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What are the some of the PC issues customers face today?

Activities 1

Point to note: Do this similar exercise and get the customers to mention all these problems to you! As the presentation progresses. provide them the solution with Windows Intune! .

What are some of the things customers do to mitigate these risks? Activities 2 .

Mitigating the risk… .


Winchester House .



The Recommended Approach .

.Integrated solution for the platform. Commonly seen .


   Your customers need to understand Cloud!!! .

Why are your customers considering or not considering cloud services today ? Activities 3 .

Service provider is responsible for managing the operation. upkeep.Traditional Model vs. upkeep. and maintenance of the software Public Network (Internet) Organization’s Network • Corporate Firewall 16 . Hosted Model Service Provider’s Network Public Network (Internet) Organization’s Network Software/ Application Traditional Model • Corporate Firewall Service Provider’s Network Software/Application • Software/Application resides on Customer’s Network Customer’s IT department is responsible for managing the operation. and maintenance of the software Online Services (Hosted Model) • A critical portion of the software generally resides with a Service Provider outside customer’s IT environment.

Cloud Fits Your Customer's Business Big tech results with a small tech investment .

KEY Selling messages 1 Cloud • Cloud Services • Reduces the risk of investment ( lower barrier of entry) – easy access to trials • Lower TCO as no capital investments • No hardware infrastructure cost • No maintenance cost and operations cost • Easy and frequent upgrade of services .

           .

8 .


Sell Windows 8 Enterprise to Customers Activity 4 .

8 Windows to go™ .

KEY Point To drive home a key message. A foundation is required to provide for a strong support for the business users The foundation will be the latest Windows Desktop Operating System .

• Windows Intune Endpoint protection • BitLocker • Security Policies & Firewall Management • Proactive management leads to reduced downtime • Latest version of Windows • Ease of use with webbased admin console • Increase Uptime • No infrastructure or server maintenance • Predictable IT spend with lower capex costs • Time savings for Windows 8 . Increases Productivity for both end-users and the your IT engineers. Lowers Costs by optimizing PC management and support.Improves Security by keeping your customers’ PCs more protected and up to date.

KEY Selling messages 2 Windows Intune • Windows Intune is designed by Microsoft to specially manage Microsoft Windows Platform • Test it before you buy it • Deploy software solution without the traditional overheads • Get new features upgrade frequently .

• You are a Microsoft MSDN® or TechNet Subscriber .Intune Trial • Trial is available for Intune includes the Windows Intune Online Services • 25 users for 30 days • No trial offer for Windows Operating System • No trial offer for MDOP: • MDOP is available for test and evolution if a customer meets one of the following criteria: • You are a Windows Software Assurance (SA) customer. MDOP is available to SA customers through the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center.


Is Windows Intune suitable for every Customers? Class Activity 5 .

Who is it targeted at? • • • • • • Customers with 40 – 200 PCs With 80 – 90% workload on Microsoft Desktop Customers with Mobile Users Multiple Offices around the region Limited IT helpdesk Understand cloud based solution .

Low Hanging Fruit • Customers who are still on earlier version of Windows • Customers with expiring or no AV solutions • Customers who understand the risk they are going through but not doing anything • Customers who understands PC management but shelved it due on cost .


Existing customers with SA on Select Plus.Program and Sku Availability Windows Intune • Typically for SMB customers • New customers without SA • Existing Open/Select SA customers* • Customers > 250 • EA or EAS customers adding Windows Intune to some or all devices Add On MOSA Windows Intune EA • Customers > 250 • Existing EA/EAS customers adding Windows Intune to some or all devices • Academic institutions with EES or CASA EES/ CASA Add On * Select License. Open License. or Open Value Subscription may purchase through MOCP and receive a credit for their underlying SA Windows Intune is not recommended for more than 20k DSL . or Open Value Subscription are not eligible licensing programs for Windows Intune. Open Value. Open Value. Select Plus.

Windows Intune Windows Intune Add-On Key Customer Pain Points: .

Customers Told Us We listened and made changes… Product Changes Licensing Changes .

