The Orgone Generator Bible
There is a lot of information on the internet about the dangers of harmful E.L.F [microwave] frequencies that are ‘directed’ at nice spiritual citizens by the corrupt political element of all countries via [1] cell phone towers, [2] radionics machines, and [3] black magic spells. Yes – even a black magic ‘spell’ is a form of particle frequency that departs the locality of the ‘sender’ and arrives in the locality of the ‘receiver’ as a form of energy that is plainly unhealthy. Since these E.L.F [microwave] producing towers are designed for the purposes of ‘thought control’, we all need to know how to shut these devices down. Some of these E.L.F cell phone towers are quite obvious to see, and so quite easy to spot – such as the cell phone tower shown below:

But then some others are quite ‘disguised’, such as the type that seems to be a flagpole, which again, is shown below. Believe it or not, the E.L.F tower shown below is positioned in a school playground. How completely evil.

As we now know, the main usage of such E.L.F emitting devices is that of the ‘thought control’ of the populous. Such ‘structures’ emit frequencies that ‘mimic’ thoughts and which are transmitted directly inside of the citizens mind – sending him/

2 her a barrage of fake ‘urges’, ‘desires’, and ‘instructions’. In this manner a person may be effectively controlled, since any decent psychologist or philosopher will tell you that ‘thought directs action’. If I get a ‘thought’ to walk in a certain direction, or to eat a certain food, or even to take a certain drug - and if I take this ‘thought’ to be my own, I will more then likely ‘do’ as the ‘thought’ has directed me to ‘do’. Please examine the following quotation by a pioneer in electromagnetic mind control, which is presented on the most excellent ‘Educate Yourself’ forum [http://educateyourself.org], as it is a real eye-opener: “Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electrically control the brain. Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain”. - Dr. Jose Delgado -1974 Congressional Record, No. 262E, Vol. 118. Brother – how bad can it get before we all collectively do something about all this? How many ordinary citizens take prescribed medications for apparent ‘headaches’, when there is nothing wrong with them – aside from the fact that they are being E.L.F’d by the world’s corrupt governments? How many ordinary citizens are placed within mental institutions because of the barrage of ‘voices’ that they hear, and which make them seem mad if they repeat them out loud? How many mental wards have Orgone Generators positioned in every level to isolate this factor out of the diagnostic process? How many Doctor’s Surgeries also have Orgone Generators positioned in the waiting area or the Doctor’s own office? OK, I thought, it is all very well writing about the hazards of E.L.F frequencies, such as, for example, using the town of Glastonbury in the UK as a ‘test area’ for telegraph pole mounted E.L.F ‘crowd control’ devices. However, there is a simple method of stopping these harmful frequencies using a counter-device that is comparatively easy to make - and very easy to use. The name of such a heroic device is the ‘Orgone Generator’. Let’s face it – it is much better to discuss the methods of stopping something harmful, rather than endlessly ‘discussing’ the very thing that ought to be eradicated in the first place. One of the easiest types of Orgone Generators to make is called the ‘Tower Buster’. This is a vertical column of ‘Orgonite 1’ which contains a vertically positioned ‘point upwards’ quartz crystal in the centre of the casting. The centrepositioned quartz crystal may be wrapped with a coil of copper wire to encourage a spiral of energies that rises throughout and above the ‘Orgone Generator’.

The ‘Tower Buster’ Orgone Generator Shown In Three Sizes

A 50-50 mix of hardened resin and metal particles – copper, brass, aluminium and steel shavings.

3 You do not necessarily need to wrap the inside crystal with a copper coil – but if you want to you will need to wind the chosen crystal eleven times in an anti-clockwise manner – working from the bottom of the crystal to the top-most point, whilst looking at your chosen quartz crystal from the bottom [see below]. Wrapping a quartz crystal in such a manner will amplify the crystals Piezoelectrical Abilities.

A Copper Coil-Wrapped Quartz Crystal With Eleven Windings To make a ‘Tower Buster’, you would use a plastic drinking ‘beaker’ type mold and pour your mixture of Orgonite [resin, hardener, and metal shavings] in a series of 1020 mm layers until your mold is completed. To hold the centre-positioned quartz crystal in place I use a spare piece of spare copper wire stuck to the bottom of my mold with some sticky-tape until the top-most point of the crystal has been set in the resin [at which point the ‘holding wire’ and tape may be removed] – see below:

As the ‘pours’ progress, you will get to the point when the quartz crystal is covered by the ‘Orgonite’ mixture. Until the crystal is completely covered you will need to be very careful that the metal particles DO NOT TOUCH the windings of the copper coil that surrounds the crystal. Since, if they do, you will get a ‘short’ that will counter the effect of the Piezoelectric Crystal. There are two ways of avoiding this. One way is to cover the windings of your crystal with a clear glue and wait until it has set before positioning the crystal. The other way is to make sure that you only drop metal shavings into the outside-most part of the mold, whilst the quartz crystal is being covered. You will need to leave one to two hours between each ‘pour’ to enable correct hardening of the resin.

