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Recycle The Plastic Wastes in The Pyrolysis Plant

In today's world, the plastic has played a crucial role in the manufacturing industry. It is widely used in manufacturing many types of plastic and non-plastic products like toy, ball point pen, and electric cable, water pipe, plastic bag and many more. Its demand gradually keeps on increasing because of its rapid consumption. As it is used in huge amount, plastic scraps are continuously aggregating and piling up in the surrounding areas. The aggregation of the packaging bags and plastic scraps can make the area uninhabitable and barren. It can pollute the environment and can also cause many health problems to the living beings. Therefore, its dumping and incineration is truly a matter of concern in the industrialized country like India. In some places of India, the dumping of plastic scraps in an open area is legally restricted. Therefore, many industrialized countries including India have been successful to build an alternate way by recycling of plastic scraps, which produce many by-products that are really useful to mankind. Contradictory to the general consensus, the packaging bags and plastic scraps are harmful to both; environment and health of living beings. The plastic bags may kill thousands and millions of aquatic and land animals. By mistaking plastic bags for food, many animals eat them and die. The worst thing is that they remain intact, even after the whole body of the animal is completely decomposed. Some of the harmful effects caused by dumping and incineration of plastic scraps are depicted below.

Some of the plastic bags and products are manufactured by using a highly toxic volatile component, so-called acrylonitrile. If this toxic substance seeps out of plastic materials can get mixed with over-ground and underground water, and thus pollute it.

Incinerating the packaging bags and plastic scraps can increase the atmospheric temperature. Burning of the plastic scraps releases carbon-dioxide into the atmosphere, and thus enhance the green house effect On burning, some of the synthetic plastic bags and products release many harmful carcinogenic substances in the atmosphere. These carcinogenic substances can cause breathing problems and cancer in the living beings. All these problems can be solved by recycling the plastic scraps instead of incinerating and dumping them in an inhabitable area. The Plastic Pyrolysis is a unique and latest concept for recycling the plastic bags and plastic scraps, which is widely used by many industrialized countries including India. Pyrolysis of plastic wastes can be more advantageous and worthwhile. Interpreted below are some of the benefits of recycling the plastic scraps in the pyrolysis plant.

Recycling of plastic scraps in the pyrolysis plant provides many byproducts at the end of the pyrolysis process. The byproducts include highly volatile liquid and gaseous components, which are widely used for many purposes. One of the liquid components, so-called pyrolysis oil, is widely used in steam production and heating purpose. In the pyrolysis plant, the whole of plastic scraps and waste plastic products are treated at very high temperature. The whole of this process takes place in an airtight container. Therefore, giving no chance for the harmful gases to escape into the atmosphere that are hazardous to the health of living beings and the environment too. Many problems related to health of living beings and the environment can be solved by introducing the process called pyrolysis in India.

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