Licensing device management from Microsoft no longer requires customers to choose between System Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) and Windows Intune. 2012 Must license ConfigMgr separately Must license ConfigMgr separately Add-On for ConfigMgr & SCEP Windows Intune w/ Windows SA Notes: • All Prices in USD • MDOP & Additional storage for Software Dist available as add-on (same as current offer) • Windows Intune Add-On for ConfigMgr requires ConfigMgr & SCEP to be licensed under the EA/EAS/EES . Offers Price (Monthly) Direct (MOSP) EA/ EAS EES Key Changes Windows Intune If the customer owns ConfigMgr and SCEP… If the customer also wants Windows… Includes: • Intune Service • ConfigMgr & SCEP Windows Intune $6 $4 $11 Available Jan 1. 2013 Available Dec 1.

Simplifying Management Across Platforms Devices & Platforms Single admin console Windows Intune .

Windows Intune and Windows Intune with Windows SA subscriptions provide on premises use rights for System Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) and Endpoint Protection (SCEP) .

Existing Offers Direct MOSP EA/EAS EES Future Offers Windows Intune w/ Windows SA Windows Intune Windows Intune Windows Intune Add-On $11 $5.5 $11 $6 Windows Intune $4 Add-On for ConfigMgr .


What is in it for the partners? .



They may be highly mobile or remote branch offices that are not behind the corporate firewall – or they may simply not have a good management solution in place for any PCs Windows Intune Approach • Cloud deployment • Manage PCs and devices in with the same tool • IT can set policies • Allow end users to self serve Customer Priority • Keep users productive wherever they are • Secure access to corporate applications • Need cost-efficient solution Partner Offering • Managed services for PCs and devices • Helpdesk for remote users and offices • Licensing & Inventory Services .Unmanaged PC conversation opener Business Reality: Customers have several PCs that are not managed.

but no efficient way to manage and secure those devices – devices may be corporately owned. Customer Priority • Keep users productive on all devices • Secure access to corporate applications • Need cost-efficient solution Windows Intune Approach • Cloud deployment • Manage PCs and devices in with the same tool • IT can set policies • Allow end users to self serve Partner Offering • Mobile Device Strategy Consultancy • Managed Service for PCs & Mobile Devices • Helpdesk • On-going Licensing & Inventory services .Mobile Device Conversation Opener Business Reality: Customers have many mobile devices within the corporate environment. but used for work purposes. or may be employee owned.

Smoother Office 365 Deployment Conversation Opener Business Reality: Customer is deploying Office 365 and doesn’t have a clear view of their current PC update status and may not have an efficient way to deploy Office applications Customer Priority • Customer needs a way to assess what updates have been applied to all PCs before rolling out O365 • Customer needs mechanism to update all PCs to meet Single SignOn requirements • Customer may need tool to roll out Office bits Windows Intune Approach • Windows Intune can be used to assess the customer device estate and apply necessary updates to ready PCs for Office 365. • Windows Intune can also be used to deploy Office bits. Partner Offering • Pre-deployment services for Office365 • Office deployment • On-going PC & Device Managed Services .

FY13 Online Advisor Incentives Year 1 Year 1 • Recurring manage incentive for MOSA deals • Recurring manage incentive for both MOSA and EA deals • MOSA Accelerators based on cumulative seats sold in FY13 • EA Accelerators based on a 70% deployment attainment per customer .

New Partner Revenue stream

Competing with Windows Intune and Objection Handling

Ease of Use
While competing products can be complex and difficult to learn, the simple, taskfocused UI of Windows Intune helps make it easy for partners to learn and start offering managed services quickly.

Strong & Trusted Brand Recognition
Since SMBs recognize and trust Microsoft products, Windows Intune presents VARs and SIs an opportunity to open doors with potential clients that competitors can’t provide.

Windows 8 Enterprise (Future Version of Windows)
Unlike competitors, Windows Intune have option to opt for an upgrade license to the most advanced and secure version of Windows, Windows 8 Enterprise. This provides a low cost way to help customers standardize their environments and provides partners the opportunity to sell deployment services.

Integrated solution
Competitors rely on 3rd-party add-on modules for services like security, while Windows Intune includes end-to-end desktop management capabilities, optional Windows 8 Enterprise upgrade license, and integrated Enterprise-ready Endpoint protection in a single Microsoft product.