And in the case of your Orgone Generator. By this I mean that you must ‘tell the crystal what it will do’. Also be aware that Computer System silica chips are ‘programmed’ when an electronic instruction arrives inside the crystal. give the hardened resin a day or two to completely set. and for an Orgone Generator Quartz Crystal. you just have one very last thing to do. meaning that they are as ‘programmable’ as a RAM Memory chip [which is also made from silica]. and to aid in the ‘pushing’ of fresh Orgone out of the top of the device. the method of ‘programming’ is exactly the same for both a Home Computer System silica chip. and then remove the finished ‘Tower Buster’ from the mold. You will also need to glue some felt to the bottom to stop the ‘Orgone Generator’ from scratching which-ever surface you decide to position it upon. which in this case will be to aid in the collection of dead energy at the bottom of the device. Your finished device will look like the completed ‘Tower Buster’ shown below: A Completed ‘Tower Buster’ .P. As you can SEE.U [brain of the Computer].P. the electronic instruction is an electro-magnetic thought-form sent by your mind [which amounts to your own biological C. Following this. Bear in mind here that quartz crystals act in the same manner as your home Computer System. and that is to program the crystal with your mind.4 When you have completed your layered mold. to aid the channelling of this collected energy upwards through the Orgonite.U]. In the case of your home Computer System the electronic instruction is a stream of electro-magnetic binary information sent by the C. You ARE a Computer.

The ‘non organic’ part is the resin that holds the metals in suspension. with two Egyptian ‘Lost Cubit’ coils of copper adding a further boost to the device. but availability of materials and costs are a more important consideration. in my opinion. but it would also stop all E. Very large pieces. The metals used are those of [1] copper. Epoxy resin. the name of this particular device is the ‘Holy Hand Grenade’. except that [1] this device is bigger.B. Orgonite has the ability to attract harmful E.F [microwave] attack will only provide you with energy to be re-cycled ~ as you see fit. and [2] there are 5 coil-wrapped quartz crystals inside it. Chi.L. gold works a little better than copper. which was also designed by Mr. [2] brass. ********************************************************************* OK. and boat-building fire-glass are the popular mediums. ********************************************************************* So. but very fine particles.F’s that could harm [thought-control] anyone else in the protected vicinity. But. bio-energy by Wilhelm Reich.F’s [DOR] and to transform these particle-waves into brand-new Orgone [OR] which can then be used by the owner’s thought processes to ‘create’ a more suitable reality structure. are less effective than B.M.’s and spiral shavings and particles from a machine shop.L. [3] aluminium. let us have a look at just what this mixture of organic and inorganic materials known as ‘Orgonite’ really is.M. polyester resin. so we now have the knowledge to protect our entire living-space with the ‘Tower Buster’ device. Copper works a little better than aluminium.200 metres. like the brass grindings from a key-making machine.5 The designer of this ‘Tower Buster’ Orgone Generator device. Well. what about completely shutting down the harmful E. Don Croft. and which can also be found on the most excellent ‘Educate Yourself’ forum managed by Ken Adachi [http://educate-yourself. . maintains that it will be capable of shutting down all harmful E. Let us start with a picture of the device . Orgonite takes dead orgone [DOR] and converts it into orgone [OR] which by definition is full of living energy. Or.F’s emitted by an entire cell phone tower for a spherical range of about 1.org]. Here. and [4] sometimes steel. Orgone is a type of energy that defies many of the laws of Newtonian physics and is considered to be the energy that creates and heals life. The metal in the mix can be ANY metal. Orgonite™ was coined by Karl Welz and refers to a class of materials which are composed of a mixture of metallic particles suspended in an organic medium plus an inorganic substance in a 50/50 ratio. so we can SEE just what a ‘Holy Hand Grenade’ looks like. The process of molding and creating a ‘Holy Hand Grenade’ is very similar to the way in which we just made the ‘Tower Buster’ [above]. Mr. Such a device would not only protect yourself. Don Croft. to put it in a nut-shell. Orgone is the name given to Life Force. who-ever attacks your living-space with an E.M.F frequencies for a spherical radius that will completely engulf your house.

or [2] 3 x 596.3428 mm. which will give you an idea of the finished size of the device. Egyptian ‘Lost Cubit Coils’ may be multiplied to suit their usage. Next we will introduce one of the two Egyptian ‘Lost Cubit Coils’ which will make the pure Orgone energy spiral out of the top of the ‘Holy Hand Grenade’ device.491". or [3] which ever multiplication suits your sizing.491". bend it to form a double spiral which will appear as running anti-clockwise starting from the inside of the spiral and working outwards when looking down upon it [see below].6714 mm or 23.491". Now. Since the ‘Holy Hand Grenade’ device we are building here is quite large I will recommend a measurement of 2 x 596.6714 mm or 23. I tend to hold the centre of the spiral with a pair of ‘long-nosed pliers’ whilst I am winding the coil around and around.6714 mm or 23. Then.3428 mm long [or as close as you can measure it] and fold it exactly in half. .6714 mm ~ which = 1193. meaning that with a large device we can use a measurement of [1] 2 x 596.6 The ‘Holy Hand Grenade’ 5 Quartz Crystals In this case. Take a piece of copper wire 1193. the ‘mold’ that we will be using will be a plastic ‘pudding bowl’. or something similar. A ‘Lost Cubit Coil’ is a piece of copper wire that measures 596. We will start our construction of the ‘Holy Hand Grenade’ by making a 10 mm ‘pour’ into the top of the ‘pudding bowl’ mold with a 50-50 mixture of resin and metal shavings [see below].

