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Genereal Description of Japan

1. Demography a. Population situation Japan

Japan has an unique demography compare with another country in Asia. As a modern country, Japan has already enter a modernisation era which cause the people mostly spend their time to work to build their country better. This situation make Japan faced new problem, ungrowth population. Wikipedia said that on March 2012, Japan population reach 127.650.000 people making Japan as the worlds tenth most populated country. But, this number cant tell you the real situation which Japan need to face. Japan experienced net population loss in recent years due to falling birth rates and almost no

net immigration, despite having one of the highest life expectancies in the world at 81.25 years of age as of 2006. Using the annual estimate for October of each year, the population peaked in 2008 at 128,083,960 and had fallen 285,256 by October 2011. Its population density was 336 people per square kilometer. Based on the Health and Welfare ministry estimation released in January 2012, Japan's population will keep declining by about one million people every year in the coming decades, which will leave Japan with a population of 87 million in 2060. By that time, more than 40% of the population is expected to be over the age of 65. The population ranking of Japan dropped from 7th to 8th in 1990, to 9th in 1998, and to 10th since. In Matsuyama (the place we did the internship), the situation isnt much different. From lecture, we knew that this island also faced the same problem. They also have low level of birth and high life expectation. The older people try to convience young peopleto give a birth and the government also makes some program to control this situation. Matsuyama Matsuyama is the city capital of Ehime prefectuure. Ehime perfecture itself located in the northwestern part of Shikoku, Ehime faces the Seto Inland Sea to the north and is bordered by Kagawa and Tokushima in the east and Kchi in the south. The prefecture includes both high mountains in the inland region and a long coastline, with many islands in the Seto Inland Sea. The westernmost arm of Ehime, the Sadamisaki Peninsula, is the narrowest peninsula in Japan. As of 1 April 2012, 7% of the total land area of the prefecture was designated as Natural Parks, namely the Ashizuri-Uwakai and Setonaikai National Parks; Ishizuchi Quasi-National Park; and seven Prefectural Natural Parks. Total population of this area is 1,430,086.

b. Culture Known as the country that holds the culture tightly, Japan became one country that have their way to treat people and solve problem. It already became original way

to Japanese people and become a must to foreigner to get used to it. For example, Japanese people really like to praise people even if its just a simple thing that already been done. It makes people who heard that feel calm and relaxed. But, the actual thing is, some of their culture also make them feel unhappines. Example, young people already have responsibility for their own life when they reach their 20. Actually, its just big line. They still can contact their parents if they want. But, because of shame, they keep it themselves.We also feel the same thing when we have interaction with them. They couldnt say what in their heart and mind directly. They really want to see as a mature person, so they push themselves to handle the entire situation. It makes them frustated and it also contributes in the increase of suicide in Japan. Suicide itself already exists in Japans history. They assume that if they died, they will enter heaven and all of their problem solved.

c. Religion Buddhism and Shinto are two main religion in Japan. But, these days, young people seems dont have any religion at all. They just believe with good philosophy and keep going on their life not worrying about it. So, they really amazed and wonder why we Indonesian people want to have a religion and believe God.

2. University A chance to enjoy Japans lesson in one of the famous university in Matsuyama, Ehime University. Ehime university is the first national university to establish an English Education Center concentrating on communicative skills

staffed by over fifteen native English speakers who lead classes limited to 20 students for more effective teaching. The university encourages students to participate more actively in campus life and to give students a voice in university affairs. There is also a commitment to protect the rights of all students and staff members. This treasure oppurtunity make us appreciate every moment that we have there. Learning from Ehimes teacher open our mind for wider knowledge. They reallly professional and prepare everything very detailed make us understand more about the lesson.