’re fully immersed in the inner-workings of the Parallels ecosystem and the APS platform. and more. faster. GlowTouch is one such certified Parallels APS SI who leverages extensive web hosting industry experience and a wealth of technology expertise to help companies smoothly navigate the APS development process. technology. A long-standing Parallels partner. personnel. deployment. sell and profit from using the APS standard. maintenance. To learn more about how GlowTouch can provide APS SI services smarter. A GlowTouch Technologies Industry Insight   8 . GlowTouch relies on its intimate knowledge of the Parallels ecosystem and proficiency with emerging technology platforms to help companies like yours cloud-enable their business applications. Deploying a dedicated and highly-trained development team. and more. GlowTouch leverages a hybrid resource model designed to provide customers with the optimal combination of cost-savings and customer service. Securing a Easily the most accessible APS SI. visit www. knowledge. GlowTouch is ready to help you through the process. including everything from development. GlowTouch offers endto-end product support for your APS initiative. and easier. With locations around the globe. These SI’s can make it remarkably easy for you to enable. so engage us today and enjoy the benefits of APS integration in the Parallels ecosystem.6. That’s precisely the reason that Parallels has chosen to partner with just a few.glowtouch. promote. optimization. enhancement. This network of official certified Parallels APS System Integrators is designed to help service providers and application vendors seamlessly package and deliver their offerings into the cloud. well-connected APS development resource could pay off with instant time and cost savings.

and virtualization platforms. To learn more about the APS Standard. To learn more about GlowTouch. 500/5000 list of America’s FastestGrowing Private Companies for three consecutive years. APS covers the full service life cycle of applications and was designed from the ground up to address requirements of Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud computing paradigms. and Asia. Parallels is a fast-growing company with 800 employees in North America. visit www. management and integration of cloud-based services and applications.glowtouch. Magazine on the Inc. To learn more about Parallels. and service providers across all major hardware. A GlowTouch Technologies Industry Insight   9 . Europe.apsstandard. visit www. About Parallels Parallels is a worldwide leader in virtualization and automation software that optimizes computing for Founded in 1999. About APS The APS standard is a set of specifications that covers operating system. GlowTouch has been recognized by GlowTouch Technologies GlowTouch Technologies is an award-winning IT services company delivering custom technology services to businesses of all sizes. visit www. With more than 850 employees and growing. The company’s suite of technology services includes application and software development. technical support services and website development. such as full automation and role-based access control.parallels. businesses.

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