place your ‘Lost Cubit Coil’ on top of your first ‘pour’ so that it spirals anticlockwise working from the centre to the outside when looking down into the mold [see below]. push in the centre of your spiral so that it takes on the shape shown below: Then. . set it into a thin layer of resin only [we don’t want to short out the coil with the metal particles] that will just cover it. You may have to support the spiral with some sticky-tape to hold it in position [see below].7 Next. working from the bottom of the crystal in an anti-clockwise direction towards the point [see below]. wrap one of the five quartz crystals you have acquired to make the ‘Holy Hand Grenade’ with eleven turns of copper wire. When the 5 mm ‘pour’ of pure resin has set. Next.

When you do this only sprinkle the metal particles around the outside of the mold.8 Next. Next. and hold it in place with a spare piece of copper wire which you will have to tape to both the crystal and the outside of the bowl. You can now make your next ‘pour’. which will set the end of the crystal in place. Make sure that none of the copper windings on the crystal touch the ‘Lost Cubit Coil’. or [2] the coil wrapped crystal [see below]. be very careful not to short out the ‘Lost Cubit Coil’ or . You will need to stop at that point. you will need to place this wrapped crystal point down [facing the top of the mold] and support it inside the centre of the spiral in readiness for the next pour [see below]. Again. making sure that they do not short out [touch] either [1] the ‘Lost Cubit Coil’. fill the mold with resin and metal shavings in 10-20 mm layers until you are about 40 mm from the bottom of the mold. as you will be fitting the four other coil wrapped quartz crystals into the base of the device before completing it.

First. Us usual. place the four coil-wrapped crystals on the bottom of your mold so that the points face the centre crystal [hopefully you acquired the correct length of crystal]. Next. and so that each crystal represents one of the four directions [see below].9 the coil-wrapped quartz crystal – meaning only sprinkle metal shavings around the edge of the mold [see below]. You can now fit the remaining four quartz crystals to the ‘Holy Hand Grenade’ device before continuing the ‘pouring’ process to finish it. . you will need to coil-wrap the remaining four quartz crystals with copper wire. make eleven turns around each crystal – working from the bottom in an anti-clockwise direction and winding the copper towards the top-most point [see below].

This ‘Lost Cubit Coil’ will remain flat and will cover the four crystals that we have just set in the mold. As usual stay away from the coil windings with the metal particles. By this I mean that you should have made sure that your last pour left no protruding metal particles sticking out of the top of your mold ☺ . so that it appears as running anti-clockwise starting from the inside of the spiral and working outwards when looking down upon it [see below].10 All we have to do now is to completely cover the remaining four crystals with resin and metal particles. you have learned enough to realise that we do not want this final ‘Lost Cubit Coil’ shorting out on any metal particles. so that you do not short out the crystals. Again. that you will have 5 mm of depth left in the mold still available to allow the placement of the bottom-most ‘Lost Cubit Coil’ [see below]. Now you can place this final [double-size] ‘Lost Cubit Coil’ in the mold.3428 mm long [or as close as you can measure it] and fold it exactly in half. bend it to form a double spiral which will appear as running anti-clockwise starting from the inside of the spiral and working outwards when looking down upon it [see below]. you are now ready to place the bottom-most ‘Lost Cubit Coil’ in the mold before the final pour. Then. If you have ‘done your maths right’ you will find that when the four bottom-most crystals are completely covered. take a piece of copper wire 1193. Hopefully. Ok. Hold the centre of the spiral with a pair of ‘long-nosed pliers’ whilst winding the coil around and around.

If we are to ‘bury’ it secretly to shut down a cell phone tower’s thoughtcontrol capabilities. If everything has worked out fine. The finished ‘Holy Hand Grenade’ should now look something like this [see below]: The Completed ‘Holy Hand Grenade’ . Then we can remove the ‘Holy Hand Grenade’ from the mold. as we do not want to short out the coil. and glue some felt to the bottom. you should now have your final [double] ‘Lost Cubit Coil’ placed inside the mold.11 Let us have ‘top down’ look into the bottom of the mold. then the felt on the bottom is NOT necessary. Once we have made the final pour. all we need to do is to leave the mold someplace warm for one to two days to let it completely cure. to prevent the device from scratching the surface that it is positioned upon if it is to be used ‘inside’ a building. so that we can view the placement of the final [double] ‘Lost Cubit Coil’. with about a spare mm or two of fill left to cover this coil. When we cover the final ‘Lost Cubit Coil’ we will only use pure hardened resin.