Because Windows Intune is easy to learn and use. 51 .Easier to Sell Earn Services Revenue Quickly Integrated Solution Trusted Microsoft brand and Windows 8 upgrade license creates a compelling story for customers. making it easier for partners to secure support if needed. partners can quickly start shifting from project-based revenue to recurring revenue by adding managed services to their offering with limited up-front costs. backed by Microsoft. Windows Intune is an integrated solution.

availability and security you expect for your business: enterprise-grade security. 24x7 Support. high availability server architecture.9% scheduled up time SLA 52 . Windows Update Services • Windows Intune has been tested to help ensure the high reliability. and a financially backed 99.Customer : I’m nervous about deploying a Cloud based product. Recommended Responses • Microsoft created Windows Intune with 15 years of hosting some of the world’s largest Cloud Services (Exchange Online.

IT staff can remotely perform essential management tasks for clients anywhere. Windows Intune deployment can be done in a few steps. security.Customer : I’m concerned that I have to make a significant investment up front to deploy any new technologies Recommended Responses • There is no minimum seat license requirement. and core IT management can all be done via one simple. asset inventory. with no on-site infrastructure required. and monitoring of all client desktops. and all that’s required is an Internet connection. web-based console. remote assistance. including updates. • There is no hefty out front investment on hardware and software cost 53 . • Windows Intune was designed to be easy to deploy and easy to use.

Recommended Responses • Windows Intune is designed for desktop management. • Most competitors will be managing from a piece meal perspective. because that typically takes more time and resources to manage than servers. If you have more complex server management needs. we recommend our System Center family of products. You can generally perform server monitoring and management using the native tools and functionality included in products such as Windows Server. Understanding the risk and needs involved 54 . playing to their strength. As Microsoft is driving management of their own platform.Customers: Competitive products manage servers and devices as well as desktops. as they will never be able to provide a complete management solution compared to Microsoft.

• With Windows Intune you are looking at a complete PC management verses piece meal deployment which is actually more costly to manage 55 .Customers: It is expensive to use Windows Intune. • Competitive solutions may require you to purchase additional add-ons for comparable capabilities. Recommended Responses • Windows Intune provides a great value to PC management through a flexible licensing model by including integrated management services and having Windows 8 Enterprise upgrade licensing as an option.

Recommended Responses • Explain to them the risk – point them back to results in Activity 1 • When you are connected to the Internet.Customers: I am happy with status quo. do not need to invest in any management solutions. everybody is connected to you • Your strongest point of defense is your weakest link – when that PC goes down. it will bring every PC in your organization with it • Proactive management is the customers greatest defense 56 .

• But as we progress. with the listening to what the customers want and looking at the market forces Microsoft has made significant investment to include non x86 platform 57 .Customers: It is only manages Microsoft solution Recommended Responses • The initial Key objective for Microsoft on Windows Intune was to drive customer satisfaction who have invested on the Microsoft platform.

there are no infrastructure to consider when stopping the solution 58 . I am tied into the solution Recommended Responses • Microsoft is the only vendor that provides both On Premise and On Cloud solution. you can always evaluate and move to the on-premise solution using System Centre • Since it is cloud based solution. should you decide that you do not wish to continue with the Cloud base solution.Customers: Once I buy in to cloud technology.

Key Benefits Cloud On-premises 59 .

Customers: I have different version of Windows in my environment. I can’t upgrade all to Windows 8 Enterprise at the same time to enjoy Windows Intune Management Recommended Responses • You do not need to upgrade all the Windows 8 Enterprise to use Windows Intune to manage your PCs environment • Windows Intune can manage Windows XP SP2 upwards. As long as they are Business Desktop OS. Intune can manage them 60 .

customers must continue to subscribe to Windows Intune.Customers: Must I keep subscribing to enjoy Windows 8 Enterprise Recommended Responses • To enjoy the features of Windows 8 Enterprise. But there is a buy out option after completing 1 year of Windows Intune Subscription (Please refer to next slide for more details) 61 .

converting them to perpetual use licenses from a DSL.  The license terms are similar to other subscription programs like EAS and OVS.  If customer choose to terminate the service. customer have the ability to retain the Windows 8 licenses. will need to uninstall an upgrade version or purchase a buyout SKU . When customer cancel in subsequent term (after the initial 12 month).  Customer will be given access to download Windows 8 product keys from the online service site. https://partner.aspx tions/productsonlineservices/40172051 tune/ tune/

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