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The Origin and Ultimate Fate of our Universe sg micheal, 28/FEB/2009 The simple and accurate answer

to both of those questions right now is: we don't know. For your entertainment and total confusion, look up 'dark energy' and 'dark matter' on Wikipedia. Supposedly, according to convention, our Universe is made up of 74% dark energy and 26% dark plus normal matter. What dark energy is, convention does not know. What dark matter is, convention does not know as well. There is total confusion and disagreement about the nature of both. But.. As destiny would have it, this 'little simpleton' suggests an answer to both. (I promised my mother not to keep denigrating myself but .. it's irresistible considering how I have been dismissed my whole life by convention. Incidentally, I'm a very active member of NPA, the Natural Philosophy Alliance, which is a consortium of 'dissident scientists'.) Recently, I have developed an extension of Minkowski space renamed Iam space which incorporates the engineering concepts of impedance and elasticity specifically in the time domain. As I love to say, I have used Occam's Razor as an artist's spatula rather than a utility knife. ;) So.. what is Iam space? Please consult other papers at My proposal for the origin of our Universe? I have no idea. ;) I think that's best to say.. Was it two brane-universes colliding? Was it a Big Bang? Was it the rebound from a Big Crunch? Was it always there? We simply do not know. The ultimate fate of our Universe? Now that I have an opinion on: spread out 'cold death'. What else is there? If our Universe is currently accelerating in expansion, there is no reasonable mechanism to stop it. Our Universe may be unique. It would take an edict from God to stop it. ;) That is the ONLY mechanism that could. Okay, here is my simpleton explanation of how the Universe began. According to Stephen Hawking, infinite information density is not allowed in normal space-time. Before god became God, there must have been a creature that could become God (unless God always Was). But I believe that is silly to assume. What is more reasonable is that some creature existed that had the capability to become God. I call that creature god. Now, we all know God is Infinite. But Stephen Hawking says infinite information density is not allowed in normal space-time.. So.. when god said "I Am", he/she/it Became God and our Universe was born. ;) Very silly and simplistic, I know, but.. Can you offer a better explanation? And since infinite information density cannot exist in any specific location in our Universe, God must exist everywhere! :) God must Be ubiquitous! :) We must be inside the Mind of God; there is no other answer! :) What a trip.. ;) Okay, I stop preaching and start talking science.. There are implications of Iam space. One is that there seems to be 7 stable elementary particles: nega-proton, nega-electron, nega-neutrino, photon, neutrino, electron, and proton - all ranging from extreme negative energy to positive. This equates with temporal curvature. And the curvature coefficients are not symmetric: -19/9, -14/9, -9/9, -4/9, 1/9, 6/9, and 11/9 respectively. The magnitudes vary by factors of 10000: 10^20, 10^-24, 10^-28, 10^-32, 10^-28, 10^-24, and 10^-20 (these are assumed to have symmetry

about the photon). The coefficients were calculated from the two known values for protons and electrons. The same for the magnitudes. At first, I made a table of strictly decreasing magnitudes but this did not seem to make sense. Symmetry about the photon seems to fit reality better. Let me explain why.. When we construct the list/table of curvature values as above, we end up with some interesting consequences. Apparently, there are two ways to calculate resulting proportions of dark energy and dark matter. One is assuming equal distribution of all types of particles (equal in number). The other is what I call a 'balanced distribution' where we simply drop the magnitudes. Let me present all 3 schemes: convention, equal number, and balanced distribution. DE(%) DM+NM(%) Convention: 74 26 Equal Number: 63 37 Balanced Distribution: 72 28 Not bad for an idiotic 'raving mad' simpleton, right? ;) Now you see why I try to push NPA to make a judgment about me.. I'm either insane/delusional/totally wrong .. or .. I'm divinely inspired. ;) Which is it? Only you and future history will decide. :) In the 'equal number' scheme, nega-protons and protons dominate. You end up with 19/30 for the proportion of dark energy. In the balanced scheme, you end up with 46/64 and no particles dominate. Of course, there is the whole beautiful question about: why 5/9? Why 10000? (for the differences between coefficients and magnitudes) Now if I could answer that, I would be one of three things: God, Satan, or dead (fully One with God). Since I cannot answer that question, it's safe to say I'm none of those things. ;) You see, even 'pseudo scientists' can have a sense of humor.. One of my points with all these essays is that we need to stop labeling ppl that. Stop denigrating dissidents and calling us "fringe" or "stupid" or "quacks".. It's not right; it's not fair. Convention has just spent 7 BILLION dollars equivalent on the LHC. Will they find Higgs? I doubt it.. Further, I estimate they will spend another 7 plus 5 on maintenance and operation. That totals about 20 BILLION dollars invested in non-existent particles. :( That's not including all the lives and students' time wasted on wrong concepts.. Who is insane? Convention or me? Only you and time will decide..