You may place an extra quartz crystal inside the centre of this ‘leg’.L. as it is almost identical to the original invented by Don Croft that we just had a look at. and was invented by myself! All you need to do. meaning that all the Freemasons practising black magic in the temple will lend all their mental ‘energies’ towards making the world a much nicer place – whether they like it or not ☺. fill the ‘leg’ with 10 mm ‘pours’ of resin and metal shavings [Orgonite] until the ‘leg’ is complete. [4] bury such a device near to an ‘accident black spot’. [2] bury such a device near to a Cell Phone Tower to prevent it from affecting the thinking of the local residents. Mr. So what are you waiting for ~ get on with it ☺ Holy Hand Grenade Version No 2 – The Mega Mushroom I do not need to explain the complete construction of this variation to the design of the ‘Holy Hand Grenade’. This variation takes the name of the ‘Mega-Mushroom’.F [microwave] attack. Don Croft. needs people to ‘GIFT’ these devices if your finances can allow it. or a cell phone tower. In the case of burying a ‘Holy Hand Grenade’ near to a Masonic Temple. [3] bury such a device near to a negative building such as a Masonic Temple. as far as White Magic goes. Now. Once again. By this I mean that you could [1] give such a device to someone that is suffering an E.12 I should also point out here that the designer of these devices. The finished result looks like this: A Completed ‘Mega Mushroom’ . by positioning the cut off bottom of an orange-squash cordial plastic drink bottle on the bottom of the finished ‘Holy Hand Grenade’. Then mastic [bathroom sealer glue] it in place to stop resin leakage when we make the add-on ‘pour[s]’. is to add a ‘leg’ onto the bottom of the mold. you will effectively recycle all of their ‘spells’ [dead Orgone energy – DOR] into pure Orgone energy [OR]. is about as White as Magic can get. and you may also place an extra ‘Lost Cubit Coil’ at the very bottom of the ‘leg’ too. ‘gifting’ a ‘Holy Hand Grenade’ and burying it close to a Masonic Temple.

When you pulse a 15 Hz signal through a mobius coil. intended to cause you harm [in any way or form]. working with his hugely psychic wife Carol has indeed designed such a device. ********************************************************************* The Succour Punch/ Power Wand A Succour Punch [SP] is the name Don Croft gave to a quartz crystal that has a mobius coil wrapped around it in a certain way so that a ‘knot’ is created for each turn of the coil as it passes around the crystal. which takes on the name of the ‘Succour-Punch’ for the portable version. but in a form that the offending parties are defenceless to shield against. You may ask that any negative alien being should be blocked who attempts to attach any sort of life . the same negative energy. we have now learnt how to make a ‘Tower Buster’ Orgone Generator that can surround our living-space with a globe of pure transformed Orgone. be blocked from remote influencing or remote viewing you or during psychic scans. You may also instruct the Succour Punch crystal to beam back to the party [or parties. forces are set in motion both on the third and fourth dimensional levels. Well examine both types of amplified Orgone Generator one at a time – beginning with the ‘Succour Punch’. and we have also learnt how to make a larger device called a ‘Holy Hand Grenade’ that is capable of producing a protective sphere that has a diameter of about 1. into life enhancing energy that invigorates and energizes you in a positive manner. Well. In this manner. luckily for you Don Croft. what about making an amplified device that can attack an Army or Navy remoteviewer [PSI-core].200 meters. you tell it to create a perfect shield against any sort of energy that is beamed to you from any dimensional plane. you turn it on and hold it over your heart chakra and tell it what you want it to do. You may ask that any remote viewer. This knot creates a ‘node’ which boosts the desired action. To use the SP. it sets up a chaos field which interacts with the crystal to create scalar waves which can then be programmed with your thoughts. or the ‘Power Wand’ for the larger version. If you are being harassed by ELF microwave transmissions.13 ********************************************************************* So. human or otherwise. But. You may ask the Succour Punch crystal to return the offending energy at the increased factor of 1000% for as long as the clowns are beaming the energy at you. by any sentient being or thought form directing that negative energy towards you. and which can stop a cell phone tower from affecting our thought processes. or that has the ability to attack a major demonic entity. You then tell it to transmute any negative directed energy that penetrates your shield. or thought forms] who are responsible for sending this negative energy to you.

Michael Relfe has succeeded mightily in this regard by using the power of thought and focused intent to help overcome anything the bad guys throw at him or his wife. 2 . negative aliens like the Draconians.14 draining ‘cord’ or device [in any dimension] to your chakras or interferes with you in any way. but the power factor is much. A Selection Of Different Sized Powered [Harmonically Amplified] Succour Punch Crystals Showing The Jack-Plug To Attack The Harmonic Device Another interesting side benefit of the SP crystal is its apparent ability to block the transmission of high tech surveillance equipment. Dowsing has told Don Croft that a medium sized crystal can be programmed for about 35 tasks. Navy and Police Forces could not monitor his movements or his conversations when the SP pulser unit was turned on. The crystal can work without the pulsing circuit. do not overlook the power of asking higher spiritual forces to help you overcome any form of psychic attack or harassment. despite their size. Larger crystals can usually handle more programming and do things more powerfully than smaller crystals. Stephanie. According to Don Croft. Some crystals can handle more programs. Since each crystal is an individual with unique attributes. but they all work on the same principle. etc2. much lower. Don Croft discovered that the Army. A Succour Punch [Harmonically Boosted] Crystal Showing The Attached Pulser Unit Also. [or black magical ‘spying’ meditators] cannot stand to be in the environment of the SP pulsing circuit and want to exit.

