Anti Smoking Campaign

The Republic Act No. 9211 - "Tobacco Regulation Act of 2003."Section five prohibits the carrying of any lighted tobacco product in public vehicles, schools, health centers , elevators, cinemas, malls and in places where fire hazards are present. Smoking is also banned in recreational facilities for minors.Fines imposed on violators of this section range from P500 to P10,000.

smoking ban in all schools and health facilities (including outdoor premises) and in all enclosed or confined public places and all public transportation no tobacco sales or ads within 100 meters of schools, playgrounds, or other facility frequented particularly by those below 18 years old no tobacco ads on TV, cable TV, and radio since January 1, 2007 health warning on 30% of front panel of all product packages beginning July 1, 2006 tobacco sponsorship restricted to activities for those "18 and above" beginning July 1, 2006 no tobacco ads outdoors and in cinemas beginning July 1, 2007 no tobacco ads in all mass media beginning July 1, 2008 no tobacco sponsorship of all sports, concert, cultural, and art events beginning July 1, 2008

Anti-smoking campaign laws passed after a five year struggle of country's addiction to cigarettes.

The chances are high that Filipino children aged 11 to 16 have already have tried smoking cigarettes. The probability that a child has already lighted his first stick–or worse, is a full-blown smoker–is even greater when members of his family are smoking, too. And then, of course, there is peer pressure.

hotels. offices. Our Anti-Smoking Campaign Team which is composed of volunteer professionals conducts 30 munites lesson to each class about "Why cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health. With a strict smoking ban. shopping malls. hotels. Sections 1-3 of its implementing rules and regulations (IRR) prohibit smoking in all public facilities including airport and ship terminals. This is to give Health Awareness info to all children ages 5 to 16 years old. Smoking or Non-smoking <=prev Page 1 next=> Republic Act 9211 (RA 9211). from twelve elementary and secondary private and public schools in Metro Manila was conducted by the ACCP after a series of “tobacco or health workshops” in these schools from 1998 to 2001. schools. and in all enclosed or confined places that are open to the general public. otherwise known as the Tobacco Regulations Act of 2003: Section 5 of RA 9211 and Title II.932 respondents with an average age of 13. cafes. shopping malls and cinemas in the Manila suburb were forced to shun smoking patrons to avoid being penalized or even shut down by authorities. except for designated separate smoking areas. . bars. restaurants. train and bus stations. Rule I. conference halls. discos.The survey of 2. We pretty sure that at their early ages was the best time to educate them about cigarette smoking. movie houses. recreational places. redstaurants." We do this to every public and private Elementary Grade and High School Students.

which shall be placed conspicuously at the entrance to the designated smoking area and include a warning in English or Filipino about the ill effects of both direct and secondary exposure to tobacco smoke. Smoking or Non smoking "Tobacco is the consumer product that. kills half its users. in English or Filipino. 1096. Rule I. be completely enclosed or physically separated from the rest of the premises and equipped with adequate ventilation in conformity with the provisions of Presidential Decree No.Section 6 of RA 9211 and Title II. and the Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers Code. and have at least one (1) legible and visible sign posted saying “SMOKING AREA”. be fully separated from smoke-free areas by continuous floor-to-ceiling or floor-tofloor solid partitions which are interrupted only by doors equipped with door closers. otherwise known as the “National Building Code”. and which must be constantly closed except when a person is entering or exiting the area. Sections 3-5 of its IRR require that designated smoking areas shall: not be located within the same room that has been designated as a non-smoking area. if used as intended." .

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