and wind the silver wire eleven turns from the middle towards the bottom in a clock-wise direction. This will serve to [1] strengthen the delicate silver-wire [2] hold the two coils in place. imagine you are looking down through the ‘top-most point’ towards the bottom. cover it with ‘super-glue’. Instead. walkman type device with the necessary frequencies stored on a C. [3] stop any chance of a break in the silver wire when applying the following two processes. [2] a Personal Computer sound card. which serves to ensure that the amplified harmonics that we will ‘fire’ through the quartz crystal utilises the entire length of the crystal [see below]. Only this time we will not wrap the quartz crystal with eleven windings of copper wire. and using the ‘top-most point’ as a reference location [see above] start in the middle of the crystal. we will [2] mid-wrap the quartz crystal with a knotted ‘Mobius Coil’ to focus the harmonics. and then we will [3] final-wrap the same quartz crystal with a 3 X ‘Lost Cubit Coil’ to ‘hold’ the harmonics in a ‘containment field’ within the quartz crystal. Our next task is to wrap the same crystal with a ‘mobius coil’. and 1. Make sure that the two pieces of silver wire DO NOT TOUCH in the middle. . Perhaps 4-6 inches log.D. Let us begin with the initial ‘Silver Wrap’. we will [1] first pre-wrap the same quartz crystal with eleven windings of pure ‘Silver Wire’ that runs both clockwise and anti-clockwise [see below]. which is a continuous [un-broken] 4-strand twisted coil [with two ‘long ends’] that will connect a female 2. When you are done with the silver wire.D. and [2] stop anything ‘shorting out’ on the silver wire winds. Using the same reference [looking down on the ‘top-most point’] now wind another length of silver wire from the centre of the crystal in an anti-clockwise direction towards the ‘topmost point’.15 To make one of these Orgonite surrounded Succour Punch Crystals we will need to start with a large sized quartz crystal. or [3] a C.5 mm ‘jack-plug’ socket that we will use to connect the finished device to either [1] a Pulser Unit. or some other suitable clear glue.5-2 inches in diameter. A Silver Wrapped Quartz Crystal With the point facing to the ‘left’.

The copper is very stiff while wrapping also the enamel insulator easily scrapes off causing minute shortages. 1 crystal. the hole spool for giant crystals. then fold that in half again. First select a length of wire that will be appropriate for the size of crystal. larger ones with a diameter of 1 inch or larger will need 20-25 feet or more. refer to the following guide: The Items you will need: 1 cordless drill 1 spool of 30 guage alluminum wire from Radioshack. comes in red. so you can fit a ‘jack-plug’. . Fold the wire in half. Basically folding the wire into quarters. Do not get the magnet wire that is copper.16 To make a mobius coil. Now take the end where both ends are bent. place them into the locking chuck of your cordless drill. Very small crystals will need only three feet of wire. The easiest way to keep them together evenly in the drill is by starting a small twist to hold them together. Be sure to leave the two ‘ends’ long. blue and white in 50ft.

17 Set the drill direction so that it will remove a screw [leftwards rotation]. You will be doing a counter clock wire wrap that works upward. With your other hand. . hold onto the end with the two leads. If the wire is longer than your arm span have someone help hold it or clamp it to a sturdy stand. Here is how you start your first knot. This will minimise irregularities. Hold your crystal and wire like so. You'll know the wire is correctly wound when the thread angles are at 45 degrees. Make sure you keep good tension while the drill is rotating.

Remember to keep the wraps tight.18 Notice that the knot goes over. While the knot keeps getting larger. You'll notice the wire working upward. This will ensure you don't have any wires overlapping on the back. Here is how it looks going around a third time. It's basically a square knot. Each time you start a new knot you start just before the last one. down. up-around. . Keep this knot a little loose because you'll need the space for the remaining knots. Start pulling the wire tight. Now repeat the process.

Before encasing our quartz crystal in ‘Orgonite’ [resin and metal shavings]. wrap the wire around counter clock-wise then do the knot and keep repeating as many times as needed. Personally. Strip the ends and you got your self an ‘jack-plug’ female socket connection. You'll notice that the knot's start right after the last one begun.19 Here is the finished result. a hot glue gun or goop [P. The silver wire wraps are optional. It's basically a simple pattern that keeps repeating.] works great. I ALWAYS pre-wrap the quarts crystal with silver wire first. Be aware that covering the ‘mobius coil’ wrapped quartz crystal in P. but they DO improve the ‘end result’. * The diagrams above show a mobius coil on a crystal that has NOT been prewrapped with silver wire. all we need to do is to cover our ‘glue-coated’ mobius coil with a final copper coil wrap. A quartz crystal with a finished ‘mobius coil’ wrapped around it. once again. If you notice the knots getting to difficult to overlap then start another row the same way as the first.A. meaning that this part is very important. or some other suitable glue BEFORE fitting the final copper ‘restraining’ coil over the top of it will prevent any ‘shorts’.V. optional – but DOES serve to ‘restrain’ the harmonics we are going to ‘fire’ through the crystal. Use glue to hold wires in place. This final wrap is. Without the final copper coil it is more likely that we can lose a little of the harmonic ‘focus’ that is intended to be ‘pumped’ through the quartz crystal.A. . Pull the excess just a little above the first mobius wrap.V.

3428 mm long [or as close as you can measure it]. is to ‘set’ your wrapped quartz crystal into some ‘Orgonite’ [resin and metal particles].20 Once again the Egyptian ‘Lost Cubit’ coil length will be used. Meaning cut yourself a length of copper wire that is 1193. mid-wrapped with a mobius coil.5 mm ‘jack-plug’ socket onto your two long ends of the ‘mobius coil’ [see below]: A completed ‘Orgonite’ surrounded ‘Succour Punch’ frequency gun. simply wind it anti-clockwise working from the bottom of the quartz crystal towards the ‘top-most point’ in a manner that covers the ‘mobius coil’ [see below]: A quartz crystal pre-wrapped with silver wire. and final-wrapped with a ‘Lost Cubit Coil’ of copper wire to ‘contain the field. . only this time DO NOT fold it in half. and then connect a female 2. All you have to do now.

there is a listin at: http://educate-yourself.au/action/ If you do want to make it into the full version you can either ‘pay’ for it. Doing this gave me FOUR ‘long ends’ exiting from the TWO ‘mobius coils’. Further interesting frequencies are: . The frequency generator [‘Super Compact’ version] ships at an $80 donation plus $6 shipping. I made a modification to the ‘Succour Punch’ frequency gun so that it would run in STERIO [Don Croft’s original runs in MONO with one quartz crystal]. which can be downloaded in it’s ‘demo’ format at: http://www.shtml If you want me to impart a few choice frequencies right here and now. that you do NOT want to be trusting the ‘Royal Mail’ to order anything from ‘overseas’ [I live in the UK].nch.21 As far as the frequency generator is concerned. I rarely use ‘money’ for anything – but then that’s me ☺ As for which frequencies to emply.com.org/nch/Freqchart1.D. all I did was to employ TWO ‘mobius coil’ wrapped quartz crystals [one on top of the other] and each with its own ‘mobius coil’. government PSI agencies. The infamous frequency that Don Croft recommends for preventing black magicians. meaning that I could fit a STEREO female ‘jack-plug’ socket. In this way I can use the device at home running from a Personal Computer sound card.D.org/nch/Freqchart2.shtml And also at: http://educate-yourself. and stand-alone ‘remote viewers’ from seeing you is a 15 Hz ‘square wave’ – this is the harmonic of the year 2012. If you want to design your own device that runs on ‘stereo’ [you can produce TWO frequencies at once this way. Personally. and the link to request one is below: Editor@educate-yourself. The ordering name you need to use is that of the ‘super compact SP Pulser’. And. or simply search for the crack on the internet [which IS available]. then I will. or as a portable device running from a C.org As for me. bearing this in mind you will plainly see that any life-form that is destined NOT to make it as far as Earth’s transition into 5D is NOT going to like that frequency that equates to the ‘New Age’ when it is ‘fired’ at them now. Walkman [set on ‘repeat loop’] with the necessary frequencies burned onto a C. To accomplish this. The necessary software is called ‘the NCH Tone Generator’. Don Croft. or simply double the strength of one frequency] then you will need to download a specific piece of software that allows you to produce any frequency. Personally I think that if you are suffering a governmental microwave assault on your well-being. you can order one from the original designer of these devices.

To Boost Memory. The original designer of these devices. He also calls a bigger version with two [or more] crystals] a ‘Power Wand’. And if you want a ‘fuller’ listing of frequencies. & Retention Theta 6. meditation & deeper sleep 528 Hz ~ Mend DNA and strengthens the cell wall to boost immunity [Dr Rife] 441 Hz ~ The King's Chamber Frequency. Though. A ‘Succour Punch’ becomes a ‘Power Wand’ simply by making it more powerful. & Mental Confidence Beta 14.0 Hz ~ For Cantering Yourself And Balance. To be honest. just run a search on your preferred web browser for a listing known as the ‘Clark Frequencies’. and found a *.pdf [Adobe acrobat] document with thousands of frequencies included. and [3] copper coil final-wrapped version – with no surrounding ‘Orgonite’.22 Alpha 7. & Physical 4. .1 Hz ~ For Efficiency In Daily Activities: Emotional. I guess my own modified version that runs in STEREO using two mobius coil wrapped quartz crystals would fit into the ‘Power Wand’ category. I did. & Greater Harmony Theta 3.83 Hz ~ Earth Resonance presently. Especially Of Languages.3 Hz ~ For Super Learning. ********************************************************************* I should also point out that there is a very simple version of the ‘Succour Punch’ that is just a [1] silver wire pre-wrapped.5 HZ ~ For Super Learning. Don Croft.0 Hz ~ To Enhance ESP [Extra Sensory Projection].9 Hz ~ Induce relaxation. For Invention. calls the basic model which is NOT surrounded in ‘Orgonite’ and which runs in MONO a ‘Succour punch’. [2] mobius coil mid-wrapped. & Energy Alpha 7. Mental. you could simply wrap a ‘mobius coil’ around a plain quartz crystal [see below]. Creativity. clears a chaotic room [Dr Rife] 30 KHz [square wave] ~ cures AIDS Use ‘square waves’ or ‘pulse waves’ for all of these frequencies. personally. & Intuition Alpha 12. I like to build the best and most powerful device that I can – but then that’s me ☺ A very simplistic ‘Succour Punch’ ready for connection to a MONO frequency generator.

Walkman with the required frequencies burned onto a C. but what about a massive device that is literally capable of altering the climate. This device runs from either [1] a Personal Computer sound card.23 I also made a very large version with FOUR 1 inch by four inch quartz crystals representing the FOUR DIRECTIONS feeding [and positioned below] into a fist sized quarts crystal above it. then I would say that we ought to be doing this to. I guess this one would be called something like a ‘Mega. . but you run the risk of losing the memory if the batteries run out! ********************************************************************* OK. or [2] a C.D. And. Mega Wand’! The Mega-Mega Wand I should add that I also fitted a spiralled ‘Lost Cubit’ coil to the bottom of the mold [which was too tricky to draw here!]. meaning all their respective ‘top-most’ points were lined up with the centre of the bottom of the fist sized crystal above them. the manager of the most excellent ‘Educate Yourself’ Internet Forum [http://educate-yourself. we have learned to make a variety of powered and non-powered ‘Orgone Generators’. if ‘they’ can do it. To be honest the corrupt world governments employ a similar series of devices to ‘manufacture’ weather conditions. All five of these crystals were pre-wrapped with silver. and final-wrapped with a ‘Lost Cubit’ coil of copper [see below]. The following section is in the words of Ken Adachi. All four of the smaller lower-positioned quartz crystals are wired-up in series to make one ‘channel’ of sound. I guess that an MP3 player would also work.D.org]. with the fist-sized ‘top-most’ crystal making the other channel. This particular device is called the ‘Chembuster’ as it has the capabilities to break up poisonous ‘Chem Trails’ [chemical clouds dropped on purpose by corrupt governments from planes to control citizens by chemical means]. mid-wrapped with a mobius coil. The four smaller crystals were diagonally positioned.

The more heavily laid the chemtrails in your area. but you can still see the blue orgone field cantered over your house if you go to a weather web site and click on the infrared maps for your area. hovering loudly about 150 feet overhead. The bare bones basic chembuster is made with a 2 . the larger the diameter of the pipes used. the more coils used. and shining the brightest search light imaginable-going around and around our place. even on local police helicopters].24 The Chembuster The first Chembuster [CB] I ever saw was the one Don Croft sent me back in 2002. means a more powerful punch of orgone transmutation delivered by the CB. the longer it takes for the CB to gear up to the task of dispering them.in an obvious attempt to both intimidate and video tape us inside our home using special infrared technology [which is standard equipment today. etc. the more and larger crystals used. You probably won't get a visit from a black helicopter when you set up your CB because there are too many CB's out there now and they generally don't bother with the helicopter routine anymore. we had a black helicopter visit us at 2 AM. but just hang in there for 2 or 3 weeks and you will begin to notice things. The very first day I set it up on the patio. You will be surprised to see that the orgone field extends outward for many miles. It usually takes a couple of weeks for a new CB to acclimate to the local environment. the longer the length of pipes used. The larger the CB resin/metal chip matrix base. so you may not see dramatic results with chemtrails right away. A chembuster will produce an intensely blue orgone field that is easily seen on any infrared radar weather map.

Setting crystals [inside the pipes] in the Star of David configuration can have some very powerful effects both on the etheric and physical planes. I use the longest and widest Lemurian Seed Crystals [long thin quartz points] that I can fit inside the pipe. when viewed overhead.25 gallon plastic bucket and six. 1 inch copper pipes. If you wish to add the option of more coils or more crystals. The two gallon CB is made in a two gallon plastic bucket and uses six. The six pipes are evenly spaced out in the bucket in a perfect circle which. . The six upper pipe extensions are five feet long and plug into a one inch copper pipe coupler connected to the short pipes embedded within the resin/metal chip matrix base. 1 inch copper pipe extensions [shown below]. will give you two sets of 3 pipe triangles that intersect each other as in the Star of David configuration. I always include a 3X Royal Cubit 14 gauge coil at the bottom of every 2 gallon Chembuster [see below 1st] and a 4X Royal Cubit coil at the bottom of the 5 gallon Chembuster. For crystals. The upper extension pipe assembly is held in place and parallel using a wooden template. you can make your selection fro m the CB Options list below.

Plants will always grow more vigorously in the presence of a CB and burying a unit directly into the ground will improve plant growth even more dramatically. but many have reported this phenomena. Many people have reported that spraying a mist of water on the CB on a daily basis will tend to bring rain [if your area needs it]. CB Options Described If you really want to go for the Big Bang in sky repair. It's not a guaranteed thing. or you can order the whole enchilada from me. Some people put them in the centre of their garden and are amazed to see the improvement in plant vigour.26 You can leave the CB in the plastic bucket for easy portability or remove it and bury the CB directly into the ground. You can either pick up your own 1 inch copper pipes at a local building supply centre such as Home Depot or Loew's [American department stores]. and adding other ingredients to the 2 gallon base unit by choosing from the CB Options list below. . adding SP Pulser crystals. you'll want to consider adding some of the extra CB options listed below which could include a [A] seventh pipe/Lemurian crystal in the centre and the [B] 2X Royal Cubit ¼ inch spiral tubing. You also have the options of adding one more pipe to a centre location [total of seven pipes]. 5 foot pipes]. The base unit deal includes six 1 inch copper couplers and a painted wooden alignment template that goes near the top. adding more coils. adding more crystals. ask the salesman to cut a ten foot length of pipe in half to give you two 5 foot lengths [buy a total of six. If you get your own pipes.

I prefer to fill the ¼ inch spiral tubing with Raymon Grace water. You can see the first set of Lateral Crystals installed here… …and the second set installed here… . Other options to consider are the [C] Lateral coil-wrapped DT crystals to connect the two Star of David triangle pipe configurations. but other substances are possible.27 You can get the ¼ inch spiral tubing with or without the seventh pipe.

D. 3 . device] attached to the base of a pipe and rubber hooded for rain protection. You could also [F] Silver Wrap 3 the SP crystal [1] before installing the mobius coil [see above]… One coil winds clockwise and the other counter-clockwise for exactly 11 turns.org/dc/silverwrapspcrystal.28 …and a large side view [235K] here]… Another choice is to embed one. The two coils do not touch each other [http://educate-yourself. or three [D] Succour Punch [SP] crystals with Mobius coil and 4X Royal Cubit coils directly into the resin/metal matrix of the CB before the final pour for the purpose of pulsing the entire CB at 15 Hz with a [E] SP Pulser [or an mp3 or C. two.shtml].

shtml]. The sum effect would cause a rotation of the magnetic fields rising and falling in each crystal. However. if wired in series. . there would be a slight time lag in the leading edge of the pulse that enters each crystal.org/dc/orgonegenindex.29 [2] and wind a [G] 4X Royal Cubit coil [3] around the outside of the SP crystal for most of its length. but leave the tip of the crystal exposed in order to protrude above the resin/metal matrix after the final pour. In theory. Three SP crystals are seen installed here. the pulse would have to travel from crystal A to B to C and due to the inductive reactance [resistance] of the mobius coils. this would cause a vortex-like rotation of the orgone field and would act to "stir" the ether and encourage movement as achieved by Trevor James Constable with his rotating 'Spider' units used to break up DOR etheric stagnation [http://educate-yourself. but one or two SP crystals will still pulse the entire CB. the leading edge of the square-wave pulse from the SP Pulser would enter each SP crystal at the same moment in time and would cause each crystal to pulse in symmetrical unison. When wired in parallel. Multiple SP crystals could be wired in either parallel or series. at least.

and a series of ‘Seven Pleiadian Scrolls’ listed as ‘Phoenix Journals 30-36’.com/english/download3_e. and is available to read at : http://www.returnoflight.html Here you will find ‘The Dead Sea Scrolls’ listed as ‘Phoenix Journal 2’.universe-people. the official channel for Christ Michael during Earth’s 5D transition stage.net/mb1a/ Managed by Candace Frieze.com/ A site dedicated to the energies of the Creator God Heru HIMSELF ********************************************************************* Brought To You By ‘The One That Was Jonah’ Have a Nice Day ☺ .fourwinds10. [6] www.com Managed by Patrick Bellringer.fourwinds10. [4] www.php?ArticleID=3387 If anything goes wrong with that site. In particular please visit: [1] www. The link for this particular philosophy is: http://www.abundanthope.fourwinds10. listed as ‘Phoenix Journal 5’.30 ********************************************************************* Please visit the world wide web’s best ‘Second Coming’ internet sites.com An Eastern-block web-site with a wealth of Ascended Master information. In particular check the socio-economic philosophies of the inhabitants of the Planet Iarga on this site. I will post ‘The ‘Sign’ up on ALL P2P’s soon – so look out for it. an expansion to the ‘Dead Sea Scrolls’.com/NewsServer/ArticleDetails. the ‘Governing Rules Of The Demonic Hierarchy’. [3] www.htm [5] www.com/journals/index. penned by Mankind’s God-head ATON listed as ‘Phoenix Journal 27’.universe-people. [2] ‘The Sign Of Jonah’ that was spoken about in the famous ‘Dead Sea Scrolls’ is written under the pen name of John Grau [me].

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